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March 5, 1953     The Arlington Times
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March 5, 1953

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No. 45 Arlington, Wash., Thursday, March 5, 1953. Consolidated with Arlington Chronicle April 3, lYlS. _ ]Rural Architect Frank Bartlett Welfare Staff of a Great Forest [AtArl. Heights Taken by Death ]Of Civil Defense ByWill H. Verd I':av Mar. 13 Is a. a of 1893I went to.or horse That was a happy place,--n-a:, .,rsamze. ........ .O!iv~r Cummings, .alto work'. No logger ever cameI Planning to build or remodel ~ ~ I The Emergency Welfare Staff beThoef S~3hmirSh ~lntyy2am: Char~es. J oraon~t,?ol~buil~ J was .... putung lOgSnearleverm PaCK tO camp arunK ~o one was l i,~yur home thm" year or some year ~' ~/ [ for civil Defense, Arlington area, ................ , -., ~-~, " ..... pmJ~ , amish river, Insulting, want o tho fut,ro'~If ~n ,, ...... iU I met at the V F W hall last Fri ....... " u ed t knock guest of the Marysvllle Chamber of Snohomlsh, tourmt and in* Pilchuck creek "emp-lyour bloc off, wanted to fight or[~;;.,~i'),(~i~'.:~,~ ,~ ~,~,~i~, ~" ~ ~ Idav night and reviewed their oi ~ommeree. ln. twarysville at the austry promotion, Lyle Cxo~ .............................. ~, ---" ~ ~. ~ ~eaarcrest fllnln room on Tues- Everett" flood contr -, e Stlllaguamlsh river.[injure you m any way. So far aS[da , March 13. at 8 p m in the ~ ~ l various functyons in the event of ........... g ....... , .... :ol a, nd con .u ran wnere nignway]I know those old time compan-la,Y,,,t~, ~,~h~ ~m,,,~,, ~ ~ lan emergency that would throw u~y, ~v~arcn ~u ~upper WUl oe servatlon, [Jr u. w. Tnomle o[, verses the land [ions are all dead and I hope [~'~'~"~ ....... ~" ................ z ~ ~~ ]a large numl~er of ~,~ ........ ~,~ served at 6:30 p.m. to be fol- Everett and Wes Eldridge, Sup- " ' ' - '" ...... ~ ,-'. ~ :--- .... "=-'~ ........ lowed by a business meeting and homish, centennial, Tom Grant na~gy ~V~l?OCggm~pgfyr.lpa?~d on to another and better[. At this meeting,.. Mr. H. E. ~ ~ IAr~ngdonf ~:gC:rpOi:~Irs John program The main topic to be of Granite Falls; planning, Earl[, ~. ..... "1 .. " ............... IW c era, rural arcnltecture ape- ~ ~~ [p Enseb~a .... hi,~ " wi,h discussed will be current educa- McKee of Everett; publicity, .~urse reams~flr., ivir.[ une mgnt my aonn ..nof~e]cialist of the State Extension ~::~ ~~[[ [ rg~.~'~'~'.';',,~ ........................ ~:~ ~~..~ tional problems Llovd S~ence of the Everett Daft'v was a splenala man]lgt loose ancl ate most all OI alstaff[ at Wa i t o ~ ............ [ - -- - - -- . . sh ngton Sta e C 1- ,: R " Jack Bennett president, an- Herald and Betty Davis of AI-~ WOrkln for him He sack of rain then like a boy , .... ~ od as assistants Other offmmls g . g , lege, will talk on An Easy Way ~ ..... nouneed the followin " - free. He openedhm who has eaten too many green of Planning, Your New or Remod-~'~ ]and their staffs are! Reglstra-t~e ,~h~irm,~- ~ .... gcomm~ derwood Manor. ...... ~ ,~.o* ,. spring of 1893, with[ apples, hegot a bad case Of[eled Home.% He will use pictures ~:~ ~ [twion. Mrs~..Vic~or ~onnson, ,~rs~ pointed- -'Genera~-"roa~l~s" an~ ivo'u*'l~av'~e'a"nroble~Si'nyour'~n~~'- team, to naul .the mgs[stomacn acne. tie mane so mucn|to illustrate the noints of his ::~:~i~ ~ ~:':'=" ~:'=~'~".~"~ .... .. ~'~'- ~-'~;'~ bride, ca" ~ ~,~ ,~ ~-~-,~ ~o,, '~,,~*. ~'~ ....... n,~, ~,~ WOods to the river{noise in his troubles he wokeltalk "your house -its location,!!~ ~ laaeler, ~v~rs riuo tiOVlK, ~wrs. Jonn e-'- ~--~ "g'-':~'~"" "" "~"~'" .... ' ..... t~-'~ .... ? ..... "2_." ..... . ~: , -- :~ " . ~t~ a~tu zvtt)' l~laCK OI ~arys- Jurlsulctlon OI any oI mese Chart-- d one SlX-OX team,]me up. I went to the barn, doc-[narkin~ area ~,~,,m arrange :i~ ~ [Jensen, Mrs. W. W. Wllley, In- _. .................. ~, ,,.. ~ ..... .. .~.../e....n ~;~, ~ ,. ,.,. o.ou n'h..~/r ~ ~" . ' .':~ . ,~"" :~illllm~ IformationAlice Lazuras Mrs vme, iorestry ano parks, JacKmen you get In eontac~ wx~; men[, rooL lnsulauon, etc. m Car enter of Arhn ton" bh th [o Marian G Shea Mrs R W P g , pu c them. You will fred that ey a~ ~mlng the logs lnto/[tookhlm for a long, longwalklfaet, after abrmftalk, hewill let :!/~ ]~tnut" L-d'gin~ ~,,'~ "--~t~ert: relations, Ernie Washburn of anxious and willing to give you , ~en-ox roao team /AIrer an nour or so, ~ tIIOLl~llt u~mthe auaienee tellhim those ~l~ ~ ~ .... ' ~ " "'~ "~'J ........' Mar svi'l ............. ........ . ~:::.~ll~l~[ ~ ' Foods Mrs E W So-,er Mrs y t e; program, ~oo COWLS any nelp mat mey can. ~was opened m the[leading.him up and uown_ t na~[points on which information isii~ ~ IViola' Holli'n~,sworth" VClothinJ of Monroe, Walt Precht of Ever- All interested persons are ill- ~,s~xteen oxen. A~ tne]sreep mu, going uown to r~l-[most desired. In addition to this, ~ ~ [Mrs I E Tii~nd and Mrs Ma~" ett and Paul Hollo[an of Snoho-vited to attend these Chambt~ u to worK, twr. uum-lcnucK creeK It worgeu, wn tne/there will be time devoted to in- '~ ~ I -- -- -- - mish" m~r~hovchlr, l-lavnlrl M~r. rna~t|nc~ larll,~c ~.a only six of the six-lsecond trip up that steep hill he[dividua1 questions and answers FRANK BARTLETT lgu_erlre ~:" l,~anan, nh,, ' ,~ .... ~',~'~"..':-'7:=.~';:.:2 ::;~2~ ................ -'~' te~t, that he had start-]lost his colic. I went back to bed[ The Arlington HeP-hts Com" Frank Bartlett, 49 140 French!-- .rne group wuj mee~. a.galn on *"-~ ........ s ................. ~,.t, ..... that spring of teamster] the1893[[ tired as tired could be The horsetit s s "[,,~,~.,~uou xa~ fro, ' mugecomo,i[ ~rmay,g~viarcnlBaneuetpat' ann ~t m nopeaV ~ ~v WIH* Be [[)]~ It New Books . mumty Club Home Demonstra- avenue, passed away at the Arl- that r aniz i " - [made no more nome that night [t~,,,~ ('h,h ..,t tho C .... t,, wv+o ....... r- ..... ~ u.~,~,t.~ T .... a vl. O g at ons, both .m. Ar .ues.a ,,,an, 'a He would not eat any grain for . g on ann surrounalng alStrlcts . . ; rosters were not only] ....... ]sion Service, co-sponsors of this night, following a prolonged ill-[which have .facilities, such as l~.|~h.n ~1~ A~- ~.l~l~.~ were brutal One x two ~ays ~nougn is someumes ~,~..~,..vM ...~ . ... u...~...~ o / . ]meeting are happy to be able to ness buil,H,~,~ t~ ....h ..... ,~ ~ J J have dropped dead[to much. . [have. Mr. Wiehers conduct this~ Mr. Bartlett, who was born in[shelters will have re~resenta- There has been little cam- The Memoirs of Herbert Hoov- ~:he log Cwh::~fJobm] miThe l~at:lame I S~Wn2rsC~im~/_ha_eeting ~ar'the community. Mr. Marysville Feb. 14, 1904, spent[tires present to help in~'forming paigning to indicate that an ~e aftla[g~:~thnbr~ndb~-~- eat. ~ (1 Y/ g g/wieners has much experience m ~ ,.~o qfe in Shohomish county 'a w'~P ..... ~..~n ,,..~ ......... g o - Iktehat the ox teamster[drive at the Florence Logging[rural home planning and his in- He an~d'his family came to Ar~'[ ,. ,-v,s~.~.~ ...... =ect~nc:iSon~PPoaC~lung~:n ~e b~atrhYe har~lrecently been receivt~ off of the dead ox,/Co, s camp in about 1918. A Lu-[formation will be both practical ~.,.t~,~ ,q,,ht years a,,o when he [o*! n *] - , " y " - " gton Public Library. d. him into and down[theran minister from Everett was[and interesting, op%n"e(ith% Bartlett Electric Cen-!;)ilvana DrlG[e zen.s of Arlington will go to the Another very acceptable gift wa~ u.te ahead of the logs[the speaker. A.lady from. Everett[ The general public is cordially ter, conducting the business un-ln . n " i polls to erect three councilmen, a se~.ection of twenty:s!x Into, vet The reaser sis was tne Soloist Tnere si~tin on i meetin " ' f " tire and patrons o~ tne Arnngton con- copyrlgnt DOOKS donated Dy air.. g o g mvlted to attend th s g. tll ill health oreed his re " ~eln l~e alreG~ s .... same ox ground was my old employer 'There will be no charge Mrs ment ohdated school district will also and Mrs. C. W. Fowler Thea~, rap on the backs of/Oliver Cummings I was delight'[Frances C Oleson Coun~v'~ten" .. " .............. [f~]An^,] [~ ]~ .... elect at that time three school have been catalogued and plact~ iXa- + .... ;-.- -~..--../...~ ......... ,'~..~ h;,~ ~,,, +h,~/ . . "~ ' ~ " until illness lnterierea, ne tOO~l~.,iUD~U #~ Yard directors on the shelves for 1 _ With his heavy calk/hand and have the pleasure of/ o an ac~,*= ~,-.:_?.. .... ~. "~"_:'2Y'l Repair work on the bridge In Arlington the school and Mrs. Edna Verd librarian, h~ s [ " " " " / ~ ana was a memuer anu Iorlne~] " was a eruelty I have saying to h~m, Mr. Cummings, erossing the Stillaguamish river city elections will be combined, purehased a number of books on eoS)eC'efore.bUt hadi d'dlheardnot YUka~eo fthe,, f~neS:v3anaI'n ,gv Frapk Prather ~c~tary.. ......... of the Arhngton Lions Onn HighwaYa 1.E'a a, was in uguratednrthth'lfweS~k~l ~heall citlzenSin both electionsVting atRuralthe tea-City i.rCa~Ssand- , "ghbb~ne~iinelwU~tgP " " g, rip-e-: ~reaser's story, for outlagain. There that evening wasilU;__ I[_;-L. D..;_.. tie is survlveu oy nls w~e,[by McRea Bros, contractors of idents, patrons of the school dis-!lshing, whittling upholstering Only six remained. ]one of the finest citizens Arling-[ ~ l|l~ O|K~ 1[ !-1~-I$ Frances, at home; two.aaughters,]Seattle, and that structure will trict, will also vote at the city land slip covers, leather craft a~d ton has ever had dressed in the Mrs Gmrla l-arKer, ~alt Lagd~ t=l ain~ t .... ~ ~ .... ,~t~ ] ( " [ Ellensbur,, Wash Frank Pra- ' ")be closed for a period of ninety hall Those patron~ of the school orlek laying a book on one-e~- lform h nit d States ty, Utah, and Mary Ellen Ba t nings was worrie~]full un" of t e U " e [ther, Central Washington music ....... .~']days. , district who reside in the dadinlng projects would be interest- lett at home and one son l~ranK, horses he had hired ]Army) Jack Haley. [student from Arlington (Wash.) ~ ' - ' ..... [ The bridge has been in bad and Silvana districts will castling to the young reader, and[ he had drivinu them}Cummings Homest~d [won first orize in the Yakima ~r., a~ n o~e; a~so tnre.e m~ers,~condition for some time, and the their ballots at the respectivelamateur craftsman. raake them haul the] Oliver P. Cummings home-[Camerata Club's annual voice ~vlrs. r~utn An~.e~on, ~rmay .~ar-Irepairs will consist of new pil- school houses for school direc-], "East of Eden," by Steinbe~ l~Ie told me of his]steaded on the west part of the|comDetition Tuesday night, ac- por; lwrs. l~owuen_~.eulng:[ing' treated lumber will replace tots. iThe Sojourner," by Rawlins~ hen stayed to watch[nrairie, south of Arlington, tak-leord]ng to Wayne Hertz chair- n a.m, ~vtrs. ins jet,errs: memanu]the old decking and walk way, ITown Candidates [ 'Obligato" by Frances Moo~e. l-llgnlancts, tWO orotners,l ex anda co 1 1 ts f at ng of blacktop will and many other new books tWay three different[ing over the homestead righ o [man of the Division of Music at ........ ~.~ ....... ~.^ . [_ ~ " ....... ill For the council positions those] ....... m~ )gs. Everything went[the ~vmrmon preacner ~onn ti.lthe Ellensburg college a~ ,~--,.~,,~-~?~-,~.. ...... ~oe putover me lammarea aeCK.lnominated are Dave Helm Del Ie oorrowea ~rom me seven aay is ~)leased ve, rv much.]Condit in the fall of 1885. This[ Prather a junior in music edu. eunerai servlces_w.~,ll De held[ It is understood the contra'ctl~,..~ ~,',~,,.~,,~ ~,,.~ ..... .~,r,~_ "[shelf, and dozens of others fron~ , "- ' - at tne ena eloiMOll S ~uneral .... ~,=.~ t ~,~u ~ .=~.~,,,,, ,,.u ,-,,,.- ~t his emnlov he naid[160 acres extended from the M.[eation was one of four vome fl..~ .~P .... ]price ~s in the neighborhood of ono,~ ~ ..... all ino,imhafite the two-week shelf, all without ............. [some z-~o pm ~aturaay, lxev 4900000 ............................ cost other than the re 1 :hun the "agreed price[Birckenmeler homestead on the[nalists in the contest which of-_ ~. - "_ '. .... "[$ , I ....... " . ] . . gu ar me[.. A ~ t~roKaw pastor o~ me ~zon o--------------- tmnnmg ~or scnoot alrector bersm tee va~,e~ /south to the C. H. Wrage or Val-[fered .~400 for the study of musicl ~. , , ...... l I "p ~ Some books now o~ ,~" .. _ .[ley Gem Farms on the north.[to the'winner Patricia'Freimuth, g regatlonal church, oii!ciatlng.[~:~b ~-~,~m ~'~h,~ ]are: order and expected soon for tir- e e-a-e ilnest crew O~]There are on this land today]Yakima violinist, won first prize Burial Will oe in lvlarysville cem-]~a~. ~au~;aa ~.,au~ For Director Dist. No. 3, 3.year]culation include "Invitation to ,^_~ver worgea among:]three sawmills one pole yard,[for instrumentalists [etery. ITA LqA..~ AL [term, Rush Bradley, R. 3, Arling-]Folly, by Sertz, "Are These Our ~rty a real r'uget , ~ ,, ,, ~h,~'~n .......... [one cow and horse market, three The Camerata Club is a mens ,.,---'----:---;. IO IYM$~L /'~l.. ton. Doctors, by Barkins Wreck 0~ i~.".,"~u, ...... ~ ..... ]small farms the Armstrong addi-[glee club in Yakima under "II I~ ~t~ I For Director Dist No 2 to, the Running Gale," by Roark u the ways ot cov- '. . . . a~aaal,~,a x~aUlm~Lvaa I " " ' Three Lives " ,, " is w ..............[tlon to Arhngton, many fmeldlrectlon of Stanley Leblns. Con. I ,l~larys~lue l~lar, l~ Icomplete term of Dr. Huber, re-] of Ehzabeth, by , ~ u,~ ,,~u,.~.u- * ' Seife " ,, ~e ,,v ~ .... ~ ...... [homes, a ralhoad, paved roads, testants were limited to those[~o,~n~o | ~.,~ The ~~aroh ~,~t~,~ ~,~ ~,~ signed, Juilus Norman, R. 2, Carl[ rt, A Boy in the House, by I l~k~i'mverv'mucl~|etc. With a :potential worth of[music students residing or for.[a~;l~;a|'~ ~a,~ . [Northwes't 13istri'et~Ga~den'Clu'b[Lang, R. 5. [De La Roche, and twenty others. 'ri,~., ..... ~,: ~:/[perhaps $1,000,000, Mr. Cum-]merly residing in the Yakimalr~ol| r~* twill be held in th~ Fidelit"'1 For Director Dis[ No 5 for 3 / ..... ~te mlngs undoubtedly sol fo a and Klttltas Valleys nlloren in rite Gran ear term Paul W r years Mr Farrin .... ge hall four miles north of Y : angsmo 114 qL _ '"Strike" in the Klon:[ mess of porridge, so to speak. ] Prather became one of the four[ Robert Floyd Peden 5 and[Marysville, on Tuesday, March Gilman St., Arlington; Rut'h L[-re ,,c,.oo, group g ,, came home with[ . O.hver ~umm~ngs otner[voic.e f!nalists by competing in a[Donald Marion Peden, i, sons oft10. Six of the neighborin'g garden]Taylor, R. 5, Arlington [Tn ]~ Tn~]~v claim to iame lle IS sala to nave rellmlnar contesz oanuar t~ ~hey to buy a fine] ....... ? , i st sch 1Ip " " y ~ "~ y~ :]Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Peden,[clubs are hostesses for this meet-I It is also understood that Mrs.] v ,,~.~,~ au~.o~,a] A~u,~,,s .............. .... ~,~ ,~,,. ]ouut , Arnngton.. s t r r IRicnaro. trouser tormer t:entrai]~105.~. Hovt .... Ave ~v,~r~tt~ ....... w,~,~ v~,~. ingo and urged that..all g.arden Chas. Gaffney w'lll be a stxcker" The. . Arlington. Pre-School ~-~- o (Kents Prairie) for a cont act music student, won the contest soelatlon at ~ts re ular meet f the Stillaguamish/ ........... writt [ . [tiros of a fire in their home last[club members participate in the candidate for director, Dist. No.l ... g ing t r~rlce m :~u Let it oe en three ears a o ething almost every[~ ....... __ ~ .........w~l _ Y ~g ". ........ ]Thursday evening.- ' The Peden meeting and program. ]5. Paul" Wangsmo is the present]n yuesaay, March 10, will p re- )ted and dreamed of[mat ~_,~ve~ r. ~u~f)m~,~e_r c~l A eoncer~ A prll Z ln...xaKlma~family were former residents of Registration is at 10 a. m., fol- director from this district he]sent a program [nat Will ~ OI lrl- h of his very own Ole[ne oi our many nne pmn e ~t-lat ~t~e uapltol tneaterwlilIeamre[Arlington Robert being born lowed by the business meeting having served two terms [terest to ever.y one. A film oli as ....... '- ~lzens ~t'ratner as guest SglOiSt The con-.mhere A--ril 8 l~V Dona~n .... ~land an illustrated lecture on ~,..,,~ .,,~ll h ..... community attituae towara tne neaa SKlClcler " . " . p , .......... ~u.~ ~., ~ u~,, from 8 a m " ~th " ~ ~'] --WILL H. VERD. [cert is to be sponsored jointly bY[burn at Everett _t~n,,arv 27 ~q~ [conservation in the mornin~ [ .... ~, o ^+ ......... =[bral palsy has been obtained :ine piece of land for ~ [the C~merata ClUb and the So-[ Besides their parents the ch]l'.'[Luncheon will be served by th~l~la.e~ -'o'lls'will b ..... ~.~. ~o[from the National Society of eht home, about three]Red Cross Continues I~ety for the ?reservation and/~ren are survived by two sisters,]Grange ladies ahd those plan-[~oonu~il 7 p m = v~, .......... ~]Crippled Children and AduRe ~:ncouragement or t~aroer ~nop nln to attend ma make reser ~lnce tne ~oclety s l~asrer ~eai of Arlington. William ] . [Louise Pearl and Carol Jean, bothl " g y - I ' " [ t fine young man was T-- /~,,ll^-~ D1--J ]Quartets of Amerlca. -- _ /at home and by their grandpar-]vations by calling or writing Mrs. o ....... ]campaign is now under way, thi~ bnnu5 ..... ' IIU ~,UII~I~L DlUUU [ Pratners winning ettort was a/ents Ml: and M,~ A A p,~,~,~n IV Personius, R 1, AHin~ton I~--.]~-- /~I..L /is a timely topic and everyone Bla-c'k'ma~'and I de-t]~.. A...--~.a ~ ..... [renflition !n German of."Verbor.]ll]4' Broadway'"~]verett. ' ...... [L 'turo on Birds" ~' " I~YU~M ~lUU [who is int~ed will be we[- OUld like a salmon foi4~UI- /'~iVlll~U Ol-t;~ ]g.enneit, oy ,wolf. ~e.nao pre-[ According to' reports, Mrs. Pc-] The afternoon program will qP_ ll__ | _ _l_ /come at tff~eeting, which will Went down on the loaFS'Last year in its 46 regional]vlus!y sung ~ne ~ellaa ~an:[3en was home at the time the]consist of an interesting lecture[IO ]['][e~r LecKenDee [be held in Mrs. Barter's room in ~" ' lna oy t'UCclni in Itanan anc~ fir " " ' on Birds of the Northwe I the first floor of the Roosevelt man lay down on thelblood programs, the Red Cross],,T~,~ ~,~, ,~ n ....... ~, w,~,~} caused by an pit stove[ ...~ ~ . . st, by Ne- The March meeting of the Ar-[ ...... e d down in th~ water]collected 1,681,500 pints of bloodm.~-L ..... :.~.. ~.,.~..~ ...... ~, ..... [explosion. It Is unaerstood thatlpnl ~omous, wno IS well Knownllin~,ton Garden Club~vill be hold[~cnl a~ ~ p.m. . )k in his hand and] ~or use in civilian hosnitals in/rr.~,ne prenmlnarle~s. . , ]~he took the older children to[for his authentic bird calls and[in ~'~,~ ~, .... ~,~t n~ t~ h,~,,~,~,/ in connection with the magu- s flonninc, shining, Ithe United States; and'to~,etherl rnls is the Artington singers]safety and attempted to rescuelPictures. Mrs. E. Super districtl~,'~'~'~"'~'~'a~'~,~ ~.'~'~'[zine drive the Pre-School Ass~i- trge salmon. Just likelwith private and community[ :h~r~ year at Central and hisI the baby from the crib but wasl~pro3ect. chairman, and Mrs. A. IMarch 9 at 8 -.m. This annuallatln ~s conductlng.a call to Mrs. tVer seemed tn b,~ ~,,ulblood banks under~con~,~,,t +,~"~"~" '~"""~'~"'~" "-'-,=-~ *--lunsuccessful It is thou~lat the~Lamp, ~arcten Tnerapy Chalrman]mooti~,'i~ ,..~.~ ~.. +~. ...... ~..~)~owier at ~z~D or ~vlrs. tiuner a~ ...... ' ..... "" "lude shin t o . . , ......... ~..~,=,~, ,, t.= ~=..~ We had a fino ~almnn[CO]lect blood for Red Crn~ r~.,, [- d a CentralWa g on]Joy Robert followed her back in-[who attended the district board t~ ,~,~,m~t ,~ 2913 is all that IS necessary for .................. , .v- ~ . th h ------- , . -~- v _otlege music scholarship and a to the house iced - meetin in Beltin ham and "~. v .......e usba..ds and a prom t icku of our old Years later good ha.]cured 2,439,700 pjnts of blood for[Mun~.... , ............ ,n~...~] ._ ., unnot hlst_ _ '~g... ~. g ~ - .... Ifrlends of garden club to come ..... ~Po p P Y Blackman was killedlthe armed forces I. ~,,,,_~u,,u~,,~,. ~ , ~:,~.~)motner, ann Iailed to Imd his nears ~v~r. ~nepnl speaK, stare tnattand hear an outst~-,~ ..... ak ' .... ~ .... ,~o, : tree top from a tree[ The Red Cross is training[m. reacn music in ~ne puonc] way back out, being overcome by(this part of the program is very[er This ,,ear we:,hav~e"~'~'~'-r:I '~ ~o. ,,,, , t cnools and suing graauare work smoke and he ~lnteresting and h~ hl informs z ........... ~REFRIGERATION SERVICE he ridge/ ]thousands of volunteers to assist]i:1 v i [ at. ('. "g Y " "ltunate to obtain Mr Leckenbee ............. =. __ n o ce tlVC i ~ ~ r~ruaviK ot r~aS~ ~tanwooa 8tor~ Itour Ithe professional nurses during[ " t o -- ~ ]who will s~eak on "~rav~ ~nd, " " ,k ha~,~ ..... w~ ~,~ ~,~ [blood drawin~,_ ~1 o------~--. /A~ ._i_*_ . ll~ . I All members of the Arlington! ~,,~.-~" v.,~'~'~"'~ 5..., ~,,~*~"'Lff~'-~arden ..... announces. . the inauguration .f ........ ..... rlln [on ]~e[urns Garden Club are ur ed to attend Refrigeration and supply servwe four feet square was~try must have whole blood on/ ~ ~.,ua~ o [1~_ I'll . O ~ I .v. .V ..... ~ ,.~u.~, ~l ..... .~ ~.. ~.., .................. P, .. . rudvik states day bunkhouse. A] Clvlhanhosp talslnthlscoun-[Planmn, g.,,.nnli.$1on [ g [at least hart,.* ~.,g ......... I Garden club members are at that la~e Mr B , ~,.~u tu -..~ ~Haug~m~,u~ mat n na naa ma II hun * un ,nrls[ e you can t oe tnere all day, tr to e ny years ex the center of the d when it is needed--last nlas ~ sis y fen[grin i " ar " ~of a chimne- A qr~tvear Red Cross fdrnishen hln,n]Holds Flrst Sessaon [. ~ ... [attend when you can. I.. .g a figurine, any e l y perlence in refrigeration and is built on the ~grounh,[for half of the hospital:in "the[ The Arlington ,lanning corn-[Is 6ratdvin~ t .... ] ower gr U lor wo2yspec e!qualified to servie refrigerators aer t United States ., ~ , ....... anu ueep ~reeze equipment :i~_ he opening in I " . AThere is never anY[mission recently'- appoir~ted by[ The 6roceeds from the c'~,~+ [t;ubs lmlov (of piants and seeds~for any who o " rues it would smoKelcnarge /or tne didOS, a~[nougniMa,,or Robert ~,,r'-h,, held its" .- .... .~...,o~-, * -, ~ _~,~ ~,,,+ .... ~,~,~ t ~.h. .,~,~h n o., A =. 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" ' trill of ham salads casseroles Elmer Spiering, who returned ~r~g as "Treasure Is- by Red Cross, the organiz~ation Howard "Pal~ner, Frank Arnot,['~"~ff...m_aJ~;, ........ pies and cakes at the Annual ~. ~,~, i~n~A~,l~,ie home last Friday from Webster, [~oe and Saddle," or serves as the agency for procur- Chas K Erickson City Treasurer]~ ~tur.ns.~[.mfnlsarea-were aS]Blue and Gold Banquet at the[a~| a~;~.'auaa~;aatn~a~ S.D., reports that he was de- t~'s "Roughing It." I[ing blood needed by the armed Webb Moorman ' ~ ]~nl~~44,~ungfn'. Sb43"84;_Bry_'[Pioneer Hall Friday evening,[ Rev. M. F. Funderburk will layed 9 hours at Aberdeen, So. I am unable to haake]forces and to build up a plasma The purpose "of "the commis-~.~-.-= ~ ;~u; ~e~arnome. $1Ol:75jlFeb. 27. [conclude his ministry at the lo- Dak., by a blizzard with the tern- ' rve for rave national . ~cero - Ira~ton ~6~.u~; UliII, eft Haggertys stones[rese .. g . emer- sion, as stated by Chairman El.[.~,a3~o ........ " ........ ] Each Cub Scout lntrodueed his[cal Assembly of God Church this perature at 17 degrees below .... ......... ; ~Ja~t~04ton~ou.uu; r~ast y manuscript. [gencms. ~ed uross IS not prod for hs ~s to aid the city council byl~ ....... .~ ....=;~ ~,~ _ Iown Mum and Dad then Mr ISunda~, March 8. All the me[- zero. Sl lthou h throw h the D v to "xty years ago and blood a " g g e- listing and studying the various[~L~,.~a 7, ~" ~;., ~o .... [Winston Baldwin, 'Cubmasteri[bers and friends are in ited Mr. Spiering went to Webster, reimburse~ "salaries ha~Clmpr vementp a~da [hatlu..~^~ ^..~^_~z'~"~" ,~ramre v./yallS',~o.~" " know none of those fense Pro ram, certain costs are ely ro ects t , mtroduced the off[era of thellom in these farewell services at So Dak, to attend the funeral o[ are now alive such as- of beanproposed[ com.[~i~a~s~F~.~,. .$~l~ewoo~ellogg]Pack Committee Den Mothers~ll a. m. and 8 p.m. his father, Fred Spiering, which ]ions e remember any of technicians, transportation, etc. plete analysis of the city's ft ....... , ..~ . .~a. .. , $1zd;land the following guests: Rev. A. The church has given a call to was held Feb. 21st He was ac- .~s, so they must re- only for blood for the armed nances over the past ten years [~rysv~lm, %~l;u~; ~o n roe,[D" Brokaw, Mr. and Mrs. Warren[Rev. Verdun Delgatly, of Langley companied by his sister, Mrs. ~ up, ~SO ~6 u~, ~tanwoocl, ed Rev D r a memory of the forces, as to income and expenditures:]e204"40! War-- D=~_L ~o~,, /James and family of Everett, Mr. I Prairie, B. C., to succe . o othy Bratlie, of Cower d ', I Now the Office of Defense This study to disclose the city's]~" ..... o~u, ,~-,~.ou. [and Mrs. Claude Hale and fam-[Fundetburk as pastor Alene, Idaho. ~ots of logs into thelMobilization has asked the Am- ability to finance improvement[~ ~ ,~ ~, o o '. lily and Mr. and Mrs. Rick Gray. [ Ummer and fall for e~ican Red Cross to collect blood projects [l oU.V. Commmloner I Mr. Harry Johnson, retiring[ ings , without anylto be processed into gamma glo- The commission will meet next[ ..... o Pack Committee chairman, was[ ~e loss of a single ox[bulin to the limit of processing on March 16, and it is ekpected]~u|nl~:~Ck ~ASl~.neo introduced and thanked for his[ -~'--~-~---- [fwcilities'for use in the preven- to meet thereafter on the firsl . all* ~_ o. untiring efforts to keep Cub 011 YAll'IP tion of paralysis in polio. Red. Monday of each month. " Anr,~ml',~,i Scouts rolling in this commun- Cross has accepted this t sk Among projects which will re. ity. Bob Williams is the new which will draw heavily from celve s eclal stud will be ade' It is learned by The Times that Pack Committee chairman | Franl Prather wh~) as an Ar There are 70 eo or functlons that in nature. All event~ ~- fee is charged, o~ dver~Ised will ~pI~s,r The charge will b~ or a minimum o~ $1.00, lket fOrTavernAnotherit OUra bigger,atnewdancingsilvana.addi'bet. !iietr~d~!~~p~i ] ~:~~ t s"m ] ~i~~ ~~t.~chki ] ~jnii~ji~ [ ~a~~ioW: iii~!~ a~~srnat~i! I'~efrlm~stee~~~i! VerYBob,SaturdaYwandanight.andRobePh ret shf~~ iSs ~ow:r;ide Wd b~ylh~ 1ApsMai~ ~ n~pH~! i ~s ~tj~ I ~!!g i r aEvf~edr 2!~ aha~i Sih ~~i~ I those:ha N e~atsO~i:i f ~!o~i inCct~! on;sa tSie I i~i~i~! dM ~b27 h~w!~hii [ ~hh~/n~ho ~o :t ~me 2c~obT~r lla~t~ at Mt. Wheeler ~Tshid~et l r 1~ ] %SnCslUribrl ~W-thi-ec- 'tUrday, March 7th. ] hapOpT:n to .ar dance Sat., March ~rSant~e~dylaSJedd'motor ~m~ptn~ :5 , am ouClUrb 2~ [~s Omn ytt L 2%fSnOo O.lly A on Marc2fl7, 18 and is t ere was no other loss. dially ~nvited to attend, " merce. , " north on Tuesday. 9. the Cehtral ~ingers.