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April 30, 1953     The Arlington Times
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April 30, 1953

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!/ - THE ARLINGTON TIMES, ARLINGTON, WASHINGTON, THURS., APRIL 30, 1953. PAGE THRFAil F ...... ,I [, ifll -, dl Funny thing is, that is Just ood Cost Andrew Lien BURN HILL , J what the alert was for ... to LAKEWOOD II II I,IIREADERS FORUM II find out where the weak SpOtS erage Family Heads Sons of Norway Mrs. Hilde, corr. [[ Q hurrhe. ][ Laura Preston []J [[f ,,,ere know~how much you A.n ..... T; ....... in~t~llod a Phone 2117 l] ' I/ ......... [!] Some latitude is allowed !n I[! Well nowwe know, or at least :0od the year around~ ~,,:..,.=~, ~ ........ ~....~.__ as Mrs. George Rauch and daugh-] [ ~vlr.. an~ ~rs. Jonn _J.onnson11| contriotltlons ptl~llsne(l ~n ][I some of thegn, and we're working nee* c r~,~,~ r,,~,,,~v presment o~ ~vergreen uouge ~o. tot rotNrn~d homo ~fter severall ~ Iwere bunaay runner guests o~ ~v~r this COlumn as oeing ex-|{[to overcome them agent" ~ ": ...... sa s":''~'~'"~'tnat tne 54 Sons of Norwa-'~, at Silvana, aa ~'- ...... s visitT":-in rorua.u~'~ "'~--; a.u ........ ra~:u.I ~P~L--.~-_'. land Mrs Harry Carlson of Ar.[ tpressive., of the individual [ I hope and pray that Civilian cost of aYoceries for Fridav April 17 when a joint ~. V,,brial of Vancouver [ ~ ]lington Height. Their son Terry]opinions of the author. ]]]Defense wilt never have to be o. . . -, , .... s . ' "I Jonnson and l'~uoy l)aVlS SD~n[ ! r " hmlly of five lS likely installation of officers was held Canada has been spending the[ ~ ~ [ ............ .~ -~ .~.~ Carls..n[ _-~------~-_.,mo e than a. joke tothe p e~n n , ' . t,,~ w~c~-~,,u at u,= " wno wrote v i ~.$_1300. That s if all for the three local lodges. Fred past week w,th Mrs. Ameha Has-[ ~]~ [home Rudy has been there sev-["THAT RED ALERT GHOST" and unsi'~[nn~} ?Yic~l~ugn~i~- vurcnaseo, ko M 1 " ' '~ eat are[ I ~ u v.=- ~0f fnnd enn~idored in Frederickson of Everett was the :: ........ ] IU~ eral days while his pars Dear Sir: rule for last week's paper. But P that-es(im'ated aver- installing officer and Erling .~lvir-anl lvirs-..l~2n~r~ ~lsn,,evn).] visiting in Montana. . The red alert a couple of weeks ever disaster strikes (and some- . . _ . ~pril__22~_;Fheocca onwastheTrianda~ri~nds~'e~d~n~'es~ay~e~en~n~'[ - ..... . ~ll~]l th:d am;aUnt re S~ol?onmandal~odHaniSnenEvfrOmt OuU[keS i :w trrh;rem Church ]wiSt l grg:aV~Sg aj:2medAYt ~fe~otrhaS~,a[ tuisr~7:td;;: t]~ae?pt7bec~O~d~tg" [?homish County fami- assistedhim as marshals. The little dau-hter Diane's 3rd birth- / Edwin Sandvig, pastor [and gating to school in Arlington.]what I read in the paper lastIter do a little praying on his own ~ver, will pare down other oliicers instaHea were: n~. , . ~,: ..... ~,~ ,~,,,~,,~,,, ,,,,d o.._.~, c~...^~ ~, ,, ~= ^ .- I Glen Parsons arrives nometweek Just a lot of neonte doingl~nat tnesc iunny (lrlllS Wlll nav~ caSt, by growing and Vice-president, Earl Cox; court- u,~. ~.~.,=,~ ~,,~,~. ~,.~,,~,Ls. -FZI 2u~uas. o,~m,~ a.t ~:~f. a.m:,[Sundav on a three-dav furloughl.~ lot'of thina~ wron~ ~-l'l at the[prepared us to perhaps save his Sn~,a ^- *-hal. ~na.~ at eol~r X~r,-~ Mt~W~lnnd" ,~cretarv ,spem. ulane nau a mt o~ ~un oylwltn Lutheran wortfl Acuon oi-i .... c.. .... ,;~_ ~, ,,=^',-...~ I .... 2: .... .~'. .... ~" ". -~life or the life of someone he ,,-~.-= ux u.c,..vvu .- ...... , ................ . ' "~" g'[ananinc, hay many ~,ifts nresent-/*,~,i,,,, w,,rehin qanr]t*o at 11.~[ YU~[II lllI~ ~tatlt)ll at hlElllalltl I samerime---toewrong ]imP a[t. ,~ Iarm and home rec- Esther Peterson; assistant secre- "~" .... ,, -- --- - ~, ,- . . - ..... s.. ....... ,- ..... ,-,- ........ rm aU loves. .~h .... *..* . ~o..-~[t .... wnm. '.Y. fi .... i"! ~oo led by the guests. A dehcmus[a.m, with Lutheran WorldAction[ Byron Parsonstook his a yJth . ] ace .... T'm nrnua t-belem=" ~..,,~- ~,,,~ ~ -~** .....s ......................... ", h sical on Monoa ' ............... '- ...... - ze ........ I .................... treasur lunch was served to 28 by Mrs.[offering Sermon text" John 16"[P Y Y. [ Well could be. I dontknow[to a -youn who have ~iven -~'~ families" of Layman: inner guard. Andrew [Kunde at Arlington. Arnt O. Quall Pastor Island ..... recen y. " ] " w ...... g P Y t,, aid th,~ ,,~e,,nle..~ of this area i~.. tlally do not have a]Espe; oute? guard, Arthur Speer;[ The Dorcas Circle met at the[ Church school 9:45 a. m. Mrs.Iimd up with a hip lnlury. [KnO lS that Iwas at a frlends[case of disaster. an Mrs name when toe siren sounaea Produce as much of]trustee, Olaf Hansen. [home of Mrs. Ed Jacobson on[Dale Price, Supt. Public Worship[ In the absence of Mr. d .[ .............. [ Not every one seems to appre. a s Paul me alert at I a~ At z lo 1 was s farm families. Buti The Daughters of Norway Tuesday afternoon April 21.[11 a. m. Saturday. The last call Zaretzke, Mr. and Mr .. . . [ .... , ...... ~ ::, ^~..~. ,.~..,~.~ ciate this effort but thata all. ' ' ntertained the iOl v,~ vx a ~-vuv v. ~.~,,~ --=.,~u, llt food costs almost 30iserved refreshments in the din-lAbout 16 ladles were present. [ for supper. Cho~r practice Thurs-[Thorgaard e . ..'[~.o ~-~.~ ...... ~, .... ~.,,.., ~, ,h,~lrlght. If the need f0r us ariseswe .... " ons wno came caN- x**o~ ,~.u~ w.v a~.~u ,.~ ~ = , Y producing some food1 mg hall, after which dancing The next meeting will be at Mrs.]day 7.30 p. m. Bible study and]low~ng pers ...... [ ...... , ,,.~ ,,n,o.o, ........ ~....~.~lwon t stop to ask If .you rift by wise buying [was enjoyed by a large crowd [Howard Jensen's home on Tues-[Prayer ~ p. m. xoung peoples{ing ~unaay: Mrs. LeKoerg ana/~.y.~= _~ ~.~__~'~=~=-.__~'~_"_'~K="[amused before we stop me ropes- at WItH ~tf~2tgll~r~ anti tl'EtIZ~pOl-ta ~:. [ o------------ [day afternoon, May 26. [meeting 7 p. m Carol McMahon,[Mrs. Hulda Olso~, both ofSe "]*ion t" *a .... ~,~ vi^,_.~ ....... ling or set the bone. l~out'_._T~_.~Nl~..~ ..... [ Times classified ads get re.[ Mr. and Mrs. George Rauch[leader. [tle'Mr'~an~v~rs-t~arencef~age[tablis~aed~f~rst~aids~at~onu, where] Yours forw,more CDworke~., u extezzu our nuetrt-/auits Phone 493 . ., .. _ ^**,^ anu lvlr. ann lwr . -. ........... ........ , s to all who so kindlv| " " lanu xamuy anu.~ur~...~u~,= ~;'lv~,,, x,,,~,o,,,~ ~h,,,,.,, ~,,,,,,,,, I.e c.~,~.n, /a aocror ann otner Izrst azaersl (Note--The Times does not pul~l~. adfor .......... the words o "f[. c~ .-~ r.~.~.--~,t== w,l ,~'A strom spent Sunaay, . w~tn me, t.. J.]j. ................................ H. Myrwang Pastor Mrs. Dickinson':" " and Mrs. Par-waited. an'onymous letters, thorIn theof case,,-- nda beautiful" floral/IU~lkll ]I ~l!! H~ ~La I I I I Denman ....... s at Darrlngton .... ] ,~ .... ~.2o~ ,~o cnnflr I sons attended the Senior Moth-i Fifteen minutes---do you reallY/letter,, is knowore'erred to, the auit was sen~the tog tl~'l~ extended at the death Mrs. JUllana ~eines of Belle- Satur...~y, 7..-~ ... ..:. ""',~:'2,:~er's Tea on Friday. I think that was so bad? I c. D. as a const'ructive eritic~m, m~ ~ved daughter and sis.|B||l~ql~t&~|ll~l,W|U~ll~.l|~l[vue, and Mrs. Selnes' daughter[m s mee :. un ay, Laura Preston returned home] Of course right there mv brag ]siV.n. to. The Ttme.s.w)t.h a_reouest t=: " tl. III. otax~u~j o~uul. ~J,:uu ~. i~. . ~ ,~ o" pUDlI~n Dy (]. D. OlIlClalS---~.~ ' _ and Mrs. Clayton].=.,,,,.~.,m~ ... ~,,,. ~ I J.un.e of San . c:a .:/Divine Services . I Thursday evening after an ab-[ ging ends. Our victims had dis-[ o and irk Lee VlSlteCl a~ me Allre(1 ~jorn uome V" y [Wl~l~,~ ~I~~A~]~[ ...... / ...... u'hoxem Chute'- L~lmw~:lI sence of four ann a naii week sI appeared dismissed due to some] RECREATION COUNCIL ~~ [ [on Tuesclay oI las~ weeK. [~.x~xl~I"['~ang, Pastor [spent in visiting at the home OZlmisunderstanding" So, although{TO M~-T MAY 6TH ~,, . r ~ x,,~o /Phone 643 Arlington[ Mr. and Mrs. Sigurd Tommer-/ .~" ~.' _. ..... Iher daughter, Mrs. Herbert HOW-leach group seemed to be work-/ Arlington Recreation Council c:ltthanKs to all w.noj ,lvik motored to Tacoma on Sun-l_~a,~uraay~,~. P-.m-~[nnr'lard, and family, in Springfield,ling, the "alert" as a coordinated J will meet May ~th at 8 p.m. at ~,mzorting sympathy[ ..... [day to help celebrate their son/.~t~ ,.~. o~.u~y,_ ~,f,,~ o, iOre" [whole flopped; much to the/the City Hall. All persons inter* ~'~..our recen~ sorrow:][~ l ~ ~ P ~ [Marvin's birthday. While there,[~:t~ a. m. ~unaay sendal. [ At the home of Mr. and Mrs.lamusement of some of the spec-Jested in the Recreation Coundl ~autlIut service, floral[] Ill ll l~ ~ L ~ [they also called on Mr. and Mrs,[~ _ . [Ralph Nelson, in Marysville, Mrs.I tators. 'movement are urged to attend. ~d other kindnesses,][ ][! IZ n n r n [Arnold Tommervik and family. [~nnsrian I~c1~ (Robert Slayton's sister, Margie{ ply grateful. --- Mrs.[Iml ~ mw mf mm mn , v.n~ ~4,,~ ~ ..... ha= ~ust| First Church of Christ Sclent. Wilson entertained with a fam- and family. |[ ....... Irecovered from a siege of the]1st, Fourth and Dunham streets. ]fly birthday party honoring a T J Ill n z, [measles Sunday Sendal 11 a.m. Sun-lsister and her mother, Mrs. Lot. ~l IAISP Aq $ 1[~9~ ll~Mffl=l DV Ill % i I[i I I The "ia" which was -resented ] :lay Service 11 a.m. [ta Chamness. Mr. and Mrs. Le- II/L I ll k O JLWLLfll Ill ~ I Jr1 |[I | ~J~ i .~ ..~ ~ v~i i ~ ~he Day I Wednesday testimonial meet. I Roy Lane and son Stevie of Oak ~,,l~L~i~i- l_~L~l,.~ ,--- I/I Ion y rlaay e en ng oy "l i-~ u -m l u~.h.,. ,,,,~o also ,,vests Mr -~m .~m~ --~m~ ~o~x N, WASH. [|] [ rington group was very well preI ..~ -- v. " Church edifice,] Lane" ........... arrived~" home" after" .. ~.. ,, . ~ ...... wjl Reading room, has just ~ar senteato an overilowcrou iz d Dealer Ill lhe Arlln-ton limes ........ "lopen Monday 2 to 4 p.m. andl7 months spent in Japan. lmBlll~ II~ IZ ll~LllAlimm , ~ ~Pralse was nears irom all SlaPS [ . . " Wednesday 2 to 4 p.m. and 6:45 Among those attending the lion Watc [ A lovely chicken droner was t .............. [ oT:45p.m.,exceptlegalhoUlAnnRogne-DonHoffmanwed" VIkW WAIIERI"RUNi i serve to tne cast an toe cilOOl[ :lays I d.[;-- LL-* tllUat*" l1t tllUUl Lltg tt' * | ...... /--i w I i m m --- .... g _ "1 The subject of the Lesson-Ser-IFrida- ni~i~t were Mrs Stella ~~ .... ~ " la , " g ~. unch room followm the p y ~ a Ak llll~al, I ~ ILL [The visitors werevery tavorablY[mon for Sunday, May 3rd, is:lParsons, Mr. and Mrs. Claude lmpressea With LaKewooo S nos ,, ,, k. L. L/-~9 li-~] VI~'~|~I ..... "] Everlasting Punishment. ]Damaske and Vie Damaske. They "'"^ME~R"'' [pltamy. [ Golden Text: Hebrews 12:ll.[also attended the reception af- f~Ab~Aklf'N f%I/KI'gDV iD t)l~'ZLI, 1 1,31 I The P.T.A. wishes to thank[No chastening for the present[terward at the Bryant Grange | LLtJD ....... [each and everyone who helped[seemeth to be joyous, but griev-]hall. UAyview 901.~ ~make the evening such a suc-[ous; nevertheless afterward it~ Mr and Mrs. Vernon Preston ~w'*f%Ad"A4 I IKIl'r~ Colby Avenue Everett, Washington Icess..Mrs. L. MoP of Lak.ewood[yieldeth the peaceable fruit of]ann son Craig of Toledo_, Wash., ~[I~IV~UI~II|~ ~was toe lucky winner oi ~ne ra-right~eousness unto them whichlwere overnight guests weanes- ,r-, ~., "'" " "-~ ] l ~" "' d" dio. are dxercised thereby. ,day at the Cecil Preston home. (on Deatl[t[Ul uan a~l o Lslan ) GZ N W. DA VEL JAN:. 12, 1882 MAR. Z /9sl ALL POLISHED names to [e W .H. FOWLER ARLINGTON, WASH. Phone 721 You're never too young too old rry Red Shoes Tempo #10 So flee in today and try on Pair of snug-fitting new JET CKS in .the fashion color that every outfit. Spring styles Polished calfskin glisten Smartness. And find the prices budget really feel gayer select smart Among friends who called to wish Mrs. Arnold Bjorn a happy birthday on Thursday evening were Mrs. Oddvar Elshaug and Ruth, Mrs. Bjarne Olson and Elaine and Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Wickstrom and children Lynnea and Bradley Gemmer celebrated their birthdays to- !~ether on Wednesday afternoon with a party for their friends Those invited were Dennis Hea- ~on, Shirley Klein, Linda Bjorn, Peggy Long, Gregory Smith, Bus- ter Cook, Cathy Strickland, Allen '--'---- ~nd Gall Staringer and Mike Tryon. Rena Webb helped with the games. They received numer- ous gifts Each had a lovely dec- orated cake. Mr. and Mrs. George Siegel $10.95 Black or Blue -.---- Other Styles at As Seen in 95 and $' 95 Ladies' Home ~ournal Silvema and Lakewood Ptrtish The Lutheralz Free Chuzeh O. J. Haukeness, Pastor Silvana--Saturday, May 2nd Confirmation class 10 a. m. Sunday, May 3rd, Sunday school and Bible class 10:00 a. rr~ Divine Worship 11:00 a. m. Lakewood--Saturday, May 2nd Confirmation class 1:30 p. m. Sunday, May 3rd, Sunday school 10 a. m. Divine Worship 2p.m. ~ssembly ef God Church Rev. V. Delgatty, pastor Sunday Services: 9:45 a.m., Sun- day School Rally. 11 a.m., morn- ing service. 8:00 p.m., evening service. motored to East Stanwood on Wednesday---8:00, Youth SPy- Wednesday evening, April 22.~icc. where Mrs. Siegel was honored] Friday--8:00, Prayer and Bible-------- with a birthday supper at the]Study. home of her parents. Sunday callers at the Albon Congreg=tional Church Parker home were Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Brokaw, minister Jesse Raymond and daughter Sunday Church School, 9:45 a.m. Nancy and Mrs. Harry Haws Mt's. George Ruff's sister frorr Tacoma is visiting here this week. Mr and Mrs. I)onald Bjorn and family of East Everett were Sunday dinner guests at the i Otto Bjorns. ~ ' O Report of Condition of ARLINGTON STATE BANK of Arlington in the State of Washing- ton at the close of business on Aprll 20, 1953. ASSETS Morning Worship, "Doorkeep- er to the Upper Room" The Com- munion of the Lord's Supper, ob- served. Young People's hour, 7:00 p.m. Seventh-I)ay Adventist C~urch Sabbath .~ehool 9:41); Devotion al services H a.m. Mid-week see cite Tuesday, 8:00 Catholic Church Father James H. Deady, pastor ~ur, day masses: Cash, balances with other banks, including reserve Arlington---~ a.m. on first, balances, and cash items ~hird and fifth Sundays, 11 a.m. in process of collection ...... $255,270.60 )n second and fourth Sundays. United States Government obligations, direct and Stanwood---9 a.m. on seeonn guaranteed ............................ 412.319.67 and fourth Sundays, 11 a.m. on Obligations of States and 115 117 90 first, third and fifth Sundays. political subdivisions ........ Loans and discounts (in- ' " eluding $60.43 overdraft, s) 603,691.17 Faith Mission Church Bank premises owned $11,- Pro, Adamson in charge 150.00, furnlture and fix- tures $3.737.00 ........................ 14887.001 Sunday School, 9:45 a. m ' I Morning worship,11. Evening TOTAL ASSETS .................... $1,401,286.841 worship, 7:45. Weekly ~,.~rviees T u e s d a thursday an~ Saturday, 7:45. LIABILITIES Demand deposlts of individ- uals, par tnershil~, and corporations ......................... $6~1,87531 __.__.~_. Time deposLts of individuals, partnerships, and corpor- tiona .......................................... 833,355.87 Deposits of United States Oovernment ( including postal savings) .................... 22,000.03 Deposits of States and po- litical subdivisions . ........... 24,724.57 Other deposLts (certified and officers' checks, etc.) ........ 3,429.09 TOTAL DEPOSITS ....$1,285,184.8"/ Other liabilltles ........................ 1,591.55 TOTAL LIABILITIES (not Including subordinated obligatlons shown below $1,286,778.42 CAPITAL ACCOUNTS Capital* ..................................... $40,000.00 Surplus ........................................ 35.000.00 UndAvided profits .................... 39,509.92 TOTAL CAPITAL ACCOUNTS ........................ $114,509.92 TOTAL LIABILITIES AND CAPITAL ACCOUNTS ........................ $1,401.286.34 *This bank's capital con- sists of: Common stock with total par value of ...... $40,000.00 MEMORANDA Assets pledged or asslsned to ' secure liabilities and Ior other purposes = ....................... $80,904).00 I, Chas. W, Hlll, t~ashler of the above- named bank, do solemnly swear that the above statement is true, and that It fully and correctly represents the true state of the several matters herein contained and set forth, to the best of ,my knowledge and belief. CHAS. W. HILL. Corree~tr--Attest: N. SAYLOR, OARNET K. SAYLOR, Directors. State of Washington, County of Sno- homish, ss: I] Sworn to and subscribed before me ]this 27th day of April, 1953, and I here- ]by certify that I am not an officer or ij director of this bank. [ J. P, MATHEV4S, ~ [ Notary Public. My commission expires April 15, 1957. [ Use 'rimes "Classified Ads -- [ ~ffectlve, economical. Firat Baptist Church Robertson Hall Services at 2:30 p.m. Sunday. Rev. Burgess Baggett, of Pine- hurst, pastor. Church of Jesus Christ, of Latter Day Saints Sunday School 10 a.m. at V.F __ W. hall. WHITE HORSE Mrs. M. Fleming, corresponding. The Darrington Fire Dept. wa= called down to White Horse Sun- day morning when the floor fur- nace at the Twilligear residence became overheated. It seems that a bolt that holds the furnace tol the floor broke, letting one side drop down, splashing consider- able oil' around. No damage was done The property recently sold to Si Gilbert is. being occupied by the Twilligears until this week-end. Grace Tucker returned home from Glacier last Sunday, where she had been cooking for a For- est Service crew. Monday morn- ing she started in the season s work for the Darrington Forest Service. The Kennedy Logging Co. has moved a bunkhouse and two trailers on the Lee property in Swede Heaven. They are logging on Lampson Ridge. David Green is building a shake mill on his property situ- ated near the top of Sheomit hill. Mrs. PrestOn and Craig are leav- ing Portland Sunday evening by plane for Panama, where they will visit at the home of her parents,Mr. and Mrs. Guy Thomas. .o- 0ARRINGTON CHURCHES: Darrington Metaodizt Church O. I. Borseth, pastor Sunday School 10 a.m. Wor ship 11 a.m. evening service 7:3~ p.m. Catholic Church (Darrington) Mass every Saturday at 9 a.n. Darrington Baptist Church Chas. F. Brown, pastor Sunday School 9:45 a.m. Worship, 11 a.m.; preaching =er vice 8 p.m. Midweek "servia Thursday at 7:30 p.m. Calvary Peptecostul Darrington Sunday school, l0 a.m.; morn ing worship, 11; children'.~ church, 7 p.m. evangelistic set vice, 7:30 p.m . Private Lagoon - Boat Anchorage At All Tides Lots 75 ft. x 130 ft. and up to 300 ft. depth POWER -- LIGHT -- WATER All Improvements In--No Hidden Charges Reasonable Terms Discounts Ul) to to those interested in building now- (for limited tilne only.) "DON GARRISON ' W.C. 1665 PORTER GARRISON W. C. 2041 STANWOOD, WASH. IN TODAY'S SWIFT-FLOWING TRAFFIC STREAM-- THE DRIVER iSTHE KEY TO TIME-SAVING TRUCKING;;; New "DRWER/ZED" CABS cut driving fatiguei Now--the truck driver get~ the greatest working comfort of all time--in the new Ford Truck "Driverized" Cdzlae (Deluxe shown)! Wider ad- justable seat with non-rag springs and counter-shock seat enubber! Completely --to save time in every way! I O The new Ford Truck for '53 drive so easy, ride so easy, you won't believe you're riding in a truck I NEW TIME-SAVING FEATURES TO GET JOBS DONE FAST! NEW TRANS~|.!ONS . widest choice !~ truck hl'storyl NEW LOW-FRICTION POWER. , s 5 onglne choice, V-8 or Sixl I) NEW SHORTER TURNING ... for tlmo-scrvlng maneuverabl~ty| VASTLY EXPANDED LINE , over 190 new modelsl SAVE TIME e SAVE MONEY LAST LONGER rELEPNONE 1771 "Arlington's Friendly Ford Dealer Since 1931" IIIIIII I II I II ARLINGTON. WASI~ I IIII I Ill