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April 9, 1953     The Arlington Times
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April 9, 1953

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i P, No 50 Arlington, Wash., Thursday, April 9, 1953. Consolidated with Arlington Chronicle' April 3, 191, d 1" " "" I"D.efense . | d n O April In Pans C]vd nalr Pnn-'---. I Junior Prom Theme tExpenments Ia' v i $ g|zeSg I I "April in Paris' has been se-I.. . ,,. , I-- ,. .- ,,,, -- -- li|~ | }lected for the theme of the an-lNew lvoe bl nal I1 "~--A II" I~dfl U--;----- to Mrs. Mary Ann are from 9:30 a.m. tod:30p.m; /nual Junior Prom which.owillbeI Last Sa~u~Jay ~fternoon the/I ~UI ~it~U HUI~U; t~] ~an of the corn- Word comes Irom me radio nela A.prn x~ .~rum ~:ou tu ~. wail of a hi h- itched whistle[ -r" ff iting donors for the station fhat both navy person-[u~uckm the h~ghschoo_l, gym- ]was heard ingthp south end of[- mm-mmm ng, to be held here nel and civilian employes at the]_ ~o-cna,rm_en rat~y_ra .a.: ,2u.ltown as members of the engin-nm .---B__-.-..--.&__--. ram;no----,. ril 14, only !48 ~ton- station have pledged. Several of[Alexanaeor zaVee com'mit~ees~o~rieering division of the Arlington/ |] n[]~r[] [l[|~H ! ned up to flute. .the. men have recently, made do-./ thenaraevent[U, ~Mlss. Ahce: ..... Satre ~s[ ]Civil Defense experimented with i' mm~vm~ ~mmvmm m w mm m~,,~ ~ 1 ltocollect200plntsnatlons, the station/. _. ..... lan air whistle as a possible sub- / - . lenmng ame assxstance as at/ Arlington, and those will make it 100% on the 14th. , I . "[stitute for the fire siren which[ At the regular school board islature, in which support of kin, iS1,125, the basic attendance sup- late are urged to reg- Requirements, according to thelwsor. ....... [has been used in the hast to[meeting, held last Monday night, dergarten was placed on the lo,[port was raised from 35c per st-- -~, as there is a lot of committee, are good normal~ AlS people .wx.snmg a enplsound the alert "- [Pliffor~,~ D..a was elected chair cal districts, the board set MaYltendance day to 40c, and alam, ma oD[aln invl[a[lons mrou n ~ u ~,,,~ to be done by the health, weight 110 pounds orl." Y ........... g-I The air whistie wa .... n .... -~] ........... " 26 as the day for a special elec'lthat kindergarten attendance a e me nigh SChOOl OIilCe 1[ is urged ~ ~v- ='-~=~ man wlm Dillt~oal cnosen ior to v t on o of re ,making the arrange- more, and between the g s of] .......... ".. _ _ it^ .~^ _om.ress~r _~ e~or,..,ol tion o e a pr position [the p sent year was counted a~ appointments 21 and 59. Donors are requested][nat [ms aavlce pe mlmwea; aa-]~erv]~ staten Jens ~'~"sen a~-~lvicechairman' and Mrs. Bertha an extra 3-mill levy for support ldaily attendance. Thus the tection will be'made at not to eat any fatty foods fourlmission cannot De .oD\ameo. un-l~t...,^~ o~ .... 2' ~....a..~.~.~lMorris, clerk. Other members of of the kindergarten. It will re-testimated revenue approxima~ : hal ~,,~ tho hn,, hours before "eivine blood So,',less you have recmvea an lnvl-I~j:.a,,~^'2"~ ...... uuuu.s ....the board are" Paul Wangsmo, quire about $11,000 to continue $28000 above revenue for the. :,.hall, and the hours vou are warned~ no c'reamin'yourltatin- o . iexperime"t~" .IJulius Norman" and Rush Brad-the kindergarten classes nextlcurrent year, which applied ~: t At - ur toast The Seventeens, tamed band of J The whistle is the type usealley year. lteachers' salary ..... will ~ro_.~ult ....... t~ ~S coffee, no butter on yo . . ..... . _ . . . _ . Those who have not pledged Snohomlsh, will play at this galalm the woodsoon logging d on-I The board conmdered the pre- In canvassing the fmancml s~t-I~00 a year increase per teaeh~r. ._I',/ / o,...,,,n .~o,~ ~ ~nansfieldlevent. [keys. It was tarnished by t~ift~liminary budget for next year, uation following the legislative I~ ~s noted also that the l~g- n nurcn Drug'S' Joh~son'Dr~g, "Arlington The juniors hope to delight thenTungate: [and set the public hearing on action, it was found that the lo-lislature passed a bill pel~lttl~ 0 ~-.~*-^-.-- -,.~ Modern Cold Storac, e Cit,, Office Ipublic with the transformation[ The tone of the whistle is]same for 8 p.m. Tuesday April cal district did not fare so badly. ] local school districts to levy 14 2alif will sneak every or Theatre Beauty Shot) [of the basketball coqrt to.a ball-lquite high, and ~t was reported~21 at the High School. While the educational umt sup-lmills w~thout a vote of the laO- torn"S,,n,~ anrU ~(~ The collection "is bei'n~ snoresrm of Parisian atmospnere. It[as heard as far away as Arling-~ Due to'action of the recent leg- port was dropped from $1,400 to]pie. It previously was 12 mills. ~iday,-A"or'i~'24"~in" Our sored by the Arlington fiost)ital|will cost. only a dollar per person]ton Heights. However, it seemed ]_. _. . .~ ....... , ........ altheran'Churci~ This Guild, American Legion Legion[s ! Will oe well worm .your[to lack volume t,o be heard over]N~ ~:|~p~ [uow [m,~,, Im ~,~ M,, Ko.m,. ~le-*-" - " .......... "-" ""~ ~;'; --..-:. nwnile to attend [ne Junior t'rom~the traffic noises in the porth~* """ ~'**"* "~ "~ ,a,~.~, va~a~.~,a~ ,~a * ~,.'~ ,,*~au. ~,~~ eungs lS n[ nly Ir " uxl!lary' v'"v'v:' v' 'vv" u n'iApril 17 Iend f tv n ITo Sauk Prame'" 10ver Eastern Star i 3 Months T." Congregation, but the lary, The Lady Lmns. , ,, ~munit- of Arlin,,ton "The need" states the com. -----------o Mr Tunuate is securinuother la~aa~ --rip toatten~t ~" mittee, "is ~reat, to meet the|[.~], ~,~,~| [types for t~ial this week,"and it]~J .... ]~ .....'__~] I The first meeting, undertheist'_ ~_..LL ~___._.*_: [ertson is one of the day by day." requirements' of ci-/au~u ~.aa~ua " lis thought that perhaps the. in-IlW~W r4l~[~lz~U ]auspices of . the new officers,IIO o UUl menc [_S of The Evangelical vilian hospitals, of the Korean|]~N,~. ~a,,,a, istrument can be secured in at They're cookinu with electri-tMrs. Grace King, worthy matron;/ "Glad tn ~et homo" was Church. Rev. Egertson wounded and of the nation,s|ava~a~.a*aaa~ a~u~] cluster of three horns, whichlcitv out on Sauk'i~rairie now ac.[Iver Drivstuen, worthy patron,{verdict of"Dr an"d ]~rs Kesl~" rhngton with much plasma and albumin reserve. If| The soVdists and small en- point in different directmns,]cordinu to Manauer Irv Brandtlof Fidelity Chapter No. 78 Order]as they arrived home Wedne:,~l-a~, xper'ence. ~ n t h e thin job is, to be done we need sembzle, groups both vocal arid thus covering the town corn- of the local office of the P. U .... D . Eastern .Star was held Wednes-[night, Apr~1 1, from a three mlnlstry. He has served your help. ' /instrumental, have been very I pletely, las the new line recently co~- day, April 1st. months trio that tnnk them t~ [ for . about four o~ [busy entertaining tMs spring,I If the experiments prove suc-~structed at a cost of $25,000 wasI Jr. Past Matron Ruth Marxen, levery capital in South America. ;~2[ ,.ltchv]lle,LaMoure, V^,,~L ]~ ..... ~states thmr instructor l~oy Lar-[cessful' it is hoped to securelenergized last Friday, April 3. IJr. Past Patron Laurence HoP-Ito Panama and Mexico City. ~ta; St: Pauls Lu[.ner- IVRLII 1"~][~111 |sen. Their appearances, n.e sayS, lsuch equipment, install it at the~ The line takes off from thelkins were escorted to the East,I Much of the trio was ma~ by me ............. apolzs our bavmr s have been numerous having pu[ in , ...... [_1_lJ l ____-*! ~) [ ....... , ..... ]City Garage, where an art com-iDarrington system at a point|and honored. A corsage and bou-lair' they flying from Seattle os Angems ~nree on snows a] me ~ms ~iuo m ~v n e for sn use ~ 1 ere resem / - - .:-_- _. llelO/ Dnl o I .......... :[pressor is e ded op [near the Baptist church, in Par- tonniere and g'fts w p " New York The embarked b --,slon congregauons -- IbS.' retr bilvana t" ,. A. Alaercres[ . . ]lmjsl " Jel tothm the choir san "For] ' y Y .... Science Monitor ' thl~#Ha.rSe/ The hre siren has not worked rmgton, and extends for rime d e g or m The Chrmtmn " ' ,, boat Irom New York to Port o~ In ag~nti?:nd tUnhderpahs. Youth Forum of Arlington enter- ant~3~nb~nqSuneth,am~S ??tr wellresaSsa2cia~er~a~ig~ ~g ~:mgjV~ngn ~e:v~c~:oi31 ntehw Th~YsWE]lenJl~e?2:rd F:~l:ls Spain, Trin!dad, thence to erience Pastor E~,ert- tained Parents and Friends onn ,,o fnr n enooial 'renuest nro-| eq P .. I . . . , _. I . . oltmr~aaos islal]as uiania, J~razil. ' ~" ........ ~'""" "1 *" " e [ne " d ao -~.-..,-;.. -. **,~ Frida,, evenin~ Anril 3rd in thei .......... isound the signal, and while [lr -]Jack Sturgeon nome oelngescorted to the East and mtro-/Santos and Rm de Jane~ro Fr(m~ o ~,,av,~,. ,, ,,~ ~ -, ~ , gram a~ ]he ~nvana t-.[.A, again, ivil " " ' ' " Y duri - the late war" Pioneer Hall. I' ............. /men always respond, the C . ]last one on the hne. iduced..She was given a going/Rio they went overland to Sa~ to stLVent bodies of .A panel discussionwas heldl.~ne rngn .~cnom trend, ~.vtr.~Defense personnel nave a~tncul-] The Sauk Prairie, which in-laway gift by the worth.y matron:/Paulo, where Dr. Kesling attend- ,~arsen says, is ousy preparing Teen a 'istin. ..... ~ ,,~r coverin~ the nurnosesof The[ ........ [ty in differentiating oe[ Jcludes some excellent farm land,~Mrs. Heimer was leaving Aprii~ed a surgical meriting. mr me annual music contest [o ~rainations while Na- Christian Science Monitor Youthl~,~ ~.~,n ,.. '~.-'~1 A.,ril ~8 The,,|fire signal and an alert, lacross the river and nortt} ofldth for a. visit to her old homeI They spent five days in Ri~ tPlain of the Christian Forum and it was brought outl,~m ,,~,, th~,~,~ numbers ""Two] o----------- [Darrington, has been sett!ea . [Y g.J ' . . ]flaring the Spring Carnival. From ..... ~*~J ..... " ' " " air tans of America and that there are over 500 Youth ,... o, v..n... ,~;n..~.~., ,,., ,,I --, ..~ dyears and lnClufles several a Yt Retresnments were servec~ lnlRin thor flow tn Mnnt~vielin Tit,. ." M,,ud~,. ' ~uu~; ' s,,,u.,~,,~ o,,, " - ' " ' w " " " -" ...... " ...................... " more than 1,800 times Forums throughout the world. (H .... n ..... n f energ. zm of. thene ]the dining roomby the officersluguay; thence to Buenos Aires, ~'ood and other, radio. Mr. John Wrage entertained. .|March ............. by Fillmore" .......... ........ , ~-~'~'~'1 ,~.~ e~--~,,.-|line will ename tne remaents OIIof last year .With Mrs. NelenlAr~,entina-~, , to Santia~.o,~, Ch.~,il,*" hich min ry -1 g { wh,, onnt,~t i, similar to the - - -- [ ..... { "ILiad Peru; Bogota, Columbi,; r v mt hst the uests with motes of his this district to modernize their Starr, assdciate matron, as chmr tributed more than Eastern trip which included pic-|,..:-~, w~hic~t~e choir recentl,, /]$~'~ ~::~-~#.~{{{rr~, {homes and mmr amry oper-[man. |to Caracas, Venezuela; to the re than 2000 indivi(1-1tures of The Christian Science[~'~ti~n~tod Thoro will be nn~- ~l'lll I G,~,.ajUn,~,3 [ations. ] At the next meeting, April 15,!island of Curacao; to Panama, 432 married counles{Publishing House and the Mother{~r'~'x'im~a~e]v 20"0"~bands"in this] arlin~,ton's Fourth of July{_ -----~-o }Dr. O. G. Kesling will show pic-lGuatamala, Mexico City; thence counselingservices Church in Boston, Mass. ]~n~tltion. ]c~,~mlt~e is movin~ alonff with|~.~n~.~-- ]|~url~ Itures and tell of his South Amer-[to Los Angeles Oakland, Port- :time. ] A basket social, games andl~"T-]]~e'~ands and choirs are ~,et-]i'ts",~l-ans-for this vear's ce~iebra-]~V'~" ~''~'~ lican trip. land and Seattle. ~'~,: Idancing .were the diversions of[ting ready ][or the big clima~ toltion~, the American Legion hav-iR. 1 Passes I ------------o { Traveling by air, on such I |.' lshr f |the evening. {the A H S music season which|ing decided at a recent meeting{ .. 9-. _ ' .. * long trip the Doctor says, they v.,.~.~....w , o l - " " " . .... ' rhn - [ ' will close on A rll 28 with the to o ahead wlth the observance ~eojge I)avles, {4 R. I_A g {Darrnn ton Women ,,ound t oo v o o- ,-- ,-. . [ . p g . . _ ~ hem~l e~ ~_ck...~, .-- Uuver,arv Belhn-ham Co. p Y ,,Ylof In p Y. { resentatmn of the Ma Da de endence Da ton (lind a] nls nome ~uesnay} .... ..' .......... f two,T ~-L ma* ~ _ __ {the next flight a good deal o~ the ,I o {Festival havln as Its theme A atternoon dater an ~nne~ o .... "7 ..... [ ........ " ' " g " . . ,, [ Chairman Bill Fowler announc-[ .~ {I00ROW rl[ures [time. By boat, however, he said ~ne .r!mg.~on ~3relR.v V~rlnf hmber IPretty Girl Is Like a Meioay. ..lea that there:.will be, the usual]mnm~ .... I The Weslvan Service Guild of[there was plenty of time to rela,~. w ~.- ~" --'----'- ------ orn In ~wan ere nosts znursaayI J [ The queen ana princesses wi,Hnarade nrizes for which will bei Mr. Jgavleswas D ...... q]*~,,~ ~oth',dist Church announce] The air travel, he said, is fa~, )rmer members and Forest Sales~ Inc. of Belling- be there One of the ~eatu~e at-i ..... ,, ~,~ ,~ ,,,,rpisea Wales ~v~aren ~-~:nt, an~lv'~- .... tand'onl,, o"e dela,, was ex,~- I . ' . . ,, ,,,,u,.,.~,, ,.. t...~ ...u~ ...... , " 'in a very interesting program Will .~ ,, s as. they celebrated ~mm, Washington,. was the sue- tractions will be The Bro0klyn[~,a..... -~'~]{ont{n~,.. ....... ~a~i~s will~_ _.._ be[came, to the ..... United States [h,~ ..~.~.h,~a ..;,,,~ ~.o~...~-~h ...... t ...0~ ..-~th,~/rienced, although_ it was alway~ anniversaryof the cessful bidder on the Lower Deer Baseball Cantata" rendered b *" 190~ setthng m Callforma In sar ................ ]._ _ ' Ylsent to all organizations urging]=^^, .......... =here{local church on the 15th of April.]neces. ~Y to be at the airport at~ it~reeK DIOWClOWn tlmoer on Lne{tlle cnoir /luv~ ne went [o A*a~a w | ~hour DeIore fix,in,- nine ; a brief business ses-{Monte Cristo District of the Mt.[ " (>------------- U ......... |he nrosnected and mined untilt Mrs. Frank Faulkner and Miss] .... ~ ~.. " . mival "- " m will t~e mspmyea pro]ares o~ somm ~gavel was turnedlBaker National Forest. In spirit-[ ~wr I W! {Ca {1932 when he moved to R. 1, Ar-lEdith Bedel of Darr" gton " |..~ +~.~..~...a..... ,., ;,a;~ ..... -. Carpenter. who in- ed bidding at the Verlot Ranger James J. waraeu [ The street will resound with|ting~on, shows films, they nave taken in~.'~..-~= "+,~u~,'" =;~,'~-,s,~;~.:*~ e many former mere-IStation 20 M board feet of Doug-I .... ~the music of the merry-go-round.] He was a member of the Stilla-t t_he mountainous regmns a~)ovel~o,~.~:; --~','~;'~"~..~'~ '~ alled upon several ofllas fir sold for $34 30 20 M boardV|'~{t ~J~wF |n [There will be a carnival, with its| ..... ~h ~r~llov Pinneers Associ-[Darrlngmn" vnese are truly De-/?p:~ "'~ "-~ '~.='" ~'~\~.~:=". "--'~. aer - _ , : . . . " .'. ...... ,.--....,~ a~*a ~ a.a ' .... mmittee hav ,s ...... s ....... ~ - ~ 'autiful "ictures, well worth com-~[ne last wora in arenl[e[ul~_.l s Ior remarks onlfee[ or rea.oeaar SOld ior ~lb.b~,| Imany rmes, [ne co "/ation I. . P [h,~,,t,, day experiences. [and 660 M board feet of Western]]~w M~,.~aa~.~ ling closed an agreement Wed-| .~^" ........ ;.,..., *-,, ~,~ widow ]rag to gee. |""~'~" ~',.,.,~ ,~...,, .,. ..... n.,a in 1905, there were[hemlock and Pacific silver fir{a'~v.7 a,auH~auv~,a~ {nesday with Mr, Kirch of The program will begin at 8~.. "~"~' ~';~t~:*,',"~'=~ ~---~ , who signed the ong- sold for $19.55 per M board feet,] S~xth Fleet (FHTNC)--The rad- ern Shows to show here. Thls]~...,.~h,~. ~,,l~n C Wales" two|O clock, after whmh a lunch will ~ov A r~ ~,.u ....... ,,.~ ..~ ,~... ll A. Verd, WHhamiUnsuccessful b~dders lncluded[ar rocket destrov~r USS Dyess company was here two years ag~),| , .......... ,..._...,.~ .... Ibe served by the members of theI ^.,~...,.... r. ....... +~....~, o~...--~. D. Dunn Theo Summit Timber Co of Everett, I )articipated in the 1953 com- and m eqmpped w~th ome f .............. ""th oflGufld. A collectmn will be tak ........ -. " " ,, i~w~. Mary ~waumey, ,u " " a in the new lvlr. DroKaw ls a represen~au~ iEyelander Brothers of Everett, lbmed naval forces Operation carmval attractmns ~r~,,~ ~, ,, -lec,,s Mrs A~neslto be used m fm nc g ....... . lsKin ~ Mr nd' ............. ,, .......... ' "~'~; ~ ......' " ' w nd-r construc ,o~ an American ouamess nrm tn _ ._ , son oz . a .!Rmme rtooson or ~nonommn, IRenaezvous In tne ~weax~erran- I The committee is at present! ~,~r._..,.. xxr;--i-ea Ont Mrs.lparsnage'n U e "lRrnTil buskin, entertaine(llTaylor Brothers of Sedro-Wool-]ean held March 15th to 25th. ]trying to arrange wrestling bouts ~,~,?~'T"~nd'.'"Sh~li~rook "'Sask,ltin' ] ...... "------------~ :ordmn, playing sev-[ley' Lytton Carpenter of Lake[ Serving aboard is James J. by some of the T. V. stars. If ~,a ....... 1 nieces and nenhews[ ] ..... ~s, ~echjCvheJ~ ~l~e~e~ernS, it~nFdaTZpper and Adams{31V:::e~N,gu22er~sMma:ed ~rst. twhi~ ~leaZJ~dSoUCC~SfUnli~So~V~2et{~nTWua~is.l'~services will be" heldIHigh School Group Tuesday I-- ~ [J. A Wardell of Arlington, Third ....... a .... t 9 ,,~, at Moll's Fu-]WT ~ I~| IT.. n.....,, lUncheon was served] ........ [Wash:, and husband of Mrs. Ed- n.~ ..... u', ~e usual events l-ar "H ome" i {te"'rment will be~ urges lown ueanup i."u eve " u ......................... "~ -- nlng. rI~UJlII~ClV(~UIU II.FilH.. |na M. Wardell of Fredon]a, Kans. ~... ..... a o ~*,oot' ;- A.,;~..~... Cometerv { u .....~,,rnhv was called un./| n~*m] Kwndrtlav.mMl'an OL {~-[~,~^,.,~ ]~,~,,~,- U .... ~,,t .................. dance xs planned for the night of , ~ on by a gr p o g S o ] Evervone interested in havtn~t aamner l ll~l|V|o AVAI~T~| iwlUlyllV(coun[rles OI u. ~., ~ritaan, r~ance, *1~,~ ~,,,,,*h ' ~.. ~c, irls on Wednesday, who su~- -- -. ". - --. - - t I Italy r-reec,~ ~nd Turkev con- "* ~ " | "k.~,m,~A,, |,m 1 ........ " - .- tne Kln(lergar[en retalnea n o A *w ,i ~u Because of his activities in pro- . ~,."~ .." -'" ".. __ .. ----------------o ~IIIII~ uw I ges[ea mat me [own nola a ~ school district next year is urged , . 'aucted con[inuous exermses in { . , J'~kp~| L~'{~ {~notlon of Soll Conservatlon,{ ....... r~ -un rw . r, i.. . ... ,~ ! | | ]Spring cleanup campaign, to attend the meetin,~ next "l'u~- Mar h has been an]l-submarine war[a e, g - e o en o ,, . i Mayor Robert p y { .... ,oo, .... , ....... ,, ..... . r ters n t, nv Uookmoblle ne me { The mayor was agreeable, and ldav of the Pre-sch0ol Assoia- i| {invited by the Board of The o , , .... laccompanied the young ladies on~tio~n Thomas Ter~eson supetin. " " mi h S il' on ....... v..~muu~~a,,u,,,~ ~ome changes nave been made . ~ . .~rst time in several visors of the Sno~o s o c . ~a~e~ ~waro , ; ..... a tour calhng upon members of tendent of schools, will resent Snohomish County!servation District to abanquet atiroland of Crete. Chas.YC. Peterson, of the Peter- mi:h~couh~dULleb[~vth3okSngh~elthe city council. Result: It is ex-the facts relating to the Pinder- Commerce will be[~nonomlsn on..lvmn~ay night, I., , r,! / son Motor Co.. was awarded a on the da,,~in which it stops in pectecl that at the council sessl.onlgarten proposition to be suhmit- -~ Sultan l~eople. This April 16, at wnlcn time Mr. ~aur- |~l~Pdl~.~ |.llln certificate at ameeting last +~ ...... ~...~, ~ a~u.m,~. On Monaay night the tAW t)aas Wlll lted to the voters on May~26. 1 St at uh~ and O K Aamodt of the ........... ~ .... ~ ................. ~, ...... .. ~art with dinner_ ~:_[ ....... -_7 "-"k of Sno i,, _ . .,., ~ Monday evening at Cedarcrest Monday April 13 and every two order such a campaign...... Mrs. Dal(e Huber, member:Oflp uesaay April 14 ......... ". I~l~f~ I Inn in recognition o~ nis ezmr[s ..... ~-~ t{~e~eaftcr 'stons will be It has oeen suggested mat ~ri-chairman .wishes to point out ~oltowed by the reg- nomlsn: wni oe spe.clal_ly _.honor- ,,a,,,,~,.~, ,.al~a.~..,a .... in behalf of highway safety, ma~de~ at'the following times" day and Saturday. April 17 and that membership in the pre- and a program. _aoy me conservauon group.. The April meeting ot me Ar- The meeting was sponsored by Trafton School and community, 18, be the days/and all residents school Association isnot restril- and discussions of .ln.a letter extena lng.[ne ~n- lington Garden Club will be held the National Automobile Dealers 10"00-16"50; Cicero Peterson's of the town are urged'to cleaned to any particular group but ieetl Tues vl[auon ~o ~wayor ~wurpny Jonn m in [ne "ng held on - .. ...... - _ on April 13 at 1:30 p.. " Association and Highway Safety store 11"'00-11"15; ~I W Baker's up the premises, gather up the that all parents of pre-~hool yill be presented. A ~paaa,.cnmrman o~ me .ooara, basernent of t h e Lutheran Committee ~" ,qace 11"20-11"'35; Oso t;ost Of- old cans, wire, old Christmas children are welcome to become aairmen of the roads s~ates mat the two gentJemen Church. During this meeting The award was made by Sgt ~ice ' 11"40-12'00" Oso School, trees, if there be any still around, lmembers. A1 Solem and Perry ~]amea nave oeen selected .off me Mrs. Jess Cohoon will demon- O S Buehler of the State Hi~h-" 12 4'5-1"35" Hazel '1"50-2:05; Fort. in fact all rubbish. It should be Election of officers for new give some pertinent~ooara, as navlng con~rlDu[e.a strate spring arrangements; ' way'Patrol son Mill, store', 2:20-2:35. put in boxes or sacks and on the year will also be on the agenda. on. condttion.s and,most m aovancemem.o[ SO ll , All members are urg.ea [o wh ..... "~,,;,; ........ iv,~- tn The stoo ~t Trafton School was cleanup days placed on the park- The meeting will be held on nlgnways in ~no- conse!~va~mn prac[lces ourlng me bring some kind oT exnlolt to ~'"~,~':'~"2"'~",,~-~e,~;~-'},,~ made forl{lerly on Thursday. ing strip where it can be easily Tuesday, April 14, at 8:00 p.m. for the coming ,~a~t x~ ............................... t this meeting. Primroses, flower- reached by the city garbage in Mrs. Barter's room in the The banquet will be held in the ling branches, bulbs and any nishing a car for the school's o xs cordially wel- St. John Episcopal Re~tory. other worthy specimen should be driver training classes. Sgt. Strawberry Plant truck or dump truck. , Roosevelt school. these meetings. Mayor Murphy will be ac- featured in tllese arrangements Buehler states that the Driver companied by Mrs. Murphy. and exhibits. . Training course is a definite Harvest NowOn "" ~afety measure, as he pointed g Bryant of hard work at ~nge hall will be Grand Opening urday night. by members of s a fine structure ofi The main halll and has a full hard- and stage for the or- Orchestra has been se- opening dance, will be served. out that records of the state The C. A. Darts farm, just west highway department show that of Arlington, is the scene these the accident rate is less than ,ays of much activity as more half among those who have re- than a hundred people are em- ceived the training as compared ployed in the digging, inspect- to others. -----o ing and bundling of strawberry ----- plants for shipment. The parked automobiles in the Juanita Grant farm driveways resembles the i~er,,i scene near a busy factory. It is estimated the payroll for Carll the short season will run about e e $15,000. Game Officials Look at Slide [ On Tuesday afternoon Director John Biggs of the State Game Department, accompanied by Commissioners Dr. W. R. Bernard, Edson DOT and Walt Falor paid a visit to this region, their main purpose being to give the com- missioners a first-hand look at the clay slide on the North Fork, at Sepost, which is causing con- siderable roiling of the water and thus spoiling some good fishing in the stream below that point. The silting affects the entire stream below the slide. Are you having relative Ochampaugh) decides to use the trouble? Do babbling uncies,~ small apartment to court her aunts, Cousins, grandparents, or bashful beau (Jim Dunning). mothers- in - taw invade your The landlady (Donna Speed) ~ home with plenty of free in. drops in to collect the rent while formation? If so, please read the Lucy, the maid (Jackie Logan) remainder of tiffs article care- and a poetic policeman (Jack fully Anderson) add their bit to the The Arlington High all-school play has the answer to your problems in the presentation of "Too Many Relatives" Friday, April 10 in the high school audi- torium. Director, Robert Cram. baugh announces that the cur- tain will rise promptly at 8:00 on this three-ace farce of laughs. Larry Olson and Doris Davis have the leading roles, and they play the part of Harry and Mabel Savage. a pair of newly- weds deliriously in love. Harry and Mabel live in a small three- room apartment and are unpre- pared for a week-end of too many relatives Aunt Ermin- trade (Myrna Royce) and Uncle Otto (Rudie Thomsen), a couple of old folks hard of hearing, move in first for a few days visit. Then Mabel's sister (Georgine general confusion To create further relative prob- lems, Smokey McGee (Allen Vance) a desperate criminal, de- cides to use the apartment for a hideout and proceeds to hol~ the entire group at gunpoint~Smok- ey supplies plenty of laughs as he attempts to ordor hard oA hearing Aunt Ermintrude and Uncle Otto around. These old folks believe him to be the ice- man and completely disregard his ferocious gestures. After a hectic three acts, the Savages manage to solve thei~ relative problems and send them all home happily. We urge you to set this Friday night aside and solve your family problems at the play "Too Many Relatives" in the high school auditorium.