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March 26, 1953     The Arlington Times
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March 26, 1953

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THE ARLINGTON TIMES, ARLINGTON, WASHINGTON, THURS., MARCH 26, ]953. PAGE Sale Harold Pemberton, l] rlington Club , :. ,. - .and 4-H 0HSOr'olPpaeS beeSr 59 resident . l , BILL ~UAKE I[WAlrl~inn:orn S~dcaluYb with ai'r Y:~:U~t~~e?~.,~Yg ton, [[score of 221 took first place in! ....................... March 28 of the Oso district, diec1 Sunday Count., 4 H and morning at his home following t tithe second of the tri-club trap ['Ab|tR tU|]|N6, V[P[NDJW~' # " . a lingering illness. --- " " h ' ~a~be~:r :;~r ;b:jaict mY(Ire ~diMl~P:n~ber~n have Ram Dampens Eagles DOWN TO EARTH] Twenty'tw Answer I:tTn o o rna m ntn sCl s Unn Z m WEAT, EePEeFOm~CE auction sale Saturday, 1933: where they have. an .at- Diamond Chances Quo~o []Jr. Baseball Call ]Everett, winner of the firstshoot, You ~Sth, at Mount XTernon [racfive cottageon tne river ........... .. .... ~. .....~. ..... ! ......... [was secono wim zl~ ann ~nono- vr~,,,s ,~,,. ~ - " ,fr,mt wl[n omy six m[termen re- .vmW ut~n o~m u~strlct is com-I The Anington Jr. ni Daseoaui,.~h ~. ,h,~ ~,~,..,~., t~.~o ,.,,.t~ Year the Washington~ ~':" - .... turning from last season's aver- pmmlng about losing one berth|team started their turnouts lastl .................... ~, ........... .... ~ . -~Y Cattle Club s onsors rdr. r'emoermn was born at age ball club Coach Ernie Lad- in the State "A" Basketball tour- IMonday under a new coach Last[the cellar position by a one point i .~ ~r~~ anages a calf s~le for MntreaLOnt".~June^2~4%lnS~9~3uaI~d wick's inexperienced nine has nament. Along with the North-lseason-the Eaglets, under Coach[margin, scoring 218. Earl Averill {~4L~~~ his is the sixth such re~meu ~Ilr~.V~emeber~onmove~,to little chance of going anywhere west group ~ne ~outhwest addsiRalph Gunderson, took the title[continued in the lead tor indi- "~~~ mSOred f,~. ,h,~ a u o.a ne ann . . . in this season s flag chase What their voice and they really have after a s irited chase This ear ! ........ " ......... P " Y v' " organizations The bidd- Oso m 1933. He was a veteranoz chance the Eagles had in gain- gripe, all three of their teams|the Ea-lets are bein~ coached bv[-ldual honors, breaking 49 of 50 "~~,~~ lirait.a ~., .-~',~,~,, .... ~ Worm war 1, ann was a memoer in~ exnerience nrior to the start placing in the tor~ei~,ht Sno-/w.~ tr~.%~h,,~,~ Vn~,~,.~ ,~.~,~t|~arge[s, ann now nas a seven- ~~~~ .................... ~, v , ,- . ..- o ,- ,~,~ .xv, ...................... oi i " "v" 'ganizat'tons and no adult of Arlington Post, American Le- of the season, has gone with the kane is also moaning about Seat-~have the talent that Gunderson/p nt marg. n for the lndz ldua!: ~'~~~ 'ed to bid. glon. coming of'the rains, the club tle getting another place in the|had but could come up with|trophy wnlcn wiu De awarqea ~[~'~)VA~.--~'~ ~iraals sold are -uaran He is survived by his widow, having turned out on the tourney. In due time Spokane~something from the squad turn-[a~.[er the .{real snoo~, a~ t-ame ~~ ~l~ be h~,~n,~,~ n-hos,:~ ~ Sally. diamond but five days. Ludwick will probably add another too...|ing out |~lela April a: lnere will oeno , [~ ~Ue-Y2~ .... ? ........~'~ Funeral services were held at has had the team turning out in Mickey Preston, local baseball| .... " .. , . . ~ /tournamen~ team. ~.ropny, the , .. _ I|~~~ tit ~o~Seytca, lve~s,,ranging 3:30 p.m. at Moll's Funeral the gym but only light throwing enthusiast, will probably do his[~ne..~t~~,~ngar,e, ,[memoers of the team of ~ Mortel~wor ]| ..................... Home. Cremation followed in can be done under indoor con- pitching for Uncle Sam this[~;,.,,~,,,~.:;~..~,.,~ o,-~,~.[eacn .snoo~ oelng given smau 2TPound al ....... Vzew Crest Abbey, Everett. dltlons season, being inducted into the[ .............. ..^,~ ,~ .... [ - ........ '""-~::~ e Will De nelo atthe " , . ~ta.gel~.u, out.era; ~.ny h~. ~ Lack of oxnerience i.~n t the service last week...Larry Munlz-|tt,,,..t.~ ..... **~,~,~,~, ~ ..... ~,~,, I Scores were as follows: Arhng- ~ulng at Mount Vernon ...... -- .... ,,u~,,,,,~, ,,,--,=,,,~,; ~=,,,~ ~,,,#- i.~ ...... , In Arlington - Phone 1344 ~nlv woak shot in the Ra~les' za, one of the top catchers in the|., .... ~..,.~. ,~ ..... ~..~, .~.~..,~ ]ton--P. M. Johnson 44, M. Tor- Homelitehas 53tAeT.,m.-,)~-tlm~ -u~ty March 28m lne ~ -, ~ - ,- - o ,~ ~,~t~,,=,; ,~z,u~ o~,=,~, ~,,t~,,- s ...... p _. , ..... ... KILLOUGH CLEANERS ~rmnr A gustained battin~ at City Softball League will man-|^. 'r~_~. ~ ..... ,,;.~n.. r~... ke 45, P. Due 43, J. Kraetz 46 an,, s-w ;,- *;-" e.~ ;, ;~ ..~.~. ,,.~, r~ ac .uv p.m.&u for *a-~- ---n - "~;*~hin- otaf~ tha* age the Fowler Agency team this|~. ' .... ~' _ ..... ' ,-. land Dr. Smith 43---221. Everett-- ~. :, .... t ,-..... ;.. t... t--- a.--_ -,- oe on aisplay our- AT.TERATTC}NR t ~,, .~,,u a v*~,- s. o , " onrnlna ,~n~an X,,ni~.= ,,~nl~o,~/rooerts, era ann snormtop; ~onlj 1WfcX,tillin dR C'. .lahneon aK ,,j, oo1,....,~t,.. ~,.,,,,,~ ..~ .v. ~ mOrning for inspection. "" .... ~" ...... san find the plate zs also lack- ~'~'-~7,,~:'~-'l~-'~'~-~,~-~'~,~'~|Borseth, 2nd base; John Jacob-i.~'t~n"'~n"~n~'~t-~_~ "~# -~;~'~t~'~, ~t~ on#tr~don. , EARL B. HOPE / Use Times classified ads mgei~ine v~agrieSnnJaav:k aAc~pa:om ancemen [l~epast~two'seasons.'.|sn'2nfmld;. Stan Tate, outfiel_d_-_ian-cl'~i:i'arless 4:~_2~8" Snola"omish Jfroiohf Rlod. ew nenw ount ~ ~ er, ~Jon ~leln OUtllemer, ~enny .. q ...... -,, Y Y ExtensionAgent busy effective salesmen. "--' "~'- D""nis Anderson is a'Sftballleaders will call a|. " . ~ '. .... [---E. Averill 49 Bollinger 43, Aos ......... ""~ ...................... auu ou,u ~,, . Hammeriy 6ra oase; daeK tar- 44 ' L league meeting the near future .' , F. A. Averzll 41 and Douma ~.~ three year letterman and ud-] .......... '[son, outfielder; Frank Olander,[ ..... rney nope [o get startea early in a- ~o U ~ A~ I tr~--l"~ J ~lk iI~1 wick expects him to muster the[ .- [1st base and hitcher; John Lar-I -- " .............. at. L. L. L/-IktL.J LIr IWI AI long ball when needed Dennis May...MleKey rcyan says thatJ .... hnrtCWnv" Pat Connaeher [ In connection with the tourna- H~I~[|I I| r Ill KIlN ~'r is a willing worker but has play- there is only one more week of ~'~cher~"i)uan~e' Smith outfielder:lment event Snohomish club held aas-~a~vsms~ a. v,mm.~.w.~ OPTOMETRK,. ed only Junior Hi ball. So des.!wimer, w!nter zstna[ l,on.g .six[~len Carlson 3rd t)ase; Dale[a merchandise shoot which was ........... wl f monms alter me ~eatne tcalmers well att r~ ~,~, e nerate is Lud "ck in need o [ [~o~ -.,,*~;,~,~,~-. ~ .... ~,,~ 2ndl ended. There was a large ,~ ~vmes east oz Arnngton _ Dt~yvlew ~,v,~ ~itchers that he is even giving fold up for the season. Summer[h"~'~.' ~'='~io'~h~'r~cl"~n"'out ]delegation from Mount Vernon hn Darrin,t~n ~,-~sd Colby Avenue Everett, Washmgton Anderson a chance on the[aS the short sxx months of thelfio~a,~" ~,a T.,n~ T.inaM,i~t shooters from Seattle and as n i i r[ ....... ' .... ~ ....."1-~' " mound. Others trying for the baseball se o . The Ra n e s fiold -utfield or hitcher [other points. Awards were given _ PHONE ............ :101Wl mound staff are Rudy Thomsen, open me seasonnext ..~uesday.| Arlington's schedule is as fol-Ifr ten-bird and other competi- normally an outfielder, and Jer-Imeeamss to say r~yan wni no[ Oellows. Ition. Miss and out event was ~ , , , ,,, , ....... r n in Arlington on the date of Se won b Dr John Neese of v r ~' y Carter, who hurled Arlingto |" , .... "]Anril 14 Snohomish Here [ Y . E e -[~ r Hz n attle s opening at home, neztner ,- ett ~a~a~ J . ' to the County ehampio -[ ............ [Anril 21 At Monroe ] I In Arlington . Phone 1344 Wlll aoout IlI[y omers Yam ~ ~ o ~ffl ship last year. Dick Lindquist| . . " " " .. ",April 28Jane Adams Here I [ KILLOUGH CLEANERS my Erlekson is currently leaning Use TI V~V will probably wind up as Arling-I .... ~ ..... |May 5 At South Junior [ .... mes Classified Ads -- [ for e Wish to express our thanks to our Oso friends for at- tmn~.ace'ffeingatwyearletter i!:the igh: h Ot .:cn ail eP:' t May 12 N?rI~u~U~t~or Here [~zlectlve, economlcal ~ WAT~P~ 9 the gospel meetings, ~nd we extend ~ hearty wel- Ludwick has two returning -- P .... e ........... n o----------- ]| to ALL to attend these meetings, every Sunday night lettermen to bolster his infield,]~?nhertP:at~arge~tu ?:r~e%?Ur;IDarrin-ton 0"ens II cl Don Peterson at first base and {~ p Ock in the Community "Chuzch Building ...... " .... Ito shoot at . . . The Arlington] ...... I| _~'~~ ~ene Uowles a~ snort ~'e~erson is Bo s' Club basketball team lost ~" mm u -~n )n ~~-- ~, # expected to be one of the more a Y~ree overtime thriller to the eason march ~i ~-~-,~ , consistent hitters on the club. [~l~v-1 Reserve team last week [ The Darrington Loggers openl| I i kX L C,,.. IAI ,, Others tr in to crack the line-[i'-wa the first win of the sea'[their 1953 seaosn with a practicel| | VV.g~L~,~I ~_ I .Y.g . t s . " ...... ..~ ~.. lytoKe ,,.)ur~ Ol /.e ,Oy up in the infield are Dick Borsethlson for the Reserves... Friday]tilt against the Arlington Eagles[|I I - I I'lt~4k -- and Bill Goerlich at third, Jimlnight, March 27, is the night of[on Monday, March 30,at Dar-[| I ~1 ~-:0#'X'I ~.' ~ I~ AI I l"[er ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and Corning, Gary Dusk|n, and Leon-[the Boys' Club League banquet in lrmgran. uoacn vern ~mmons || | I ] is that way, that leadeth to destruction, and many ard Nelson at second, Larry O1- Everett It will be held at the[has oeen cracking the wnip over[| I ~l ~ -~~~ [/Itl~'~ I )e that go in thereat Because strait is the gate and son at the initial sack( and Gale Boys' Club gym That is also the]a squad of 27, all eager to get aI1 I -I- I is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few thereKnutson at short. Outfield can- da~e of Snohomish County Offi-[chance against the Eagles..~l | ~1"-~[ ~ -- ~ ~ ~r) ~ I : find it." Matthew 7 13-14 didates are led by two year let- cials Association's annual party,[ Bob Thomas on, John. Tlland,[| ! ~] ~ ~"~ " ~'~'-;'~(,~---~" [ )pie sometimes say, concerning different denomina- terman Bob Blacker and letter-/to be held at Chet Solie's Mission[Duane ClarK,,~co~ Parris, JacK[| I ~ ~ , ~' ~ ~_.~#'.a~ - [ churches, "We are just going to Heaven by differentman Marvin Wognild. John/Beach home... Speaking of So-/W;l:h, r,~aromn..,~aga,mlt~eora~a" II A~_\~ i' I But that is not true. Jesus said that there is only one ~icKinson_ Larry ~vans, wieivin/lie' it is rumored that he will re- [mson,., ~ua~e ~an~or~ ~',~o~an~|I l~X~l~ ~:. //N~~ [ Heaven ~,~,~ thnt is a very narrow one and the ~,ate wheeler, DiCK l)unn, l)ale rmrn,]tire from basketball next season.|.. , " u, /I 1 ~ ~ ].2~-~'~lV.--_l i I t, 6rnarrow'"2~lae~'re is onlv~one wav to fteaven. M~ny and Jim Mocl~ are also trying out'solie represented this district at t~lount,. Bill Green, Earl BaKer, [| ~~-- ] / ~-~ ,g 11~ I Y, "Lord, Lord," will not get to Hea~zen, but only those for a garden spot. ..... the State tournament last sea- ~enne~n ~stes,.r~en Anaerson, l l ~\~_\~ff?,J. I the will of the Father that is do the will of the Fath- A summary oI [ne aoove wlu son. y....k~.~_Z,;~y~,t, ~,2~% ov%u;~-ll I I !gards the plan of salvation ;Fhose that take His plan find that the Eagles lac~ aae- ----------o ]]. lng, ~ICK l~ooe, [oo ~ome, l~.oyll I I atl ......... n ~.. mo ~,,,.::n q,h ...... h,, ,~,.,,.~,~ ,,n ouate oitchin~ soeed and a con- ,t~ !~ , t q~ A~eroury, mcr~imey t~reen ttonl| ~ ~,ml~\ ~-\ ~~/),e~ ] r good deeds their morals their church membershit) smtent batting punch. On the lWelve UUt Ior lenms Adams, Bob Lemmo~ Jack Bates,[I - - I ~" '. ' .... tl s ear , t~nueK Jonesllerry Brysonanu ' ~ - ]a credit sidezs hus e p call I t- onics or feeling or experiences are on the broad road , " Coach Ralph Plstorese s ' L "" *in " m rise' the 1 I tds to destruction, and at death or at the second corn- headed by Jack Anderson, good "Anyone" for tennis'?" was LarrYr ~2uSa~d g~ t~ ~rment ,| ~ I Christ they face the tragic awakening when Christ catching, wnlcn, is usuany a answered by a dozen net hope- ~s .,~ ~ ~h --ri~n t " e I1 __ _ I il them, "I never knew you: depart from me, ye that weakness found in hzgh scnool fuls. The squad is now playing 2_, 2"J?py,II Mr~ R.vm" ~nrl Mr Roller I lionitw " " cluos, ann a winingness [o learn, i,~ ~ ]nddor t,mrn~rnonr an af- ~va~. o~.t~uv.~ ,~ t~yu,~6 tv ~lxc-, I .,*at, ~,~tm~'~,a ~stm~m av~&o ~, I k~ndly and tenderly as I know how I urge every read- ~ Arlington o penSn~tSsea~aneXt fair that goes on'~t~roughout the ~t?racdtZ~aCynte~l~ w~thanyTWoo~l| t'--, _ D___L I"!. ..... L ,1__ ur__. [ .eck up again and make sure of his salvation l~illions ........ # ..... s .... v ~A. ~" season, with the mp six players -is- w~'-- wio~- .... ~ ~,.. ,,B,,[I ~lt~L ~t ~rcittt znruugH the ytan[/ ul I " o er s uao lne = ,,v ~,~ ~a~,,~o. x,,c ~m a veteran L gg q competing in the school matches. to be saved are lost. You may be one of them ......... ~ League schedule for the North i| I S of church members are unconverted, unregenerated o~ag~esi~penw~t~lr l~arg;:vi~:s~ A player has a chance ~o c~a~f ern Division is as follows" "11 $ 3C Per Word I living under the wrath of God. Perhaps you are one ....P_ ................ ~.,~ lenge anyone above h!m, an _- April 7 At Monroe " I1 I ........... iiili ii II m0,,,,,0,0r~auoc~ r*em. ~n , he uezeats nim moves up me '= ] " , Y , lows: "" re c Turning out for the club a M n onfessional, perhaps, or attended prayer meetings. March 30 At Darrin~,ton . . .. ay 1 At Sulta [| ~ [ ~s .... ~" Don Becktell, Jim Cornmg, ~ryce - s many were faithful in church work, but they ~,~ri) o Mar-sville Here _ May 5 Granite Falls I| [ ~hen they came to face Christ that He would not re-A~Vrii 13Everett Here Earnhart. Dick EricKson,~lom May '8 Lake Stevens I| ....... . I lena, that they were in His sight workers of iniquity, A~Vril 16At Snohomish Enckson, Tom Foster, ~ary All home games will be playedtl rI A ..1 1,,,-~.~-,-~ r ,,,,, .,~ I rMed to depart into everlasting shame and torment! A~ril 20 At Twin City Handnckson, .Norman ~.ulson, at 3:00 o'clock. The games awaY/1 111~ /'XLlllI UUll .LIIIIU; I ou now, and solemnly, that this is a serious matter, A~)ril 23Edmonds Here Ron Wheemr, t)on WiCK l)arren, f;om home will be afternoon af./I I at if Bergam and Mary Taylor air Wl you do not know that you are saved, you had A,,ril 27At Everett " , f " s, 'th the possibility that[] ~na~/ ~/~, ~ake sure about the questioia today. A~ril 30 At Marysville ~ the Granite Falls contest may be[] t, tvt, ~,w~/~ [ ~eml el' that even Judas Iscariot, an apostle of Jesus May 7 Snohomish Here I (nL~rP(nl-I~5~T changed to a night game. ----- II __ I cried a lost man and went "to his own place" (Acts May 14 At Edmonds I k.Xl.~.t.%.~ll.Lgl-~l~ T--~urs~ honor of Miss Nan-~| PHONE 493 ARLINGTOH, WASIL ] Still tobe set are games with [Mrs. Willis Hilde, corr. cy Kellogg. [11 I Twin City and Darrington at Ar- I Telephone 2117 ~ lington. l~Iiss Betty Bosworth spent the HED Invitations ladications of your own good 'taste--the correct. acts and smartness of invitations printed to your ol~er. PROMPT SERVICE , Call 493 Arlint ton Printint Co. ARLINGTON, WASH.. O Twenty Answer Track Call Three lettermen led a total of twenty boys out for track as in- itial turnouts got underway. Coach Larry Munizza listed Dick Borseth, RonPumphrey, and Car- sten Broderson as his lettermen. Borseth made his letter in the low hurdles and the hundred, Pumphrey in the high hurdles and the sprints, and Broderson in the mile. Others turning out are Darrell Bergam for the pole vault and high hurdles, Jerry Carter for the broad jump and sprin~s, Bill Goerlich for the half mile, Jim Mock and Jim Corning for the weights, Warren Rodgers for the week-end in Renton with her sister, Mrs. Blaine Bergam. Mr. and Mrs. George Wiggins motored to Olympia to spend the week-end. A large group from the Com- munity church have been at- tending the Merv. Resell meet- ings in Everett during the week. Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Kukull and family spent Sunday in Se- attle visiting Mr. and Mrs. Wal- ter Raynor. Blaine Bergam left for Fort Lewis on March 20, where he will enter the service. Saturday evening callers at the Bill Kluin home were Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Munson of Ar- lington, Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Stensrud of Everett and Arthur Gregg "of MarysviHe. broad jump, highs, and 440, Allen The C. E. Haalands have corn- Vance for the 880, Mary Taylor pleted their new milk parlor. for the sprints, Rich Hughes for and are now using it. the high jump, David Bisbey for Mrs. Katherine Grover and the distances, Dick Dunn also for the distances, .Lyle Evans for the weights, Don Eliason for the distances, John Dickeinson for the weights and .Vernon Wheeler and Darrell Eliason for the dist- ance runs. Ron Forsheir is man- ager. A fine Schedule of meets has been set up. Tentative meet with Marysville, and Twin City at Sno- homish is scheduled for April 10. April 17 finds the Eagles going to Monroe to meet Edmonds, Twin City, and Oak Harbor. On April 24 it will be a triangular meet at Snohomish with Ed- monds the other club. April 25 will find the far famed Sedro- Woolley Relays being held. ~The pre-county qualifying meet will be held at Everett on May 2. A week later on May 9 the County Meet will be held, also at Ever- ett. The District Meet will be held at Sedro-Woolley on May 26, with the winners there go- ing to Pullman for the State Meet on May 22-23. O CARD OF THANKS We wish to thank our many friends for their acts of kindness and beautiful floral offerings in our recent service for our nephew. Also thanks to the Vet- erans of Foreign Wars and the American Legion and the pall- bearers.---Mr, and Mrs. Harry Howe. Ada of Tacoma visited Mrs. Gro- ver's sister, Mrs. A. C. Westlund,~ on Sunday. " ] Ed Dockendorf of Marysville~ called on his parents, the Sam Doekendorfs, on Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Kluin ac- companied Arthur Gregg to Port Orchard on Sunday. Alvin Lyons is home on leave from the Navy. He is serving on the U.S.S. Essex. Alvin and his brother Don spent the week.end in ,~nohomish with their mother. Mrs. George Anderson attend- ed a Sunday School convention of the Assembly of God church in Portland last week. Others at- tending were Mrs. John West- man, Mrs. J. L. ~Miller, Mrs. Charles Pickel, Mrs. George Mor- rison, and Mrs. J. Dunlap. Dick Haaland expects a pass home from Fort Lewis this week- end. Audra Moreland spent Satur- day visiting with Dianne Hilde. Mr. and Mrs. Sam Docken- dorf were dinner guests of the Jack Boomers in Everett on Thursday. Mrs. C. P. Wilson and daugh- ter of Midland, Tex., left for their home on Monday, after spending some time at the Fred Lindborg home. Mrs. Wilson came here to attend the wedding of her daughter Betty, last week. Mrs. Willis Hilde attended a bridal shower in Everett on ! INCLUDING S RAYTHEON CLOCK RADIOS AND TWQ o RAYTHEON TV SETS WITH VHF" & UHF BUILT RIGHT IN! FUN! EASY! FREE! Gee FREE entry blank a any of Che Raytheon dealers llded below. V|nners announced every week. Puget Sound area only. Don't miss this' opportunity to wln a FREE Raytheon TV see! DID YOU KNOW... that Raytheon has th, largast electron- |cs englneerlng staff in the world? That Raytheon bu;Ids most ef tha fader equipment used? 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