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March 5, 1953     The Arlington Times
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March 5, 1953

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THE ARLINGTON TIMES, ARLINGTON, WASHINGTON, THURS., MARCH 5, 1953. PAgE FIVE Arlington people who attended Mrs. Philip Pearson and V~ctorl] a large birthday surprise party in were the recipients of many good I I Snohomish Sunday at the home wishes on the occasion of their[] DV of Mrs Irene Webster, were Mr birthday anniversaries on Satur-[[ ~ .~ m D! " h ~ i m and Mrs..Dave Kenell and Mr day. In the afternoon some of t el] ~||| g%IIAVE Anne Meugniot ~~n:s p~r~i ~ii t~ . ." - 1] i~i~RRr Phone 152J1 ... . ".. ! ."" , . ! -- ~ .... , oggersEliminated DOWN TO EARTH Snohom Ladies Cirele of the Con-, Mr and Mrs. Fred Morris are Arlington to be with Dr and Mrs the week-end. Mr Rued broughtlln Tournament Quake Illn All T:me 0nal church will meet at]the parents of a little girl, Chris- Among relatives who came to , ~rch Wednesday, March ll[tine Marie,-bor]L Tuesday even- T J Jones at the time of Little Mrs. Rued s good wishes, she be-] The Darrington Loggers be- The District B Tournament just]~L,,,,], ..... * {~*,,--,L*,,~,, ~.~ aesserr. Mrs. r~ ~. and Mrs L A Wheeler are]ing, March 3, at th~ Maynara Bill's funeral were Dr Jones' ing unable to attend because of]came known as the tough luck :ompleted consists mainly of up-[hlU|UIWCOK ot~|lua~a h~,~th,~ Franci Jones "Dr and ill health. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur team of the 1953 District Tourna- sets Three of the first four teams[ The Snohomish Panthers 1953 the hostesses. Hospital in Sealtle. B~th mother ............... rs ...... ' W "r~ ~= rm ~TLL~'R ]and daughter a:e doing nicely. Mrs J D Jon,~s and Jean and Pearson and httle ones, Waynelment when the husttmg Logge ehmmated flmshed m the flrstlchamnions of the Northwest B ones of Cutbank ~iont and Jo Anne. were up from Se-/were eliminated from further division Oak Harbor the first toJLeaaue are currently leading, A' 7""'~n'" ~''" ..... . "%-IShe tipped the s:ales it 8 pounds Dr. R " J ' " 1 " " ni ht b . . ; , . ~, , ~ o a u w win mee~ wlrn ftar,~'a \~,,~..*,, ~.h,,~Sd~Xr t2 ounces. The ~:randl~arents are and Dr and Mrs M R Jones and attle. Others were Mrs. G. Cou -/contentmn last Friday g Y go, flmshed trod for third, Con-[the all-time standings of North ,,"%" _'2~"v"z ~'~"~Y~J' Mr. and Mrs. V;mghn Henkle of Susan and Jackie of "Hermiston bert, Frank Pearson and Mr. and]the Twin City Cardinals The fin- crete, finishing second was sec-[west League basketball clubs In ~at 7:3o p. m. l)r:.unar- iArlington, and ]~Ir ar d Mrs. ValOre," also Mrs. W.' J. Peterson, of" Mrs. R. Gibbins. and Bobby.[ al score was. 50 to 48. The LoggerSltan b ' ond., and Darrington., was the[ __r~cords comniled,_ since "the Livinaston Mont and Mr and Games of bingo were played andIhad previously lost to Su Yjthlrd to go. Skykomlsh, another]league first organized in 1948 the ~uie~ WhO is wl~n rne[Morris of Everett." "~ . ' "' : a pleasant social time enjoyed virtue of a conversion with five highly regarded club also failed[p~n~t vwnn ~' v ~,am~a ~ uepar[men~ oI ,:verett ....... Mrs. E. J. Burke of Portland, Ore_ ] ........ [ .......... . hers ha e .....~xt ...... 'Colle~,e will sneak on her~ ~v,r an(~ Mrs. roy Larsen are ~Sions~ ~ ..... ~an women [the parents of a boy, born Sun- Mr Peterson is staving on to]over the tea cups. /seconds remammg. "znxs rime me[to make the fmai mghr. u~ner oa-lv~hile dronnin, but 25 for a ~r- ....... - - ~h visi~ her sisters, Mrs.~G.~D. Dun-[ Lady Lions will meet Monday]Cardinals made throws[dUties occurring included Dar-[centage o~.~706~. Coach Stan Ba~'t~' iller studied in Europe last]day morning, Marcn ..m ~ e nm" and rs. Laura Sn der evens" March 9th, at the A O ]good witn 1 seconds to go. lnlring[on-s win over ~onerete diverts,i_ ntets are also the to~.n ___~..a~- )n a grant from the Ford Arlington riospi[al. ~eonry ~oy en at]on"~ - IJoins a sister, Marcia, aged 4. ~h MiyIrs. J. Boyd ~llis re-[U. W. g~all... . [betwee_n th~ otW~edefe~SmmLoandY[]os!ng to, T wm Clty._aftereSbe~[~ive clubs of the loop: The At- [The maternal grandparents are turned from Oregon several ~ranapa ~oe rmsoy received a[~ue~ szm~e ...... [lacmng ~neuarus twice m ~ .g ]ling]on Lagies uroppe~ to fifth t, CLUB MEETING Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Golly of weeks ago she brought Mrs Clif-[telegram from Billings, Mont.,[cmo momen~aruyas Loggers]play...tmo lnomason[this year, having won 43 games members of the H A T Bellingham. The paternal grand- ford Ell~s'and thenew twins, that on Saturday morning, Feb.[eKed ou~ a a~.[o a6 trmmpn, overlDarrmgton scorers wg.n.a~ promS}while losing forty, a .518 per- Ii~rlo T~xzc ............ ~ .................... eld their February meeting[Parents are Mr. and Mrs. Moller " ~ "-a ~ ......Tn~,~ 128th, a daughter was born to Mr ]Concrete. Again iOUl sflo[s in [nelduring [ne tourney uther Log-le~ntago Cnaeh Ernie Ludwiek'~ wi'~h'~,~r'Yl~he b~at)~esare'l~eeoi'n~[and Mrs Mustard Aydinoglujfinal seconds played an ~mport-[ger scoring was as follows: Pa.r-[squads rank seventh in offense home of Mrs Eleanora Eli-'Larsen of Everett. Mrs. Golly is .... : .... 7~- ~1,~^~^.. ~,.o,.,,~ w..,..~ ,her ant hart, Harold Haga ~cing tne lris 28 Green 24, Tiland 18 Glads-land third in defense on Olympic avenue The staying here with Marcia. , ~oUSYr arena' at**e~ght poun~t's'SthreeIcont~st with a pmr w~th 43 sec-[jo 9, Mount 9, Haga 9; Smoke 2:[ All-time standing of Northwest lg was ureceded by a six-I Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Skill]rig- Washington's birthday, ounces, she joins a brother Kurt/onds to go. _ .. _ [a~d Edwards ~am~een [o~ea2~lt[League: dinner. ~rhe hostess served stad have a new granddaughter, Guests at the Roy Anderson rurnan, Iour years old. ~aotner[ The Loggers and (;oncrete]o all tn ee g -/Snohomis 60 25 3445 2986 .7 ~ain course in her grand- Jill Pauline, the little daughter home near Edgecomb last week and daughter were reported do-]staged a thriller all the way in]District team as selected by of-[~eam. WonLost For Agst &~e. ~'S old black iron pot. A of Mr. and Mrs. Dean Skilling- were cousins from Mrs Ander ing well with hope for the male]the first game last Thursday]ficials, coaches, and sportS-writ-J~oKomish .......... 60 2s 3445 2~" .~ :!he article featuring old stad. She was born Feb. 26 in Se- ~,~: h,,~ , ..... e....'.. ,-,..,']members of the family ]night Concrete led 11 to 10 at the lers consisted of Tom Hahli,~^saebrtes ............ 49 35 3661 310~ ~a3 lnes, their origin and his- attle, and joins a broher, Jeffrey, ,~ .~,~,,ia ,_,.~ ' . Mount Vernon .46 37 3674 3471 .554 ~.'~--~.. ~::G" ~_~"_\'.'_'" ...... ' __~::: Week-end guests of Mr. andlquarter but from there on m[Coupewlle, Ron Earlywme, Mon:[Burllngton 44 40 3494 3418 111~ lli:U ~Ilt:UUlltt21"~tl IIU ~IIUW Was reviewed. Mrs. Mac aged 5. Jeffrey has been visiting s,, f-r ,~,, *hoir tri~ which will Mrs. Jess Balland were Mr. and[Darrington led by a narrow mar-lroe; John Best, Skykomish; Jim[arling~dn .... [[[[43 40 3293:3272 .518 :e presented each member his grandparents here for a week ....... v, a~,o ~r,~,~,~ ~,He,,,~ ~n,~I~,~-- flv~ n~int~ hoin~, the great IMcDonald, Sultan; and Ken Nei-[Sedro-Woolley _..40 44 3531 3726 .4"/6 a beautiful corsage of or so. ~-'\~ "r~"''l~e-'" n[~ '~ "'more children of Gold Bar lest difference between the two lmeier of Twin City. rionoramelE"~n~onds ............ 23 61 3286 a.~a "~'4 blossoms Mrs. Catherine Mrs Bill Quake and Mrs. La- ana ac oss r cou [ y oy a " / r led 28 to 25 mentmn" went to Green and ............... .... Guests of Mrs Murial Dolstad clubs. The Logge s I [l Other League records are" Ler, whose" display of val- verne'Teague gave a baby show- sou[neriy route. ...... .... l at the half and 37 to 35 at the I Thomason of Darrington King. I "'i '- " " " ~'" irom weones~ay to ~amruay , . ' ' r~ gnest scoring game: any S bore the oldest dates, was er for "Mrs. Fred Hendry at the Mr. and Mrs. Owen Carhn , ~,~ h~, a .... h, .... n .... a [three ouarter mark Tiland s[K~rby, and Boyden of Monroeiln, i.,~ ~ ..... t,~ ~ w,~,~,,,,a,~ spent the week-end of Was ng- .~ ,~,,,~, ~ ~..h.~ ~,~, ..... bucket with two minutes to go and Concrete s Sullivan. The se-[~a~ ~. ~ ,h,~t ,,,i,~,~ ,,,,~,~. l~d postman to deliver Quake residence Thursday night hi ....... .,..~.~.~, ......... ~ ..... - ~ , v .......................... nes to the group Mrs El- Others resent were Mesdames tons birthday with the Michael ~:,~s~'~,=l" ~*::~ ~'"' ,,~,~' nroved to be the winning points lection of All-Star team was ~" ~,~,~.~,~-~k'~.,~,'r~'"'~'~" : ~ " " P w " " il a k ................... ~ ........... " " ~-,v .................... - ora.P.ella of Sedro-Woolley Mickey Ryan, Doug Pierson, Har- Ed ards family ]n T 1 moo ........ ~. -- " [Green with fourteen and Parris,made prior to the champmnsh~p[ ............ " .... ~r " " in t e ri nds wnlle here Mrs. Feterson also, ] ............. ~monus D~)) woo; ,~owes~ sex,ring u[ributed the gayly decor- ry Yost Abe Clevish, Clifford u e., also stopp g o s e I e ~o~,.~.~ ~.~' ~. ~no~, ~,~ ~.~ l with ten naced the winners with fcon[esr, m wmen ~lng ana ~r-I ..... aa ,.,~,~f~ ~,ah,~m{~, '~ Valentine box, after her Miller Arne Wangsmo, Mrs. Don- ' .................. ~ ................... i~ ........ v ......................... in Portland Thm past week-end ............ I Sullivan and Howell leading[by put forth their best efforts . . w~ ..... iu,~ ~a~ ~aa~ T,~, ~t ,~in i Lena tlolaai an(~ Mrs.uowara, . ........ ~ ........ , .... ; .........- children had enjoyed Barner of Mandan, N. D., and they entertamed guests at the r ' I Monroe, winner of the dmtnct tl, -;n'- score 22 "-oints 'Mount Ver * * Lila Uendry. Those who sent home i~,-North Bend Mr. Carlin [tle with their 61-38 humiliationl~g 99 h,,,hP~mish~ ~a~ ~ AFRICA gifts but were unable to be pres- is l " r ........................ " emp oyd at the Jim C eek pro- /of Sultan will meet Castle Rock ...... ;',~_ ,)o ~ ..... ,^~ o~ ~a~ G. W. Hinman led the ent were Sirs. Ingram Hershaw~ Spending" week-end before last ,m[Tournamentt,et,dru gamebeingO,held,,=atO~,,~Taco., r~OS~g2~?or~:arvsP~l~m~4~t~:~,l. " .A .... ,-- )up on Africa in its and Mrs. James Rankhorn, of Ev- with Mr: and l~rs. Dean Field ma March 4-7 Virgil Inman a '~"^~* ~^" ;--'ff ~ .... ~ ""in~ eveningeast centralmeeting'Afriea---She fodilserett' andand MrS.yellowMariecandlesShea.lentDaf-a were Mrs. Field's family, Mrs. B. [latecomer to "the Everett J. 'C. H~g::st :rSn~o,n~ 7~o~e:aeort~s 66) inyiki and Uganda festive air for the occasion. The H. McGillicuddy and Mr. and [basketball squad, collected elev- ~a~a. I.nrcroet mo~'i, ,~ i,~t,~t.~r. the historical back- gifts were attached to a V-shap- Mrs. A1. Merewether. Here the ten 51 points ~.~nacortes 71, E(lmonds 20) 1948; Highest Individual so as to explain the pres- ed clothes rack' covered with tat:on in those areas She pink crepe paper. A pleasant ev- ke up west central Africa ening was enjoyed by all. _ next meeting Tuesday, The James Callas home was 17. the scene of a baby shower giv- * * ~ en by Mrs. Callas Friday night,: IIEAR REV CALHOUN Feb. 27 in honor of Mrs.'Ronnie: families wl~o gathered at Gold of Marysville. Other guests church Tues- were Mesdames Lena Gold, Don for a potluck supper Sharp, Mary Bookhwinkle. Don. a talk by Mr. Carl!ita Blacker, and Shirley r)abbl- of Betlingham, enjoyed ous, all of Marysville, and Mrs. of fellowship and in- A1 Jensen and Mrs. Florence ~c~-i Mr. Calhoun spoke on gle. Sending gifts, but unable to] building fund for be present were Mrs. Ethel Gold in new communities, and Mrs. DeWard Campbell, of O.Spoke of the worth of the Marysville, and Mrs. Jack Alder the community and to of Seattle. Mrs. Almeda Jackson is getting * * * along nicely after undergoing dinner guests of the surgery at the Arlington hospit- were their daught- al. from Seattle, Mr. Week-end guests of Mr. and Peterson, Don and Mrs. Ed. Mitling were Mr. and Mrs. Danny Butterfieid, Vickie and Mrs. Ed Almli and and Debby, of Everett. SPent the week-end in Mrs. Jack Healy is spending Where Mrs. Almli's lath- several weeks in California, ws- Johnson, has been quite ]tiny friends and relatives home. When they went This has been an eventful night, he seemed week for the Quall family. Pvt. middle of the week was Mrs. Field's brother, 'Blaine McGilli- cuddy, who is stationed with the Coast Guard in Seattle. A. A. Canfield is very ill at the Providence Hospital in Seattle Mrs. Eugenia Veilleux of Ev- erett is spending a few weeks here with her son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Clarqnce Hanson Sunday the Hansons took her to Sedro-Woolley to vis- it their son and his family, the Eldon Hansons. On Tuesday Mrs. Veilleux, Mrs. Hanson. and Mrs. Howard Kos- kela visited Mrs. Leo Veilleux of Pasco at the Frank Johnson home in Everett. Mrs. Leo Veil- leux is Mrs. Hanson's sister-in- law. Mrs. Gladys Trayler returned to her home Tuesday after sever- al days illness in the hospital. February 24 being the second i anniversary of their wedding, Mr. :and Mrs. Hal Fritz invited Dr. and Mrs. Batdorf and Miss Crete Gray to dinner that evening. On Saturday evening they were the guests of the Batdorfs and the Misses Crete, Dorothy and Jose- phine Gray at the grand opening of the Yacht Club in Seattle. Members of the Arlington branch of A. A. U. W. who at- tended the international meeting with the Canadian Federation in To Steelheaders Although the winter steelhead season came to a close last Sat- urday night for most rivers of the State the Sauk river remains open from its mouth to Clear creek until March 15th,~ accord- ing to announcement by the State Game Department. Among other waters which re- main open until March 31 are these waters in this region: The Stillaguamish from the forks to the mouth; Fisher Slogs, h, from mouth to Conway - Stanwood highway crossing; Skagit river from mouth to Government bridge at Marblemount; Snoho- mish river from Highway 99 to forks. To clarify any confusion of dates between the Winter Fish- Joseph Quall left Camp Stone- ~ideons conducted Sun- man, Calif., for Japan on Mon- servicesat the day. Philip left Arlington Mon- day enroute to Oakland, where he will visit his sister, Mrs. Wm. Bet tencourt. The Rev. and Mrs. A. O. Quall drove down to Moni- Vancouver, B.C., Saturday were ing Season pamphlet and the tor, Ore., Sunday where they at- Mrs. Mary Gates. Mrs. Charles Summer Season Pamphlet, which and General tended the golden wedding cel- Grewe, and Miss Georgia Harris. becomes effective April 1st, the h ~r ~ rnTrT-~-rc~ ebration of Mr. Quall s sister and Dr. Hilda Neatby of University following interpretations are an- c,~, VV 2-kll~llN~ h~r husband, Mr. and Mrs. Chris.[of Saskatchewan spoke on "Wo- nounced by the State Game De- ,W. Bldg Phone 1694 Hansen. All six of the Hansen's[men and the Moral Issues of the partment. -~-~'" children were present [Western World." Mrs. Edith Wis- The winter rules are estab- ~- ~~ ..... :i[dom made the trip also. lished for fisheries in certain wa- ~'~ ,,-,, m' - ~ ,~f-~ ~ ~a I[ Visiting Mrs. Nan Boyer are ters at times when it is desirable '[ ~, |[- |_ |~| ]~-'~'~[~q~/--~|'~l []her daughter and grandchildren, that these water~ be fished, with -- ~.~. ~-. ~-, _~..--.. _.. -. _.. ,,.. .. ~... .. .. ~ Mic~ - ... .... . I I~vlrs. l-i. t~. ~ci)oweu anu n- creelnm]ts set aecoramgiy. OPTOMETRIST [[ael, Pqter, Robert, and Jimmy. Therefore, steelhead anglers may .~ ...... []They Have just movedfrom En- be guided b~, the Winter Fishing tha, yvlew "~U ! :~ [ I terprise to McKenzie Bridge, Ore., pamphlet in all respects, both as C " -- -. XW-sh:--ton I,where MrMcDawell has been to closing dates of streams and OIDy /-1venue r.verett, wa mrs [ltransferreh. |bag limits In effect, this means Lineups: Dar~ington (46) Concrete (43) Thomason (8) F .... Sullivan (12) Tiland (7) ...... F ...... Phillips (6) Gladsjo (5) .... C ...... Howell (12) Green (14) ...... G.. Goodwillie (5) Parris (10) ...... G .......... Harris (6) Subs: Darrington, Haga (2), Edwards Concrete, Williams (2). Darrington (48) Twin City (50) Thomason (22)F .......... Flones (3) Tiland (2) ...... F.. Niemeier "(16) Gladsjo ...... :...._C ...... Nowak (14) Green (4) ........ G ........ Sande (11) Parris (11) ..~...G .......... Jensen (1) Subs.: Darrington, Mount (7), Edwards, Smoke (2), Haga. Twin City, MeKean (3), Gilbertson, Ot-i terson (2). that a straight creel of 3 steel- head may be taken or a mixed creel of trout or whitefish and 2 steelhead in those waters where trout and whitefish may be taken. It should be remembered, when a mixed creel is taken, that an angler is allowed only 7 pounds of legal trout, plus 1 fish, which means that he may have 7 pounds of trout and 1 steel- head. If 2 steelhead are taken in a mixed bag, the smallest one is considered part of the 7 pound weight limit. All of the above dates are in- clusive. It should be further not- ed that steelhead punch cards are required to be in possession and used until March 31, 'foul shots missed fell off the left Larry Gilbert Leads Final standings, Snohomish County Jr. Hi League are given as follows: Arlington ............................. 7 ! South Jr ............................. 5 3 North Jr ............................. 4 4 Snohomish ........................ 3 5 Marysville .......................... 1 7 Coach Ralph Pistorese's Arling- Game: 41 points (Don Tripp ,Mt. Vernon, against Marysville, 1949; Highest Scoring Team for sea- son: Marysville, 824 in 1953; Best Defensive Team for season: Sno- l homish, 433, in 1948; Lowest !scoring team for season: Marys- ville, 410 in 1948; Weakest defen- sive team for seasoh: Edmonds, 789 in 1953. League Champions: 1948, Anacortes, 12-2; Sedro- Woolley and Snohomish (tie) 12-2; 1950, Mount Vernon, 11-2; 1952, Burlington, 13-1; 1953, Sno- homish, 12-3. side of the rim, this being caused by the right hand being stronger, thus pushing the ball more to the left... At a recent game in Mort- tana the half-time score was 0 to 0, and the final count 8 to 7. And up in Anacortes last week the half ended at 15 to 5, Seahawks over Sedro. But the score at the end of the first quarter was also 15 to 5. Sedro- in an effort to ton Jr. Hi cagers recently closed make Anacortes come out of their a very successful season. The Eagles won nine of thirteen con- tests played during the Season, including a seven and one record in league play. This year the club was led in scoring by Larry Gilbert, who counted 164 points for the entire season Gilbert fin- ished the season in a hot scoring spurt, counting twenty points in each of his last two games. The season's scoring record was as follows: Player FG FT FTA PF TP Gilbert .................. 62 40 72 25 164 D. Smith ............... 40 14 31 23 94 Jn. Larson ............ 30 20 52 40 80 Jaeobson ................. 8 22 42 23 38 Mose .......................... 11 8 18 13 30 Olander .................... l0 4 6 7 24 O. Llndquist ........ 7 7 18 16 21 Hut, chins ................ 0 1 3 0 1 Rosenbach .............. 0 0 2 2 0 Jk. Larson .............. 0 0 0 1 0 i Borseth .................... 0 0 0 ' 00 Vroman .................... 0 0 0 0 0 G. Carl~on .............. O O O O O i zone passed the ball 141 times by actual count at one stage of the game. Eleven minutes and forty seconds elapsed before a point was made during this time... With basketball on the way out spring sports are on their way in. Baseball, track, and tennis turnouts will be held soon. City League softball is again being talked up. Darrington, defending champions, Fowler Agency, Nav- al Radio, and Mickey Ryan's are again sponsoring clubs for the circuit ---------.-o---------- BOWLING Bowling in the City League at Mt. Vernon, Herb s Kerb bowlers on Feb. 18 and 25 rolled up the following scores: H. Ness, 404, 472; Norm Sigvartsen, 402, 349; Ray McClure, 346, 34~3; Bill Palo, 530, 471; Art Rochon, 530, 485. t Y Q THOLIOS, PROTESTANTS, JEWS, NON-CHUROH MEN -- ALL ARE GREATLY CONCERNED, WATOHING HEADLINES AND ONDERING--WIt T DOES THIS MEAN? This Happen Happen? M. MAXWELL MOHR, BIBLE COMMENTATOR . Will Explain What SUNDAY NIGHT, 7:30 BEGINNING MARCH 8 VETERANS OF FOREIGN WARS HALL; ARLINGTON Sing Well-Known 01d Time Songs, See Pictures. Children, You Will Enjoy Stories told by Jan Doward. M. M. MOHR Affillated with "VOICE OF PROPHECY"---World Radio Btoadccmt "FAITH FOR TODAY"---Comlt-to-Coast Telec~t "SIGNSOF THE TIMES"---World's Prophetic Weekly LOCAL SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTIST CHURCH