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February 15, 1951     The Arlington Times
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February 15, 1951

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. PAGE FOUR THE ARLINGTON TIMES, ARLINGTON, WASHINGTON. THURSDAY FEB' 15 1951. -- " 7 , , ]|1 N|lf~ fll V||fllfl ||/r the side of the boat to keep ! g~ ]aLU,U uLlmrlu ave, from being swept down the mnemen Lose une, Red Cross Ready Chapter ]ington is Mrs. John THE HALLER CITY TIMES Volume L- i-fi. 42 Subscription Price $2.50 Per Year. Issued every Thursday. Published at Arlington, Washington, by THE ARLINGTON PRINTING CO. J. C. CARPENTER -- FRANK MARSH $. (3. CARPENTER ....... Editor & Mgr. lt~ton, Washington. EDITORIAL THROWING MONEY INTO THE RIVER Now that the flood is o ,er and we have the oppor- tunity to view the r ains, what have we learned? It seems to us the ruin and devastation, the incon- venience and the heartbreak over the destructive flood are the result of a lack of intelligent leadership, and co- operation on the part of all of us. - Ever since the first settler came to the Stillaguamish valley floods have swept down the valley, tearing at the banks and changing the river's course. Take a look at the formation of the valley and you will see the evidenc- es of this sort of thing, which has been going on for cen-; miles, j We may raise dikes, and the river will fill the chan-I ael and raise the river bed; we may dredge the mouth oft the river to give the Stanwoods drainage, but the river will silt up the dredged channels;we may rock the river banks, and the raging floods will sweep away the rock. The stream is straightened to relieve a threat to nearby farms, and ten more farms are destroyed farther down the river. This is the story of our so-called flood control up to the present time. The money we have spent on the river during the past half century is money literally thrown into the river. What then is the answer? Form a Stillaguamish Valley or a Snohomish County Flood Control district, including every parcel of prop- erty that will benefit through protection. Issue bonds and build, in two or three main tributaries of the main streams, delaying dams. We do not mean hydro-electric projects; we mean dams that will merely hold the ab- normal flow of these streams, thus retarding runoff sev- eral hours. It's fahtastic, stupendous, beyond our means. These are objections that will be raised. What we need is engineers who do not know the .... By ".oh" Leach swift cur,cut of the river, and The Arlington sharpshooters TO Give Aid To East Stanwood and Beings that I didn't write last was finally pulled back into the lost a heartbreaking match this area, C. J. Gut erso week there are a few back items boat, Fortunately for Mickey, he weekpistol tOclubthebySnOhomishthe scoreRifle&of 940 Flood Victims and Arthur~Feb-----nth~ that I have to catch up on. First didn't have any stories to tell, to 945. It was a nip and tuck F~milies and persons affected BLUEBIRDS of all there was the march of as if he had started, undoubted- battle all the way with Snoho- by the flood within the County, We met at Mrs. Bi: mothers making collections for ly, he would have illustrated mish coming out on top, after needing disaster relief and re- and we made Tepee the Polio drive. It turned out with his hands, and down the the last relay when one of their habilitation should contact their for the Campfire very successful, raising over river he would have gone. women shooters turned in a 190 community Red Cross Disaster practiced our song. $550.00 and will undoubtedly be carried on other years. However, Looking at my historical cal- score, representatives. Gerald B. Krav- invitations for our fa there will have to be a few endar I see that this week has Ben Knudson led the Arling- ik, chapter chairman, stated ter dinner to be at changes made. The policy was two important dates marked, ton shooters this week with 193 that alleviating suffering and Church Feb. 21st. this year to have those who The first being Lincoln's birth-and Bernard Crammer was high distress due to disaster was a;Underwood. wanted to donate leave their day is quite an important day in for Snohomish with 191. Chapter obligation of Red Cross porch light on, and when the collection was made they were to turn off the light. All wa~ fine and dandy, except when the donator turned off the porch light, Rita Arnot and Betty Hu- ber managed to fall off the porch. Fortunately neither was hurt, but look at what could have happened, $550.00 collect- ed, $550.00 paid out for medical treatment for the collectors, plus the small item of loss of dignity. Naturally the big news this week are the floods that have been taking place. No need in my telling of the damage and loss of property that took place, you can read that in any old paper. The fire- men were called on to do some rescue work around Arlington, everything went smooth enough, only one of the firemen falling in the river, who else but Mick- ey. The Mick was hanging 'on to the history of our country. Most people think that the banks have a holiday on Lincoln's birthday, but that isn't true. Ac- tually that is the day they check all the pennies to be sure no one has slipped any in that don't have Lincoln's picture on them. Penneys make dollars you know. Lincoln must have been quite a personality. People still re- member his birthday after one hundred and forty-two years, and he didn't even have a !daughter that could, or couldn't (depending on your politics) sing. The other day of the week is St. Valentine's day. That is one day if you happen to forget on the day it falls, your wife won't let you forget for the rest of the year. O In Arlington - Phone 1344 Clothes Expertly Cleaned and Pressed at KILLOUGH CLEANERS The loss put Arlington in third place in the league, leav- ing Snohomish and the Everett Legion tied for first. The scores were as follows: Arlington: Ben Knudson ............................ 193 Chet Bluemke ......................... 189 Clayton Grant .......................... 188 John Jensen ............................ 186 Lloyd Hartley .......................... 184 940 Gilbert Russell ........................ 183 Barney Brenne ........... : ............ 180 David Senff .............................. 178 Snohomish: Bernard Crammer .................. 191 Dean Morris ............................ 190 Phyllis Wickstrom ................ 190 Lawrence Wickstrom ............ 187 Eugene Reed ............................ 187 945 Blanche Reed .......................... 177 Arnold Bonnell ........................ 175 Charles Gartwell .................... 151 and that in keeping with the National Red Cross policy, as- sistance would be granted, based on the need and resources of the families and persons affected. The Chapter and the national organization stand ready to grant assistance based on need, not loss, and resources of the families and persons affected. CAMP FIRE The Eluta Camp met at Mrs. home Feb. 8. We had business meeting for the Father and banquet which will Wednesday, Feb. 21. very happy to admit Arnot to our group. Look/ CARL L. NELSON HALCIE H. LYONS AGENCY MARYSVILLE MELODY SHOP Marysville, Wash. 00000000000000000000)00000000000 DO0000000000 0 words "it can't be done." aa Nor do we think this a matter in which we should call on the federal government for help. Snohomish county is now paying the price for its failure to provide proper protection. The railroads are Again we lead with with the lowest pric- es .... It's no secret to save money on foods. CENTENNIAL, SILK 50-LB. Bag .............. KRAFT -Lb VELVEETA 2 Brlck KRAFT qt. Baker's Quality Market "THE HOME OF GOOD MEATS" FRESH KILLED LB, II I ECONOMY Lb. BEEF L, :~ LB. spending thousands for repairs; the state highway de- ALWAYS FRESH Pkg. LB, partment and the county road districts are paying a O , ,,, .. , tremendous price; the utilities are paying for repairs; .... and the farmers and home owners are paying. And this is repeated from tinle to time, resulting in a total bill over I -Lb. ~.,-~ ~-, ~v--.~JAMES HENRY the years of millions of dollars thrown to the river. i HUMBO t.m Can ROI| Instead of paving this tribute, why not go to the f source of the trou/)le? lb. fi,' )c Yes, it will cost an enormous sum, but we can pay it I I over the years from earnings of protected farms, utili-], aaa auua sour Pitted Can ' ~-~ ~" ~----~0 Ues e and mthem neyssa edthat therwise ` U aflSAv[ nR[A BAR6A N$37f 4c 6fOrl2fOrdam would be spent4n repairing damaged homes, roads, etc.J w /' Lii?DDIE Stokiey. No. 2 1. 0 2.8 era Pancake VEAL PA N In the recent flood, one suchon say Deer creek,[ would have prevented thousands of dollars of damage[ .,,.--.....u.t ..... co. lb. 49c ] lb. 35c to property from Oso down. Perhaps the same could be PlNI:APD! C Honolu,n 1.65 Q.25 miid of the Snohomish. oo. 84 o o ""s. HIGHWAY 1.A TO THE RESCUE CamPbell's Once again iiighway l-A, that neglected, TOMATO JUICE 75 . . . CoodMakeapie Crust 'k,. marrow road. sometimes called the East Pacific Hi sunny" Jim Homogenized If-Oz. .17 9;33 /I.63 has given a demonstration that it is strategically located P'NUT BUTTER dins above flood waters, and if properly developed No, 303 Pacific STOCK UP NOW! 3 for 6 for :furnish an uninterrupted .avenue for through traffic, PEAS Garden ............... Call DelMonte ,0,,,.'"" 63 BLENDED. JUICE 99 1.o morth and south, for with the flooding of the Skagit flats CATSUP Denntson C~n the heavy traffic of Highway 99 is now winding its way ,p and down the snake path known as Highway 1-A. I: TOMATO SAUCE Ko,- 19 37c 73c PEACHES '"'- "" 00 = ,. Pkg... Fr to. Can . No. 21968 I rt ~ -- m =~ NOTICE TO CREDITORS lUr. t, arstens 1o lie I0 Ltuuy's DeePo___.ow. ooo 30 PEARS o,,d ie o9 l~a the Superior Court of the State Of, .. " - - '- PORK ~ BEANS 'Washington in and for the County of[ Ha .d hv II Halves ........... CGn ,,.o. 841 3 Solid ,.c~ 1 1 the Matter of the Estate of LOUIS Friday March2 has been ~rea Garden -, , .67 a5 TUNA White Star Big .00 .9~ oo sel ted as the date for com- APPLE JUICE Con " .............. Con "tqotice is hereby given t " Cinch, White or Dark ~ned has been appointed and has munlty Perry meeting for the q~tallfled as administrator of the ~- ^" ~^" '~ ~-~ ~ ..... ~" t/h~ all Victoria Heights community. Tip Top ~|J|'~ A ~1~ -d Del Monte f~ I_L 1 1- "" =m ons ......................... h e ............ 20.oz. c i|c 1.20 ............. alnst .ne me ung wm star~ at x'ou- "~-- uv x FRUIT t,ocKmn .................... . - CHOC SYRUP ,dr ~m:~ased are hereby reqdlred to serve p.m., an(] it 18 expected it will ~ * tim same, duly verified on said ad- be over by 3'30 aa ~ At tnls meeung or arstens caaPEFR'To q " c t~L or upon the attorneys of record .... . at the address below stated, and tile O~[ the experiment station in Ska- - i ecti0ns ~LJ~J[ =" ~v ...... 12-Oz. Can 1 z.~ the same with the Clerk of said court, uit county, will be the speaker ,~ k'Kg. .. ~ ------- ------ --ther wlth proof of such servlce .... -- ~ -- ~-~7.~ ~-'~ if~.D]~ Del Monte 303 A~C ~)"C ~rlthln six m~)nths after the date of -----'--'~.. ~~ l-- C)f~c ~o 20509 Stl~t publication of this notice or the ............ ..... '~& Turk. or Chick Need ,~,,.,,, Creamed .................. C~n /-~@..~ O~ mm ,,,/11 k ~'~..~ . ' NU'I'IUIPJ O~" ''jMv: AND PLACE OF [ ~ ................... Febr ..... HEARING F, AL ACCOUNT o, I-- .- DITA/'IJIT ca.f. Big 2x/20 c 1.75 ..................... ADMINISTRATOR AND ON PETIT,O~ ]= l~ l' ".1'' Smilax ..~ 1.50 ~J.O0 " 46 Oz w -- -- urapezrmt amce .t.~'~'P'~1. (.~ - .IVORY II.~A~,~IILt~ Queen .... Can O~ JL J. P MATHEWS, Administrator of ...... [~ --~.~ ~o.o ~nr, ne eluperlor Uourtof theState I -- JOY I,,..v,,e "--*'~ ~ ~r~q','r.*~xxr~ o,.,~ .~u*~z,= o of Washington for Snohomlsh Coun-, ............................ t FANCY& E'X .... DELICIOUS ~ a. 29c I r,.t~r~ TNMATNITg Big 21/2White or~CDark ...... 1.31 i~ATHEWS Jr. Attorneys for E~tate I Y'- ........... ' ' ' : n me a4a~er o~ the ~sta~e o~ i T~.~FANCY L~ Olympic Ave., Arlington, Wash. : ..................... ' a~,Ava~a~.,=~*., Can ~ | J. I:~te of 1st pub Feb 15 1951 ~ ~n~u~ux~~~, ~eceaseu. ~7~|lrarge 3A,. _____ ..... ~,, /: ~'~', ,~'~ Notice is hereby given that W H "" ' Fowler as administrator of the above BottletJl%~| Pkg. ~ ~r~ ~N~" Dutf's ----------------O lentltled estate has filed herein his APPLES . "s. , Vk No. 21596 i final account of his admlnistratlo~ NOTICE OF HEARING ON FINAL ,hereof, together with his petition for ~ ~ REPORT AND PETITION FOR % decree of distribution, and that Prl- DISTRIBUTION day the 2rid day of March, 1951 ~t the FANCY---~V/EET AND JUICY 0X, DOLI I .PRINCE ALBERT lb Ca the Superior Court of the State of hour of 1:30 o'clock p.m. and the . o~f%~ntonhgo~mnist? and for the County b~:at~vOmen~ftlDe~a:trn~e~nt t~eOco2unO: ORANGES . , .... lb. 8c , . . the Matter of t e ~' y Ev t L]3 h Estate of ROSE ourthouse in the Clt of eret l~AETZ Deceased. 8nohomish County, S%ate of Wash- FIRM RIPE Notice ~ hereby given that Anionlngton have been fixed by the under La~e " L e " " 41c DROMEDARY GINGERBREAD r f the estate f Rse s~gned as the time and place fr hear 31| exe0 t , - TOMATOES . . . . ctn. 25c 34c Redeem CAKE MIX . . . P g. , l~raetz, deceased, has filed in the above ng on said final account andpetl- r" ~titled court his Final Report and ~lon ~or decree of distribution. | " Your Coupons l~e~i~ion for Distribution, asking the (SEAL) CRISP ARIZONA COurt to approve this final report and A)~OERS ANDERSEN. Clerk of above LETTUCE Ib 9C tl~trlbute the estate to the persons entitled Court. By HARRY FALK, Dep- o~. tmtltled thereto under the terrr~s of de- :~", . . . K'~ * tmdont's non-intervention will; that O. W. HINMAN, Attorney for Ad m~td report and peMtlon will be heardmlnistratOr. Arlington. Wash. RADISHES u'un on the 18th day of March, 1951, at Date of let Dub., Feb. 1, 1951. ~[:~0 o'clock p.m. at the Probate De- Date of last pub., Feb. 15, 1951. * * * * * * Dartment of said court, at which time ~md place any person interested may appear and file objections thereto, and ED Eecxutiful California Grown he heard. RICHTER JEWELER ANDERS ANDERSON. Clerk of said Prices effective Friday and Saturday, Feb. 16 aud 17, 1951. Prices effective in ArlingtO Court. By Myrtle Wick, Deputy. 3. V. MATHEW8 and JOSEPH V. KEEPSAKE DIAMONDS Mr. Vernon. Every item guaranteed. No sales to dealers. We reserve the right to limit. ~ATHEWS, Jr., Attorneys for Estate, ,ton. was . @ Date of let pub.. Feb. 15. 195]. I Arlington = ~@ Date of last pub,, March 1, 1951. , ,, ,,,, ,,,