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February 19, 1953     The Arlington Times
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February 19, 1953

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PAGE TEN :7__ THE ARLINGTON ___TIMES' ARI'INGTON' - WASHINGTON' THURSDAY, FEB. =19' =--1953" Mrs. Eva Main is ill, suffering Inn |~l-~ I'rt ~'~|~ee~u ORDER NOW, Stark Bros. World's FOR SALE, bulldozer, D2 cater- 1950 I.H.C. baler for sale P. T. O. FOR , OSO with pneumonia. She is being avv l~GtL~, ,.~ ,,.,a~ooaA$. Champion Fruit flowering and pillar, new rails Just overhaul- No 45T for $995 This machine side mounted mow~l cared for by Mrs. Fred Dewey ..... shade trees shrubs -erenni ed. Oxy-acetylene welding .-'- - " . double bottom plow, $14 | Mrs. Nellie George, The Home Demonstration Club WOULD LIKE TO RENT or lease . ' .._' v ..... " gauges, hose, tips ahd cutting win give you as good service terpillar 30, $39~5. Phon~ | corresoordent, met at.the home of Mrs. John a farm. Phone 325J1. Lewis A.I als, vines, roses lmone z6~J4, torch R. S. Katzenberger, R. 1, as new one with a few repairs Miss Doris Marshall, accom Slack on Deer Creek road last Miller. ~--~- Stanwood. Wash Phone W C by haying time this machine MURPHY PACKING CO. ,~^-~--^~-~.-. ~,.--:-- *,-~ --*^- , .... ~--I wt~ ~Lr~---or Trade 1viooel A 1614 " ' wi']l easil sell for 1.100 Bu partied by Mrs. L. C. Whitman, ,,vu,wuay. ~tum~ t.e a~tc~- FOR SALE --- Upright' piano,, , ,. y $ . . y killing, cutting and wr~ Mrs. Russell Rhynard and daugh noon Mrs. Winston Baldwin and l,~, ........~... ~ .... .~ ,~.~- t Ford, 2 to 33ear ram. Want --~ -- now and save Contact Harold Locker beef. Phone | . ..u,.v~.. ~,,,~.~,., ~,~,, ~u.- woven wlre lenci " ~ ter Juanita, drove to Klabor to Mrs. Wlggs of Arhngton came up "~'i~n Phone 184r3 ...... n g, howard WOOD--2-cord load 15-inch mill T. Bake, Sound Farm Supplies, Tuxe(io 3648 evenings, ............ ,~ ,, o heaven ~none z~2w~ wood Phone 322W2. 2401 Hewltt, Everett ton 3401 l visit over the week with Mrs. to explain [ne ~=uo ~cou[s lnlor- ...... Whitman's daughter Winona tuition with the idea of starting I SPECIAL SALE~15 head Hol- stein heifers; some springers; and her family. Mrs. Freda ttagglund of Stan- wood, with her daughter Mrs. Elmer Alseth of Darrington, spent last Thursday at the home of her son and family, the Gust Pearsons. Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Jennings and Mrs. ttelmer Jennings of Mary,~vil!e spent last Wednes- day, the 11th, with Mr. and Mrs. Fred Jenner Mr. Jennings is a a den here for the young sons The next meeting will be at Fortson on Feb. 25th at the home of Mrs. Pat Clark Through an er- ror there was no corsage demon. stration as originally planned, )at hope to have it, at Mrs. Clark's home at the next meet- ing, Death of Mrs. Entsminger The community was saddened Saturday on learning of the teath of Mrs. C. E Ents- minger, who passed away ear- brother of Mrs. Jenner Mr. John Moen was a patient at the Arlington Hospital from Sunday evening until Monday evening, having suffered after effects of tile flu. His son Ber- nard was called from Seattle 12 head of Guernsey heifers. all to freshen soon; good quality. FARMERS AUCTION SALE SATURDAY AT SNO- HOMISH. AUCTION SALE every Saturday; poultry and misc. items, 10 a. m.; dairy cows, beef, young stock, hogs and sheep, 12 noon. FARMERS AUCTION SALE. SNOtIOMISH. F, L. B Owner, Auctioneer F()I~ RE-NTf-~3-room apartment. ty that morning at the Arling- Contact W. D. Willey, Arling- '.on IIospital after entering it a ton, after 6 p. m. Phone 104 Blossom Time, fresh, rich and creamy, large or small curds, also with chive. few hours earlier Though she had been a semi.invalid for Christian Science ~-Lb. Monday evening years, her last illness was of a _ Funeral services of Chas. Kelly, few days She was a long time l.- ture , , , , ctn. February 23rd formerly of Oso, and Hazel were resident of Oso, and enjoyed her ,,,v,, held at Arlington Tuesday. He f a m i l y a n d acquaintance A lecture on Christian Science sunny Jim, made from top grade peanuts, creamy and smooth. thrughut the years she being was delivered in Arlingtn High pE ~IUI" [IUIIER WASHINGTON'S BIR] passed away Friday at Sedro- of a sunny disposition. She lived School Auditorium on Monday z. oo,,oy Silver Wedding with her daughter Sarah but her evening, Feb. 9th, by George Nay, ] Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Daniel went granddaughter Marlen was with C.S., of Chicago, Illinois, Mem- t Everett late Saturday and t the end" A sn Charles came ber f the Bard f LectureshiPservlces were held at Boston, Mass. Mr, Nays lecture ll~iie oanilat~;inllSshingtn State'jL.II " T~CO'I' ~E stayed over Sunday They en-immediately by plane from of The Mother Church, The First A: joyed the celebration of their sil- Great Falls, Montana Funeral Church of Christ, Scientist, in 10-Lb. ver wedding anniversary, at the Wednesday a ' . . . . . . Salad Dressml the Methodist church in Arling- was substantially as follows: home of her niece, Mrs. Martin ton. Christian Science is not an ac- i Duchess g e n u i n e, O'Sullivan, with Beverly Daniel Slumen as co-hostess The white --------- cumulation of human knowledge, A Washmgton Product, centares all food values of fresh milk. Case of 48---6 75 smoth " tart whi - " 0 , - ppeu-- wedding cake had figure '25' on Another School Reunion. but Mary Baker Eddy's Spiritual ~ih|~| ~ li~|| If . ~ j made of fine ingredi- Quart it amid a silver trim. and the Plans are being processed for discovery, her revelation:. _ U~RiUULU lY~iLh groom's cake was cut into pieces another school reunion picnic a m iouncung and organizing ner C~DS U/ Pack'Train, maple flavored. and wrapped in silver paper gathering of all pupils that h'ad Churcn, lv irs: l~uaynao no prece- ease of Table Syrup The honored ones received many attended Oso schools since the be- trends to ionow; sne.naa m re~.y 24-Oz . lovely silver gifts, g lnQ n~n gwi 64b Y?r ss :gga - The - rei [ n ce~ an ~ l~Ine 1 {~r wgi~ha ~e t ~ CH[RUB MI[ : KSCans "--- ' ..... Graduate Nurse ~' .... i 1 - Y' g ~ IScriptures" and the King James 6/ Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Tungate mn wire spec a nonor given tol: .......... nl attended thegraduationofMissallstudentsof the log school.lvers~nrtcn~e~.~D, m arce,,~ne,~ y ~E ;C Viola Hollis from the Providence It's renuested that all new~ ......... "" '~ ..... ~'~' ......... School of Nursing, last Friday known ~idresses or of those not[.. Mrs. Eddy has written: ?.All UM R Dight in Everett. Viola is the contacted before be sent to Mrs.]me, ~.~ai lSea~rnal~Vit~l~rU~ct~3n SNOW STAR I] '~ /s ~ I FLEET Fresh Butter unue i es y P - ni~L'e of Mrs. Tungafe. Knights. 1" ~ " " ICE CREAM | m Nalley s of "Tacom:| Ii o/nine : vrup I Mr and Mrs Glen Parker ac ~iec[ion, nothing is wholly real Ernest McKnight, who is stay- oom~anied b,, ~vI- ,..n ~n~o ,~.,gl (Science and Health, p. 353). BISCUIT MIX Dairy Glen, fresh creamery r ing on Green Mt. near Granite Davis visited Mrs. Parker's broth:[~22n~ce,,ma~}er~ n~::raPeffhec~" ' wet ...... butter, special savin rice Lb ] Falls, spent a day in the corn- ~ v ~ .................. Assorted flavors,very 1 have a maple flavored syrup for | wonaerlul for cinnamon g p " " unity last week. He has had a er Herman Keister and family at .~ ....... ~: .J ..... 'd and gooa ior parties, desserts | pancakes and waffles. | rolls, better waffles and ..... .--~ --- Oak Harb'~r T, "~on-- -'~ ,~o+~lS no material reanw, t~o or bedtime snacks. | | many other uses. Lucerne, Homogenized, in ~ gal. containerS siege of rheumatic condition and - .. v , ;"~%~'~ ~.~,. '?~UHis pure ideas constitute reality. I 24.oz. I FRESH MILK half gal. still feels miserable, weei~, herman nas oeen nl oI aI What then of sin disease sor I Bottle ~ | ~ ...... Mr. and Mrs. George Thompson virus condition and left in a cri- ~ .......... t ..... h.'ni,,,~*' r'.nd OfandEVerettvisited tillcameoverUPsundaywithSaturday ticalThecOnditionMt. Wheeler'" ~rangers .... wnl couldVnot create: ....... . .rYe"Include. h is anYo '~t m$15~ I Nalley's rich. smooth ~c | 40-Oz. _~ Lucerne, a nourishing drink for young, old element or condition whlc p- "~ ] M yonnaise .. qt. D'[ | ' BUTTERMILK .......... qt. Mrs. Mac Thompson. hold a benefit dance Feb. 28th for .... n ~^ ~ "-wn "-t"r~ There one of thei- ~'~*--- ~ + ~ pu~, ~, ,-~ ,, ,,~ ~, ~. - Les Pumphrey, who has been .......... ,_ ': fore any manifestation of evil ~~ ~ ~m ill for many months, isnowin apenn, wno .... lost nlsnome and lacks the divine cause that co dul .._.__.. TURKEYS Ho;; il; akeaCherryPie- weakened condition and is visit- con ten~s oy.~re. .... give it realaity; it is illusion. Iteodv-To.foob ed often by his daughter, Harriet Tne lvlL wneeler ~irangers win ~eience and Health defines top Himan. He is in a Snohomish ~.o to South Lake Stevens next c~,,-n- ~o ,,i ......... ~ m,,i,,~ ~,,. e ~ " home.The inside of the S. and A. ruesday,.uems. "'~o me"Feb'gave124th"meeting.aS honored ,~oul)~i.olnlopreme, ........ infiniteT.ifoVMind, rr,,t~Spirit,Love,,Sou"l,n, FROM WASHINGTON FARMS ..... Washington. Co-op fully ~ . y_ Cb rrms 1. -oz. can ............. , .... , ...... , --~ ",-" r wn Br re b ~mulsl mlxea smooth store is being redecorated by a There will be a ClVll defense 465) ~" d a , o~d B ast irds. Thoroughly cleaned; perfect fla- - , ..... vor, roady for the oven of paint applied by Ray meeting open to the pubhc at the ecause Mind, as a term for " Royal Satin Shortening 3-1b can Tungate and Ray is doing it ,Grange hall this Friday night, God, is by nature creating and Guaranteed to work wonders for pie crust. without patenting himself. What Feb 20th at 8:30 o'clock. An of- giving, not wothholding, with in- isMrs.this' J.a J.cmmercial?Bradley went to tile ~ficial_nt Wlth'frmmovlesSeattle' andWilla betalkPreS-of finitetest its-nwerideast sustainit followsand thatPr" half.lS to ~2 ! ' '~'~ll~/average whole or averageReadY tOsmallCOOk,size.,, to 13 lbs. Kitchen Craft Flour.. 10-1b bag Everett Providence Hospital ~pecial interest to airplane spot-Mind is Love ' b:55C, Lk 59c_____ Tuesday for an operation. ,ers. Everyone is welcome and The term "Life leads human 1 mI~OBHI~L m mm~DWA'~DS' The Clarence George family [ :hose who wish to join in refresh- thought to the recognition of ,BE BOTROAST . _ . ......................................... C 'U. S. "Choice" or 'Good,' blade cut. We have the size you want. at ar.v.,o ,,ooc ast e o, man 0]t Leslie Jenner of Seattle is}, The bloodmobile will again be eternal, perfect continuity as b 49C , ]~] An extra rtcll, spending his vacation workingl:~.t Darrington March 6. All who God s reflection. Soul or Spirit I~l]~J.~_] For those who pre- ~iIf bodied, here on his property, the former]wish to donate blood please is God, the Life the intelligence, u.s. "Choll~l~" or "Good," 7-inch cut, excess bone removed. I~[ fer a sharp, fresh, ~ blend for I~reekveldt place. [ ,otify your block warden, and the substance or essence of BEEF RIB ROAST .... lb. 69c m~ vigorous, filll fla- ~ ~ want the -------------~~ man and the universe. ~ vored coffee. Mrs. Eddy uses a number of coffee. limber Industno.. and IWA.elfl [terms todescribetherealorper- U.S."Cholc'e"or"Good."ServeSwissedin Spanish sauee. BEEF ROUND STEAKS . . lb. 75c 77c 1 ,-Lb. w=.------.w~ ~--~ -- - ~v feet man, among them, God's I| - --= --" l| | image and likeness. His reflec- Armour's,r~Hormel or Diamond F, 12 to 16 lbs. average, whole or shank ] Ba~ ~a~" ee..~q.~ Ca~ |t0 Call Re.0ila.l... | |...~k~." ,tion; the reflection of Love, iiv. SKIN ED H.AMS .... !b59c l i ',m: . ling, loving, truthful--that is Negotiations on 1953 labor con- representing approximately 250 man~_ The corp.oreal, mortalis cut-up, y.qur~g, tender colored d~_)A | tracts opened in Portland, Ore., companies employing around 22,- not \ne real, spiritual man Oil Fresh lV3,ers ..... lb. DOt; [ HORMEL'S Thick slitq~l, Western style ! tlolaStalWeekwoobetweenwor i rs the Interna- 000 people are directly involved.[mere)yot him. aa IalSe,aelleC~ionn.UmanconceP~o~ morta~ Bar S Bacon:. ..... lb. [ ,.~ ann,to n :i l e of America-Weverhaeuser Timber Com,~any, mind CIO and lumber, logging, and box{~ever, with around 6000 IWA. "'an is inse arable from God Captain's Choice, fry or broil ~'t~ [ Boneless, no waste, just heat 14 Oz C and serve plywood operators throughout' CIO employees, is negotiating in- u~2^~.~;o,o, ;P~ ~,~n ann's in' Salmon Steaks . pkg" b~ I ' ' western Oregon and Washington. :lependently again this year as ~".~ ~Y~.'2~ ....... Vuu: :., Three days of bargaining ses- they have since 1950 ' OlVlauanw is never lost.. . . Small size,for Irylng or stews. Oft I 63/4-1b. WII~ESAP or sions were held ~'oh ....... m 1~ 1.: , ." , " J~ecause OI hiS spiritual origin, Fresh Oysters ... :pt. O~C I Can ................ ~" ~-~, , r~mplover groups involved are , ..... ~ ~" ....~ - the Master s understanding of Fcy. am, ex. fcy, Washing-24.Lb, Box Union demands served upon tbe Willamette Valley Lumber the truth of being was natural to, ton apples. Fine for eating, 2.49 '~ the entire industry this year are Operators Association, Columbia him and came to him directly ~ cooking or baking. for a 221~c tlOUI~LY WAGE IN- Basin Loggers and Sawmills, from God Through his perfect Washington grown, extra fancy and fancy. CREASE, a SIX-tlOUR DAY Lumberrnen's Industrial Rela-i knowledge of the allness of Chatham, g o o d WITH FIGHT I~C)URS PAY, and ttons Committee, Plywood and Spirit, Jesus was always in com- Hot House Rhubarb lb. increased VACATION and PAIDIDoor Manufacturers. Grays Har- plete control of material circum- f o r sandwiches. HOLIDAY benefits. In the fen-bor Sawmills and Loggers, Tim- stances, sauces or casser' , Expressing the reality of Life, Lb Washington Netted Gems, clean washed7 tare article of the January 14 "In- ber Operators Association and ole dishes. ' ,e at :onal Woodworker," of,i t, e TRICOUNTY LOGGERS AS ruth, and ove results in Chris -- ....... NO. 2 Potatoes . . . 50 lb bag 1 cial IWA-CIO newspaper, IWA SOCIATION of Everett. tian healing Health is part ofA pasteurized blend with smooth, mellow flavor. ~ .... m ~ . President A. F. Hartung, makes In the Tri-County area of Sno.[the salvation Jesus brought to Breeze Cheese Food . . 2-lb. lent 83c Sweet, full of flavor OA { New spring clip tops the statement that the wage de- homi~h~ , Skagit and Whatcom[ mankind. .. Christian Science.., 0risp 0elery Of; { Fresh Carrots . .lb. mind plus the 6-hour day would ,Counties, approximately 50 recognlzmg man as splrituab represent a 44% wage boost for boom, sawmill and lqgging op-, does not i~,f~cept any so-called law RO e Btmhe Famous Calavos " ~")/6"~'c { Fresh, try with steaks the operators, craters and 3000 employees are of incurability The substance Ripe Avocados ea&/ O Mushrooms 7"kOg ." hi last week's bargaining ses- dfrectly involved in the broad~ of the man God made is spiritual 2-YEAR-OLD BUDDED STOCK " " sions, however, industry spokes- negotiations. IWA unions who and good, imperishable, never Wide assortment of varieties, especially grown . Tight buds, best quality, serve with cheese sauce. men informed the IWA's North- have served these demands on worn out by use, never losing its grown and acclimated to our weather conditions in BROOOOLI SHOOTS lb. west Regional Negotiating Com- e'mployers are Locals 11-132 and original vitality and self-sustain- Washington state. ................. mittee that their demands were 11-199 (Everett and Bellingham ing power. No. 2"s New spring crop, Just the .thing for fresh salads. 69c FRESH RADISHES " .bu. "fantastic" a~d completely an- boommen respectively), sawmill Christian Science heals organic 3/1.98 ............... Each Excellent l*or Julcing, serve by the half, in handy mesh hag. acceptable, was emphasized Local 23-101 of Everett and log- and functional diseases. Heredity '~No. l's that the northwest timber indus- gers Locals 23-46 (Bellingham), is not a law. Christian Science 1 09 ARIZONA GRAPEFRUIT ........ 8-lb, bag tries---already having the high- o3-75 (Sedro-Woolley), and 23- treatment always begins ,with 3/3.25 .............. Each Florida Red Bliss, U.S. No. 1, best quality. est paid production workers in 93 (Sultan). the removal of fear When we ,, Centennial, for easy pancakes 51c ~EW POTATOES lb. the world today--are definitely The three loggers locals men- conquer fear we have conqueredCHOCOLATE COVERED Pancake Mix . Pkg. not in a position this year to in* tioned have also served the em- disease, lO-Lh. " ...... ~ ........ .... ? crease labor costs. With market )lo~,ers with a demand for a Treatmen in Christian Science I~ 11 |1 Asstd. light or dark caramels t'~tc conditions and prices depressed Corhpulsory union membership is a lifting of thought to God tomarsnmanows Ktr ft Caramels ], ." ~ AssortedL[~By~sfruits, BAByvegetables F00Dand desserts. 41/2"O=-. and operating costs at an all clause ("Union Shop"), the same behold the perfection and har- .. ........ Ost ore, pieces and stems O1 c time high, the goal of manage-identical demand which these monious wholeness of man as ~OXDUry, fen:l~r, nuliy, Mushrooms el , , Can ment and labor alike should be three local unions set" up as a God s reflection. But to heal in with mild cnoco ate coating. Lipton's for a richs;up c Dromedary, fine textured, serve topped with whip cream to maintain economic balance so ;eparate strike" issue during the Christian Science requires more cGINGERBR[AD MIX that companies can stay ~n bus- negotiations and 8-week strike than intellectual discernment; it Oz Nd'Supmx . 3/37 ,4.o=-. iDeSS and employees keep their of 1952. demands a preparation of the 8-. ,~ Tom.-Veg Comb. Mix ")]~p~c | ! I I Pkg. jobs. TRI COUNTY LOGGERS heart Christian Science estab- l,~g. Lipton's Soup 2kZ~-~/t.~ hunk style, for tasty sandwiches or salads. A great many employers in- ASSOCIATION, Inc. lishes in us the precious convic STARKIST TUNA volved have also opened their P.O. Box 609, Everett, Wn. tion of our sonship with God. O;. contracts for a tightening of the Note: First of a series of fac- This is the gift of our Father- Gives sweet new fragrance to kitchen and bath. | I I | | , tMother God; it is our birthright 2 eligibility requirements for paid tua, reports on 1953 laoor nego-[waitin to be clai " 14-Oz. Good fried, in omelets or for sandwiches. "" " st g med. Christian lll i'l LY I|o "i l"/ rlh ,l[.~[[,l[. ,i | i [l~ [i l|[ | .l[. eefladdle tlatlons between the northwe Can 12-Oz. holidays and vacations and the Selence makes it possible for us reasons for this were carefully timber industries and the Inter ..................... .......... to l~ty/IOIOOI LIIIS mrmrlgm-- Sierra Pine, a family favorite for bath and shower. 1 CGn explained to the IWA commit- national wooaworKers ot Amer- today. Reg. Made ro j y p w th ende d tee. on February 12. (Note: Tri, ica-CIO. Past experience has o County operators did not open on demonstrated the need for more Size PRIM IUNGH blEAT 12.O-- these points.) A propesal to re. accurate and complete informa- PER HESS SUCG.UMBS Makes linoleum, walis and woodwork look newly decorated. . | 1 I Can Dew contracts in their present tion being made available to the Per Hess, 88, a resident of form, after ~mending to incor, interested parties --- employers, Edgecomb since 1916, died at 16-Oz. 2 Start the day right with this fine breakfast sausage. porate changes in these 'two employees and their families, lo-Poulsbo Monday afternoon after Can s o ATH' SAUSAGE 8oz, clauses, was rejected by the un- eal union officials not directly a lingering illness. Try the new easier, Oxydol for whiter clothes. I | I Can ion. The management and labor participating in the negotiations Born in Trondheim, Norway, "- heady di s veal o nstant groups then agreed to recess ne- and the general public. October 25, 1864, Mr..Hess came 19-Oz. 1 cti Faster, easier dishwashing. gotiations until February 24-25, For the first time this year the to the United States in 1900. He = Pkg. JOY L[OU[D SUDS Giant On February 23, sub-committees Tri-County Loggers Association, a is survived by his widow, Mrs. Brings out beauty while it cleans your skin. | 1 I 1 CaD will meet to take up negotiations management group, is undertak- Rebecca Hess at Poulsbo; three 2 ] on the contractor and subcon- ing this responsibility in a series sons, Leif Hess of Poulsbo, Bar- Bath / Prices effective~r~ and Saturday, February 20th and 21st. tractor clauses opened by some of paid insertions in selected ney Lindal of Poulsbo and Hel- Size to market ehangds a~d stocks on hand In Arlington. No sales to ' Of the employers including Tri- daily and weekly papers in the mer Hess of Everett; one daugh- The dishwashing detergent that's safe for hands. .~ County). Tri-County area. It is our sincere ter, Mrs. Norma Adams of Ta- Giant For the first tim e in many hope that this will serve to pro- coma; nine grandchildren and years over two-thirds of the mote better understanding and three great grandchildren. Fu- Size woodworking industry in the cooperation between labor, man- neraI services will be at 1 p.m. Washes clothes so dainty white you don't need to bleach. Douglas Fir belt has agreed with agement a~nd the public in this Friday at the chapel of the Moll Fab Giant the IWA-CIO to meet simultan- vitally important timber indus- Funeral ,Home in Arlington. Bur- eously in concurrent negotiations try. Watch this paper for future ial will be in the family plot in Siz~ at Portland. Employer groups releases.--Paid.advt. Arlington Cemetery.