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February 19, 1953     The Arlington Times
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February 19, 1953

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]PAGE SIX THE ARLINGTON TIMES, ARLINGTON, WASHINGTON, THURSDAY, FEB. 19, 1953. .'/~r. / ~ d- . ~° . . ' .... ~1~ma (Continued from Page 1) 1steps taken by the Co-Op during changing trends, and to aggres-[to assist in 2 rttngIoll I ing trends in retail services andlthe Past year in the production sively back up production with[The quality control, • ' ann care of all eggs handled Successor to ! " ~.. _ ~ e _ consumer preferences, thr ............ merchandising and brand adver-lconnection with egg. , w IwlA.h~ ~am ougn the group revolving re- tising, the objective being to ever[keys and cannery THE HALLER CITY TIMES .~[~A~4[c~V~4~ Advances I fri~eration on the' farms refric,- enlarge the outlets for Washing-lalso under the super VO1. LXV. Thursday, Feb. ]9, 1.()53~ No. 43 ~ waTh~rtgYt':ix cYoe.~r; ag:, o~g?nlemrii~tOniainefCOgOPatPlatn~ik~,Ot~ ton poultry and turkeys." ,research department. .... Per outside..Snoho- I Show ized, it was quite common to find/ ,a rag ra to food ingBeel'ninkinterest reportedin Co-opanfeedincreaS'ser- searchBeerninktheP°intedvehiclet° :~.b~!pUon Pace $2.5o Year; $3.00 per.Year. Starts 7:15 p.m. Sat. mat. in the retail store the crackerfst-~- m encourage as m~hsh County. Jssuea every rnursaay. rumisnea at Arnngmn ....... barrel the kerosene can even! o e op.~rator.s to carry e.ggs un- vices --- a fact reflected in the many dollars, and in .' W,***hinc, t,m h,, ~ "- p.m. ~un. L;ont. xrom ~ p.m. ~ , ,. , ˘]er rmr]gerat]on at all ~]mes in construction of 10 additional ducers and operatin ........... "THE ARLINGTON PRINTING CO. [ • . nJr~em:Olg/:cea; i~˘:lmls as n~a~y trheir stores. Washington Co-Op grain tanks, total capacity 10,000 meats not only to im eceipts of eggs were reported as tons of bulk grains. These were duction but to make J C CARPENTER -- FRANK MARSH [ In contrast t " th " " " " • " ° " M r . oaay, e iooa store up 7V~ per cent durin the ast ,,1. ~ CARPENTER . . .. :_ %. \ ~.;....% Editor &.i g~.]THU..FRI.-SAT .... FEB. 19-20-21 is largely a self-sermce umt year g p completed in December, 1952. to deliver a better prod .~mT~"~l as zna t~lass matter, in the fast Uiilee at Arlington, wash-I ~ wh~r~ tho o˘~eHrnav rr~lva~ h~,- " He also reported on the Eaten- cessing plants for thd th~n, under the act of March 3, 879. ~ ~,.,~,~ah~h ~+~ r~u~n ˘a]ac*ti~n nf uttruoti~,al..... Brand advertmmg, m vmw of sire work of the Co-Op research use of food buyers. .... - '~ ........ ~ .... "~*" ~a"c'~a~e~d~oods" i~nc~l~n~'~e~'s" the self-service food store trends, department as effecting all phas- Resolutions adopted P g ' gg' i " " [,,"I~rA'KT ~ rlv'l~r'l~ (~A'r~T'~T '~,, noultrv etc T,,,, th,~ ~#~,,~ ,,~ s more important than ever, es of Association activity. The sign included a resol Washington, over 90 per cent of ..... .,,, ~tat~-u, ."= .~u~,atJo, Co-Op research department con- ing unanimous end I •~ ~ • ~!~ [ ~ •• I ~ i l[ .......... pledges the Co-Op members that ducted a series of feeding exper- House Bill 398, call I r~ I 1o I I | J rl-.I fl-! I • [i Color b,, Technicolor me zooa sales were mrougn sel~ ............. I ~ ~--~- .~. V .~. ~ ~ .~..m..6..~ I ~' .... :_ . : I,-,,-,-, ,, n: Wlll conunue ezzorrs ~o seek [ !] ~ [ l;r~lioS~O~eb% Jn ±~f.z. new and even more efficient op- iments and field trials on farms, enlargement of diag it was stated, which served to atory facilities avai I - I . .. ~). Your, try .... crating procedures, in line with provide background information! poultry producers. ISUN-MON .... FEB 22-23 tiow this ~rend has azzec~ea TOO MANY DRIVES [ " " " Co-Op operations in a number Nearly everyone agrees that there are too many man-[ Betty Hutton . Ralph Meeker [O~n~ays was reporteh% %Beer- , ,, '- ' . ..... During 1~_, ......... i.~. ev-raisinz_ ' drives.., re(luiring the time and attentmn of I,SOMEBODY LOVES ME' ] tion plants eviscerated' just" a nn versorv - • t ~few pounds short of 19 million many_o.usy people. ,, .... I Color by Technicolor ~pounds of poultry and turkey-- It ]s also agreed that most "causes which fi-I Inn increase of 33 per cent over " .... worth- And we also a ree the previous year This was in ,~ • :l~i~Clal (lrlves are mane are y. ~ t ............ ~kee in with the" v r " - " " cr" " TUES.-WED - - - FE~ za-z~ p g e e mcreas I that we would rather have the free chome of vzng than/ " " ling demand for the' fuil drawn i I "to have the funds raised through taxation / Ethel Barrymore - Gary Cooper t bird. The Co-Op also put into el- i i -- • "~ " • • V fect a new processing techni ue " n an Johnson - Gene Kelly q. What, then, is the answer to the problem of rals1 gl "anet Lei-h Fr--'ri.... r-'-/for ready-to-cook turkeys, with . • sufficient funds to give adequate support t,o all thel .... ,,,u ~;,, ~the new method involving nu- " " ., ~ I wazzmm ru~v~,~ , merous changes in the Co-Op's wormy causes. ........ ..... ]"IT'S A BIG COUNTRY" processing steps from live to r ere, in Arlington, we [nougn~ ~ne uoInmunlty ulles~] ~ oven-prepared birds. idea would eliminate the multiplicity of drives, but evenly- . Beernink said. that ~ ever- .... THU~~ FRI A ' increasing quantl~yozt:o.uppoui- though the Chest contributes to many worthy mshtutmns] .... s T. - FEB. 26-2~2 try and turkeys is pre-packaged, which d,o not make "drives" here since they are receiv- Gretjo Peck - Ann Bllrth ready for the frying pan or roast- er, and in the case of cannery tag chest support, yet because of our failure to raise the full chest quota, we have destroyed its original purpose mad have encouraged numerous drives. Arlington's goal this year for the Community Chest $2,500, and a'bout $1,500 Was raised. The polio drive raised $2,500. There will be a Red Cross drive, a heart drive, a cancer drive, an arthritis drive, and so on. Each drive will require the time of or- ganizers and solicitors. We onder why we can't raise one fund of $10,000 in one drive, or whatever it takes to do our full share, and have done with the drives. To do this it would be necessary t,o insist that every "cause" be submitted to a clearing committee, and no in- dividual solicitations given support. O :HERE WE GO AGAIN . We thought that the big question of "Daylight Sav- ing Time or Standard Time" was disposed of last fall, when the people of the State 'of ashington voted by ini- tiative measure to forbid "Daylight Time," except dur- ing a war emergency. Well, here we are again. At the time we voted the Daylight Saving Time measure, we also voted to give the legislature the right to amend initiative measures, and now, taking advantage of the latter initiative, Sen. Riley of Seattle has introduced a measure to annul the people's action on Daylight Saving. Sen. Riley's, measure would provide for observance vf "Daylight Saving Time annually by all private and public 'businesses in the state from May 1 to Sept. 30." We believe the people, in voting to give the legisla- • lure the right to amend initiative did right. And because one senator, taking advant,age of this action on the part of the people, has seen fit to'introduce a measure that ,ould nullify another action voted by the people, we are :not ready to admit error in the first initiative. We think Ihe wisd,om of law making through the representative legislature wilt be sustained, and that the legislature will not override the 'will of the people as expresged at the polls last fall. Game Thriving In Mild Winter , Seattle, Feb. 13.--Game De- lmrtment field reports continue indicate that both big game and upland birds are wintering very ~ell this year, which speaks well for a good harvest next fall. Artificial feeding of elk was ~lisco~tinued some time ago, since the big animals are win- • ering in snow-free country at ]higher elevations. Deer, too, are :~hading browse on the open hill- sides and except in a few cases are not being seen in the or- aehard areas in numbers usually ~ound at this time of year. Up- land birds are reported to be in "fine shape in most areas with ex- cellent chukar populations noted aIong the breaks of the Columbia :River. Approximately 10,000 geese are wintering in the Stratford area near Ephrata, and ducks are fat- tening m lowland w a t e r s throughout the state since little ~eezing weather has left many marshlands and lakes unfrozen• A waterfowl inventory conducted around the first of the year W. C. Kelley Passes Feb. 12 Wainwright C. Kelly, 76, Route 3, Arlington, died in a Sedro- Woolley hospital Thursday eve- ning, Feb. 12, following an ex- tended illness. Mr. Kelly was born at Algar, Ky., May 30, 1876, and came toWashington in 1902. He moved to the Arlington area in 1908. Mr. Kelly was a veteran i of the Spanish-American War. He its survived by two sisters in Cali- fornia had several nieces and nephews. Services were held at 2 p.m. Tuesday at the Moll Cha- pel, with the Rev. A. D. Brokaw of ttie Congregational Church officiating. Burial was in Arling- ton Cemetery. showed a total of 590,745 ducks and geese, which is a 29 per cent mcrease over the 1951-52 count, and 22 per cent above the past 5 year average. The largest in- .ease occurred in mallards in eastern Washington, with a total mallard population 66 per cent above the 5 year average. The mallard count in the state was 301,671 compared with 204,000 a year ago. Celebrate Washington 's Birthday by dinfng in front of the open fire at Cedarcrest on Monday from 1 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. O~en Week Days 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Sundays and Holidays 1 to 8:30 p.m. l~/z Miles N.E. of Marysville TELEPHONE MARYSVlLLE 5116 "THE WORLD IN HIS ARMS" Color by Technicolor products, boned cooked poultry is packaged in attractively la- beled jars and tins, designed to be sold at self-service operations. He also emphasized the increas- ing demand for cut-up portions of poultry--for instance, instead of ordering one fryer, a half doz- In Arlington - Phone 1344 en fryer drumsticks. KILLOUGH CLEANERS Refrigeration for The report also called atten- WATERPROOFING tion to the tremendous forward $O00000 O0000000000000000000000 OePO000001 at JUNE'S CLOSED MONDAY: By George l--See what a quar. ter buys at our Holiday 25c SALE! Why--these super val. ues are big enough to make that image of Washington on your quarters grin with glee. 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CANDY June Rose Fruit Balls .............................. This Week's Jackpot Winner: Route 1, Arlington Manning's Brand Pound can BEEF EASTERN "STEER" • • • STEER BEEF ongues Prices effective at Arlington and Everett on February 20 and 21.--Every item 1y guaranteed. No sales to dealers. We reserve the right to limit. r30000000 ®O•O•O00•O00000000 ••0•0•••0••0••••0• BATH'S SLICED BLACKHAWK