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May 7, 1953     The Arlington Times
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May 7, 1953

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PAGE EIGItT THE ARLINGTON TIMES, ARLINGTON, WASHINGTON, THURS., MA Y 7, 1953. ) I !, , "a[i ,,I I p'c View Community Church atff Vannoy. The evening , , _ ! : . . . ~: I. ij, o .. z!. i-I y ,, : .mJ at the Trafton school on Sunday I..", ; .' . / stepping stone is be I follow later. The Coml~ I]~'-JdB [cnargea zrom zurtner outies, nelto 3 p.m. Tne dedication servicel ................. 'i~poKane, ~aiss Jeri Cawlkins f]in~ added to the Si~,',~ H,~,~ht~lsorry to have them .][~ Iwill return home here some time(will be after the dinner servinglwzay z~tn at :uo oclocK. ~OtlCeslYakima, Miss Harriet McCready|o,~,~ .... ;, ..... ~th th.~ ~'~,;..~.'~..'~'~lwish them well in " " w" " of Sunn ' ~.. .......... ~., ,.,,,, u,= o~a.~,.,a u. a Id~]"/ii~B~lg Ithls week. ]IS over. t ill be sent regarding what tel yslde, and Mr. and Mrs.|,~ow oh,,~,;h 'Vho h ...... ~ ~o home , - . ~ l Mr. and Mrs. Twill[gear andI This is a public dinner and thelbrlng" I.ce cream and coffee will l,,_r.t Soper ofj_Ar!ln_gton. M ss/started on Saturday, May 2. Thel Mr. and Mrs. J. D. amcause ol space amarauons, ltheir, daughter and two grand-I .... ~edication ts al~o _uublic. Every,-Ie [urnlsnea oy tne r-~a., lne ~tV)~ol y ~ou,~e ~oper, wad. was not fal'thful workers of the eommun- tored to ~ranite on mad prohlems of makeup In get-lchildren moved into their new]one is welcome IMegards plan to have their pen- a e to be present, will be her}[to ar,~ crnth.rlncr ,,oh .... tr t. lwhere they visited the .the lxzper to press, l.t is.often. ]home over the week:end. Theyi Grange will meet Friday Mayl] ..tolcous]n's Maid of Honor., .)~'onate ~'heir~ia'l~or-ln'the'~bu'ild~iMine, neaJ? Granite. x .dram n~.essary to omat cn.urcnlrecentlv purchased the property 8 Mr -~,~hn ~na-.~ ~t.lP c~.~,~,~,drm~." .~.'".~ "~ "~" .t'~'~"."Y~.~'l ~v~r. and Mrs. ~. ~nemon and/ing of the church We helle that reports a very interesu Dma~. we r~ret this, hut ~-{~rom the Roy Greens, and planlexecutivo will be nt the mootmo{p .a y for the poor, nar(l tOlllnglJudy Hoffman and Mr and Mrsleveryone who can will come on Kay Thompson, Jenn -' ............... ~, zam r v - " - aae~ the]on some remodehng, nat 7:30 to organize the Juvenile(,,- e s, er get to enjoy]Ivar Engstrom and family at-|Saturday, M~y 9, and give a wood and Francm Va ~e= pu.mzsnea ~cn] Te'q Cider entered the MarinelGrange. [~ne scnom picnics wnen mey oc-ltenoed tne open nouse ~unoaY|helping hanoi. At present, the tended a lecture by. Z~ff,=l~ rne Iouowmg rules aralhospita1 in Seattle today (Mow] WheP ~,iu h,~ .~ ,~ ..... t th,~lcur during ine weem ]afternoon al the Riverside]community gathers at the hall Stolheize in Arlington Announcements to contain on-)daY/at~;her~vih: ~iloleUnde~lg~anlhail.Saturoay night, with musietP. T. A. Meeting, ]?a~ingnebnej; ~$h~r~g~on, t~eg(~./each Sunday for their services, oa~/demnft.y Club will 1-. N~me of church. , addreas,/, accompanied ~" " " nim'" to ..... ~eatne ano~ _I~Y atnie Wang~mo s orchestra. I Program Friday . ling anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Miss 3anice~urn will" hold an Friday, May 8, at the ~mme of p~tor, hme of serwce/,,m .... ~n there T,,ddv is stav.lH~rry Erdahl Passes The Trafton PTA meets thlsIM. F. Snelson. Judy and Johan-[accordion recital at the Arline- home Let's have a g~ sedan suhJe~. All notices/;'~,~" ~',~i,-~,~'~ ~,,~ ~rs~ Tomm',I Harry Erdahl a former re~i. I Friday May 8th For entertain-/ne were in charge of the guestlto Hi h School audit rium out ~,,~ ,,',~,, ............ a ' ~ ' ." . ~ . n g o on z_o boin T~mes ofhee by 2 i~ra.~Mlen in Darrinmonso he canldent of Bryant, passed away at(ment, the children will present]book throughout the afternoon. ]Mav 8 Evervone is invited Jennie Underwood, Ka xu~c~s. /c-ntinueschooi o 14 p.m. Thursdav, April 30, at]the operettas they gave at the/ Don Klein Johanne and John/ .~. [_.~.; ............ " ..... son and Francis Va~ v ~ " " hfJ, ro ~ ill ' J.11. allU IVll~ .O.~.lVt:~V l'~l~:rl~Oll Ol . . '] --------- the Veterans HospitalFuneral Washmmon school T ': En strom w o ed skatln at the rl C~Lstian Selene* [ Mr and Mrs. R. El. Gannowav[ ....... , . [_ ,. -~. _. _ .- . ] g ere among the ex-[Camano Island spent Sunday J Y ~.. !g ..~ ...... -. . , ~ ." ...~ .... .., ...... ;,,**as at p.m. wednesday in Ar. loe a pO~-IUCK mncn and me elee-|hibitors at the annual Snohomish/o,,onb,, ~t tha n,rln lT,~nar,xra,,,q erett on friday regal. . ~]rst tmurch ot Christ, Seient./t ~eattte a, ave um,t -a ~_an/lington. Mrs. Erdahl and their[~ion of officers. I'll give you a~lit-]County Jersey show in Marysville|~,~'~"'~ ....................... 1st, Fourth and~Dunham streets. ]house on m.e ~ca~zo flropertY, ldaughter Donna, now a nurse at(fie tip---better be there if ~you/on Saturday The,, all brou-htI ........ . ' Use "Times" classlfN Sunday School 11 a.m Sun. |wnlcn mey wm occupy tins sum-[Tacoma and son Geor-e from don't want an office /~. .... ,.,.~_- ~ ~ Glen~a Clauson spent the ~ocHvo ~o,,~,~,, day Sera~ice 11 a.m. " tmer. (Colorado were here for~the fu-I --~-----" /..... e ..... o_u~. ..... Iweek-end with Helen Underwood. ~ ........... . Wednesday testimomal meet. |Clambake ~. . ineral. IWeddxng Part~ /I ................... 1, The Sunday school children [ mg S p.m. I Mr. and Mrs. Estes rornster,I The Ladies' Aid of the Bethell On Sunday Ma,,' 3rd Mrs /I /l14q~|ll II'K arwra i~v Ilunder 11 held a party at the hall i For Reading room, Church edifice,]Mr, and Mrs. Bill Deeter andlMis~ion Church will meet at thel~r .... ~ c..,':'o ...~... ,~'...~,o:/I r'tmsni,LtLmL1 ~ JLTTLLmtm lion Friday night I .qlf~rfl][Tlh'~.T_ T~]I~A~J open Monday 2 to 4 p.m. and]Freddie, Mr. and Mrs. Wolterslchurch Thursday May 14 Hazel were hostesses to Miss]1 aLtN TO~r, WAS~. i{ Saturda- even[n- -uests at I -- "'" -k I [ "' " ' l] ~ s ~ or ~Oe wor Wednesday. 2 to 4 pm and 6.45 and, Mr and Mrs Lloyd Sanford. The . Boulder Improvement Gates' wedding party at a din- Aulhonzed" I|the Orrin Underwood home were [ ,-~,, - " '1 ......... "1 " ner at their home. MissGates/I to "/45 pm, except legal holt and Sammy all went clam dig Club will meet at the Clarence , TT .~. ~ , ~ ilMr. and Mrs. Mrs. Bruce Bunkel- I S V L] tla~.ys. . . . .. Iglngiast b unoay, un home Friday, May 15. will wed Mr. John Campbell o,*/I rlamul;on watcnes ]]man Mr and Mrs Ralph Her- I Phon" 322'z'~ -r_ne sunject of the Lesson.ber-lturr~ney au garnered at the ,or-. Mr. and Mrs Clifford Nelson Seattle n., Tul,, ar,~ o' the n~,,~ I m ~. o,n . ...... n i .... men for Sunday, May 10th, is:lristers for a clam bake. land Karon cafled on Mr and .... ~ .......... .,.,,- ,. ~t ................. ............................... ____.~ "Adam and Fallen Man." ) ~ IMrs. Don Hoffman at Mr." Ver- ~ m ~~ Golden Text: Ephesians 5:14.1 In Arlington - Phone 1344 ]non Sundav . ~,~ ~ ~ ~ m,~.m.~ ~. Awake thou that sleepest, and] KILLOUGH CLEANERS ] Mr. and iVirs. Kenneth Dezotell E~ ~ ~ ~ ~10 ~ ] arise from the dead, and Christi/or lot Monroe accompanied Mr. and ~ ~r~ ~r~ ~ ~ ~r~] snail give thee light [ EXPERT CLEANING ]Mrs. Claud Dezotell to the Ice ~ Mml ~ ~ ~Id I~ lFollies in Seattle last Sunday Fimt Methodist Chu-c'- ~s,semmy oz ~ t~nurcn ~ ; ....... "'. z . I:: ....... r I Mrs.BettyBooKer and wlrs. ~ ____~ Arnt O. Quail, pastor t~ev. v. ~elgat~y, p ast~... 4" m INels Refine visited friends in Se- ~[ ~'~[~[~ :>unaay ~nu c ~cnoo u: a a. " attl " ~):~a VV Church School, 9:45 a.m. Mrs. M-r,q.,- w,,,~h~,~ ,',Dn,rkee,~ ) e last Wednesday. e:::/~]::~}~ Dale Price supt. Public Worship cr to"the'~'-t~er'Roo~a " ~l'~ae Co~"] The Home Economics chair. ~ii![iii}i}i]iiii 11 a.m. Subject: "A Perpetual .,~, .,~.,,~ ,,~t~o .,~.a,~'q .... er ,,hlman' Mrs. Ingham would like ~i}}i~iiiii 'tllt l Pentecost.' ,s~v,~n I o "e all G angers she hasn t ~i::ii~i~iiiiii =w m Choir practice Thursday, 7:30 ~You~- People's hour 7"00 n m ]gotten in touch with for dona- ~iiiiiii]i Vl~V~ll,,m,dw~ p.m. Bible study and prayer ~" 1" ' " *" "]tions for the dinner May 17th, to Thursday, 8 p m. ~ ~,., a,~,,,,,+,,, r-~ .... I, l eall her at 312J2. She is also still ~ ---------- ............ I looking for M.J.B. coffee bands ,~;~ ro+, ConSnflurlaYs Mma~t9 -- 9:30 a.m., ~ Church " ]teae.hJng missionary._ .... ~ MOTHER S DA Y ..... ~._ .k ,.-- " ~ fifty a(~utts ano zu cnilaren ~:~ ounuay, ~v~ay ~o---u:~a a.m., .~ r " "~!~ Sunda,,~h~m x~.,~,~.,~ r~., , ~,, eather James H. Deady, pasto lattended a mLscellaneous shower *~ (?l~ TI-[E FIRST FIVN RUNDRED LADI .q "--,~h~"~,,~,( ............... ~ ..... Sunday masses: for Mr and Mrs Don Hoftman -- ~ ....... " ..................... Arlington -- 9 a.m. on fir.t, Friday May 1, at the Recreation ~theran ..... third and fifth Sundays II a m. I hall o'~/~e~0~$ m t.nurcn, ,-altewooa " d r Sunda "s " " " " J " ~-.-x~ ........... m second, an fou th Y. I The Grange Auxiliary will ,~ _.... ,,a.. "'"' P"'~"" w d a m on second " Satur'da- M "-~ " St,an dO --9 . . (meet at the Grange Wednesday, y ay u---~ p m t~on -- - ' - ' " " ~nd fourth Sundays, 11 a m On lMay 13 1"30 m Mrs Perry Rob- Zlr~uaYdr~:y,mj~Ieat.~* 10---10 a.m., Sun- first, third and fifth Sundays. tins will be h'ostess. "Let's see a day ~hool. 11 a.m., Divine Ser- good turnout, and bring your vices. Mother's Day and 4.H day will be observed. All invited. Comgreg ational Church A. D. Brokaw, minister Sunday Church School, 9:45 Mornin~ Worship, 11 o'clock. "Christian Home" Sunday. Moth. er's Day c~r ," Sil~m~n and L~,kewood P~rish .... ?'h~ T ~,~"~rrn ~'ree Church O. $. Haukeness, pastor 8itvan~-- Saturday, May 9th: Confirma- tion class 10 a.m. Sunday, May 10th: Sunday Seh~d and F',ib!e (:lass 10. a.m. D!vine worship 11 a.m. Monday, May lllh: Choir prac- tk, e 8 p.m. Laker;odd-- Saturday. May 9th: Cent[,ma- t.ion class 1:30 p.m. Sunday, May I0th: Sunday school 10 a.m. Luther League 8 pm. A fi]rn, "Majestic Norway," will be shown and also a "Lu- g.. ,, theran World Ae Ion film. Mrs Alma Blacken and Mrs. Conrad Bjorn will be hostesses. Our S~,ior's Lvtheron Church Burke & Newberry Edwin ~andvig, pastor Suntlay ~:hool children and parents will meet toge(her for a Junior Worship Service at 9:45 a.m P~,gular Worship Service at II a.m. Sermon theme: "How Je- sus Taught BelieVers to Pray." Faith Mission Church !~ro. Adamson in charge Sunday School, 9:45 a. rn Morning worsmp, 11. Evenin~ worship, 7:45. Weel