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February 19, 1953     The Arlington Times
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February 19, 1953

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I N'o. 40 Arlington, Wash., Thursday, Feb. 19, 1953. Consolidated with Arlington Chronicle April' 3,i91a. Graders Dairymen to Meet [ Tax Statements Commercial Club ain School !In Everett Being Received; IO oses Season i z?:s sixth, grade Thursday, Feb. 26 I Ill!:]l Reduction Here OnMt. Goats 1 the~ashin t h l The regular annual stock- " ..... Tax star - "' Meeting in the apartment over- I g on Sc DO I ~' ~::: . ement~ now being re- . ~ay Feb 12b resent-holders meetmg of the Sno. ~ ~nI [:i ceived by residents of the Arling [ the Olympm Theatre last Tue~- ' " ' Y P h " I ~ - " ' short las ommh County ualrymens ~s- :~ ~ ...... : ton school district reflect 2 day night the Commercml Club frie_P Y7 _ .sociation will be held next ~lLI1 mill redtlction under the atat0"ldiscussed the possibilities o] h.~ auly a~mospnere oi Thursday February 26th at Nor-I ~~~!~:~~l .... [i:~:llliiii ' " " "']ado tin a new schedule that ",~ cnildr ' , .... merit of 1952 the difference is m P g iheraselv,.o~, en ........ learn tol manna Hall m ......... Everet, Washmg-[ ~~2~ ~l {~::II: ...... that last years' statement car-[will" lnclutle' one noon meeti~N" orlment ~w]~eha cl~se'~y ton. [ ~~ ~l.:~ ~{I~ [ried the extra 20-mill levy voted]and .one evening . meeting l~r. eality. Children learn to ~This isthe time of year when[ ~l ~ill by school_district patrons, which[~ion~en~l ~onre hm~moersmp ..Den~ ly to ......... ontor into ~----~v~'~n"nlme,, memoers. ,, of me. coumy wifleI ~~l ~l lievy was tor one _year only_. ]a n t me oi meeung, think on their feet, Dangold organ~zaUon gather[ ~ ~l l~ [ The total millage levied for] The announcementthat arep- tae play uoinu" and]m near a report oi the years op:[ ~d-( .... ~ ~~ l~ [1953 is 44.1 mill of which 15[resentanve of me Site L;ame tte their efforts~' leration, to fliscuss past ann[ :~ ~ ~ - ~~ l~ Imills is levied by the Town of[PePt- would be present was an i ........... " . ._ [future policies, and to elect mere-] ~ i~ ~~ l~ [Arlington 16 mills bv the school[error, the date for such appear- ~p~e,eea :rarw ~or tne[bers of the Board of Directors. [ ~~ ~~~ l~ [district and 12.1 by the state and]ance being March 17 instead ~f t e" ~"~ .'~" "".~ A highlight of the meeting i!Li(!i ...... county. Feb. 17. Thth~r;elass~wrkh:nlwillbetheappearaneeofRussell[ ~li [ In the coumv low it i~ oo,o~/ The group discussed a res- I deta'i~n~o~"" ~.(~f~ [Waltz, Manage~ of Consolidated / 1 1 1 I that whereas'last'~,e~ "~ "'-~'~ [olution presented by C. L. Marsh, the ,~ar~"^7'::-'-~."~A]Dairy Products Company of Se-[ I'~~ I II mill was levied for "river "~..~[whieh endorsed a bill now before eep and ~ [attle, who has recently met with :'~' provement work this ear the the state leglslature.seekmg to " adioot~ ............ the ~arts ofh ]Secretary of Agriculture" Ezra] .... Ilevv has been cut to 2 mi]]Y tho[prevent the open hunnng season tt him ~ho, '~o i~[Benson, to dmcuss the future] ~.~~lll [other 5 bein~ trnn~f .... a t~t~,~[on ou tam Goats. The elub. later" by"t'l~e" janitor[plicies of the Department as it[ ~~ ~l ll [new court l~ouse"-bu'ilding ~-a[whi~h has heretofore presented such a resolutmn to the Stat~ tsh;:eht~ has learned h,SIPF~o~tma'n~ k~eald,airYrepndtus~Y~[ I1 Ir V: ~V:ni~h ~?ttet:titohe wrkt ef/Game Department, endorsed the !~dasP~aYei'L?rUimSa he/d lrym oShp dt g:: iI [re:ntYe2~y~Iy ~heil$45'O00' r Pt/re ]nUt' nnsen made a report on ~U~wSathM~YeAlCott~nd [ ynd~.:r;~~}l~e----Heret -- ti/ur~:l t::n ::ram:/ llii IIMI II ...... ~U ~ [~ iiiI~i~~I if' ~SO:yh, e oSr45a0OOts ateofm h [ i ptt !edi igTnda l: eh guest L. F. at me home oz n p~ [~n ~ ..,~..~,- g v [ Firemen were kept busy last week answering ambulance calls Above a patient is being re- [which is badly needed for river[ ............. s and girls learned that[~'': ........ / moved from ambulance to l~ospital. At left Chief Frank Arnot assisted by Firemen Webb Moor-[bain:protF:)on. tons [~l~utsneaspa;t t~e ~ne Pde~-- h .......... / -------i---o ] man and~'2gob Leach on opposite side Jens Thompson of the hospital staff is at right Times Photo I " g chool dis-| ................ - comollaeu elIorts oil--.. ..... ! ~" " " I trict the tax lev,, is un ~n ,~m~ Imenc ~rom the clty DUlIOIng. k \T aYhalV:lechon" Warms Up, /Cml Defense IF fre Destroys IWrestlers Here I~eakgngha t~ala mfi55~m~l~dt~ylT:rr~etohiS oC~n~l~:ti::hS~P~i~T~ri~ .... .. , ... t sc oo, oatro s,ast, r shers t~ ..... ~..... ~--.. , tt . ttv t t stated that the original plans f~r ust as ~ ~}ltl~il IFOE " ~ the new grade school included ~, important as the[ ~P . tWeltare to Meet InDic rurnlslllne$ INext WeOnesOav I The only towns in the county[ .... ~ In the play [SCnhOOlcBoOoard t o [ .~ I ! ha~nogaar/f~e~r.::~htrh~thd: nAn:d ] pl ay room a net cale[eria This gram as,presented was ard electionwThaerC~liDefnen:~-ll E~e~rg~Y ~':'c?c~nd~da:nmidem:g'e d?u! b/elevlS~n~eW.~estl~nghst~slw~ p:nSs:rpped:::r??: :atdh'ea~ g Sa ' V F W hall Friaay veb. 27, age to the mterlor' " of the Green ~on riigh Scnom gymnasium next tal 1 v ," later date this unit should be d~ lute was led by the]which will be held on March'10th [8 "n m " ' [ "[Wednesday evening, when the[ e y of 40.1 to Arlingtonsl,,,~],,~,~n ~,n ,~ ,,m ...... ~.. ~,. Linda May Pardo.[in connection with the city elect-[ ~.~..;..**....o ;.~ +,.,. A.~ ..... ]berg house, 210 Stillaguamish[oonular ~~rank St~ackHonest]44,1. Edmonds, with a levy of].~::'~v~'~."'~,,~':~'~':,~='~o~ , .~lowed by the play]in, a thre, e-way battle ]s. de-]area which have a buildin~ list [avenue, and also the furmshlngs]John Cretoria Dick Hayes,]70.6, Js the h~ghest rate m thel~,atherin~,s me Parts of Speech " vemping for position No 5 which ~. " ' coumy, o o . , ctor~ ..~ **....~ ...... ~:,~h~ ~,~ o* ......, ~', ,.,n[ed for emereency lodgmg are be-[owned by MOdred Stroebe, rent- i George Drake and Bob Hannah] _______________._, [ To co-ordmate the clubs tm- i -t~b,~"'~'~'~..,~,",~ ~;,~'/~z~'~,~"~M~V'w~ w~Jing asked io send a representa-[er who has been occunving the and A1. rrieaell will appear on. a[.~ ~,~ .. Iprovement program, and act in y -::-- .......... s o.~..- ...~-,~:.: ........... b~:~...- ..... tive to this meeting. . ~'~ wresning earn sponsorea ~)y me " cooperation with the city play- -Bill Jensen; Janitor a candidate has opposltmn from[ Icottage for a short time o .......... , IRecreatlon Co n I ...... ms Fuller Jill coun flman positions Makmg his final report on the "'"" ......... u ell ~e was standln with hm )th; Adjective--Gordon[Mrs. D. G. "~aylor, who filed for[ Organizing a staff for each[ Mrs Stroebe had been awayIzation .... ";~" s |] ~ /mng comm ssmn:an ,..coune _ " Noun--Marie Lind; the position. Mrs. Chas. Gaff-/loaging unit will be one of thel~ " ........... I m~o" ...... .~ .,~ t~,,~ ~+,.o..,~....IUI]Illrl~l rrngram .... -:~,,, ..... ..... a--Martin Giebel" Ar ]hey, 245 Haller answering an in-]important topics die.cussed Staff]mr severm uays anu nan lust re-I...';,~_v-,,~=~o -. ...... & .... X":'I ........... ~ ..... |~voum appomt SUCh a committee. . , - , . ~ .... wm ue useu to nnance me t~uo At the meetin of th " V]n H r, ..n ~ |ouirv bv The Times. confirms the[membars will be present to re-tturned, hghtmg the fire in the[~ ........ ,.,,+,^~ [. .. . g e Arling:[ -----------o L r n ~ecreanon tbouncll nelfl ~h; Verb---Otto Bruhn;[rumor that she will be a sticker]port p.ogress of thmr respect~ve]heater and leavmg the house furl Tickets *-'r **" ........... [ ........ ' .... ]]~-- ~--,~|-,~ 'd ..... committees . , , ... t,,~= =.=,,~ a.= ,,- weflnesaay evenmg v'eo. II, It 1|Iit. U~IIII.I ~aWard Melhart; Inter-/candldate for t~lS pomt,on.. / " la short time. [sale at the Dean Field Insurancelwas decided that the Council/ Roger; Pronoun|,~.~of, s uonA oQ,. U anv r L[ o I Smoke pouring from the build-[AF.ency, and according to BObIwould again co-operate this com.lSeverelv Burn ~ce ann t=on unction ~ey o~ u~u appe~t~ tu na ~ ~u ' ..... , J Wllllalns, one of the romotors .I lson. opposition:. Theposition !s nowIMale Quartet [ ng attracted the, attentionflf_M~lit looks like a full hou2e for nex l oggSUmm J e ~:odSW~lTmlng[ While preparing supper Ogers, Marie Lind, Vir- nllea. Dy ~lenn t-arKer,. WhO (lld].w ~ , /~arson,. . a nmgnoor. , who turneuIWednesda,,~ nF'hts ' A~ ....... me resem ume reereauon" "' 'Thursda-~ ev'-ni---= i~!; laat,l~'~" ~t..~i~. lIT--w~tu~.. Land Evelyn Huson en-lnt~filefr:re_'~eetmn" ....... lucre unday tmthe fire alarm. ~ I ~ ]programsPare being carried onlquake, wife of Arlington's ImP- next with their baton for ;y~mpf} ~o. o,. wmyn wa~[ ......................... [ Firemen forced art entrance tol~ ]) T ~ T~ ~-I~. [for both boys and girls, Millard|master was severely burned ivazcatea oy rneresignationoIl lne ~eatue raciuc" uouege/the house and found the fire at,~L$~ aoaK~, all ant;an i....... [ t- ~ ...... i ,, boru having charge of me DO s when her apron oeeame lgnlTL~t Dr. Dale Huber. John Norman male quartette will be heard in back of the heater " was Y " - baton twirlers, Rose- and Carl Land are the candi-lArlington on Sunday morning[ ................. n ~, wh~,h o~n !~'~ ~na~lrit~[~e [basketballon Wednesday nights]by the kitchen range:The e~ghtner played two rt~t,~ and oven!nor when t]l~v will ~n ]', .... . _. _.: ..... r, ~-i~....~a~ ~aa~a.~..~o Itrom 7 to ~ ann ~aturuay morn-laPton suuueniy Durst lnI~ "A " , ......... ~., - *~ - "~'" ~-merame neat nan oeen general- flames Mrs uake untied it menca and Old ...... . mg from 9 to 11, while Mrs. Mun- Q ..... ] Voting exce t m Oso and Sfl.[near at the Free Methodlst[od ~nd wh,]o rho f~m, had nntl At the meeting of the Oso[ ......... [._~ ................. ou her ViOlin. Iw.~ will ho ~Pt tho (~itv h~ll A. Ichurch / ..... :-""-;-X"-.: ............... tPTA to be held at the schoolllZZa is lnstruc[lng a girls recre, l,~Hu u~vvvcu )t oll t.~_ xtu~-. . ----, ................ ~ ........ " gone oeyona me llvin room, ev- ' " "' ..... However the aress under ,Ogram wa concluded ...... g i . atlon class at the High School o th ,1 ........... s ......[hngton, wherethe city fl.lection[ The morning appearance will[cry room in the house was on. T ursday, .ep. 26; ca .[Mon ..... .... .... .ok apron had become i nit a- ..~ k~z ~om~a, t.e .Um-lwiu occur-at me same time. m lhe at 9'45 and in the evenin~ at ia-,~d by heat and *,~,~ the l'naates .Ior me'school ooaru Wml " "~'~_ :'~'~ ........ ~ .... "l,~., o,,,u,~ ,~,, 7~,,+~,,~:. "7,,,, .toe following playing[Oso and Silvana voting will be at[7.15 ..... [~',~ ,~.,~ ~,~t~'~,~n':F~',~-~ ...... i be present to discuss school prob. [ noons a~ 6:60. - . : ~I~.~:.:.~Z~-.=~ "~''k "~.T"~. "~'~ "--" .,~,,,-o ......... " t,~ ~V~cuv~ ~C,UU~a " ~ " " ,DOra and wall was char- - ....... : ste ........ , ..... ,-1 ....... [ The grouo ]s rat d high, and ~t[, , poyor I m,. ....+.... . ,,, ....+ .+ olthe High School and at Terrace[subdue the flames. ?n'%Ver2t '- e: . oe ..... lis said their offerings wilr be aired to a crisp, f&qing from the]o,c~o'ck"~=~T~o~A~',?~$:~'A.~.[Park l~as been inspected, an(l] She was quite badly burm~l;o~ ~.arol An u g, in the Arnngton cl~y election, V .... s ,..,,.~....~,t,. ~,~,.=..o v-=~,,,~-t ~se ....~'-'~'i~ Des [ ......... [treat for music lovers. V', alls and ceilings. Furmshmg [~,, th ...... *~ati .... n .~.,,[was found to be in good condi-]the arm and bOdj) and Spent , ~tnu , ~et~n e -l tings seem to De qule[, no op-I l in the livi ......wer~ ~'~dl"' ...... "~'*" ............ =,.~=,,,~o, . t ....... ~ .~-.,~ ~.. +t. t: ~. , Alcott, the father --]position appearing to the ticket] I~tama~.ed ,,s .......... Z[an invitation to the public to at-[tin. [~_~,~ ~{~ ~I t~._~pltaL ers " V o e, ~ jauuu]f a,~aaauaa~j ~wU on, Geramum--E - named at the caucus last week, Little - tend. o ~ Final Total water was used, and ex- h wil In a s,mflar accident Monda~ , CYrus--Paul Hurn,[when the present encumbents, I ent for w~" ..... t heh ..... it-] A pot-luck lunc 1 follow/o p~g~ ~'~iiP~ ~ [;~ t~, ...... t- ,~,~., r~ .... ,.- Gary Pederson, Dave Helm Clarence Hansen and . the meetmg .... ~,t ....... I ........ IPolio-Dnw ~2 S70 6~ ]=,elf suffered httle damage. [ ~ / n tw [~on of Mr. and Mrs Dewey Dun- ae motner--lviarnyn l~ua t'eterson were nomlnatea ior "* I" ' " "" ir ' e ~ ..... " cl M" . . ..... F emen studymg th effect~ Business ]['louses nmg received burns on his back. --- I " , ....... I of the fire are of the opinion that/Belhn~ham Pastor [ ........ [ " g " back to =,, I ~ I Marcn o~ Dimes, ~r. ~: ~. ~ataorI, i :he heavy insulation preventedl -- -- ..... t:lo*e Mon. l eb. tthe stove when hls shirt became te~pirlg with the pro-I~ ! O [chairman, sites mat total eolLec. I ~he flames from reaching the~ at-Jr. Ro o.o | .. u. _ ' ~ _ .. [ignited. He ran toward the bath- ~ me ropert men ---[ [~ions reeeiveu amoumea ~o ~- ,~ ~ - r ress of a~ ~ ~a~ &~a~ Jbuslness houses in Arllng- ~oom. but h s mot r P _ Y funeral ervlces , I, c and aela m rthe p og I [ . . / i he oicked ul~ 'e " Y g .... Sson Harle Wester 570 68 ton wilt ooserve the Wash ,~ ~ , Y ,Iv~ .. ,.. I - ]!:he fire. The flames were just at[ On Tuesday, March 3rd, Rev./ ........ ... - /her apron off a chair, and beat y ~roendyk; the ush-[p~ ]1re ~Jl[.~mlllO'~F [ Additional returns have been[:he point of penetrating the attic Cart Calhoun, pastor of the mgmn mrmaay nonaay on out ~he flames His worst bum~ .Y Gepner, Betty In-] o. ]received smce the .last report, I;vhen the firemen reached the!Congregatmnal church, Belhng-[ MondaY, Feb;23; ...... ]are on two fingers, and in aleut ~rie Funeral services were held AlthOUgh me nonaay inns w , y Buchanan, and[ ...... ~i _ _ Ifrom the Rainbow Girls, Lions l~cene. ~ [ham, will be present at the Fel-[ ......... [t o inches in diameter on the ~on 1 weanesaa az[ernoon at ]he on ~unaay, me zzna, ~lon b The assistant d'-I Y " IClub, Ladies Circle of Congre-/ Mrs. Stroebe states that she[lowship night meeting of the Ar-~ .... . .... " [ ack. He .was able to return to ' Judith Ann Palmer Methodmt church for Mrs Deb h f N rwa [ n h lln to day m to t)e ooservea as the school Wd~| '- . " [ ....." ..... - "]gut!Dual Churc , Sons o o y.carried no insurance o er fur-] " g n church, and will speak| . . . [ it Sday, and no lll ef- .~stess (to greet par.[or~ Est.ner ~ntsminger, (.~,,and Lutheran Ladies' Ai:l, also[niture. ' Ito the group. / noliaa~'. . ..... Ifects are expected. ~ett ~ neer resmem of me uso mstrm~ rne oanKs mercnanmsmg y Nurm'. I 1 ~l = ~ r . some additional from the schools[ The Greenbergs, owners of the[ The meeting wilt start with a/ ~ " , / I -_ vno passea away ~aturaay es~abhsnments and post of ---o----------- I" .......... and :~chool organizations. " Ihouse, reside at Granite Falls. [6:30 dinner. . | ............ " [1 ~. ~! ! I mornlng at the Arllng[on nospl- ~ ---------------------- t lice Wlll De ClOSeU Du[ ~ne I I. P rn~l~e Lit Rn~,o I~al. Rev. A. O. Quall, pastor, offl- imm - _ .~l ~ I II . --O [ schools w~ll operateas us-[-=-. ...... --uu~o [elated. Burial was in Arlington ~]l][~l~l~lll~l~llllAN Jr-'A f~ll~ I~ll~ll~Al~$ llaASIN | ual. IVislts Friend. Her- . cemetery under direction Of I ~ Postmaster Bill Q u a k e --v .... . Moll's Funeral Home III IilIMI states that there will be no Phelps, of Morton, enjoy- man manager of Mc-I Mrs. Entsminger was born at _ ~ - - - V l mail deliveries rural or city, led visiting old ft.!ends and scenes ' ' in ana arouna hiS ola home town ~ge, has purchased aINuma, Iowa, Maxch 10 1875 and i]~ _l Illi| lit _| _ _ II _ lI._ _ _I I on Monday. Post office boxes [. o . ...... 'c, ' v ' ior a iew nays la~[ week While in Arlington and ex-~had resided inthe Arlington area NAIIqMHNnNDIn WI N A a'INPN lla'knInNAdNN I howe er, he said, will be [ .... _ ...... ly t for the ast 30 ears She is sur served and there will be the :~ o move his family] P Y, . I IIIMIIMa WW IUI III~M~III IlI~III~~ I ' , . " ]Mrs Albert Lam" and Mr ~, ~Verett. Mr. and MrsJrived by three aaughters, Mrs. ~ usual hoHaay aispatcn at I_ ..... v, ~ . , ~.. ar Laurlston liKeS ~ [o remlnls~ e the parents o~tMary Safford of Decorah, Iowa, A year of progress which was Storm presided at the meeting, iWashington Co-Op, and Marvynl 5:30 for all mail posted in ]about hi .... ~., ~"*'----~ -~ ..... [Mrs. Naomi Frye and Mrs. Sar- in step with the constantly l New trustees named were: Dis-IS. Allyn, secretary-treasurer, con-I the lobby drop box. I Kent'~ PraiV~a,~"~,,~'~,,u~,,-u~-~*~ e Purchased the newlah. Prichard, both of Route 3 changing business scene was]trict No 6 James Andersen tinues in that capacity Allyn o . .-- |..,~ Y-.C ..... 5"~.:E~'..'._=" ...... L'.u'~ ' ' ' 1 " -- t'~v ~ i- [UltI ~t[llel(l OUlItl[llg, as Well as at south end of Mc'-IArhngtn; four sons. Lawrence reported at the annual meeting Puyallup; District No. 10, Walter )resented a financial report oe-iI~/ I~l,n~t~,A~ /11" Ihis first inh~ I,~ ~hi,~,,~o ,~nt~ re, recently built by[f Preston, Minn., ~awaru oi of the Washington Cooperative Dopps, Sunnyside. Re-elected[fore the meeting. , , ,, ~aAaa~a~.oo~,o a~a~. ]and "clerk{ng~'in-tl~e-'l'~t~e I~I:"K~. :k Construction C~.[New urieans, wctor of route a, Farmers Association by the den- trustees were: Henry P. Dykstra, The general manager s report (~^l.! ~$^.~^ ][)1,~$ /Tv~t,~ ~o,,~P~] ~,,~,~ r~,,,~,~,',~,= ~n is h~vin,, ~ ,~,~wl&riington and Charms of Great eral manager itarry J Beernink ,kuburn District No 5" Kent E l eited a volume of business in ~UlU, I~IUlO.~ llalit /,~=~7.7F_?-, ~-7_--~. y .... ;s ~;-~ ~ t, ~- ---- " ' " "" ' ' .' . " . v,~t ~o years ne has oeen in ]he ed, and the h,~,,,~ i~lFalls, Mont.; 22 grandchildren The Co-Op represents 36,697 farm Anderson LaCenter Dlstrlct No 1952 of $50,657,046, or an mcrease Work is orogressin~ at the[moro~ntil,~ hn~i~ao~ ~ M*~-~,.~ ated b,, t~h"'~ W]I'~=--Uland fourteen great grandchil- family members throughout the 3; George Steph VinlockDis-[of $4,003,038 over 1951, Washing- f o r m e r co'ndenserv- buildin~ [:';.~'~='~, ,~'t]':~,'.,~:.~.~'~.-.",~'~X s. "[dren. State of Washington. tnct No. 8. Dr, J. W. Kalkus, su- ton Co-Op s operating margins where the Glacier Cold Storage/a ~,m in l~,~ l)|~ l:hartt{a~ iR | (>------------ Officers named at the session 9ervisor of the WesIern Washing./ior 1952 were reported at $2,119,- Co is ,converting the building [~a~'~i'n"~"th",~ ~t--~'~" n'~'~=~',,~'~ .C~--- lU/.I] ~ .... ][~,,,,~,, mcluded the following re.elec- ~on Experiment Stanon, Puyal-1391, compared with $2,330,840 for preparatory to mstallatmn ofhm tn Ar]in~tnn ho ~nl]o~ .-,. h~ ~' I4--'~'~r~ I II 111 l~O.i~)q~ l-Uliq.i~ tions president Emil Storm, Spo- lup, was reappointed for a 3-year :he previous year. f-ree-zing equipment and provid. [l~r~nt'hor'W'o'r~'o"Oh'il~n~'~"T."~r~~ ... I~ A . kane; vme-pre~dent, Myron F. ,erm as representative of the, Beernmk pointed to the way ing storage svace The wmdows/~.a ~,,:.,, An~ m .... I,,, ~_ ~,., ,~,t~ve club of Degree]10 ,~SSlS[ " Hawley, Ferndale. Paul N. How- public on the board of trustees, marketing services of the Co-Op are being sea'led "up and parti-lere~t ........................ ,~ at the home of Mrs.... . --. ell, Marysville, w a s newly Beernink continues in his ca- i~ave kept pace with the chang- tions are being removed. [ ", c ae~l Feb" 5th at 8 p.'m.]VlCtlmS O| l"lre named as secretary of the board, oacity as general.manager of theContinued on Page 5) The g,ounds adjacent to the!| . r~.u V_t. very clever aec- .. ........... building have been cleared and ,.e lon t.llan,, , ~aemine motiI were t~esmenrs oi the ~ortn l~OrK o~wr~l thousand ,,ards of fill o ~..,u he membership Valley "11 hold a benefit dance material have been hauled in ]~^^$---,- ~._L~ Was discussed. The on Saturday night, Feb. 28, as It is expected that construction ~l~Ct|l|~ ~|~l[l[ being Mrs. Martha Irene Vognild. A SSert was served. < GROUP group of Degree meet Saturday, P. m. at the home of Wangsmo. Your ls provided to give or functions thai in nature. All event~ fee is charged, o, advertised will appem The charge will b~ ~r a minimum of $1.00 at Backstrom Mo- 10 a. m., Feb. by American Le- Proceeds used Silvana. Music & Kenny. me. Mt. Wheeler Oso, Saturday, Served. r)art of their program to aid the Kent Pompella family, who lost ~heir home and all its contents in a fire on Jan. 21. The dance will be staged at the Grange hall, Oso. It is also announced that any- ohe having spare clothing or ar- ticles of furniture that can be of use should contact members of the committee, Mrs. Denny Pier- son, Mrs. Harry Sparks, or Mrs. Lawrence Fry. [P.T.&.To l:lonor Past Presidents Past Presidents of the Arling. ton P.T.A. will be honored at the next meeting of the organization on Monday, Feb. 23rd, when Founders' Day is observed. At this meeting there will also be a panel, and demonstration of "-------creative arts. The panel will be composed of a committee of teachers, including: Mrs. Violet Jensen, chairman; Mrs. Lucille Reed, Miss June Hergert, Miss Jo Ann Ingram, Mr. Albert Kuhn, Mr. Roy Larson. ~u ~l~tgVv to plow---Spring just around the e ,.net. ~mong tile aisplay of Farmall tractors in front of the Weber Pontiac Garage is a small tra ~tor with blade which Mr. Weber has had in read- iness to clear sidewalks of snow, but there's bee ~ no snow--Nobody disappointed, eh? --- Times Photo on the large addition to the building will get under way at lice. o Hospital Notes 3irtlm Feb. 6. Charles Edward. Long, born to Mr. and Mrs. Louis Long, R. 1, E. Stanwood. Feb. 7, Steven Williamson, borfl to Mr. and Mrs. Carl Wil- qamson, R. 2, Arlington. Feb. 7, George Tondell, born to Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Tondell, Arlington. Feb. 7, Frances Kathleen Lewis born to Mr. and Mrs. Orwill Lew- is, R. 5, Arlington Feb. 10, Robin Linn Smith, born to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Smith, Arlington. Feb~ 11, Martin Frank Buck- wink4el, born to Mr. and Mrs. loe Eockwinkel, R. 2, Marys- ville. Feb. 14, William Sutton, born to Mr. and Mrs. Allan Sutton Darrington. Feb. 1, Wayne Douglas Preston born to Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Pres: i ton, Arlington. At a well attended sne'al meeting of Arlington Po~t No "/6, The American Legion, in the newly-decorated Legion hall, on Feb. 17, it was unanimously vot- ed by the members to change the meeting nights of the Post to the second and fourth Tuesdays of eaeb month. The next meeting will be on March 10. Chester Jensen was elected Sec- ond Vice-Commander and as such he is in charge of entertainment for the balance of the year. Members, former members and all eligible veterans are urged to attend the meetings of the Post and to join the American Legion. Dues should be mailed to Joseph P. Mathews, Jr., Adjutant of the Post. CALENDAR Feh. 25--Cub Scout Benefi~ wrestling, A. H. S. Feb. 27---Blue and Gold Cub Scout Dinner. Pioneer Halt. March 6---Camp Fire F,~tb~ snd Daughter Banquet, at Methodist church, 7 p.