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March 12, 1953     The Arlington Times
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March 12, 1953

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THE ARLINGTON TIMES, ARLINGTON, WASHINGTON, THURS., MARCH 12, 1953. PAGE FIVE S:I ..... t"_:.l. [f I I D.,.J MILL.. ' LUTHERAN WOMEN [ A kitsap county pioneer inter llVCtUd ~11116 II 0~::3~) I l l ll~;~;u lvlliiCl FORM ORGANIZATION ' ...... .............. , , estea for half a century in caucu- s . BURN HILL I The women of Our Savior's Lu tion is honored in Drnn J0r anlze 4=H /I Mrs. Nellie George, JJ[ 10t Fortson J [ the new,y --r o , J| corresl)ondent. [J[ Laura Preston JJ .... Jlheran Church,. members and]named Wolfe school near Pouls- Wash March 3 1953.J The Silvana Girls 4-H Club is] .................... /^,~,-, ! ~,,,g ~--Atl~,,-- frienfls are asked to join tO-ibo ,m~-t" ~,~nn, W~h ]being organized in two groups, t~r~a ~ymo~ tcememoer me ~urn nlU ~om-ILUII~-I~U~L DI-ULilICl- [gether for the organizational]" c ...... ":'-~ ~'/ ......... ":[The group under the leadershipJ~ae~, mr ~,rea . , . [munity Club meets Saturday,! The followin~ re~rint from a]~heeting of the Women's Miss]on-[ ' RUBBER"~~ ~,~,v~[ea workers resumeajof Dorothy Madson held first]. ~eram ~yDlou arrlvea home]March 14, at Stella Parsons. TheJNow.rn~tlo p~ ~'no~n.~no,. touCjary Federation on Monday, Mar.I ^,,r~Tr-,~ .... ~:~"~'~-~ .... ~,~a trena as .~4,1b~jmeeting at her house, Saturday, J~m camp uoDerts, ~ai.iL, last[business meeting begins prompt-in"n int'~r~[~ti~' .~t~rv~-n~n~'~'~,/16th at 8:00 p. m. at the church. " ......... ['~ ........ ~ ~ lnsur-]March 7. The following girls are l~rmay ann Wnl rep0r~ DUCK a~jty at 8:15. Come prepared with a]\---~i~]ze]-(L)--;~;[-5~,,(~/'~~;~]]~[This is a new group formed by There will berGS'] ~tliea aurmg ~fleweeK[enrolled: Judy Anderson, JudyJCamp Stoneman .Tuesaay or]current event to answer rollJt~ee~'~Vil]le~~, o'~'~Fo~.~so'n~ ........./the combination of the three]ricers and adoption of a-c~] .~yoruary z~, ~. ~ ~ates,[Pederson, Donna Madson Mor. lnex~ weeK ann plans to maKeJcall. I ......... ' .................... ]present organlzatmns: Ladlesjstitution on Monday ~toner of the ~:mptoy-Jrine Torske Le Vonne 'Smith [that trip by plane. After arriving[ Mr. and Mrs. Frank Parsons of] .~.t~ o,, ~y~ u~:~--~ue.~ ~-iAid, Lutheran Guild and Mission ----------- " =ycurlty uepar[mem, re-/Vonnie Ericl~son Robin Monson'lat Camp Stoneman he then willJBellingham were Sunday visitors]qmry' mrs. ~lauae riarter nnaijY[Guild" These three groups willll today. ]Delores Brekhus: Patsy Haarsa'[be on his way to Korea. On Mon-[at the Stella Parsons home ]has near a. ~rom ner oromer, meJcontinue to have their regular statedthat this figure|ger and Yolanda Rosenbach TheJday night Gerald and his homel .......... ~" . lYounges~ ln a iamny oi ~ cnn./meetings J] ARN0tD S JEWFIR [ ated a dron of 2 969 or six]nffioer ...... ~,u ...... r~',,,,o]folks and Mr and Mrs Rush]~.~unaay aver. ann[dren. He is Orville Reed Miller| ..... " ....... ]l Aa~.n~n~',~-, w^.~ | n . . chew entermmea wltn a party who 1 t r u IShv " 111 meet once a ...... t from the prevlouslMadson, pres,dent; Judy Peder-IBradley went to Darrlngton ash, ~ .....~ ~,~, m,,,;,~, ....... t~[.~ . t ;u!nso t, mg re]month in the evenin .... . , | ~nemployment is on thelson, vice-president; Patsy Saar-idInner guests o~ ?erald's sls[er[~'~;L"~'~: "%~=" "~':,~';~- o;:~.~':~'~']~or~son, wash. ]the vounewomen wi~l~ ~'~'r~all ,'tumonzca achier | mroughout the state de- sager secretary-treasurer; Le-|ann nusoana, ~vir. and Mrs.[~::~,'~."%~,:,,:',~,~ ,~"~...-~';A~.~"[ "Mr. Miller and Mrs. Hurter|as w~ell as the nlc~or w-'~m'~--~t'~]l ~-~rrll]~:~rl Ti]~tT~-~h~ . | fact that some loggmg[Vonne Smith reporter; VonmeJCharles Lewm. [,~h,~,~ ~, ,,n ~,~ no~,~ e,,~,.t~,~] ~have not seen each other smceJattend J[ | )us are still hampered by[Erickson and Judy Anderson are[ Mrs. Rush Bradley and Miss]~' ~'~'~ ~D'avi'~'~"'~,~'~)~"]they were children of 13 and 14] ~el snow or soft roads.[flag bearers. . [Doris Marshall left Saturday]~r~ La~n~, and s'o-'~'~,~,,'~'~[years in Iowa City, In. They hadJ~ ~. mild weather has per-] The two groups will be known[morning for a week-end trip to J~arvin, Etta Lung" a~nct-"V~erdonJmade a triptheretogether, then]| _ | ~-e resumpnon o~ con-Ins one club and will have a ioint[ForKs, wnere they visited the[Johnson }were separa[ea when each was|l ~ II~ ~ ~ | [)~r activity with seyerallmeeting every third meeting. }Giles family. They also called on] Mrs Alma Morrow and" Mrs Jsent to an older brother's home. [| I~ I[ ]1 ~[~ i i | roJects already rehmngJMeetings will be held twice a ]Mrs. Inman, formerly of barring- [etella" Parsons to~,t- * .... n .... "] "Well; the years went by. Af-]l | ILl | I }month until school is out, then ]ton, and also Mrs. Krause at her [s~trations in Ev"~..~" ~_"~"o';" }ter a time, brother and sister lost [| ........ | w The m h ~ ,,~u,,~,~y eek 40,020 persons hl-Jonce a month through the sum-~ o a ome. I,,hh-,h th,~v wm ,~,,r n, ~ t~]track of each other. But Mrs.|l ~[11]1 iIIiII ~, .... .. --- I her ......... - -" ~" ........... Hurter never ave u tr in Not the Unemployment mer. Lunch was served by Donna] The Elon Holm and Wallace}next Arlin-ton Demonstration] g P Y g" ]l ilkkMil'.kM I i|iM If, :in gi I'll i sat]on Act and the Vet-JMadson. ]Hell families of Darrington wereJclub meeti~ ,w, .... ;_ **...[long ago she wrote a letter tothe[| |IL| Jt|UL|trliiVII ~ ~Ui | ki VV. | e.adjustment Act received] The second group under theJSunday visitors with their par-Jmornin~ wa~"nre~,~"~;~','~ ~'~,.~'~jpostmaster at Fortson, Wash.,[| | . }eSdf~ifhvu~Ch~n~a~ ~g~4P~ifhSearMtu:r~d:a:yeftJ:f:::: :~sM~t~:ahf~TeKnM~S~C n:toho~aft~rr SERV ALES rece ~a::~t ~; suGe~?; : l ts, having exhausted Your " " had listed an Orville Reed Miller. 1 l title .... reporter is LeVonne Mr. and Mrs. John Cole had Stella Parsons was very pleas- "And here's the twist The~ Yea2~n~ ~fone;lrr~tJsmith. [as guests last Friday Mr. and]antly surprised Saturday eve-J,~ostmaster turned out to "be the]| | hie " ~ Mrs Ed Markwell of Kellogg ning upon receiving a phone call ~" uit~dnbenehts for volun-J InKAI~L~Ig_I~ c[h~E1344 JMarsh" On Saturday their guestsJ rom her son Glen who at pres-Jwifef. Reed M~llerkHeansw~ed ! Ex, ert ,.nd Protons Refrain ~ervia~ I e forg- .or K. oelng un-[ for Jwere John's sister, Levada, andJent is being stationed at Rich-lYv return man .... ?.v?...~ .P'~'il " "- ...... " .............. | ' sultame WORK, or/ [her husband Mr and Mrs Ar Jland Wash He had "v - - lares and an accoum or his ~am-~e | Squalifying causes [ Hat Blockin~ and Cleaning ..... , ~. _ - _ ., - - . a~ ea mere/Ely ]l i ~_ ~ .......... ,nle ~WUlaer ol ~nonomisn. ]the any oelore ~rom camn Rob-I ~" l| i-, ,, | =r. of Persons Certifying[ ..... I M/ and Mrs Claud Gadl~err"[erts Calls " ~- } ,"Other brothers and sisters in]| --aa-- ! of Unemplyment:illillk ll||lillllllI lhad as Saturda-- -ues .... r __~l ,~'^ ..... ~ .............. tthis county are Mrs. Maria Con-ll l ~ldin 1 V ~ L~ IY1 /~-IIUL.~rUIUI~:~* ao..~on attenoeu the . g Feb 28, 1953, s Joe Runnin-of Arlin-ton [recital b ............ }well, New Castle, Route 4; Wll- | | g ~ y me Arungton sleights ek ending Feb. 21, 1953 J . _. t _. J -" " ] .... g [Choraliersat ...... Jham MHler Route 4 New Castle;J| ~ ....... J Tlir ~ ~5 ~ | Week ending, ~oroh ~'l " - - I Mr. and lvlr~. Hey ~stes WhO/ the Arllng[on[~ ~.o.'~ ~xr;~'; .... ~t... ~il .'~r~nwnnn w I flit. ),927 J ..................... [now reside near Cavalero corner [He ghts hall last Saturday mght I;4 ............ :=:' Jl ~,.,~,,,,vv~ ,, o~,. ~,,-z~ J ' Goldie's mother ~auue, Mrs. ~er[na wagoner, ,i- J WINKi~ HARI}WAREIw.~re_ Sunda.y visitors wit h[son is one of'MiSs HarryCarolf[Knightstwn' and many niecesJ] I Irtlesclassifi,~,~ o,~. [irlenas In [nls community. ! - g P ]and nenhow~ ~4nnni,~t nf ~11 ,~I| ...... I feet]we salesmen "~"" --,Phne 643 Arlin~tonJ A daughter was born Monday[around. ~wenty~. who are led byJ~earl., ab-:TY~:":"~C~':~-~"uut ,us urotner ''~ls ~'.'"/|oonn/ Arl~no~~ (~,11 ,~,~1],~,~ .~,,~. | ~---~ ]night to Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Fry]Mrs- LHIy Mcuonald. ~Miller of Messick w~n ,o iI .... ............. - I [at a Seattle Hospital. ] The singing was really beauti:[riouslv ill " ' ...... "[| ~V(~O(|~t ~'p~ hr];no.fnn | , ~ .... ............... [ Mr. and Mrs. George L. Ander-]ful consisting of spirituals and] .... o------------ ' J| ~,- ...................... t, ..... | }son were recent visitors in Stan-Jold time classics. After the sing-]~ ,] ~~:.~iii~ ]wood, helping their niece, Violet ing, delicious pie and coffee wasil ....... .__ |] ~ Danielson, celebrate 'her birth.~,serwed. Try to make it a date for | Pro Wo Glen B iier II .... ~ :.-.: ~~/:::i day. ]their next recital, it's well worthl| |J ~:-~"~ Lyle Smith is busy building a }your time. J| $~marTn~ j[ ~~a.~ [~ ..... J milking parlor on his farm which [ Harry Carlson left Wednesday]| ~[[~[IKI~[ [] ~~) -- ...... t~[~ ~: he recently purchased from A1 for California accompanied byJ] ...... ".. ][ #f- ':: ..... ]Spencer, probably better recog-]Mr. Tom Conder. They plan toll o~ UbUrlbp~G |[ ~IG ~ll M~IIII IN, III|~I~ ~~ ]nized as the Phillip farm. Iv]sit friends and relatives in | -- ," , ~, ~ i[ ~ -.. "- 45--- -_ -" ...... ~ili: : It" Mr_and Mrs. John Slack hadJCalifornia before coming back to[| r zngron, wash. l[ ~~,. ,,_ J a._.;J ~i~..~i~ ne ~ene blmmons ~amily as IPortland Ore, from where Mr |i i~~ [help celebrate the fifth birthdaylhis home in Leoti, Kans. 1|9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m ..... |] ~| ~ __,,-~-~ [~ ~L ~~ JofthelrsonPat. .... [ Mr. and Mrs. John Johnson,[| Closed Tuesdays ~'['~" I[ g~~FJF~ ' R ~~ [famr{ a~aav~rs. ~,. ~. ~oya analson Terry and Mrs. Harry Carlson]| ~ . , .... |J ~.] ~f~-- [~----J~ |[I ~i~~ :.y a e movea ~rom tnelvisited Mr and Mrs A1 Jensen/| r.venmgs oy /~ppo,ntmemml ~ ~~-~v,.~----~ ~i~ ISapPpprp~rttY Ltyhn~:rmer Kim'lSunday afternoon. ~irs. Carlson[' |[ ~'~~~_____J~~.----~-- ner~rSad2nhes tMhrarehnh]I~lrSedenflSp;~teurS~!!g~ntijg~l~i~tl]}~fhn~"e / ~ ~'~~' -~k" ' ~:~ Bellingham came Friday toj " " / :::~:~ son attended an executive meet-[ :~::: spend the week.end w~th her. parents, Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Jen- .. ,, . itD~ Pflfl~lMfi ' Ing of the Degree of Honor at the ANOWA KING POSOH NEPTUNE, R.H. and James Martin all of Seattle Jattended a meeting of the De- / [~[ ~ _-- - ---~~- ~r~--- avera~Je, 160 tees. 14,024 m. - 3.62%--508b.I. Ma~'ioMna~l~hiSufUrth~ing his edu-in g t.f Honor drill team Monday ~f~uflflm I ........... ..... ~Uts. vrverage, 81 rees. 17,140 m. - 3.83 %---656 b.f. Low Knights "has been ordered[ Stella Parsons had as her dbHUUL [~t ~~:~et ~~ ~e rtr y~d~s~ / ~enee (39-29-41) 3,116m- .19%---148b.f. by his physician to spend theJguests to the show Friday night, next month in bed after having}Laura Preston and Lois Brent- [ ~~ore the end of April! ~ ............ : .... suffered a heart attack After a/nell, the occasion being Lois' ~ , ...... ~ ~'.~ o.__~__, .............. .... tests at the Ubl_)A's Beltsvi[le, Maryland farm show: few days in bed he felt much]birthday. After the show, at her Tuesday, March 1/th | Ii better |home, she served birthday Cake ~r~d~ , ~ , to Proved S~res 20,935 m.- 3.75%--785 b.f.It s re~,rettable to learn .... /ice cream wi ...................... J ~ stock premises. s 19,299m.-3.65%--711h.f. John Hinderman, son of Mrs.]coffee. Additional guests for " t. } W~~,~,~---~**-,- .... ,u re~eA ;,, , .... , . Kate Hinderman has b e e n[the lunch were Cecil Preston and' )Utbr*- "-'"'-r~v-- -ie 1636m 10" 74bf wounded in action. [Byron and Sandra Parsons. ~a .... ,1 ..... ;.e~ [ ~s .poultry eas ~o t-o ea ~ r s 7o M ~,~ ~vv~ p,,,. "" " -- "" r. and Mrs. Penner of Walla]Twins -- 3' j ~~ ............. v-- ~Ws --- _:u._a ~_ a_. ~__ a~.~ J_.._ Walla were guests of theFaris Mr and Mrs Gar Carlson of were ,,,,,~cu _,a uay tu, .,v_, u~y~ B ..... [ . Y . [ ~ ........ p,v,,. B ares ~amny mr several days,]Butte, Mont, are very proudly--Come and bnng your] _ CTmlng over to, help. their[announcing the arrival of twins ..... / "'~~ ~v~ ..................... g anuaaugnter, Arlis ~ates, [Ola girl and a boy born Maroh vth' nelgnvor ! ~'x_ -~ ~ ~r.~u~.~ ~vit~el moving pie- celebrate her ninth birthday Mrs Carlson is~the formerMari' " :l r ....... , e..:~,..: .... a..~. " [1 n'Swan " [ For more information about Standard 0,, u. i-uuuua. feat1 ..... Y son daughter of Mr ] ring proven sires and their milking daugh- In Arhngton - Phone 1344 [and Mrs Clarence Swan~m ~f mmram~, s i, call your local Standard mon t" " " ....... ":" ........... KILLOUGH CLEANERS [Arlington. The baby boy we+i'g'hel htN "I M"HHAI I " -- - u oe ShOWn a~ me ~.v.u.w. nan on marcn lwn tor 16 lbs. 8 oz and the girl 5 lbs 8 ~mtH . T r-- i~ _ ,~ ...... ALTERATIONS /oz. They i'oin a twenty.month- . t g. Jrea[nou e Uth. (See news story m this issue.) ~ /old ~ter Denny Kay. Their lath- ArllIlgton . J Arlington, Wash. Telephone 31t ~:----"V .er, ~ary, is in Meaics in the I ~~,~.~.,~:~y:~,~...~,~.,~::~.~ ...... ~:~.~ ~ .~ OaV~. ]army. Mrs Harry Carlson of Ar- I ~~~i~!~:~i!~',~.'.~i}~:i~!~~~,~ ' ~ .... ~ ....x" "~ 'v ' ~ .... On Installed , lington Heights is also the I ,~randmother and Goldie Johnson ........................ Blown Wool, or Blanket Type R00rlN6 and SIDIN6 All Work Guaranteed NOTHING DOWN Low Monthly Payments Williamson Bros. Phone 309W2, R. 2, Box 316 (Burn Hill), Arlington ~regory Phone Toehniciem Arlington 3281 WHEN CAN WE EXPECT HIM? " ]tOW WILL IT AFFECT YOUR BUSINESS? V ItAT CAN YOU DO NOW TO PREPARE FOR WORLD CHANGES? HEAR THESE STARTLINC FACTS p, m. ,O "THE BIBLE PREDICTS" V TERANS OF FOREIGN WARS HALL (Near Safeway) - ARLINGTON COME EARLY! ~RING YOUR FAMILY, SING OLD TIME SONGS, ENJOY STORIES BY JAN DOWARD - MOTION PICTURE REVIEW 7:15 P.M. - their aunt. Mrs. Tom Almli, Sr., is slowly but steadily improving a~ter l~eri bout with the flu. ! i Mr and Mrs. Claude Damaske~ ~are extremely happy to have their son Vic home on a 30-day sick leave from San Francisco. Last Friday evening Mr. and Mrs. John Amundson were in Ev- erett at the home of Mrs. Melvin Christensen in honor of Mrs. Christensen's birthday. Mrs. Jess McFarl~nd ~,)on~ muesday afternoon visiting Stella Parsons. Mrs. "Finn" Amundson re. ceived word that her uncle, Fred Peterson, of Sedro-Woolley, died suddenly Monday afternoon of a heart attack. Sunday at the Damaske home was held a combined birthday dinner for Claude, and welcome home for their son Dick. Guests were Mr. and Mrs. George Lee, Marysville; Mrs. A. L. Lee, De- lores and Jack of Seattle; Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Silver, Mr. and Mrs. Hoffman, of Edmonds. Mr. and Mrs. John Johnson en- tertained Tuesday evening Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie Bird, of Arling- ton, Mr. and Mrs. Owen Bender of Seattle. SISCO HEIGHTS Mrs. Willis Hilde, corr. Phone 2117 Don't forget Community Clut which meets on Yriday night at Mrs. Lena Hershaw's home. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Helgeland and family and Mrs. Sigrid Hel-~ geland motored to SnGhomish on Sunday afternoon to Visit the Alan Curtis family The Sewing group will meet on March 18 at the home 'of Mrs. Dale Steckelberg. Sunday visitors at the J. D., Patch home were Mr. and Mrs. Meyer of Marysville and Mr. and Mrs. Bergam of Arlington. Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Patch and Mr. and Mrs. Albert Patch at- tended the community singing at Arlington Heights hall on Satur- day night O- HOW'S YOUR Do You Get a Good ON CHANNEL 5 If you do we can supply you with an all-channel antenna that will give you BETTER RESULTS NOW on King T.V. and in some localities good results on KTNT Chan- nel I!. ARLINGTON TELEVISION cA 210 AR',NGTO. INSTALLATION SF VlCE For Ft.. Es.m,. o, ou, T. V. 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