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March 1, 2000     The Arlington Times
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March 1, 2000

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March 1, 2000 COLUMNS, HOROSCOPE, CROSSWORD The Arlington Times/The Marysville Globe 4 B5 Silver Linings by Debi Marshall age comes in are purple and dressing up as a and playing with Her list of wants is a new bicy- Kendra Ferrier appears yet the obstacles lifetime already the warm, sunny her parents, Jim Arlington, noticed their easily. Jamie's turned to alarm when Small object on her foot and within an hour a appeared. something was 20, 1998 as her memory when and irreversibly a Saturday, the injury local pediatrician and sent her to for blood tests. The the small child was topped the list of Kevan, 10, in with frantically raced to to Seattle's fear gripping their POrMered the fate of their the night, Kendra blood transfusions. with a definitive acute lymphocytic L Ptentially fatal form of diagnosed with ALL will than a few months with- out intensive treatment. The devastating news came just four days before Kendra's third birthday. Still in shock, Jim and Jamie were told their daughter would have to immedi- ately being a rigorous two-and-a-half-year course of chemotherapy, treatment that, although arduous, offered an 80 percent cure rate. So began the battle for Kendra's life; a battle that is far from over. For the first three months, she received a grueling course of intensive chemotherapy drugs aimed at getting her cancer into remission; treatment so strong that she was required to stay within an hour proximity of Children's Hospital. Reluctantly, Jamie and Kendra left their cozy home, five acres of lush greenness on the outskirts of Arlington, and took up temporary residence first with Jamie's aunt, Marg Robinson, Lynnwood. and later with her father and step-mother, Dick and Barb McCabe, Edmonds. A technical sup- port person for a computer software com- pany, Jamie was able to telecommute to the office, enabling her to accompany Kendra to frequent medical appointments. Employed in contractor sales at Eagle Hardware, Jim remained in Arlington with Kevan. Friends and neighbors helped out while Jim was at work. Jamie's mother and stepfather, Neen and Dick Myers, along with Jim's parents, Jim and Sharon Ferrier, also provided invalu- able support. "I know it's been hard on Kevan having Kendra and I so far away," said Jamie. "When we're staying in Edmonds, he and Jim visit whenever they can, but at first it was difficult because Kevan was excited about doing things in Seattle, but because of Kendra's sup- pressed immune system, we couldn't go out. We all realized we'd have to make a lot of sacrifices in order to get her healthy again." By early September, the Ferriers finally received good news; Kendra's .leukemia was in remission. Still they faced two more years of additional chemotherapy, fre- quently necessitat- ing a return to Seattle. Despite the obstacles they have already overcome, the family has remained strong, drawing strength from family, friends and each other. "I've been up and down emotion- ally," said Jamie. "You just have to learn to deal with it one way or anoth- er, or else you'll go nuts. We've had a lot of support and a lot of advantages like good insurance and the willingness of my company to allow me to telecommute from wherever I am stay- ing." On Jan. 11, the ...... Ferriers welcomed a new family mem- ber into their home when Jamie delivered a healthy, six-pound-eleven-ounce boy they named Kamryn. "I'm definitely tired," laughed Jamie. "Having a new baby is always exhausting, but Kendra's been a real trooper through it all, and she's thrilled with her little brother." As part of a new, remarkable, high- tech program based at the Children's Hospital in Oakland, CA, blood was taken from the umbilical cord moments after birth. From that blood, vital stem cells will be harvested which may one day be used should Kendra require a stem cell rescue; a painful, lengthy procedure similar to bone marrow transplant. "It's amazing, for us to think that this new baby may actually save his big sis- ter's life one day," said Jamie. Though the family appears remark- ably resilient in the face of such adversity, seen each other's children with hair," she there are times the battle seems over- laughed. "There's a chance we won't even whelming. Every third treatment, recognize them." chemotherapy drugs are injected directly Through it all, the Ferriers have into Kendra's spine, a brutal process strived to keep life as normal as possible which both Jamie and Jim while struggling with a situation that is dread, anything but normal. Twice a week, "She's asleep for Kendra attends daycare, allowing Jamie the procedure, buttime to work. When Kendra's immune sys- we're wide awake and tem is not compromised, they frequent pacing," said Jamie. the mall and outdoor playgrounds. The loving parents "The only things we avoid are crowd- faced yet another hur- ed, indoor play areas and obviously sick die when Kendra's children," said Jamie. In fact, receiving long, luxurious hairoral chemotherapy at home has become so began falling out. In routine that Kendra frequently asks, true Ferrier fashion, "Mommy, who's going to make my medi- however, Jim shaved cine tonight?" his head in support of With mixed reel.s of joy and trepi- his young daughter, dation, the Ferriers look forward to next "I know losing fall, when their lives will return to "nor- her hair bothered memal" following the end of a rigorous two- much more than it and-a-half-year battle for their young bothered her," said daughter's life. Jamie. "Her hair has "The months following treatment grown back in now, actually frighten me more than what we're but not the beautiful, going through right now," said Jamie. "At long, dark, slightlyleast during treatment, you feel you are wavy hair she had. It's actively taking steps to combat the cancer. a wild mop of curly I think, until we reach the infamous five- light-brown hair with year-in-remission mark, I'm going to be a mind of its own. holding my breath." Somehow it's a very As Kendra leaves the long, sterile fitting 'do' for thehalls of the hospital behind, she will take spirited little girlanother big step when she enters kinder- sporting it." garten in the fall. Jamie continued, "Starting kindergarten is a milestone "My challenge now for any child but it's different for us, comes when I hear, over because it brings the possibility of a list of and over, 'Look at those curls! Is it natur- different challenges as a result of her dis- al? People pay good money for hair like ease and treatment," said Jamie lovingly. that!' 1 sometimes want to say, 'No, it's not "There's a chance Kendra will have learn- natural, and we have paid dearly for those ing disabilities and the possibility, down wonderful curls,' but sometimes the story the road, that she could be sterile. Our is easier not to tell." next project is to get her into school and Jamie has found an abundance of get her on the right track." information and support chatting on the Challenges are nothing new to this Internet with other families whose chil- close-knit family who now sees the world dren have been diagnosed with leukemia, in a different light, through the eyes of In addition, they have become friends with one courageous four-year-old girl. families they have met at the hospital. "It didn't take long, being down at Children's, to realize how many other kids Debi Marshall's award-winning col- are going through this same thing," said umn appears in several weekly newspapers Jamie. "In fact, this month we're getting throughout the west. If you wish to share together with two other families whose your story or comments, please write Debi children were diagnosed with leukemia at in care of this newspaper or email her at roughly the same time as Kendra. It will be interesting, because none of us has ever old wants to S .......... . __ .Z~____Z.:~ ....... __ _5 Dear Dr. Sylvia: I am 1 4, gRids and I want to became a psychol- n Raisin ogist. HOW long will it take to become one? How many years of college will I have to have? "or. Sylvia Rimm Please tell me everything you know about psychology. -- Smart Young Man 2000, Creators Syndicate, Inc. ts a child psychologist, a clinical Reserve University School of books on parenting. Rimm on Raising Kids, Ohio 44145, or e- Rimm's web site is ,COm. Dear Smart Young Man: I do enjoy the work I do as a psy- chologist, so 1 would not hesitate to recommend it to you, provid- ed you continue to find it inter- esting. Most high schools now offer a course in psychology to introduce students to the subject. In college, you can also choose to major in psychology. That will take four years. In order to actual- ly work in the profession either as a clinician or researcher, you would want to pursue a doctoral degree, which can take between four and six more years. That would be followed by an additional year of internship if you plan to do clinical work. You will also want to explore further the employa- February 27 - March 4 21 With an situ- or You're tell A romantic or her. role late boss Week, to Your or her Whom surprise e You Week, on needs a for him apPreci. One this Cares is busy right now. Give him or her time to get things done. Don't worry -- you'll spend a lot of time togeth- er during the weekend. Leo - July 23/August 23 Try to keep your emotions in check at work this week, Leo. A co-worker purposely is trying to upset you. Don't give this person the satisfac- tion. Stay calm, cool and collected. Remember, the higher-ups are watching you. You meet an interest- ing person late in the week. Get to know him or her better, because this could be the one. Virgo - Aug 24/Sept 22 Be selective when it comes to mak- ing plans this week. A lot of people say that they want to help you with things, but you know that only some of them mean it. Figure out who is sincere. A friend introduces you to an interesting person on Wednesday. Get to know him or her better. Libra - Sept 23/Oct 23 A close friend turns to you in a time of need. Listen to what he or she has to say, and give your honest opinion about the situation. Your efforts will be appreciated. A loved one invites you to dinner late in the week. Say yes, because it's sure to be fun. Scorpio - Oct 24/Nov 22 Don't let your ego get the best of you when you meet an important business associate early in the week. This person really can help your career. So, don't alienate him or her by being conceited. That special someone needs a favor from you this weekend. Do what you can to help. Sagittarius - Nov 23/Dec 21 Don't back down from a confronta- tion with a co-worker when you know that you are right. He or she just wants to make you look bad. If you stand your ground and explain yourself, you're sure to come out victorious. An acquaintance asks to borrow money. Find out what he or she needs it for before saying yes. Capricorn - Dec 22/Jan 20 A loved one gets into trouble early in the week and needs your help. Give this person some advice, but don't get too involved in the situa- tion. It only will create problems for you. The person you've been seeing wants to intensify your relationship. Say yes, because you know that this is what you want too. Aquarius - Jan 21/Feb 18 Look at all of the pros and cons before making an important deci- sion this week, Aquarius. You have a lot riding on this -- don't do any- thing rash. Turn to loved ones for help if you need it. They can help you make the right choice. bili~ for psychologists. While there we many fields within psychology, it is very difficult to find work in some of them. That may improve or get worse as you approach the age of employment, but colleges can help to update you on potential positions. While it is impor- tant for you to follow your passions and love your work, it is equally practical after investing so many years in your education to know if you will be able to find a job. Indeed, you are a very smart young man for thinking so far ahead about your future! Dear Dr. Sylvia: I have a 3-year-old daughter who is proving to be an incredible challenge. She often becomes unreasonable when she does not get her way, and I have taken to removing her from situations (such as library story time), with her kicking and screaming all the way. I would like to try to solve her behavior problems at home, and would like to know if you could recommend some courses, books, or a general direc- tion. -- Parent of Challenging Child raise than others. Strong-willed children require spe- cial consistency and shouldn't be given too many choices, or they'll assume things should always be they way they want them to be. Be sure you and her dad are united and supportive of each other. Before your daughter goes into story time, remind her she'll need to sit very still and enjoy the story, and that you'll be very proud of her. Explain that afterward she can help pick out some books to take home from the library so you can have your own story time at home. If you must take her out for kicking or screaming, don't take her back for a little while until she asks several times. Explain that you're waiting until she's a little bigger and can be good. The books I would recommend are "Raising Preschoolers" and "How to Parent So Children Will Learn." Dear Parent of Challenging Child: Some children are tougher to Capricorn plays an important role on Tuesday. Pisces - Feb 19/March 20 Be sympathetic when an acquain- tance comes to you for help with a problem. Do what you can for him or her. Your efforts will be appreci- ated. A close friend turns to you for romantic advice. Be honest with him or her. FEBRUARY; FEBRUARY 29 Jack Lousma, Astronaut MARCH 1 Ron Howard, Actor/Director MARCH 2 Laraine Newman, Comedian MARCH 3 Herschel Walker, Football Hayer MARCH 4 Steven Weber, Actor 1 13 17 2O 2 25 26 32 35 39 2 48 49 55 nm 58 Clues ACROSS 1. Metric li~ar unit 4./count 9. Sounds 13. Oceans 15. Evolve 16. Monetaff unit of Angola 17. Bunny cards 20. 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