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April 2, 1953     The Arlington Times
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April 2, 1953

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:PAGE TWO THE ARLINGTON TIMES, ARLINGTON, WASHINGTON, THURS., APRIL 2, 1953. / 66 9 99 IS m Rf 7,r,p Pfc. AI Fnsmger Dad s Nxght "- "-" --" of Has Leave " lr At Lakewood On Saturday, April llth, mem-]and the following is the list Alice Thomsen in Japan bets of the 5th and 12th compan-]those reporting to Snohomish: Phone 250W3 ...................... ies, Coast Artillery, of the First ]W A. Brounty Carl Carver, Roy f~ .....~__t_ .. WitH zn~ mlamr y in WJa~nAer[~v A World War, will hold a reunion [Carver, James Dempsey, Russe] ~][-~[ilBU ITlee[$ oOrea c. ~l~ert~o,~mslnger, ,, ~*uaa~.o~J9 -. in V FW hall Everett nEr0ersn Jack Fahev Gilbert In New Hall .... ...... f.~2,s~ ~?- The A ril meeting " " ' " ' " " ther aeceaseaj oI 16 ~urKe b[, P . o Fifthcompany lsofpartlcularnFunk Lawrence Fry, Rack Gray Arl ........ " woodPT.A, wlllbe sl ' - -- ' lngton wasH recently spent ~,,h.~,; interest to. ArlingtOn since thislRobert. Johnstone,. N. ~v~c~ilvary, Bryant Grange met in the new five nays- ''in ~oKyo" ;" aapan" on a ........ " town contributed many men to W. McGllvary, James Murphy .... - ., f] it ....~ [p~,,1 ~w~,~h x~r ..... p,~,,~,, W,~l hall Friday evening, with 80 rest and recuperatmn leave fromGrandpa Hlgglns O. The announcement of the re ]Plant, Frank Kinney, EdWin Sa" Grangers present; 19 from Gar the 2nd In ust recen , union calls to mind some 0f the ther, Ronald Jones V e r n den City 1 from Mt. Wheeler Korea. fantry DivlSlOn in ~broa wlltly return excitement that revailed durin]Trimble Cla ton Winnie Cecil and2 from Mansfield Grange inI The vacation was part of the folk. ~here.1 belgr~etlna the days when tPe United Stateg Winnie' AlbeYt Wognild,' Oscar Douglas County. The Garden iArmy,s policy of giving periodic w~corne him home. ,, w .........~:__ ,,__ ,~..__. ,.,__,~, ..... ' ....... ~lty uegree team pm on me ~st~ rests to soldiers in the combat rne ~aos pmn to ~, ~ uppruacn~ng tx~e first wurm/walters, oames WalKer, ~on l.~n o~n n~..~ .... n n~n . ,,,~ ! ........... ,..t~^~,, u ..... ~,,t~ War. Igtlrnhv T.onn~rrl M,,v~h,, allo, [,~,,~, ,.,u .~=S'==% ~"~. u,~, , ,,,,.-, zone. LuxurIous "'1~ ann 1~" HOtels ~',',. ~,,,, ~ ,.~w j~-- ment all packed in the armorY)half of eac'h group forming the would like to see an extra good! Since entering the Army in De- o,~, ~,g'~,,.., y wE ann m under Instructions [o oeI63rd and 65th Heavy Field Ar- ,crown out so astogetthe linisn-lcember 1950, he has served a ~"~.~ .... ~;'~ Y.'"'L.~ reauy ~o move within live noursi,ul,~r,, The ^-u~,-,-* .............. ing all done and the cleaning up l tour of dut,, in r'-erman ..... i,h LaKewooo in tHe nv~ of time of call. Local members of'in t~e 63rd~a'n'hS~ent~a'ingd"for outside done. I the occupat(on forces, a ..... W~teh the paper fo~; ........ ICamp Mills, Long Island on June There will be plenty of workl o ' _ ~.~ the company will be called by and plan to be ~eiepnone, when convenlenL out ..... ~13, 1918. On July 13th they sailed for everyone:. Come out and help l CARD OF THANKS ........ an case oi men out of town mey E din in Arnngton vn~ .......... l for England and thence to La- land enjoy a social get-together)xten " g our sincere appre- .......... ~,-v]~l~ w~11 oe orougm. ~n. ~y jlmey.iHavre' France. land a potluck dinner, jciation to many friends and ~"'L~WUW~or"r" ~,nout twenty Arnngton men, nel w . The were undergoinff inten- The Grange Auxiliary will) "ghbors ho were so kind and w^n-~r~I~ .............. sire training, nrenaratorv t, mov- meet at the home of Mrs. R. U. It oughtful to us through the re- members of Fifth company, will. Y - - h ............ r,~' De lnClu(le(1 in the mObilization . e, ~- v a .v . - ]lna to the front when tho armls- Brown north of Bryant. ]cent loss of our beloved husband t "'rne guarosmen WHO went to l ~, .... ~- ,tlce wa~ ,~eola~e,~ ----- land father. --- Ethel Holland [ v... ~nonomlsh Mort(lay are nursing ...... , ....... ' -~'- ...... I The 63rd mbarked f r h me i Mrs. Vlvlan Eberhard visited Vance Holland and family, Rick I o~xz~v ~ ~| sore arms, being vaccinated Dy e o o ~x~uv~,~. &~, -. " lat Marsaillo~ n,d tho m,,~ woro ]her 'mother, Mrs. Violet Stahle,]Preston and family. ] e.~utie~nmpanynsutrgne~nola,s, a pre-[diseharged'a~ 7)or"t Lewi"s~'~ia"rcl~, at Lynnwood last week. [~~[ or Hoe Wozl~ "- - ....... "" -" Larr let r 1 nham guests oI lvlr anu Mrs ulau(] ~aJ1 A nubli .... tin~, ,~,~'~ ~,~ 1,[21, 1919. [ y Olson, son of Mr. and Mrs. V" o Olson, 3 7 Du I Mr. and Mrs. P. C. Thomsen of[ : . ] _.~ 2-h~ A O II w hall An~U a ~o17 [ Les Plgort of Snohomlsh is[ Avenue, has one of the leading roles in the hlgh school play Too Mansfield were week-end,guests[Dezotell Sunday, March 29, in [ S. V, LED~~- ...... v ......... r h B Honor of their 23rd wedding an Phone 322W5 ~tt~n~l~" h, "nv,~r ~ ~'~onlo [president of the organization} Many Relatives being presented Friday, April 10 in thehigh at the home of his b ot er J . ~..! ~ " .." [ ;- .... _-'- ~v~ .'v.'--~ ~" v'-':y"-Iand Harry Metz,,er seor,~tar;~ t school auditorium Thomsen On ~aturdav Mr and'.nlversary, omer guests were Mr.i~ llonorlng 1:11~ Arllngto,~ ~O~Dars, ~ ~ , ~ ~ -a. n ~ a , .......... , of Fifth company .......... [ o----------- I Larry plays the part of Harry Savage, a young writer and Mrs. Thomsen accompanied themtana ~rs. uleo ~oger and .mr. ano! The local mem'bers of Fifth]66~| !~ I'D t 99 ]newlywed who unexpectedly entertains too many relatives one to Bellingham to visit another iWrs. ~ienry ~oncet. They inspect:l| v~ ~ r~ nd 1 e t n lso ed the new ~range hall and sam ........ ' lne bUSY oaxers I week..e "n his small three-room apartm n After the apartment brothel- Hans Whomse , and a . " ..... I Dr. W. tilen v ~mlP:~Ys~aOnln~t~l~lea locgers~_._ _d__ -- l is full of people, Smokey McGee, a dangerous'criminal, arrives and stopped at the Harold Husbylit is a oeautizul Hall m .......... .~. -- :m _[ . e ~oyal l-lo-[~kr~ ~[.~][ i~.s~.|o [ decides to hold the group at gunpoint From there on the play home for a short visit ] Mr and Mrs Oscar Williams I e~m~.~aar,l'O[ ex m wmcn eqmpmenc was~aav(ams-~ -~ ,a '-roves hilario-'- . : .... :o o..--o:: .., ..... ,,- o- I uruumrus, kept. When the company wasl ............ I v . - u~. .......... Bob Pen~ell of Eas~ wenamneelL'2'~ %~ .... ~..~.~ .~ ..... ? .... -- .... I ......... "- Bakers. We decided to haveaI , ~=, ............. IME~TS FRIn---- Hafterson, and his brother Albert)pictures from Alaska after the I,..30 ~" On March 28th "The nilltoplseparate secretary and treasuker.][ 2~-/~/.~1z~/(~1'O~/~/ /'~'~: 11 Ever-reen-'Lo&,e No 54 will!Haltersn" Ibusiness meeting. | Closed Tuesdays , . . , ~,. .s Mr and Mrs Eric Udeen from Mr and Mrs Geor e Fulls Group, which m the new name Delores Brekhus holds the office,I Norita Tveit, Phone 256J4 ]]meet Friday, April 4, at 8:15 p.m],~,,au,~'~, v,~,~=u-'~'*::'~ --=~'~'~y~-^'~ ..... ~,,~n]-, av - - "r " "- 1" gs .... | Evenln So buo A As of the second group of the Sil. for treasurer with Patsy Haarsa- ~ .... m~ ~ I[for a business meeting. Joint in-lx~ ........... .. ~-~ ...... u,~ n :e Heard z om ~n.e r; on ~ni: ~ ........ o ...... " s ion " ,,u,=~u,~:~ a~ t.= ,4,,=,,.= .=,- iora tie Has arrived in ~orea ann - ger in for secretary The officers tallat of officers will be held .... - ..... ann 4-H Girls, held their second ..........: ...... IUlstrnct RaHv ]a" ~'ilvana ........ Imer home. Mrs. Ellen Helmer oftis about 50 miles behind the ff-----'-'--------'-- oI Dora me ~lrlS art ClUbS WIll d t ~ the evening oi ,~prll . Irmeting at the home ofArlyn Er- __ ....................... ,.~^~ J~ 11 ! ~ ]17 at 8 nm Wh" "-fficers - ^r ]Arhngton a.nd Mr. and Mrs. Gul-lhnes. ] AI)~j[]ii r~gq~ ] iek~an. All members were pres- house on Anril 7 at 8 to decide]~: )El apru o [lington, Silvana and Stanwoodlhaug.en of Silvana.spentTuesuay[ Mr and Mrs Wallace Usatello ] ?~IM~U~LP O - evening at me tieamer Home ent. on a program for the 4-H rally.] For the attention of 4-H mem-/will be installed at that time. A ~ v~ u._+,....~ ~...~ "~o from Portland arrived Sunday for ] ARLINOTON, h n$~z ~nma fnr tha ol,,h xaz~ Th~ rnllv will ho hold at thelbers, parents and friends, don I socml time and dance w,U fol- ~.^a ~.~...~.,..++....n,.,~ ....... ~oA a few days lslt at the Frank ] Authorized J -"- ..... " ..... =:"--Y ....... Victoria-"Com'mun]ty-'hall on)frget the district 4-H Rally, ilow. Potluck lunch willbe'~t~d~av'=art~v~or~r~. ~m~'~s McFarlandhome. ] T-~ "'.":': .... ~,: mseusseo, ann tHe. aoove name April 11 Waffles were judged by[which is tobe held at the Corn: served, i sister, ~Ir~ I)~ora Kemp, at the Bryant Grange is having their I rlam~l~on v was CHosen. the ~irls and a demonstration}munity ~ali wednesday at ~:uu o--------------I~ .... h~r ,~ou~,hter Mrs Ro mind dance April llth. A dmcussxon was held on what w~ aivon hv Donna M~d.~on on[P"m', April 8th. There will WONDER WORKERS 4-H J~...~ w, .... . :- ~. ..... t+ ,,,, w,~,~ ~ to do to earn money for the club" ,,"~-n~w't~"i~I~l~'g-'~i'uffi-ns-7-j'u~v ]fun games, and refreshments for: Our nresident Helen Hurn I .... 2 *"'Y=ff ..... ~. ""'2: .... :-" ~."" ...... " ........ "" ' ........ mall "- ' , nesaay last week lwrs t~uoy mouon wasmaae ann second: Anderson led in a few gamesJYung anal ~amaa~e~or~e[resh ]called the meeting to order. WeiDagle of Seattle attended, also ~,,*~A~.~.. A.~g~.~ .~, e~ mat we nave a ~aKe ann charge o lanned to v .. o. . and then served a delicious] ..... i hti cere"Ip ha e a Hot Dog and'other employees of the Firland ~/,-~ll, ll, A'~a-m/MHi~,~UMHi ~l&,q t;oHee sale merits A candle I g ng lunch. The next meeting will be[ " "'" " " .......... ion Imarshmallw roast, also we have Sanitorium The evening was ~. After the meeting was ad- held at the schoolhouse on April[mny Wl,l Cma~~ new 41~tmem planned to sing songs around i spent playing bingo and visiting ~~~ ~ journed, the waffles, which each 11. This will be, a joint meeting[~erem~nYemarnd take part in thethe bonfire. Mrs. Hershaw and Jack King was taken to the ~ ! member brought, were judged, of the two Girls 4-H clubs.--Re-) . ...... " . Mrs. Hurn served the lunch of Arlinuton hosDital Monday for ~.,,~,o ....... :: i [ Arlyn Erickson gave a demon- ported by LeVonne Smith. ]commumty acuwues: sandwiches, cupcake and cool. treatr~ent. - ..... ~ ~l i stration on how to make Baking ~ [ .... 7----- ade. Mr and MrS Ray Sill Frank ~ .... ~] Powder Biscuits. Each member ~ ,! t ~ L~.~:~.te~ *=~)oy The next meeting will be at Sill ~Virs Mable Si~t and'~rand- the ~ - ~'~T~7:~I will bring baking powder bis- eam ot I ,,p to ~mmman Mrs. Ralph Hershaw's, April 24. son' bab~ Bruce of Seattlesnent ~l - ] cults to the next meeting, to be .. _ I Norita Tveit spent four days at o Saturday with' Mrs Gert~-ude -- ~ .... ] judged. Knife Uran e [Pullman in attendance of the SINGING CONVENTION Sill and Helen " :atago~ : -. ..... After a very delicious lunch . . .. ~ .. , . -- .]State Debate Tournament: The SUNDAY, APRIL 12 Roger and Terry Nelson of Se- ' V ~nute ~range t~ ~oute , ~ast rou of ten, lnCmolng me aa h h lr a r was served by Mrs. Erickson ev- . , .., . . . [g P " The Sno omish- Skagit Union attic are spending t e" E ste eryone enjoyed themselves by Stanwood (LaKe ~ooow.m area~,[visor, Miss Her gert, went throug.h Singing Convention will be held vacation with their grandmother, WEEK DAT SCHEDULE watching television aiea at His Home ~warcn 21. He}White Pass ann spent two nights at Hamilton Wash Sunday Mrs Tom West Lv. ARLIN~3TON Lv. EVERETT: had hved in Alaska, near Nome with Mms Her ert s arents in o 4s am ~ 4sam q'~o ,-e~t ,~,~otin,, wq~ be a ,[ g P April 12th,In the Community Mr and Mrs Claud Dezotell : a 4s-m : " " m ~*~. ~x --~,. ,~.~,~ ~ * ~ " " " " " m " ~" " S'SO a In ~,,~,~t ,-,~,~t~,~ ,,,~th ,h,~~,h,~, for 40 years prior to moving tOlEndmot, Wash., where they hae church, made a business trip to Mort- s:~a- . 5:~p.m. a .............. ~' ..........~--"" the Lake Goodwin district He a very en'oyable3 time Between roe last Wednesda " y 9:40a.m. 5"40pro. 1O:3ga.m. b group of the Silvana 4-H Girls ........ " ,I ....... .... All singers are urged to attend Y- ,, 90 a m " " lZ'Z0-m .............. ~_ ~. ...... nan no Known relauves. ~uneralldeoates at rUllman at WHICH At- ~- -- " Ground Observers W~t~ "*:~ " " -" -~" " It Will O~ nero at the ~vana " W We da at " t Ethel ~ogers, ~ec 1.10pro z*~pm c~,~ a,~,N ~+~ ' serwces ere held dries y Illngton won two debates and los -- " The Ground Observer Post is ...... ....... ~'.'" ~=:,~. ........2 p.m. at Schaefer's Funera]~four, the group traveled to Lew- ~ -faded Misz in operation, and more volun- . SUND~Y SCHEDUL~ ,~v ~tu~w~,~n, ~vu~tc, was ht ,,v ARLINGTON Lv ~v~'lx ' Home in Marysville. ~urial iston and Moscow, Idaho, sig " Jaekie Lorenz of Monroe home teers are needed to stand watch- : " : O CARD OF THANKS Words cannot adequately ex- press our deep appreciation for the many kind and sympathetic acts that came to us at the time of our recent bereavement.---Mrs. Virginia Martz and children, Mr. and Mrs. John Steele, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Basare and children. Save! On In~talle~ Blown Wool, or Blanket Type ROOI:ING and SIDING All Work Guaranteed NOTHING DOWN Low Monthly Fa~ments Williamson Bros in Marysville Cemetery. 0 YOUNG PEOPLE'S MEETINGS The First Methodist Young People's meeting will be cancel- led this week due to the Easter program, but will be resumed on the following Sunday evening at 7. This meeting will be the de- ciding one in the contest. So far the reds are ahead of the blues and the excitement is mounting. An April Shower party is plan- ned for the near future. INGT HIGHWAYS 11 Phone 309W2, R. 2, Box 316 (Burn Hill), Arlington I get more-work from our hea -du engines You can reduce "down time" and save on operating costs by lubricating your diesel and heavy-duty gasoline engines with RPM DELO Heavy Duty Lubricating Oil. Specially com- pounded, it resists corrosion, prevents the formation of harmful engine deposits, keeps contaminants dispersed and stops foaming of oil in the crankcase. With RPM DELO Heavy Duty Lubricating Oil keeping engines clean and cutting wear, they will run smoothly, develop more power and do more work. They will stay on the job and need less over- hauling. Get RPM DELO Heavy Duty today. For moro idormation about Standard 0il Company of California products, call your local Standard mort Arlington, Wash. Telephone 311 seeing. Sunrise Service E~ster Morning The Easter Sunrise Service will be held on the grounds on the east side of the Community Hall April 5th and vfill begin at 5:45 a.m. This service is sponsored by the Heights Sunday School The program will consist of songs and readings by the children, a speaker and music by the Chor- alters. Following the service, breakfast will be served in the hall. Those taking part are asked to bring eggs, bacon, bread or rolls. The services will be held in the halt if the weather is un- favorable so be sure to attend!! The Arlington Heights Home :Demonstration Club will meet Wednesday afternoon, April 8th. The lad~s are reminded to bring their hats made of household )articles. The group will also en- joy a plant exchange. Mr. and Mrs. Peter Thorsen journeyed to Pullman on Satur- day "to spend spring vacation with Mr. and Mrs. Jack Thorsen. i Eloise remained at Pullman but !her husband Peter returned ihome with Gerald Thorsen. ~Ecmter Egg Hunt The annual "Easter Egg Hunt" of the Heights Sunday School will be held on Saturday, April 4th, at two o'clock at thte Com- munity Hall. The children are re- quested to take their colored eggs to the homes of Ann Adotf- son or Marilyn Tillman not later than noon on Saturday, April 4th. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Roose and Arlene and Gary of Sumner, and Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Koon of Tacoma, were visitors at the Joe Tveit home on Sunday. A group of ladies surprise Mrs. Harry Carlson last Friday with gifts and refreshments in honor of her birthday. Everyone attending had a very enjoyable time. The road past the Meyer home down to the Clarence Swanson's and the Lopasser Road have been undergoing some graveling by the county road crew. Welcome home to Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Vance, who have just arrived home from spending their winter in California. They enjoyed the lovely weather there and spent their time with their children in the suburbs of Los Angeles, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Johnson were Sunday evening dinner guests at the Harry Carlson home. Mr. and Mrs. Ludtke of Beb lingham were visitors at the Ju- lius Norman home on Sunday. for the week-end from Nurses' Training in Everett. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Carlson and Mr. and Mrs. Art Swanson and Debbie were Sunday guests at the Clarence Swanson home. Mrs. Leona Montgomery suf- fered a broken arm in a falli last week and Martin Ayars! chipped a bc~ne in his arm when he fell from their barn. We hope they recover soon. "Happy Easter and God 15less OU !" es of a period of 2 hours or more a week. Anyone interested please call Mrs. Brendemuhl at 250W2. Mr. and Mrs.. L. L. Pendell, Clifford and Laura, came Tues- day evening to spend the week at the J. B. Thomsen home. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Butler of Se- attle, who purchased 40 acres of land south of the August Meyers place, have put up a small house and are spending the week there iyIr. and Mrs. Kenneth Dezo- ~ell and daughter Ann were OO0 NOW-MORE THANEVER S:30 ~m. S:lS p.m. 11:00 a.m. 11:45 a.m. 1:30 p.m. 2:15 p.m. 7:15 p.m. 4:35 p.m. EVERETT-ARLINGTON-DARRINGTON SOUTHBOUND NORTHBOUND Lv. Dar.: Lv. ArL Arr. Ever't Lv. Ever't Lv. Arl: zl0:00a.m, z11:20a.m, z12:00noon z 7:45a.m. z 8:45a.m. z z---Daily except Sundays and Holidays a--To Marysv'le and Normtown only b--Friday only y--Via Sunnystde Monday, Wednesday and Friday. EXPRESS SERVICE You can be prepared to pay double what the Chrysler New Yorker costs you . . . and still not get the tremendous driving advantages it was first to give you. 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