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February 19, 1953     The Arlington Times
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February 19, 1953

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, ARLINGTON TIMES, WASHINGTO , TI URSDAV, 19 3im P trick " J PAnE Timm THE ARLINGTON, FEB. 19, ut For 16rader.s Hold [ | ~ "~..;:.:~ ...... }trasentatives at Olympia on Ma~[Times office to renew old ac-[ Lakewood 1st Lutheran Church !era' Day [Valentine Party | ~ ~~ 12ndl' oph:n Tt~r~'t2rylin Ceentrynp~a~[~UaisntnanCe:c:2dda~;ealed ~2at. lwill celebrate its 45th anniver- :~:orAnvd{rfcf~erSes;ppreeia~o oThgP~pilaSti~.rt2~tofinrSte~ndlsec: ~ ~"~ f~h:ritoiilbea ~e~Owrmal2 Prnd]dn~:tc: ifnrEC2rmt?i~si~irtt~f 'Fai: [HaeorYr~niF.e;Br'a~~h~fE/~.~vS~a:n:: their meet~.nfg ~onde~y ~eStnedy,;~otM:Ss ~ grp.m, but Y~.~ore than 100 cen:[~a:nC# ~rre:;(~d by the death of man. He organized this congre: '~.~ ex-premdents were and schoolmates with a Valen! ~ i .~!:i~ i~i~,~i~:~ ..... , ters m Washington the Centen-,,Everett has a responsibility!gatmn Feb. 23rd, 1908, in what ,iPnhe P/:g::~ ~er~otteme ~le parwtyO~ F:id~y lafternoon. ~ nnlglt}vi~: get under way before to its neighbors," stated Mr. Pat~!s~lSotlh~lnknV~a~S:he M:;~eS :0~M:~; luHa~hki~er(~m ned PI~esen2g/2g to~eAfmlagicsa~Yi ~ ~iii~ [ niOlymo~ae/VBlatllhldh~ Ce:te2glaiC!:e~!lic~aiUgo:~V[t~ndl:!r~e~n~~ ~nd'UmC~e:n~er~i~Se a:cSilla~ii Parents Feb. 28 Mr and "~in Megard, ~ ii!ii!!iiiii!iiii~i)iiiiii~!)~i!: iiii:~l i nngAfefai~silPr~bablYotherle:d ~by For aGle~Ins G~eatho~seatS22u:: M:.} L - ]Jr. and small son have moved i~iii :~ii~;!!i~iii!i~i~iii~i~:ii~:~:~ ....... ~::~::i!~i:~ ; [o!k. ann square-aance o g "- ~I'IOV~'IT. DRAGLIN~'. ]Union stl, and Anita Joergenson, akewood 4-H Merry- from the Pete Henning farm to a ~::i ii;~ii~ i!iil i~: za[ions, of which there are up- ~daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. R. ~et ~t; h %Clinf/ r d B2ft~n P 1 ace a t K e 1 logg Marsh. A 1 v in is !i !~!~ii~i~ii!!iiiiiiiiiii~i~ii~i~iiii!iiii!i!ii!ii~iiiiiiiiii~iii~ii~iiiiii [ ~ta~ds o~fic200 ine th:r state" tThT[ I" r H~ealyrk [ Joergenson, 216 McLeod St., are ~rdetta Bjorn ang Agnes P)~t~Ae.mplyed as a tester for the ~! i!i~ii!i~i~ii!i!~!~!~}~i~iii~i~i~i~i~i;~i~ii~ii~};i~ii~}i' member groups to sp~sgr these! S.V. LEDBETTER enr~eadhaS s~2h~ml~rese aotf~2t" :t~dol~S co-hostesses. All Mrs Luther Orr was a welcome ili iliiiiiiiiiiii!iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!::~ balls in cooperation with other IPhone 3~2w~ Anmgton I cation, Bell~gham g " ~er servP:~! i~ p~ep~ring ~jeSitl~r inll~h; na~igthbo~ho~d last !i! iii!i!iiiii!iii~iiiii~.ii!iiiii!iiiiiiiiiiii~i.liiii!iiiiiiiii l l~Ila~UP~brations open withl ~'-'~'~ " -- ot~inbge giv:in~er t~vaslm~IS(aand~IesCkEG~r~aPSaccomll ii iiii~!ii~ [~:::tiae~allybalnlebu~Washlngt:~f] D~d AH V~Hr ~~t? ~n Fgr~arYu28c, hatrothm,e p?/ed R:Yce BaetdtYo:~:s~:rth: ~ ~iiii!iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ~j~:: n2t tphaerfyrS~o tsgr;adatheo~P~e "~l~ ~l~a ~ V ttl n V ~; ~q~ ~1 iil Wo:aa iI t I h~hWga2de ?:SShHas?kwi2rSe vN:rMmr.efn~%r~:?el~e Thorsen are ~ee~aeneapT?ie, ~neg~n~)er~gnae~nd Miami in th:next t~re~Pm~onths, l~arlu Loan Assn. ~aUn:eafYv~t~trub~armaYibe Uests at the Barn O1 Y ppy to be back in the -.," Mrs uieorge uirimm has beenl S March 3 o~r a prolonged period. le on Weanesaay eve-lParis France 1[ [ a ~,atlent at the Vlrgmla'Masn[.... oH ] BEXEL. theSp .g P ; ey good old USA after their stay in ~, : . . . Meet eeial hi h- o- n . [with 'the oecWhileo:a~te FWcS[ SILVANA [hospital in Seattle for obser-t1~[ marysvlue ] teney Formula sup.phes sup- ..~.,~ ?grt2:re~el~t~l~eSAlf.arnd]~her~oThey' m~dye., th~ :rip hT?me[| MreSo/r:?;onVdgnr~ld' I ~atminsunShy returned .to her HenrYrMa~hne~' p~ido~nt o![ p~;%n~ary q~;o~t~to~e~=f ~;n]~h!~e' ~oheg~'~cilmy aei W~~O~dSAn~g~::niversarylthR~Jd'a.H~'io~d~aalngthe~:m~t~v~ai! ~j;~{:rs~Slh~a~ha;~!~[ ~rE:g~ ;{u~ed!!~gYb!!~kli~ ~ ~spi~tlemgnVi:dld~gugM/Si Pi~o~enrd~h~teedHgeot,ehre~t~:r:!tone! ~aMii)sae~deM~S.y i~mne W~o~gSdma2 ~nuYtxhsrV::yc. prTg~?mL:te:irsdt,,Lasnt, ASt~orC~!t~.r~'.ht~Gema~e'~e!?Uw~:1 ~m~uaXr~E.!.:t:P:ul~!~:Y?!d! ~~iZ~aefyb'?tl~eb~i!sSa~ne~d~!t~i~ii~rtim~eSi[~t~se?i ~!h!~tr ~ng on neYn~;~~[~i~i[ ~~nwng2!haep~l:i~! J " I ! )F rwUy}:Y ] r2 e:r t %:m vs erml *o*/ :: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::: --'" cam ancl children: Mr~ Mr. and Mrs. Lynn Daniei'son ~t~Y~~alUC~efre~hneern~2were patient at the Providence hospi- "Ti~e Ebey-Lake Riley Home '~ SPECIAL FORMULA CAPSULES i ~Ol~r~cn2ng(~v~rgir!~]anM:Juclay?oMre'aBt~eb, KUhanh~v~resn[on the 24th of February. hRn~ev.jn M?~Y~vang officiated/tahn: !toW~ V~SuistiOnr.eSsPremSeeentti'nDuet(~] ~ ~J I~.:: ..... ~.r~,~/~.~ @.~.[~ a[xeL~ ,..,..:..,.~J ~o~S:2f aEnderChttildr:2 al~CkaA~d~c[rSOnB~d KfaTnil~aan~ sCATRgRPARTEYvENING S~l~day ~feteerl~OoOn a~ ~I~. b~aptnioS~,,, auiCtein:nfe;r~ioCrletShebr~ubghton~y, ~i ~A0~ AN0 ~U~R~N,I~,O ,~ , e. ay at th: Barn:ylgersets Fr~daYhe ev~fmdg t~UPsP:r The members of the Daughters ~V~fsUa~y16tnh'K195s.3.~t~nm:nM~pao~d[thuerPrePwaeratmnsf;~e~e~km4hth![ ~ ~ McKESSON&ROBBIHS, BRIDGEPORT, COHN "MrsMnrOttnWs~BJe:r?~~d[:;m:altEas2ta:wd" ~i~:ti!~15~Piil ~y~orafrafth:Wyh~{v~erde~ec:~n:h:i~w4~o~r;ngtd:Myr:::~acs!lmr~le::ftF::a[ JOHNSON DRUG~ : ovely new home. 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Snohomish County Title Company. ARTHUR A. ANDERSON, Manager" 2915 Wetmore Ave. EVerett, Washington Telephone Cedar 2164 AGENT TITLE INSURANCE CO. es and they extend a most cordial Our group met at the home of invitation to all members and friends t6 attend. All are remind- ed to notice that the date for the meeting has been changed due to other meetings from the 26th to the 25th. Installation of the new officers will take place at this time. The Self-Denial Offer- ing will be lifted at this meeting. VALENTINE' PARTY, The members of the Progres. sive Homemakers' Club enter- tained their husbands at a chick- en dinner last Saturday evening in Viking Hall. This was a spe- cial Valentine Party which was enjoyed immensely by all. The main diversion of the evening following the dinner was 'Can- asta.' Mrs. Emma Hansen accompan- ied her son, Richard, and son-in- law, Wilbur Wright, visited at the home of her brother and sis- ter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. John Stensen, Sunday of last week. The Salem Luther League met in Memorial Hall on Sunday .evening. A short worship pre- ceded the business meeting. Lt. Clarence Lurid of Fort Lawton was present and brought a short message. The Valentine motif was carried out in the decor- ations and also the refreshments. Family Night Social will be held in the Social Hall on Sun- day evening, Feb. 22 at 8:00 p. m. A good program has been ar- ranged and all are welcome. Mrs. Klien Monday night. We practiced for the father and daughter banquet. We playedl some games. --- Loretta Helge-i land, scribe. WONDER WORKERS 4-H We met at the home of Mrs. Albin Lath. Helen Hurn and Hel- en Huson gave a demonstration on how to bake a cake. The next meeting will be at Mrs. Ralph Hershaw's February 27th, 1953. o- CHESK CHA MAY We met at the home of Mrs. Howard Palmer Monday, Feb. 16. We had Mrs. Palmer sign some of our honors. Then we worked out a symbolgram for our Camp Fire name. Mrs.~almer showed us the beads that we had earned which cost $8.00, and what we are going to put our symbolgram on. Jean Johnson brought the treat of candy bars. o OKICIYAPI The Okieiyapi and Tawanka Camp Fire girls met Monday, Feb. 16, 1953, at the home of Mrs. Johnson to elect officers. The results were as follows: President, Ann TaiL; vice-presi- dent, Sharon. Most; secretary- treasurer, Patty Peper;scribe Virginia Rice. o SELL IT--If you have any artlch of furniture, noz zn use, try Times classified ad. GRAVEL FOR DRIVEWAYS Our screening equipment, and large stock pile of materials, with quick loading equipment, ready-mix and dump trucks assure you quick service. Should you have a smgll job or a patching job that requires a small amount of concrete, we have that also--- " t which is a handy package of concrete ingred-" ients. So, If It's Concrete From a Bucketful to a Yard or More Pl~one 1621