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April 16, 1953     The Arlington Times
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April 16, 1953

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No. 51 l# Arlino'ton, Wash., Thursday, Al)ril 16, 1953. Consolidated with Arlington Chronicle Apri{ 3, 1915. Improve Park meeting of the of Commerce, last Tuesday Commissioner Wil- announced, that he, Commissioner Sam Engineer Earl inspected Squire and found need for work. He commissioners had Undertake the neces- such as new kitchen, toilets pits, and said that a county-wide pic- could be organized park day, the date later. Wyatt's state- made following the a resolution by the county support on project. organization also as favoring a on mountain goats, of these "an], are considered a as a part of the than as tro- !committeere-- ~by girls of the school, following a dinner served Activity is the watchword at the south end of the city, where the H. S. Ferguson Co.,~ of Seattle, contractors/ are engaged in con- struction of the Glacier Cold Storage plant. Men swarm all over the job, motors roar as cranes raise 181A- ton concrete slabs into place, and concrete mixing trucks pour their mix into buggies that roar away to the pouring scene. Rushing to have the plant ready to receive this spring's strawberry crop, Art Lee, con- struction engineer on the job, states that the conversion of the old condensery building is about 95';; complete, and will be ready in time. The new building, adjacent to the old one, and which is 100 by 250 ft. in size, will require Councilmen In Routine Session Councilman Clarence Iiansen filled the mayor's chair last Monday night during the court- more time. Raisin9 Walls Tuesday morning considerable interest was displayed by local folk as the crews started raising the big concrete wall sections that had been previously cast on the floor These slabs, of which there are 34, contain 7% yards of concrete each. They are reinforced with steel and are 17.6 ft. x 24 ft., and 6 inches in thickness. They were poured five days previously, a coating of plastic bond breaking com- pound was laid to prevent bond- ing of slab to concrete floor. Bolts previously embedded in the concrete were used on which to fit clamps which were used to hoist the slabs from the floor t9 the perpendicular position. Thi~ heavy slab is raised by the Infant Strangles In Bedding Tangle The infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Claytton Thompson, 215 McLeod avenue, was discovered crane, which then slowly the big panel into position. It I~ lowered into place between tl~ reinforcing steel of the pi!~. which will be poured after tl~ slabs have all been placed To hold the slab in brace, s fitted with jack-~ are fixed, and with the sert~m the wall is plumbed and tli~ braces left until finally the pan- els are tied in with the pilasters. Mr. Lee stated that this system of e6nstruction is being used quite a bit now, but the panelz raised here are the largest yet raised in the Northwest. Old Bldg. Remodels[ In the.old eondensery buildiag a ~complete conversion job ia nearing completion. This tt~ quired closing of all window openings, also a unique tre~-- ment of the floor. As the original floor was dirt fill it was realized that freezing temperatures in the re- frigeration plant would eau.~ the frost to penetrate to the dirt below, which would heave. To eliminate this danger, 4-inch cil session, Mayor Murphy be-suffocated in its bedclothes early hollow tile were laid on the of the Methodist ing absent while attending a Wednesday morning, by its floor, and with louvers in tl~ Club heard a talk by banquet at Snohomish, in which mother, who went to tend it at west wall and built-in vent]la- ir the. Everett Daily he was honored by the Soil Con- about 6 a. m tors in the east wall of the build- : ,)ien he. spoKe oime servation Service Marshal Bagley was notified ing, ehmplete air circulation ' lnau~strlal develop- The council ran through rou- by Mr. Thompson, and the fire through the hollow tile Drevent~ noh - ~ - -- omlsh count i .... Y" tine business, auditing and pay- department inhilator was called freezing of the under floor. On o SpoKe Ot interviews ing the monthly bills, for, Chief Frank Arnot and W. top of the 4-inch tile is laid astrlahsts and said Stry invariably de- Fire Chief Frank Arnot spoke Moorma.n responding. A doctor courses of'4-inch cork insulation. lean* +L.._^ ~.-:~^.h.t to the council on the need for was calico also. ~fforts to revive and a concrete floor is laid reeking new industrial equipping some of the depart- [n ecnlm~a~e~,.ltwas the bel~f top of the cork. 'an ....... = ........... ment s tru~ks with raoio com- . . The cork insulation also cove's o~u~tauun, pu~=- munlcat" ion ....... It was nointed out that the child was oeyond help tho v.t~ll nnrt ootlin~ee, thrn~o-lh~ - th.~t ~uch annaratus-was esne-before their arrival. 2 "~ .h,~'~,~7;~';.~. ........... --6-* ea out that here !n SOMETHING NEW hereabouts, in build]hi :he manner in v#h~h the walls of the Glacier ci'a~l~ly~neede~n the ambulan~ce, The little girl, Cathy Ann, was ~'~,h~'=a,~,~'::::s'~o,n" ~. ~,,~.., county with the mg ,~ t ~ ~ ~ wcr r 1 1 ----'~ s ~, u ,=~ ,... .~. ........ Cold Storage build]n,, rose his week. Poured im tloor, t.~e 18 ~-ton slabs e aLed "ntowhich it was suggested be tied 6 months old. She was born at ,~.. ,. ,.'.~:j.;:~.~:'~" .~"2"_ ..... ~'..~'~..~ ~s'~t ~nonomisn; ln.~o place within two: days. --- Photo by Ellis ' . in with the police radio. Everett Sept 21 1952. Besides her ~h'e ~u~Un*~'~"~h't~ "~';'~-~-t~-2~--- the power ot me " " " -------------------~--------------- .~.~ eo ~ ,o ; ..... ;,,~a ,.., ~ o;o ~u.,~, ,-~- ~-~ ~'xt~ [l~ a~rl that xxrhioh ~ ~'~ * * m t W~ ~ ~ ~ I', - , ",,~ ,,, ,,~ ,~ . There was some discussion on v,,,=m~ ~,,= ,~ ou,.,.=u ~,z ,~ o.o- about 1 700 cubic yards fro "iie7 i; e i; l'ass Keqmr 1o Kev. 11. U. gertson i'.L.U, bcholarsh p matter, and Councilman Ellis ~/an~oCakYe2?sm~vlnrths21d}v~rnsd her The "old building is" 60 ft. by COUnty has the power. ~.~.. ~ , . , ]q r* ~ ~i., I,M . nm I suggeste.~ mat wrote ~unas_are ~hur ~l~ompson R 1, Arlington', 280. It will have three large rote not provlfleo in the present nun , d out that our wat- l*is~ IWln LaRes ] lO tlogl lvleeungs [Pund lea I ............ui"ment he would and l~r and Mrs John Tenbrink freezing rooms. a g~t lui ~tl~x ~1 1a , " " re ample for great ~ .... Arli t n Large crews have been em- Mants And of course The Officer in Charge of the[ Ai- [ -----| K~L .... L [ Arhngton Chapter I Of PEn Is]be in favor of undertaking such ng o . .. ............ ~thnthe rail and sea tNo~tVyltR;~tdl Stccat~nnan~t~Cae lPlr~hspfTre:nfoIntme;? [araPlryger:rmt?reatuPae[~y%:feqeV; If aiso spoke of the agreement between the State ~ o . :[the fire trucks. It is understood o c g. 1 t e n n-: - a over the furnishing Fish and Game Department and[ ' ibers and their triends to be nela[each such set would cost about derson Cemetery, East Stanwood.: . o 1 gas tn the Pacific the Thirteenth Naval District,[ [from 2 to 5, Saturday afternoon, iS500 or $600. o O.,,~,. ]~.~,.|. ~i~'...|.. sev~--~ ........ on ~ishing will be pern~[tted at the~ .: . I ~pril 95, at the home of Mrs. L.ILitUe L~-,,ue B~eball ~'~ -! #'q i l~|v~| 1~iI1||i1~ VT ~|i1~ t theF~a~gc~o.~pipe Twin Lakes located ~ th%t~ta- ~~~ C. Palmer On Dunham Ave. In] Postmaster Bill r~uake who is yearn uamas ,.. o . , of en r to this dist- tlon property, ~ubaect~ to c~'~I'tt ..... ~~ cco~dance Wlffi its ~cation "1 " ..... M Lil'. ........ at moxe arm e gy . . ,- . , . ,- endeavoring to organize Little lax 0Hver Work started last week by therestrlct:ns' ,ohc7 PEn chapters t~mugnout . ,-~,~ fi',t,~n qt.,~: oaoh,,mr con League baseball in Arhngton, iHrSo t D~mrinqmn Restrlctmns inClude me re- I .[ ~ ~ I '~2~.~"~.~.~_X2"~.~- ~. ~2"~'- ,^~ ~" | said that it had beeh expected[ '! Death, last Thursday ni~,ht 'L E Hobaek Co, of rocking ;meeting ofthe.cham-qu{rement that_allrePeorSO SsennI : .. I ern'a't ona'l'Use olars ps "which]about 45 or 50 boy swould^be, in ]April 2, ended the lon life" or' river bank on the Smoke ~-eia at ~Jarrlngton, ten~xg me braun, p._ Y..: ~"! ~%~i~1_~,.^ = ..... ..,.,^ , ...... ~^....~teres~ea tie said mat luo naa/Mrs Lilian B Oliver widow of zarm R 4 Arlington, which is ~o- ~- :a s~atemen~ reteaslng me l~avy ~~[-', ..... pu~ ....... ~ ....... ~lSw1 - th chools and he] " '.. ' "----o-- of al[dr?Potnhsibi~a}e, agmree~aen:l~1 ~~o:hi2rCg2tr(u~e~ttUdtoab~~! y] g2eduPiag ~i(~ in securing[ ~? la~liPeln~/s. ~lYvSlCrl~asD9~{Na:r~d f S flthe:ImVieh.n the ,. ~ .,, to ab" e y Y g ' ... ^.~,.., ..... ,, .... Re ei'-ts of equipment. . years old She died at her ome The rock was quarried at the y uomm|uee ~a~:ternthetsotatiOnorbythrevM:i~i ": ['~he*tic~e~'sa~e'=f~om the ~ocal[ He was advised that there wasJ415 MeLeod Ave., followi~ng a old Jack lime quarry, and about ?isrio. n For i~ !! ii~mptinan:i!u~?n~g~:g:e~~ ~ 1 i~st~:daubr~ni!i~dfe~eftarh41Pl~!}:~il i~: l~~!il :~[i~l;l~nvS:r h~g0,resldedmtArrand toge h~ l~O:s:r~q~u!iedYplfat/~h{:~~e~:~~- on tree[ arer prohibited Firearms and[ n ~ /Junior Colle.,.e. Miss J me H -1 ........ ]with her husband was interested] About 600 ft. of river bank i-~ ~, r teacher will the city makes a contrlOUtlOn lg hof,,r,~ the city]cameras may not be brought[ ~!:: I~e t, high school . " I " in preserving the memory of the included. The job estimated at Ondav night Chair-aboaro the station Fishermen I speak and present an exhibit of[ A letter from the_school boa dI prancer settlers, they taking an154,600 was done for $3050. 'ow" " "t~':-" l will not be --ermKted to roam]~lart'cles from China where shelasked that steps ~e taken oyJinterest and being among the The nlan for the revetment was ler asKea tile coun- i~ : - , . . . . _ tllission to set up the]about the station, but must re-]-- [traveled as a student on an in-]the eounci!, to have. removed, orJorganlzers of the Stlllaguamlsh[set up by the Soil Conservati= ~Utv carnival on west ~tain at the lakes Roads to the ~ lternafional ~enowsnl~,-~ars. tien-lcorrected me eonalnon wnlcnlvauey rloneers. ]Service the owners Cecil and 'rnl~i~ ....... o h,~twoonl)~kes will be marked As the[ iry Backstrom is chairman of]fouls the air in the vicinity of[ Mrs Oliver (Lilian Best) was[Beryl Smok~ngtheexnens~ 8 ~akes are a roxImatel 7 miles REV H O EGERTSON ~)lans for the tea Eommlttee the high school Reference being born in Ilhn is Se 22 econd streets for the PP " Y " ,,I ...... . . [ , . . . . [ " " o" pt. , 1862.[as the job progressed They will of the celebration. Inifrom the Main Gate "hiking in Rev H O E~'ertson of Los An- membei'sassisting her are~ wnss[made to the o.arn, easy o~ Lenore[She was married to William For.lqualify for a 40 per cent refund ~t it was stated that will not be permitted, geles'Califl ~ill speak at theI~'arv Gallaugner, M~[ uonamiavenue, a.~. rear o~. nlg.n scnooI.[est Oliver in 1899 She was a wo-[from the Department of Oanset~ flf of the street will be[ :PersOns wishing to avail them- t SundaY worship service cf the Meier, .wtrs. Ar.[nur lnompson, The councn ordered an lnvesnga-lman of. considerable artistic tal-Ivation and Development. f I Mrs Dale rluoer Mrs uean ion or use of fire equip- selves of the privilege of fishing Lutheran Church,-at 11 a. m. and ....'. ......... '-ubio "Mrs L [' " . . tent, and in 1903 wentto St. Louis[ o--------v---. !Be of emergency [these lakes must sign the re-tagain at 8 p. m. He will continuel~leia')ylr%" a~,m ~,a,,.. ;. _,'_ "__'} Vaughn Henkle, Who operates]~o take a postgraduate course at[n | n! ce ~ ~a[oorz wlrs t: n ~xnuu~on ' rn Shows will movellease statement and obtain a:to sneak every evening at 8}: : , ; .. .. [the store near the high school Ithe St. Louis bcnool of Fine Arts.[r'~i[~][~|i[~ r'nAn~_ U and Mrs Mlllard Lord t~esla r P for the celebration,]pass permitting entry by appear-[through next Friday, April 24th. [. . ...... ".. ....[requested a permit to build "an[ In 1910 Dr and Mrs. Oliver trav-Jt, ~t,~ . t, O ~ocal memoers ana me,r irlenu~, Pe~l Friday the 3rd ~i~g in person at the Administra-'~ Rev. H. O~ Egertson is one ofl .......... [addition to the present st0re[elea in ~urope, wnere Mrs. Oli-[|lr~lll~ I~[~l'g ,'~I~_V~ t ,nvltatlons nave oeen sere to " -------r -'------ --"--'-- Urday night, it]on Building between the~ hours~the Evangelists of the Evangelic-[v;~.,a ^~. ........ a +~.., ..... ~ ,, [ building including brick veneer[ver had an oppo~unlty to visit] ^ .....+;......, ,~. .... b~.^,.~ r~,-, ,~,,,*pt~o ,u,u ~,~=-- s~'~o "'" man of thecontinent s artex --.~ ,, ,,,~,,,m ~,- ~,,~ ~u,.~..u,,~ J of 8"00 a m and 4"30 p m Mon-al Lutheran Church, of which the~ ............. |front. Since the district is not[ Y "! , ....... 7" - ILl .~ .r Ino.,~ *h.::,,~.h ~;n~,,~" "~o~,~,~ o,~n~,~.~ti.~, i~ a member t~earo-woouey, t~einngnam, ~n-lwithin th,~ fire district it waslhibits lers or me ~'eopies Tmepnorm ly|O[ ~,~.: .... :v.,s ....... .,~.. .-.- ....... -- ..... ~,-v~-'--': "~ . acortes, Everett and Mt. Vernoja.'"'~ ' group, held at East Stanwood ~ers |el will be ~ssued on an Individual he naB held meetmgs m a num-I , ]stated that no permit was nec-[ A collection of her palntlngSlcit, hall on March 30 H A ~. _ ,! Q~ [basis. Persons desiring to bring!ber of the E. L. C. churches in theI o------------ t essary. [remains in the Oliver home here,l.. ~ . . , :. ' . r re mneve, oz nappy Valley, was el april/- [boats aboard the station mustJarea last fall and winte [!~_. LI-~.- ~-~^^. J The Airport Commission -~where in her earlier life she]ect~a ~..e~.~e.~ ,'~h ~a~,o. r~," nu ..... "- ]register them at the time of ob-~ The choir will sing at least one[IHt[~. ||~$tU~ ~t~c/ [quested council to have a letter]maintained a studio I ~' W.~" o,~,,,, .... ~ ~,,~.. -...,- a~ ~eniorwlomers ..... d so v askin for in " son, ot t:e arnomevlee-preslaenL be raining their pass The statlonlevenmg. .during the week, an - ~ent to the Na y. g. " She was a member of Chapter held at the H~gh . 1 w other eve- for i to restoration and[ ]Other boC~rd members elected ........... [will number all boats for ready[losts ill be heard on [Called bv Death [ maton as ,I P~.O of Arlln~,ton ..... ^ o^*. .... , ...... -xmay April za at z., .... , 1 serve .~ ...... when the Ar ' ' - o ,~=,= ~, ~. ,,u~,,, ,=-=.=,~t~u ~-,,- ' [mentlflcatmn ]nlngs. The Ladles Azd wll l }repair of bulldlngs -~ c .... , ......... ,...,n o+ ~,.~ M~,II ~ ' ........ o=,~,~=o ~=.~ ,,=,,, ,~ ~,.~ " retary trea~urer',nenr ~let ge ..... I The Officer in. Charge has]coffee on Sunday and Thursday] Mrs Hettie L. Steer, 70, a plo-Jlington Lumber & Plywood eom- ~.,,,,,~r~ ~,wn,~ n,, "r,,,~dav withi- - " -- ---Y-- ~-' " -=~ to nave char e ot , .............. -, aarnome; lvia nes WOld, ~cama n ..... ~ I stated that the road to the upper levenings following the service. [neer resident of this dzstrict dledipany move to their new mill site [~r"~ A" c) ~,~ --~'-~ of the[ g " invl~atlons, ban } --o------- I no I~; R"" " Twin Lake is in very poor condi- ------ at her home 429 Dunham. ave- About Sewers , Flrst" Methodlst" church, officiat- " '~ a ".- ........... tion and recommends that no HOSPITAL NOTES Inue, Wednesday morning. Wm: Morton, consulting engl-] efreshments Iola t ~.~.The bod,, was shinnd to The mee ing was well attend- r tlv.~ Ju ,.~ B.,,~. , ~ v vv,- !la .... ' ~ --. " one ' attempt to reach this lake Births ~ Mrs. Steer had been bedriddenlneer, attended the meeting, andli~itchfield Ill, where it will be[ed' .the hall being filled to ea- et~ce l-earsor}; ~lean- without a vehiclewith four On March 29, Randall Wayne~for some time followin~ an aeci-ltalked to the councilmen about[,..,~r.,~a i- ~mwood cemetery, paclw, brace me eiecuon the ~-~,~ ~osenoacn; ThOle and 1 cal sewer roblems -,~= ....... a board has held several meetings, .at ...... wheel drive. There is no road to[Grafstraa was born to Mr. Ident in which she sustaineda o . P [beside that of her husband.] ..... =~,~ .... ,.= .. ~ anq servlng.J~or-]the lower Twin Lake [Mrs. Henry Grafstraa, Arlington.lbroken hin [ He pointed out that previous~ ~v~ ~nrman SaVor ~uardianland Will call anom ....... t,,~ of ~atertalnment VlOle1~ ........ t ' I -----------o " [ Dareld ttendry Jr born AprilI m,r, h~'~,,,,th ..... t c'~t, Mn [plans submitted included a dis-[f,~r Mrs Oliver accomY0aniea the~stckhlders snor ly at .which J * .-. . 15 to Mr and Mrs' Dareld Hendry, l.~ ;'~'2" .:z'..~"~', ......... .'~':~.' -'-'7' posal plant and separate storm l'-~.-o,.= +~ t,,;'^,~ "" " time they will present thezr lind- I - . " veo. o, 1~3, sue came to me val- . ~la*~*a tu ~**~u*~. in ,o ,Annual bmoker [of Arl.mgton. [ley in 1889 with her parents, the]sewer and sa.mtary sewer sys-[ o gs and plans for the future. oeason e -, ~.,i Robin Guchenberg, born April ~J. ~nd M.~ T W J~ok~nnitems'allttahngabut$300'000"[4t~' n" , na 11 J o------------ e . ' ,bcheduled tor April zl]L0 to Mr. and. Mrs. Frederlck[,vho settled on" "the Jackson[ ...Because of the C~Sotwthe propo-[l~0 rmls pinna [DR. Kr~LING ELE~'I'ED Oll~d,,~., I , I~ucnenoerg, Arnngton. ]farm" we~+ .~ A-~;'~'t'~'~ t*, Ch~,JsltlOn was voteo n oy melr~ aa , qP / ~BANK DIRECvrOR ~aa~al~ 1 Arlington s biggest ring attrac-[ Karen Francis born to Mr and v ....... ?% ~. ~, .... s y.., .:, ~".~lpeople a couple of years ago I luesoav I .... ,~- ~o.- ~, ' . . " ] .siantl tllS~rlct where sue attenu- " ., "1" .......... ~ .... "~ ~""" ~" day on the lowland tun of the year, the annual sun-]Mrs. Donald Francis, Arhngton,~., **.~ ~._~' ...... [ Mr. Morton pouted out that it[ r~..~ h, n,~,~,~ ,~,~hh~ ~iv nlnts]rlh-~ .... f q~h~ 'ttl.... ~*.. .s Sunday April 19,[ker sponsored by the e e m [on April 8th J ...... IlS now posszble to use the presentl ......................... 1 ..................... l ' r li Club . " . , burvivin are her nusoana ben . OI moon were conecteu rim= u,, o~,m, .cm ~uc~u~y, ~r. ~. t,. ~ost of the lakes have Club and the West ng .'tApril 12, David Johns, born to~.~ ~.~ g , _ , . Isanltary system, and by lnstal-lq~ .... n ...........~t of th~ of- ga~Hncr w~ alaot~rl t...... ~1 U With fish as part of will be held next Tuesuay, April]Mr. and Mrs. Leo Johns, Arling-!~. ~tfer, at home, and one sis-[latinn of a "scalping" device, to[~" ~.~'*~'.2~y~2.,~7~.~.C'wh(,:~[~.~7/,~ ~'"~" ~,:.~'.~2"~ ~"~':.~.~-"- [e'-- - -, )ot -+ o ...-~ ;.. +h.~ h;,.h o..hoo11*-- I ter Mrs Anna F En~,lar oI t)n-I.,........ _~z_ ..._, ..... .~._. +~.^/tort~ U Lll= glU~ltal Uttxlu, ***~**[tltc late .J. J'~. ~.~laY O-~ Ot llltl~l[a~:~[ ~artments program ,~*, ,~, o v.,,,. ., t~t,~ ~t~ai, o~ [tuil. [. ~. ~, .. ~ |ulv~ul't ~tUllllwctt~[~, bu tllat tllt~| ~.; an fho col [^f tso b,,o,n g something for the]gym. The proceeds from this[ Julee Dawn Moe, born April 13ttarl, uant. [operation of the disposal plant]?ergt~on~. ....... " ............ "l"'()~l~er~r~embers are" L " Pal creel it is expected]event will go into th*e athletic[to Mr. and Mrs. Donald Moe, of[ Funeral services will be heldlwould not be disrupted by such['=~.~. " ,...n~,.,~.... *,~=,~,~,,~rta~[,-o,~, ~ ..... n ~.,~" ~'^~:.., ," e a he=v,, ",qa-" onlmsurance fund. IMarvsville ISaturday afternoon at 3 oclock]waters This while costing aboutl . . .,:_ ..... xr ~._h~ n_~m~ar nn~ h~ ~" ~ t,~ " ~ ~ *" "" " " r " " " ' . were set up at the v. r. vv. ,~a,~.tra, ........ .* ~'--. ~. *.~..-~a~aa$~o kes In this vicimty. [. The program will include fou [ Pamela Lynn Gregory, born[at the chapel of Moll Funeral]S17000 would ehmlnate the[ ........ -S, alwaysgood m thelboxmg bouts andfive wresthng[Aprll14 to Mr. and Mrs. Paul]Home. Burzal will be m Arhng-~storm sewer system, which m ~,is now included in matches, will feature an out-]Gregory Arlington. 'ton cemetery. ]previous plans, had been fig- servatioff as part oflstandin~ attraction from the Ev-[ ~~ ~[ured at about $70,000. ' nm~ / ll~ nnAimz~ AIIIilPR o ek station. However, lerett YMCA, and end with alU_',,tl~ ~,,h,~,~l /t..,I, O..^... I He said that it would be nec- M~ ~nfl I~lfN N|IMI. |iWNI.N a pass in advance grudge elimination, bout between, nl II OhilUUI unn loup , essary to secure, the o..k. of the a~mmsm~mu~ mwwmsvm mivHmL- V~WII~-mS vH1 be permitted toltheSenlorsand Junlors. Aregu'! ~ [state pollution commission on 'aters. [lar professional ring will be[][~**A|r" ~ ~..~l ~a,,~-'~ ~l~=.~ [such a .system, but he thought x/ are cordiall invite ....... " IOU y a to come ana wazcn us casz me a that several lakes erected for these bouts.II~l:ll[llll~ Mllnlldl a lllll hll dllllll I this possible. Use of feed and mul- Admission will be 75c for "--"~ ..... ~ "" ..... "- --r -----o ....... IV I He is not engaged by the city PERMA-STONE on the Hayden residence, located on the [adults and 50c for students. The[ A~;lington's Spring Clean-up, pick up north of Third on Wed-lto do this work, but said he . n d ' " " " "" "' "" " " " I i ~oumy r~oa lUSt east or trench iou WlU rlna it very in :ers wi'll not be open clubs have planned a full e~e' - which" will' be Tuesda~ and Wed. nesday the 22rid. would be glad to furmsh' the in" - . o ' ,. . . " 7. [ning of entertainment that sport nesday, April 21 and 22, is being Everyone is urged to help with formation needed, terestmg and we will be glad to answer any questions pertain- "'---- ~ Ifans young and old will enjoy. [urged by a group of five high the program by having old rub- o " " "hi " .... " - " VA. -- ' ~ Ischool girls, as bieSrhs, such as old magazines, pa- SOCIAL SECURITY Ing ~o~ s proauc[. Lifo oougauon.1 ILUU| AT EVERETT SATURDAY These girls have taken this !p , clothes, and any other REPRESENTATIVE A theatre party will be held at a project in their American his-things that are just lying around A representative of the Everett OUR NEW PE'RMA-STONE BLEND the Everett and Granada Thea- Is provlded to glw tres, Everett, on Saturday, April or functions thai 18, sponsored by the Everett nature. All event~ General Hospital. The time is 10 fee is c~aarged, ox advertised will appe~ o'clock a.m. Red- Rider movies ~. The charge wlll b~ will be shown. Tickets are 25c a minimum of $1.00 and may be purchased at door. Satu~ night, The proceeds will be used to pay Silvana. Music for equipment already in use at anda & Kenny. the hospital tory class and are working with the members of the City council and the townsfolk to put this program over. Dave Helms, commissioner, states that it would probably take two days to cover the whole town with his crew, so they will pick up rubbish south of Third Street on Tuesday the 2!st, j and as hazards, packed in either boxes or sacks and placed on i the park curb in front of the !home. "By doing this," say the I girls, "everybody can help les- sen the chances of fire, disease, and home accidents, and will help clean up our city to make it a better place in which to live." Social Security Office will be at the Arlington City Hall, Council Chambers, cn April 21, 1953, from 10 a.m. to 12 noon. Persons who have claims to file for Old-Age and Survivors Insurance bene- fits or who would like informa- tion about their status can con- tact the representative next Tuesday. J. K. MORTENSON PERMA-STONE EVERETT COMPANY Phone Hiland 2943