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April 2, 1953     The Arlington Times
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April 2, 1953

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PAGE SIX THE ARLINGTON TIMES, ARLINGTON, WAStIINGTON, THURS., APRIL 2, 1953. Council Fire Mrs. Frank Faulkner and son Loses Thumb The Tanda group of the Camp- Donald, Mrs. Sylvia Hollings-[ Clyde Cope was injured at the[[ I/I]'T../I,Pb-~ T-/qE)C,~ lit fire Girls had a council fire on worth and son Calvin andtwolDarrin~,ton Mill Mon,~ .... n,, II v, ~IZ~JL~ J~L]Zr~.~J.~ Ill N , . ~ ~j IAZU.*L" Ivh':. ttorace Enyeart, ~hurscaay They had an out of _laughters Joanne and Josephine[lug He was taken to the Dar-][ Mrs M Fleming, II Mrs L-nn -----"---'~.~ ~oors fire and lit fagots instead drove to WickershamSunda " " " " " " J . Y, rmgton Hospztal m the ambu- corre ondin r nt ~V P2Y~Pr ~n~ ILad, ses.N'ght of candles. Six girls and their where~they were dinner ~uests at |~neonftor hi~th,,rnh ...... tnfftL. ~ ~p g" Ill cor~sponde J I ..... leader were present. Jamce and the home of Mr. and Mrs. Rlwhile workinff He was laterlHOme tirocerv ICommumtv Club mgat on lviax Sandra Barnhart and their Galbraith "~" -I ............. J ----- ,:. . , transferred to the Arhn ton HuH. . . . Walter Morgan Wed >d,es rag! ieader, Mrs. Carla Barnhart re- Mr. and Mrs. John Putts and pital in the ambulanceg He was]Sold to S] C, dh~.t Discusses Fair 1urban m~tt, ~,u,~ nau,~hter of I January271 ceived their Trail Seekerscer- son and David Faulkner and d " " "l ...... I ......... ~ ....... , ,~ s r-metro was . . . . employe at the m~ll as a planer . . . M~- Henr,, Brown ann Walter] ' g ;lfleatlon Patty Barnhart and Mrs Sam Bates went to Everett[m~,~ The Home Grocer at White In s 1re of the rain Morlzan, ~n of ?Jr and Mrs ]din basketba Chrystine Sygitowicz were in Sun(lay where they attended the[ ....... Horse has been sold [o Si Gilbert FridayPevening some Clyde Morean of : Darrington']Munt Verno] cl~arge of the Council Fire and iMerv Rosell meeting. They met l Vi~itnr~ fr~,,rd ..... til[ofArlington. Mr. Gilbert who took more oeoole m~t at the wero ..... united~ in marriar, e in~ the!rune. persons ;erved. pie, ice cream and Mrs Putts' mother arid. brother at Tuesday ..................... at the home of Mr.~ ..... and over the business, on March. 30th, Hall. for the community I / I couldn t et out this tl P, antist church on Friday, March .oast t)eet air orangeade at the Barnhart home.!the depot Mrs. Younkln and son]Mrs Fred Rensink and family]was formerly in the logging buS-IMrs which was called to { 27th. Rev Breedlove officiated a oanana .p ---------- Eugene of Bellingham will spend l~r,~ "th,~ M~,~,~],~,~, .,~aIiness. Mr. Twilligear, former Chairman John Norback. at the lovely wedding, with only[,vl~e e~a~er~: 1 Mrs. O. I. Sorseth spent ten the week m Darrlngton. [Karen Roberts of Bellingham ]proprietor, will retain hm drug mg the reading of the I relatives and a few friends at-I~ ..... "'~,~,~"~ Idays at Montlake Terrace at the Mrs Frank Faulkner Mrs [ Mr and Mrs Boyd Cabe and]stre at White Horse. by the secretary Mrs. tending. Thebride wore a whitel~m~l~1 s'~ol'o" b,, Charl'~tt'~ a" ]mine of her aaughter, Mrs. Bob[Slyvia' Hollingsworth and'family]two children have moved to Dar-[ Konnie Rinker, who has been[and a report by the ? eyelet organay rectingote over a[cornuan~edVbv ~Janice t{eece atlBisnp' returning Home Friday,|made a business trip to Everett[rington. Mr. Cabe is employed at[home on a two weeks furlough,]lvirs. ~unnnausen, there pale blue unaeraress She wore O.2-~.~.,.:.` .:.- ..... ~ ....]~ ~.. Iviarch 27th Mrs tfisnop is thelon Thursday ~the Darrington Mill as a book-Heft Monday for Astoria Ore tolgenerai aiscussion oz , ...... = w,,~-u, ,~- ,~u.u,,~,, ~.,v o~ ..... , ' laws d nn~ white stephanotm In her hair| ^~... u ............. a . ~..~.. ,.. toroud mother or a new son who[ Eldon Holm son of Mr and[keet)er [rejoin his ship [ ues, and the a and a cor~age of a white orchid]the three ~irls Tho m~etin~,]has been named Denms Lee. He[Mrs. Elon Holm celebrated h~sl* The Parent Teachers Assocm-] Mr and Mrs. Twilli~ear ac-[Further business w , surrounaed by wrote stepnanous.[ .... ,......~ ...... ~,. ....... ~...~ I~oms two brotHers anu is tlae]m~hth b~rthdav whmh was onltmn meetm~ will be held on a/comnanied by thoircl....~t,~lPonea until tHe Apn ... ........ " ' ~ when ~t is ho ed that The bndesmmd, . Mms Emma] .... e Li ....... {mghth grandson ..for Rev. and[Sunday, w~th a family party different date ]n the month of and son-m-law motored to Bel. , P Mmsln was dressea In aqua and]- [Mrs. t~orseth. Morner ana sonlMonday evening, with his ownlApril, due to unforseen circum-|lin~,ham on 22rid for a famil-I g -, wo.r~e a corsage of white ear-[ .........~, lare doing fine. limmediate family and Mr. and!stances. Watch for the date of]reunion. An unusual event a~t[able to make it then. t~0~ l~2ations. The matron oz .nonor, i-,,~-,~,.~,.~f,-z ,-,~, .... :. ^,,.1 Mr. and Mrs. Owen Wells andlMrs. Wallace Hell and family. [the next meeting on the posterslthis reunion was that there werelcake wereo.serveu oy m .Mrs. rinse weoer, me oriaes[ ~ ~,,~,u),p um;,~. ~ ~L~.ltwo daughters Donna and De-[ ------- [and the slips sent home from|five generations present on both]eiectea uniters. sister, wore a pink dress and a] m_nonor or me pray cast at me/loris and Mr. and Mrs. Tom Ashy]Grange Visitation [school with the children. [sides of the family. [ -. ~. .--7--"-- _..~, of .white .carnations.l~cnooi o ~+uncnroom, .~nursaaY,[and two daughters Janet and[ The Mansford Grange held a] --------- [ Mr John Schmidt left 1o~*/-rne..narry riansens ~_~ ~ne Drmewamea up tneamm onl~/~,~f~-,k.~,~,~ ~,~... ,~%u~[June went to Seattle for the/visitation meeting at the local[ Mr. and Mrs. Nels Bruseth and[Thur~dav for Carnn Pondlm~l~:verett. ~aturaay e_yen~ ~ne arm o~ ne.r. ororner, mr. to.oYl~.~(u?~^.f~?..~?+~,.?~[~. ~iweek.end. The four girls wentlhall on Wednesday, March 25th.lMr. and Mrs." Roy Wolfe spent /from- w~er:.- h~w-i-fi ~-~,~-~--[were v]mtorsoz the .wag~ /-ar. Ker o! .llliamooK, ure..lne] a~.~ .~y ff.e2,u~u"Y^~u_e~'lfrom Seattle by boat toVan-/The Tri Way Grange were guests.[Sunday visiting in Sequim at the|Korea Mr "~oia~,'-~at'~'~ '~.~'/ v~r. aria mrs. ~rt3ng_, Driae's morner wore a navy oiue/,~t~u.~ ~m _ua,~.uu,~,. %a .... Y..~'lcouver B C, to spend their/The Priest Point Grange put on lhomes of Mr. and Mrs. Phil Ager/law ,~ tho''i~i~l"i~,'~ ..... "---[ana zamny were mnn%, dre~s with. a corsage of rea car-I nL t.eroasKe ,_d Jma wlm[Easter' vacation. Mr. and Mrs.lthe literary program and theland daughter and Mr. and Mrs./ Mr-and "lVIr~"~'~a"~" ~,-Ulh~-/~ tneulanaers ozarling~ na~mn.s:.une, groorn, wore a graYlr~a~tej e~.,a~uo~......~ .... IWells returned home Monday/Mansford Grange put on the[D. O. Turner and baby. land "far-i[- v~'it~,~'~'-~.~Sl(:tay, un w.eanesaay, ~*~, suit w~tn a ooutemere oz stepn-I ,~,~. L .... ~ ~'~uT' ~'=.~"~=':~land Mr. and Mrs. Ashy remained/ritualistic work. There was an/ Rev. O. I. Borseth and a goodl.vo~ th'~" ~o,~-~" .......... /nus aria cmmren jameS,, armtm ms ~est man was Bob En ox me rarent leacHer aSHOre ............ aria uann went to r~, . " ,. . . . "l ........ 1 a t f r[in Seattle to visit relatives.' [attendance of about sixty-eight.lnumber of his church members/ ...... -'7 . I Y " i mey WHO was aressed m a orown/a,tmn tnanKea tne p ay c ft. o I Mr and Mrs Ferman Henson[A lunch was served Ihave been attending the Mervl"a.rr~ ti~aasl? .nreu~s ,-e~j .. Iwish Mrs. Bob Arnsteaa suit "with a white carnationlUae nara WOrK aria time put m onl . : .. " .. . / " /o......,, ...... a':~'"in" held at Ev / barry Glaasjo, WHO recenuYlbirthday bouteniere The uroom's mother|~he play and the presentation oflana zam.~l.y are spenamg a zew/ Visiti-~' ,~ t"-'~'-~ ~ .... a,. /~"~'..~,~,~,~:,, ~,,,~,,i,~,' .... "|had the misfortune to break hisl Mr n~,~ Mr cn.ntrvl~ o. ~ clays VlSHlng In J~elnngnam ano, -..~. ..... ~ ,,,,,= u. ,,,. =,=tt. ,_,,, .,,=ou,y ,--,----s ~-'l ......................... wore a brown smt with a red[,.he play. Mrs. Zellah Garton[ .... and Mr~ ~u,t~., q,..n..... . ~:[oraa n,~nnlo frnm Darrinatnn at .leg, m convalescing at his home|turned from a throe ,W@ carnation eors~'es Mrs James/thanked the Parent Teachers As. lvaneouver, ~. t=. 't ..... "-~-L'-"-'"'~'~v"L"'~'~"~" .... i~---. vy~ ....... :.*- .... =~"-",,--'lhere. His leg is encased in a cast/,.. ~?.:.~------;~,~--~-~.=L-Z.n ~il . . , I11211" uaugnter, Mrs. /)ave ivlarqy tenoea ne meetings. ~ev. ~or- . to r.,a~tt2ili d.~ltllt~!~tu Anderson nlaved the niano and]somatmn, m behalf of the cast[ Dont forget the Easter plaY[of T .... u,~t )yr, ~ ..... ,o ~..t. [~...~,. o,~,~ .... ~ .... m~,m ,~ ~[from the h~p down. The sad part[ Tuesday ~et ...... ldt .... ~entitled "A Easter Dawn" to be ....................~ ....." .......................................... Shirley, Frances and Alice ,White]for the.very lovely droner. Supt. . . s ...... ling treatments in Seattle andlgreat evangelist If you did not]f thin acmdent ~s that ~t haS[Anderson and twin sol~ man~ "I Love You Truly.' The/~arry ~awaras gave a snort [alg[glven at me Dapust cHurcH onl~nondlnc, tho ,,a,~u ,~,,no ~ ~h,~[~,~, ~,~,~ ,,~,, ~^,~'t t~,n,, ,,h,tlPreventea Larry Irom completing/and Jorrv vi~itod at the b~ ehmmh was decorated with ever- on the cooperatmn of the people J Easter Sunday at 8 p. m. There[T,11,~ .... h,~m,~ ~o~ ..... t. ,~..n] .... ~ ....~,~n,, ]hm record of four years of h~gh|Daniel~,~n h,~,~ On greens and baskets of white in Darrington in their efforts in[will also be a Sunday school[ ues ts-al'so"we"r ................ Ischool without being absent. He /afternoon" Ylrs Ra mond aoek, heather and daisies. [putting over .a community pro-lEaster program during thelJ'im Blend of Rock"I'slan' l ...... ncaly -- ]will graduate in May. [Mrs. Swanson," an(t Jeer O[ any KInG morning services 0 I~ A reception followed immedi-[ m~. .... ,.... a,..'.. ..... a ..... a[ ] Mr. and Mrs. Martin Tollenaar| The next meeting of the Bee-I ~ Istrom were visitors of Yl ately in the church basement I L,,~ ~,,~,=~ ~,,,,=, ~,~o uu,,f,L=,q .... ~ .~ - ~Sr received a letter from their/hive 4-H Club will be April 22ndll f~T~rnf~TTTa'r T Ilson and the Danielsons aria preparea oy memoers oz tHe ~wrs. r, ennetn t~ennett aria soul " " " 1 (j.PJ.i.I, jI"I.P_JI_A_~ The table was decorated with[o ... Ino,,, ,, .... ,r~,~. ~.o ^.a.,~. ~daughter Mary of San Dmgo,/at the home of Anne Long. A1 II I/ We are sorry to hear~ " w' ~"" .................................. z wh h b e " " r nts and .... rt bouquets of datums ]th a beau-[ ~..~.. c~o...... 0., .... ~.o ]r'r~w~.,.n o.n ~,~. C~v,~ ,~ Wv,~. [ o ad e n H1, saying she was|4-H members, their pa e [[ Mrs. Wflhs Hflde. corr. [[Brandes had the m~sf0 ..... l-r-- w -'q - ak i "he .......... " .............. s ................................ "'muc .... r ......... tte ........ utm a ge euu ng c e n t ~ ....... , ........... ~ n t)ette. /trmnas are mwtea to a na me/I Telephone 2117 Ilbecomin~ ill and havimt oenter A~,*r the bride andltvan Jones was in charge ot melett spent ~nursaay an(a rrmayl Mr ~..n ~.~ ,-..._~.. ,,,,.,,.^,,~ u ~,. ,,.. _, ^rlin"t"n Hei-htsq " l: .... " ...... ~ ........... allu lVlI~. UUIUUII 11ttLll ~'n ~a.y at ~x ~ u ~ tO the Hospital TUlle , .... dmmg room and decorated the vmit]ng at the home of Mr and ! " " I r d Mrs Fred Lindbor " groom made the traditional flrst/ ............ [ .......... .. land sons spentThursday even.,Commumty Hall April 8th, at 8 M. an . g,l~urlough from California, tall, the bride's aunt, Mrs. Clyde l~.auras" ~l~rs. ~ewm ~ome. mrs.[~vlr~ ~: w: anaersonana zamn.Yling watching television at the lp m There will l~e the initiation laccompanied by Mrs. Jennie lhe was servin,- in the U S am cut an served the ~rvme rearson aria mrs. alvin o~ uenmgnam. Mrs. Anaerson ~s h s Tath , d I. v ...... [ ........ [ ome of Mr. and Mrs. E. L. How-[of the new members and fun and[Westland and Mr. and Mrs. Val[ ------.- wedding cake. Mrs. Fred Me-[runes_set ca. tn.e pray cast anql~ars. ~ennett s roster,lard. Mrs. Whittal's cousin ap-]refreshments for all. Anyone able[Lindborg, motored to Renton on]Highland Garden Club Falls, the groom's aunt pouredla~;TM nmpea~n any way%an~j...Miss Barbara Bullen and M.iss|peared on the Groucho Marx, lto supply transportation and[Sunday to attend a birthdaY[i~t~ April 8 : the coffee. Miss Ivalee Rensink/'," .... :%Y ..... _-~;~,:~ .-~-~,-,-,-,ol~naron t~arKer are spenaing mis[,,Bet Your Life" program. |those needing transportation lparty in honor of Mr. John Lind,] The Highland Garde2 Association anu melr nusoanas w t v 1 was in charge of the guest book| s~ "v w - " J eeK visiting re ati es "n beattle./ Mr. and Mrs. Morris Long andlshould meet in front of the lborg s 91st birthday. ]will meet at the home /aria wles ereguests and Mrs. Jim Haga and Mrs.~ " [ The baseball game scheduled]two daughters were Sunday din-lschool at 6:45 p.m. [ Christ Haaland arrived here|i~rank Pigort WednesdaY,~ Blaine Colson. aunts of the bride.I .... ~ !to be played with Arlington at[her guests at the home of Mr.[ " ~ [from North Dakota to spend alat 1"00 p m (note time). .as~er ~erwces were in charge of the many[ .......... [Darrington on Monday was post-land Mrs Frank Bryson, Jr and[ Mr and Mrs. Tom Doan andlfew da-s with his brother C E |brin~ nlants for "-lant s~ lo e "fts the cou e ecei ed rnere wni oe specml ~:aster " " " "' " s en ~ , s ~, v vly pl r v ......... .. lponed because of rain. [family, and later attended the]son Tommy p t the week-endIHaaland. [material for making corS~ The young couple left for Tilla-Ii~as;er ~un~ay"at""~6..~0~'a.~'mi[ Darrington will play Arlington/Merv Rosell meeting at Everett. /at Bremerton, where Tommy isI Church services in.the 'Com-[the making of corsage~ monk for a one week hone th re on Tuesda Mar h 1 t Mrs uewey Lougnnan will spenmng tHe weeK v~smng at , " Y-[There will be a Sunday schooi[ e y, c 3 s. [ . / ......... " [" , ...... [munity church were dismissed[the afternoons work .P.~ nnmon, and will be ha Darrington[~nogram, two specials by the~ Mr. and Mrs John ireland[entert~n tne ~riage uuD at ner[the nome oz ~ar. ana~v~rs. ~teven-[on Sunday. so as to attend ser-]Also, two members wi~ until April 7th, when the groom t choir and two solos by Miss Con-]spent a few days visiting at the|nme tuesaay. - - - [son ano.~am~!_y,__ ~r. B~nr~er~r~[viees in Everett. [bring a scale model will leave for the service. The[ ~tance Hem of Bellingham and!home of Mrs. Ireland's parents, [a,.~r_'_ana,~rs~^~y Lougnnan,/~oan w~),feturn t~.~..v ..... , Misses Elsie and Euella Hart-|hme. to have. lan~ca~ Dnae wni continue going tO[formerly of Darrington, and Mr. and Mrs. Thomas of Ellens-|_~*~J:~ a~u ~,~,~. ~.;,ewey.. ~uu~j,,~, [a,?~^,*~=-- ...... ~, .... ~ ........ ~ son and Elaine Robertson were[nmg,ane on tHem. l~ol~,~ ~noo] until sue graouates in/other snecials Ever-one is wel-lbur,, lanu aver. anu ~vxrs. u,c~ ,~ougn- o,.c. ... ^o~ .. ,~.,, .... n n~,~,~olt)e iaeas Ior the iair Doot~ May. [come to attend on this Easter] Mr and 1V~rs Lawrence Welshnan atten, d a going away[ Word was recmved that Mrs.[m,~~ ,,~ ~.t,,~.. [ ......... [Sunday. There will also be]and son Jack spent tile week partyfr..t~ne three men~sslster,[Alice Robinsonof Sedro-Woolley,/'"Re~. ";n~ Mrs ~VIa,,nard Haa [~ bast week s guests at me nome lsnecial numbers by tho rhoir]vi~itln~, Mr ~nH Mr~ "h"nr,a~ at t.c .u.~c ut ~vx~. a,u ~,--~.lIormeriy oI uarrmgton, passeal, _ -.." _ :'_ ~.. .~~:11 __., ,- -- , .......... ~, ..................... s lm nowarO of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Brown]during, the evening, services [Va,,~bn ..,~ ~,~- v,~t~ ~,~n .m Lloyd Loughnan of Shelton. laway at her home Monday[lan~. lvtr. aria. ~vir= J . _ _[I ,qI-IC)ITI.TE and family were Mr and Mrs ~" ~" " |~,,~%'-.'~7~" ~"- "~ .... .~:-7 "'~'" Mr Harry Randall flew to Spo-lmornin~. [or l~ent, ~nr~st naaiana, ana~l, ........ Toby Parker and son of Tilla- ~r~t~ ....... ~ ...... ~. ,~,.n o~[ ~,~,~..n~..... .... a .... ~..~ kane Saturday evenmg on a bu~- o . Joan Clapp ere d nne g I' Mr. and Mrs. Seymour --------- ,~-.~o at t~eaoquarters, loano. " w 1 r uests monk, Oregon from Monday un- the'~l"om'~ of'~Vlr"an(~'~l~rs'~"Fe~-'[at'~RaZmo~n~ werff~s~*'~ri~r:.'~ iness trip and expects to return[o o l at the C. E. Haaland home on]were Sunday dinner g~ til Saturday, and Mrs. Bill Web- man Henson ~ and famit" was]Gibso~a an~i Mrs ~loh'n~ Fortner~" Monday evening. . . aunrlse oervlce ~unaay_ ....... [Mr. and Mrs. Stanley ~ er and daughter of Tacoma from[Mi. .....~ .~.. nf Y~tt],~ I ~ a~h .... ~.~.~.~ ~ .... ~,~ ~penuing me weeK-ena at thel_ -- lwrs. ~am UocKenuorz ana ~ars. lat Mukilteo. Other guys' Thursday until Saturday. TheY]Miss Ha,~a,s sister Jean return [in~ her Eaot~r v .... ~ .... ~... home of Mr. and Mrs. Jim Reeee[~'~r ~rnln~ ]Wflhs Hflde called on Mrs. Lot-[Mr. and Mrs. Tom Allen. s - ~ o = .~..~.o. ,~ o~,., .... a.,~o.~,a ~..v*~..~ tieNielsonon Tuesda after all attended the wedding, ed to Seattle with her to soend;Valley skiin~ and family was Mms V~vlan Fury[, ......... J Y "| Mr. Fritz Carlson, fat u,..,-a ~,,r,.~, c.~., ..... ~r"v'~lth"~ we-'- - ; ~,. -..~ ~.=" ,,.~ ~^,. ...... .~ of Stanwooa. I THe tsapnst xoung Feople arelnoon. ,[Harold Carlson is in t~ ~,,~. ,~-. ~,~.~. ,~-,--,,~ ~,- ,,~ ~ ~,~. , ~,~. ~,,~ ~,~.a..~, ~u,,.~u. a.u ~ , o__.~^ ~^. Mr and Mrs Bill Kluin ana~ ' , . -- sponsoring a unmn ~um,~ o=.-I dish hos ital in attle, and two children Peggy and Mrs. Walter Bates and son[Mls. MHler went to Seattle Sun- ,. ..... [ ...................... ~ *amil- vio'ea wi~" ~- ..,a ~ro [( P Se I. - - ~lngmg ~onvenuon i vice at the llnlU~21-uuwl alt~a at ,~ ,y ~,~ ~, ., ~,.. ~,,u ,,~ ~. und w era~ Wayne spent Sunday In Sky-,Jack are spending the sprmglday to see Mr. Miller who ~s ................................ ; .............. [he er ent an op - - - , ...... ' lne ~lnglng ~onventlon Will 0 O CLOCK emster morning, r~ev. ~uu~ew ~u nt ~Hn~gtun uu - . konnsh and wslted w~th Rev vacatmn ~m~tmg relativesmlstaymg at the home of hm son ................................ ~-~ ~n,~.k~r ~,,na~,, ]Monday. . " oe neia at me t~ommumty cHurcH u. t. t~or~etn w~x~ uc rue -.e-....... ~" '~'~. and Mrs. Breedlove of Sultan. . cattle and Port Gamble. IFrank ............................. Getchell Home Demonstration | Mrs Emma Psans and --- at hamilton on April lgtn. All cnurcnes are lnvlteo to co- I, .2 .......... ~ --------- - operate with Easter music selec- Club will meet on Wednesday,|ter, ~vtrs. w. ti. waKetxe~ Visitin relatives in Darrin ions April 8 There will be a demon-icnildren of Startup, vim g g" : " " ,, Evelyn Dudek on~t ~"n over th,~ week-end were Mr o stratmn on Home Planning andJ~ and Mrs. Bo~b Burchard and sons ~ Wall Finishing" presented by[~,The regular meeti~eg,I of Monroe.. ' Barbara Wiggins and Winniel~nouites r.r.~, wxn o Mr. and Mrs. Leo Sygitowicz Cwero-Trafto'. Kuk.ull. - , | 7. - !. .. e and family drove to Arlington Mrs. Iver Fngstrom ldcnard Haaland spent the]. ~lar- anna mr~~eorg~l Sunday, where their son Lee par- Phone 301J4 at n~ Home .Here. ne[~',~'**,~,,'~'~-n=~,~" IS statlonea at yort Lewis. iv*, ~,,~ ~u,., ,-,= ,.uo~,~.. TE/. JUST PHONE-- Just lift your phone receiver and call 493 to place a want ad... simple isn't it... and it may mean extra cash for you. Times and. shopper want ads reach 4,000 families in the Stillaguamish Valley every week. Your friends know the value of want ads.., the cost is low only 65 cents for 22 words. Phone 493 now and charge it. Arlittgtmt i limr and Shopper Pin money can be yours--with the aid of want ads in The Arlington Times and Shopper. Surely you have outgrown toys. discarded fur- niture. "antiques" and many other saleable objects around your home. I ticipated in the Psalm Sunday program at the Catholic church. He was one of the altar boys in the Psalm procession. After the services they drove to Sultan and i visited at the home of Mr. and l Mrs. Herman Borsma and family. On the way hbme they stopped in Snohomish at the A. B. Wheel- er home, where they had a short visit with the Wheelers' two daughters, Ruthie and Barbara. Mr. and Mrs..Wheeler and sons were away from home at the time. The "Don George and his Mar- ionettes" show put on at the High School Friday night was very good. Some of the nine dif- ferent metrionettes played banjos and roller skated Miss Shirley White, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charlie White, is spending this week visiting with Pauline and Patsy Townsend of Puyallup, and Mr. and Mrs. V'er- co White and daughter of Se- ~razelton Observes ~th Birthday Mrs. F. Snelson. Coming to enjoy the delicious dinner were Mr., and Mrs. Warren Perrigo, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Snelson and fam- ily, Mr. and Mrs. Ivar Engstrom and family and Chas. Huffman. A1 Garka's brother, Julian, from Columbus, Ohio, has been visiting here and with other re1- atives in the West. The Garkas accompanied, him on a trip to Wapato last week, where they visited w~h a sister, Mrs. Jeff Fowler. The Claude Brazeltons and Mrs. Brooks were pleasantly sur- i prised on Thursday when Mr. and Mrs. Brian Brooks and Mr. and Mrs. Albert Brooks from Al- berta, Canada, dropped in for a Visit. Both the men are nephews attle .- .......... of Mrs. Brooks They left on Sat- Mrs. Art wngnt spent iromiurdav to continue-n their wa- tn Thursday until Sunday visiting ,~_,,/ ........."" ... ~.": ~ .. .. .. ,,..,x~,t., where they Will assist at the Homes or ~v~rs rtenry nan- th[Wlth the trucks that are bringing sen and Mrs. Robert Braze11, bo [back their bees of Seattle. ~. . ~ ,I Mr and Mr Jack Anderson Several of t he rentecostm " hiVren " re Sund _. . l ano c a we ay call- Young People attenaed me LvlerV[~r ~t tha T.~ ~a.~,~-a,. Rosell meeting m Everett, Satur-I Mr and Mrs Ed Aylesworth da evenmg I Y " entertained wit'h a dinner on Easter Cantata The Easter story cantata "The Easter," is composed of duets, trios, solos and singing by the choir of the young people of the Pentecostal Church and will be given Sunday, April 5. in the evening, with Mrs. Fred Rensink in charge Mrs. Creed Blacks and M:ss Dorothy Robinson's classes Will give an Easter prografn Easter morning. Rev. C. D. An- drews will give the message The play cast met at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Mel Garton on Tuesday of last week. The group decided to organize and form a club. Mel Garton was elected Chairman and Mrs. Horace En- yeart eletced secretary and treas- urer. A committee was appointed to draw up the by-laws, mere- !hers being John Vevig, Gordon i McArthur and Mrs. Jack Faucett. I] Spending a twelve day fur- ]lough at the home of his parents Ills Lester Enyeart, who is in the [Drum and Bugle Corps in the I Coast Guard. He will return to [Alameda, Calif., after his fur- ]ough is over. [ Use Times clarified ads -- I busy, effective salesmen. Sunday Those present were Mr. and Mrs. A1 Garka, Mr'. and Mrs. Geo. Garka and sons, Mr. and, Julian Garka, lll ay or 11 Myrna Royce and The Community Club will days this week with their grand- parents, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Dock- endorf. Mr. and Mrs. Jay Sanborn and Arland and Angelyn were dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Olcott on Saturday day. Little Allen Anderson coma, 4~ years old, spending two weeks Ed Lafayette He on Sunday Mr. and Mrs. John motored to Yakima for days' stay. RUBBER ARL,NGT~N PTG. CO., OP TOME TRIS T BAyview 9015 2612 Colby Aveaue Everett, (Formerly Cooley's Corner) Sylvia Strand and Sally Nelly and children from Seattle were week-end guests of Jean- ~ette Darneille. Marie Caryell from Seattle was a house, guest during the week. FREE Folgers Coffee and Mr. and Mrs. Steve Randall (Kathleen Roe) and family had Served All Day dinfler with the Wm. Southerns on Sunday. During the day they Come in and Register, and Be for Prize also called on the Ed Hollands, the Alvin Woods, the John Mains and Jeanette Darneille. Swallows Back I noticed this morning (Tues- day) that the SwalloWs are back. Each Spring when these little birds return, looking so bright Modern Equipment--Refrigeration : and cheerful, I can't help won- Full Line of Groceries, Beverages, dering if a trip south for the winter would do as much for hu- Bakery Goods roans. Frozen Goods, Fish, Chicken, Oysters SCIENTIFIC MASSAGE Regional and General G. A. WATKINS A.O.U.W. Bldg. Phone 1694 STANDARD GAS STATION Walter and Selma Peterson, Proprietors