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April 2, 1953     The Arlington Times
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April 2, 1953

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PAGE FOUR TIlE ARLINGTON TIMES, ARLINGTON, WASHINGTON, THURS., APRIL 2, 1953. Arlinglon Sutcessor to THE HALLER CITY TIMES Vol. LXV. Thursday, April 2, 1953 . .No. 49 ..... ,, , ....... '~bscription Price $2.50 Per Year; $3.00 per Year outside.Snoho. County. Issued every Thursday. Published at Arnngton, ~Wa~hington, by TIIE ARLINGTON PRINTING CO. J. C. CARPENTER-- FRANK MARSH J. ~ CARPENTER ......... Editor & Mgr. l~a~ered as 2nd Class matter, in the Post Office at Arlington, Wash- ~n, under the act of March 3, 1879. i] :FORTY-EIGHT YEARS OF COMMUNITY SERVICE The Arlington Fire Department this evening will ob- serve its forty-eighth birthday. The scrap 'books and Official records which contain the history of the Arlington Fire Department tell an in- teresting story. It is a story of service. As is tlle ease with most such organizations the earl)" history deals with the struggle to combat fire with inade- quate equipment. The story discloses that much of the equipment was earned through hard work ill sponsoring dances, celebrations, carnivals, etc. The story is replete with humorous incidents, but all ,too often it deals with tragedy. The story also discloses that the department has been led by men who possessed a will to perfect an organiza- tion of men and equipment capable of protecting their town against fire--such men as Chiefs George Murphy, .Chas. J. Warren, Chas. H. Tracy, all of whom are now departed. The department now is colnposed mostly of young men, who are devoting time to study of the science of fire fighting as developed in later years. They are men, like "their predecessors, who are imbued with a desira to serve, ,they have good, modern equipment and are efficiently led. In their forty-eighth anniversary ,observance they will pay tribute to the founders of the department. "0" Tll ff$1 TO GIVE BLOOD On the' 14th of April the bloodmobile will be here to collect blood for the armed services and for tlm globulin which is said to be a great boon in the prevention of par- alysis resulting from polio. It is suggested that donors keep in mind the need for -providing blood for local use, so that in emergencies a A Word From The Governor By Arthur B. Langlie ASK THE FIRST MAN yol ,'neet tomorrow what he thinks about taxes and he'll say they're too high. Then ask him what he thinks should be done about them and he'll fire right back: Cut 'em! That's the way everybody feels about taxes. With such a concerted aver- sion to this gov- ernmental d e- Gay. Langlie vice " t h a t de- prives every wage earner and business man of a sizable por- tion of his income, it would ap- pear to be the easiest thing in the world for a legislature to go through a session without public !opposition to an economy pro- :gram. Yet, in spite of the fact that taxes have reached the most burdensome point in our history, the 33rd legislature which wound up its ~essions at midnight on Thursday, Mar. 12, went through one of tl'~. most strenuous ef-i forts ever ~rkperienced by a Wash- ington lawmaking body to hold spending within anticipated in- come. IT HAS BEEN ESTIMATED that out of every dollar he earns, a Washington citizen pays 35 cents in taxes. Of this tax slice, 27 cents goes to the fed. eral government and 8 cents to our state and local governments. That 8 cents pays most costs of local governments and also the state services in the fields of education, public welfare, health and hospitals, highways, public safety, public institutions, salar- ies and wages, interest on the state's $40 million general fund debt and a $.250 million bonded indebtedness,'plus other govern- mental costs. The rapid expansion of our population---43% irt the past 12 years---is making it difficult to give the people all the services they want out of that eight (8) cents. Someone may suggest that another cent or two ought to take care of our increased needs without hurting too much. That would be correct if it were simp- ly a matter of increasing the tax take from 8 to 10 cents; but what a two-cent increase really means is an increase from 35 to 37 cents. There is a decided differ- ence. STRANGELY ENOUGH, t h e real pressure *elt by the legisla- tors was not to hold expenditures within our present income, but to spend MORE than our present tax sources will produce in the next two years. It sounds like the paradox of paradoxes that a public which says in unison "taxes are too high, cut 'em" should be the same public that provided the very preSSure groups which would-have thrown the state into a deficit of 180 to 200 million dol- lars if the majority of our legis- lators had yielded to their many forceful, unrelenting demands. The general fund budget final- ly adopted for the next two years amounts to about $470 million. It would have been about 650 million---perhaps easily several millions more--if we had failed to hold together the slim major- ity which was determined to stay within our anticipated income. O--------------- -- Use "Times" classified acls -- effective salesmen. The Arlington Time- Phone 493 During the month the Arlington Lions C won thirteen games a 7. Th~ individual seal five weeks follows: t 397, 468, 437, 427, 553;] 355, 403, 342, 362, 425; 385, 352, 378, 377; 526, 501, 479. 495,. 573, 468, 456, 445, for Bob Meier on son rolled 492. University of basketball coach, won 79 games and in his three years Coast institution. there also shows Northern Division ships. O00000000000000eWWWOWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOIPO0000000001 Prices effective at Arlington and Everett on April, 4, 1953.~Every item unconditionally g sales to dealers. We reserve the right to limit. Nalley's Tasty Vegetable-Green Pea - Asparagus IS-Oz. Cans Cans ,00 ,00 7 Minit,Prepared--Reg. 19c. Ea. 0 9-Oz. Pkg. Centennial's Prepared 4-Lb. Pkgs. Standby Pure Garden Freestone Hunt's 100 Sunny ],rn--All Varieties 100 Garden 12-Oz. Jeers 46-Oz. Cans Hunt's Solid Pack June Rose Turkey or Hen ~S Standby Whole Sections 46-Oz. Cans 16-Oz. Cans m supply for friends or relatNes may be available. O Oregon Trail ,[ Paas Libby's Fruit Is it aray of hope or is it a mirage that is seen over], r., , ,,o, Korea? There is no doubt that Americans would welcomell c,mL: . --u, = l,k-g, v vma,.Ul = Cans an end to the Korean "police action," but most of Kulsha.n Fancy 4 i111 Libby Fancy Sliced suspicious of the Oriental mind, have our fingers erossedl ' when we discuss the latest offer to resume the Panmun-]; Peas; 3Sieve m'00 FACIAL TISSUE P,neaplde . : join talks. ] Kulshan :.-- m _ _ _ m Mountie Pieces l Fanc , _ '] andga drl m:lhoegbridtgest2:u k] ram y ,6.o. ],U0 N Scotts famous Brand N Pears t .. I IIR.~F~WTIIIN.~ [[bank. From the bridge the view]l I/U|ll Cream Cans ' !F: ~ ~ q~ Cazlz | v.v=,.... ....... v Ilencompases a stretch of river]mLibby'sDiced 4 nn m ; .-- AA ~ Dennlson's | ., Ilwith snow capped mountains as/m a background We note that Jack Jarvis col- ' mmnmt on the Seattle pi.,de, structed. , /the gravelbut somewhat mu.~.~.]~road zs well con- Beets . . . l'"" IO ...... 1""" Catsup ... ~'ot.~:lso.mespaceto. thes.t~crecY!atthisseason althoughfirmandlO SonnyBoyCreenCut 4""" k~ WITPlTMIqCt~IIP~M FIll ~aqAT f)MIV ~ AllFlavors ~urrounoing the l~aolo ~tanon aE wide fur fl o' ~il~c l~r^~- e.~, 1.1 a~.lington.' .A.c.eordmg" to. Jarm.s." altol .......... v .................. l"UU Jell0 . . . ~," a point within five or Oz. rmhtary ofhcml was qmte md~g ")miles of Darrington the road is, Pkgs. ~ant over an article that men- good but narrow in places and ti:oned the, Radio Statm~) at At-]affords exceptionally fine seen-! ling~on---l~ s supposea m De a erv i Gerber's Strained or Chopped "'~ Please Brand Tuxedo Flake ,secret. l Blacktop from Bennetville to " . 16-Oz 6~/z-Oz Everybody Jarvis an d his[Darrington is good, and as Dar-i BABY FOOD . . . 1.00 DOG FOOD . . . 12 cans 1.00 TUNA . . . . . 6 " newspaper interviewed knew rington is approached first the' S & W Extra Large Pitted Pm'd Libby's about the station. We suggest snow-covered peaks of Jumbo 19 % aize hey call in so~ from Ar-appear and prompt expressions RIPE OLIVES . . . 1 an DOG FOOD . . 16.oz. 1 an POTTED MEATS. Cans .L,V,J i ! | Cans ~-,~ lington -- they'lF~5~obably tell of admiration from the passeng-,A JL/..~ Cans them its a "radar station." ~ ers.. Suddenly the high peaks, of lyre Burgess Handy ]ergen's Lotion " Libby's Which reminds us that after a Whzte Horse, covered wzth pure~a~ ~ 1/4 Size year or soot secrecy; with every- white fresh snow, rear their loftyl~ SPONGES . 29c Size 4 for lo00 TOILET SOAP . 21,~1.00 DEVILED HAM c~ one locally in on the secret, The summits and the whole mass of[~ ~mes wrote the Commander of the magnificent mountain fill)~ Handy Royal Brood Oscar Mayer lhe Thirteenth Naval District to the view. It is a trip worthwhile, l the effect that the activities on and be sure to take a camera. "-- BOOK MATCHES . . 7 1.00 TOILET TISSUE.. 16.ol 1.00 PORK and GRAVY . can.l" Jim Creek were quite well known o Swift's Fancy Scott's Swifl's and requesting a ~s release. TICKETS AVAILABLE 12-oz. TO our surprise we received the Micky Ryan, who has acquired PEANUT BUTTER 2 1.00 PAPER TOWELS 6,,o 1.00 ROAST BEF 2 cans release and also pictures of the the title Arlington manager of Jars " " * . ',. c -' o'ced 79c NAhj KiI S rC:;, : : , 1.00 BEEF STEW is.oz. aunt --Pk~s. * 0 C~ a call by the then commander of ,. . will be well re r~sented ~ " n ~ ........... ~the station askin" where we got nngmn. P o,~,~ __., ,,,,~,,, I DURKEE'S FAMOUS ~ Mm~ ~#~( ~ This Week'S . , ,. ~ .. at Sicks Stadium for the opener. A ~'-~~ ~iIii~L /~/~/=ikg~ql~ .I our inzorma,,on "d tie ~as come ------------o ptetely s p i'e ~ . OREGON TRAIL---CHUCK WAGON STYLE , PNPNMIIT I JACKPOT WINIq showed him the official photo- //-~,. ~ I II II II IllI II Large Grade graphs and release. " ... o.. _-- .. I --,--,,,-- ,,,rs. Kr0 At the Fourth ot July celebra- I i ~_ ..':'f-Y] [ill -- I .I#I# Im tmn here two years ago a Navy a ~ m.m,.-m () ~ ~ Cans ~o~fieer was the speaker of the ,, l ~ R. 2, arysvill Doz. day, and he gave a full and com- %, nvmu/ ' , J 'B -- - --.- - plete explanation of the statiOnandOn last Labor Day the stat!onitS function... CN ~TON HIGHWAY $ oO-~~1~ ~fl~~ M 0~t~ka ~' ~ 0.' 1 r . ium. 8.o..m utm'" mmRmm m mmmlvq ~ 05~ ~t~_~ ~.... ~ ~ ~oo~n~or~n~o~oy~,,~ t' " '-- -- --~--~" o public and the visitors welcomea ~ w L~~ ~.,,~'~=f.~ I - " "aboard" by naval personnel .anu .... ~ I | "a good time was had by all as - ~ w ~ | ~x~,~,. ~r~z- q 1 A secret, Jarvis. S o " f "_~,a~U ~ the offmial who complamed But] [ . --,.- Green Onlo: . . ,2 tnme~ulmeh~7~b~hc~t'Y ~iati~a!t~ ht:hrel ( I1~/~1 ~, O flAM~9t 11Lbs., L, How about clam chowder CmSP, 80/.~D ,ington folk win stin probablyI,, ar,, ?li ..,~~/ O C~SCm~T Sr,IC~D 1 tonight?- Lettu . continue to call it the Rad ~ O n~nmm m~ In m ce . . . Station. _-------- n un unlm 'nmnm LUl m Last Sunday afternoon we tookl II ~ ~FI~ ~ .... A~:~ a drive over the Skagit-Sauk-] ~, 1 ~|~ . ~o~ ~.. ,,~.~ . I nm I .U paragus. . . ~ ,-~ Stillaguamish loop, and we pro-[ ~1~__ ~ "1 ~ ollmolt~ro IO EQ l m~ ,.o= m nounee it a drive of superb seen-I !,.. lll| 1 111| 11" I.U, ! Cans "-- - cry A good, modern htghwayl ~ re]iN m--= ...... h' ~ ~ ~ VI IVVlFIIMm-v" ' OU m , ~O~!i~~i~l~~v~! ifromWoolleytoLymanthroug ] ~ " WitRNERS" " " "~:~ " LB|55 n Grapefr o . ,oj Potatoe ---.. . . Approaching the upper Yi you, . ..... , - m the mountains, with their frest~{ tug ~ wire uns~ea ~es ~av- v , ...... ..~j .... ~..~.,~ __ __. _ white snow covering, offer ptc-I in~ 1 n,s! And It ~.i~Vzeo~,~lrte~IO I~ II flMll Om m I nra ] D ~1~ 1 ~~-~:..~For W~ashes ~ - -- fan and re E Bonas mat are ma urmg yu LUI " ~ l tures for the Kodak . ..P ho, a on*. them ,o. mo--I I UI.IM .MIIIUKrA 7,T / new highway bridge spans / frog your .. g ..... m-- m mm m v ~ka,,it Anew road was built to/them a~umumte.mterest at m r~_|I mm~a A |~ ~UA Apd | Amv~ ~ " " ~ "" le percent compoanaea f~all-~tuy. ~ ' ~'/ F thlspomtfrmthe.Skagi.tval[y] md,nthe.ventot ?mtren /.] 1/11#11 7h I 4m# DAFFODILS . . A, o, highway. The soutn ena oI ~ne[ vnur s~fe, dependable Savsngs ~sonasl ~'~ [il llU .... L Lu m /~ ---- mmmm * bHd~e rests upon solid rock, the[ glve you ready cash. For tomorrow'sl~ m =m ta~ . = =~ I * * Market' ~outh a p p r o a c h being cut sake buy Saving~ ~nda t~d~y' ~ thr~ug~ the rock clift, and the/ They're-- now even bet.r. ...... "I~q~OOO0/OOOOOOOOOOO00000000000 O O0