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February 5, 1953     The Arlington Times
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February 5, 1953

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[ARY Anne Meugniot Phone 152J1 Legion Auxiliary meet Thursday night, Feb. 8:00, with Mrs. Otto MRS. BLANCHE LANE CELEBRATES BIRTHDAY Mrs. Blanche Lane was well N THE ARLINGTON TIMES, ARIJNGTON, ASttINGTO , THURSDAY, FEB. 5,1953. Degree of Honor P.T.A. " PAGE FIVE class. Comedy. Adults and young people. TO GUYS Por The Sportsman--- ~Port Shirt ~?ugh Rider Slacks ~lligator Golf Shirts a'e.tine--BySh cooper ' here's just one of Penney's FOR THE LADIES If you wishto buy or sell, our classified ads manyfresh new styles! The Homebody " " SliDl r Sox MOJUD HOSIERY carry your message far and wide-- Vrm Heusen Pajamas It's the kind she likes to wear. Young button-front cot- MOJUD--NYLON SLIPS Q 1st insertion--3c per word with a 65c ton incool.looking~white Those In School-- BRIEFS a GOWNS minimum, background prints... l~ugh Rider Cords BLOUSES BY GRAFF Subsequent insertions 20 per word with love that little-waistline, aM Slacks, AND SHAPELY full.skirt look it has! Tans a 65c minimum. And it's so nicely made Socks And Always "WHITE STAG"--come yoh'd never guess Pen- Belts and Jewelry in and see the new colors: * n~y's would have it for you at this price.., hur- ry! Buy in sizes 12-20, and Shopper 16-24! From Sure to Please Phone 493 Arlington. Wash. i i ii~ i , i i i , , i i . I , i ley Jacobs, Jo Ann Casey, Betty Robb by Mrs. Sena Thompson in- Mock, Roberta Janet number of other past Sur~day dinner guests of Miss ,~ Gi~roy, eluded a CO~ presidents in semi circle. Alice Satre were the Misses Net- t~rewe, Barbara Gruwell, Jean tie Larson, Edna Knttppe, and MarieHovik, Linda'~:Palmer, and After the meeting a few dances Lee Myer of Seatle. Miss Myer PattyRyan. Installing officers were enjoyed with Mrs. Rod and i will be remembered as a forfner assisting Miss Tvei~ were Gall Mr. Arne Wangsmo furnishing Arlington high school math Casner, Polly Dri.~4~tuen, Mrs. the music. A lovely lunch was Helen Starr, and i~lpne Fred- served from a lace covered table teacher who is now teaching in erickson of Stanwo~o~Ir. Charles featuring home made cakes. The Renton. King installed the new board, tables were attractive with red " Mr. and Mrs. S. P. Smith of including Mesdames, Alice Jacob- and green arrangements flanked Open Wed. thru Sat. 5:30 p.m.-8:30 p.m. Joyce, Wash., spent the weekend sen, Mary Jo Fritz,~Bergie Driv-by red candles. Sunday 1:00 p.m.-8:30 p.m. at the home of his nephew and stuen, Sena Thompson, Betty work in Rainbow. Addenda were family, Mr. and Mrs. James Buell, June Larson, .Mary Hovik, Excellent ~opd--Fireplace for your Walker and family and Mr. 'and Stella Stuller, Helen~ Starr, Grace given" f o r Carol Hammerly, Novita Tveit, and for Mrs. Bergie ,~ Enjoyment. Mrs. Richard Walker. W h i 1 e King and Messrs. Harley Robb, Drivstuen and Harley Robb, the Restaurant: Special Parties, Banquets, etc. they were here, all visited cousins August Folden, and Vie Stuller. past mother advisor and daddy in Everett, Mr. and Mrs. Chet Mrs. Jacobsen and Mr. Robb are advisor. Williams. the new mother advisorand * daddy advisor. Refreshments were served to ted :t R taurant about 150 interested spectators Mr. Ed Burnette w i 1 1 be Following the installation cere- in the diningroom, which was brought home from the Veterans' monies, Betty Mock presented;decorated in red and white in 2 Miles N. E. of Marysville Marysville 5116 hospital in Seattle this coming Mira Mac Murphy with a Rain-lkeeping with t h e Valentine Sunday. bow bracelet for her outstanding heme. t For that "Little Apple of Your Eye" Peterson's Clothes Shop is especially stocked with gifts to win the heart . . . and ladies may we suggest that you "Tie Your Beau With Ties He Loves" I Valentine Suggestions... FROM GALS greens. Estimates Agree: An all star remembered last week on the The meeting was opened by cast does its best with the ran- occasion of her seventy-fifth the 1952 officers attired in aqua terial at hand. Fights and more U,W., " ** * hu s bi~hday~ er corsagefrmals' witheach wearingMrs. Chalicea noveltYKi1, pie.tights" Adults and young peo- AA.U ""~'-stcallers~wishhan~ lough presiding. She extended Feb 8 and 9 Movie" The .W. will meet T r - happy birthday were Mr. vexing, Feb. 12, with Mrs. Mrs. Pete Larsen of White Horse, greetings to ~ll the members and Racke't. Cast: Robert Mitchem erg~son. Mrs. Ralph who stopped by Thursday morn- guests, wh!ch included.a !arge aisabeth Scott and i~obert Ryan: ~se will speak on new ing. Old friends from Everett represemauon I r o m t'inenurs[ Plot: No Data on this Film. m home decoration,who came up to See her that and Everett lodges. Before retir- Feb. 10 and 11. Movie: Love * * afternoon were Mr. a n d Mrs. ing her officers gathered around is Better Than Ever. Ladies' Circle of the Con- Walter Swovelin, Mr. and Mrs. her and while a clever song was Cast: Larry Parks and Eliza- :Ional church will meet at Roger Parmenter, and Mrs. Susie sung by Mrs. Olive Rod she was beth Taylor - given articles w i t h a special .., . ". ' .... !Urch Wednesday, Feb. 11, Fryberg. On Friday her friends ...... rmt: A smart town aancmg- ........ school teacher attends a conven- ,12:30 luncheon. Mrs. Wil- and family had a pot.luck din- sentiment to ner Ior ner coJiec- ............... tlon Mrs l~lllougn also received ;.... ,.. x,_. v^_,. ,-:,. ~..~ ,~,,. :'.:.!:::i:i::!ii~!:i:;:~[~:~ .',--- t. " .... tlull 111 INU~ J. UII~ ~lty lllLI tdll~ t~ut and Mrs. Will Verd ner at Mrs. Lane s house in the ~:z,:::~:~:~:~:~.a~ g .. desperately in love with theatri- c co:hostesses. A busi- middle of the day. They also ' ........... "-~-~-::~ a ]z~~rom ner mneers meeting will follow lunch, brought her many lovely gifts. :;::i::iiii::}::i~%~ P a s t State Presioent, Mrs. cal a~,e-* wh,, ~ ~o,,;,, ,....~t ::i~:iisi~!~:~'~ Myrtle Lamp was invited to take ~:~^..s ........... s .......... - Those present were, Mesdames .............. ~ . --,,u,,y. ii~ charge of the installation cere- Estimates Agree" The eanable arge number attended the James Walker, Malissa Beigle, ran Missionary Circle meet- Effie Dilley, Lois Baldwin, Lin- ~ monies. Assisting her were Miss gt~rg do their h~t with ~o~cl hursdav afternoon at the nie Pierson, Fern McCullough, ~ Etta Lang, past president; Mrs. comic a~ff~e"t-"in~th~ ~"r~d~"~ Of Mrs. P au 1 Wangsmo Anna Hilton, Kate Hollis, Jan- .: ,~ Sena Thompson, usher and Mrsa~ents,s ren'dez'vo:'s-~. ,,,~..:~--'= Arlington Cash Feed Store : :: ...... Mary Stowe, pianist who very -.~ ~-dwin Sandvi~ had the de" nie Singleton, Mabel Hunter, ~: .,~ ~ ................ scenes of tr,~ tiny tots dancm L% T he--group---(~iscussed Gertrude Getscfimann, Kenneth =: .~ ~ e~nclently installed Tne ~ollow- --= .g the Women's Missionary Price, Joe Rezae, Jim Reece of ~ i ing officers: President, Mrs. Leila ] ~--- : ation Darrington, a n d Miss Ellen ~: ~ i Steckelberg; Past Pres., Mrs. [ with t h e Lutheran ' ' : ~ i Chalice Killough; vice-pres., Mrs. i ,,"~,, and the Ladies' Aid. They Dujardln. ~ i Beryl Johnson; 2nd vice-pres.,[, .~/~'~-- .... " ..... :~ ]~1 ~.'~ i tn.d discussed a film story Friday eveningMrs. L a n e i Mrs Edith Real; Financial Sec-I " ~"~:.~_--~='..-=_ flea and read notesfrom entertained well-wisners wno ~ -- " i~-~vKemem'er'ur ~i~ / retary, Mrs. Lucille Wangsmo;[ ~_~'~ ~#st Pa m., tan missionaries, brought gifts and a cake. They ~ i Treasurer, Mrs. Christie Water- 1o .(~,~'..._.V._.A.!,!/Ir l II were Mr. and Mrs. Arnie Nermo ~ i man; Usher, Mrs. Frances Mc- [; '~ .... :: '::--~ ~ ~ ~]~S MEET and Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Lane, ~ i Questen Asst. Usher, Mrs. Hazel | ' _Pastors ofthe Northern all of Seattle, Mrs: Muriel Shultz, ,~Sound' circuit of the Evan- Mrs. Lena Hoidal, Mrs. Mickey | ~ Ryan; Inner Watch, Mrs. Ester/ i Teague; Outer W a t c h, Mrs. r" ~" -- - " ~ ~ " I Lutheran church held Ryan, and Mr. and Mrs. Merrill ~ ~ Gladys Almli; Right Asst., Mrs. | :::~ili::::;:::::i:~..~,~., .~0nthty meeting at Our Metzger and family. . ....... ~ .. . ~:::~ I Maxine Cole; Left Asst,Mrs. / ~~ :s Lutheran church in Saturday evening dinner guests Mr..ano ~virs. lvlelvln Jvlortensen ~. 6, Arlington announce ......... : .... ~,ma Tuesday. were Mrs. Lane's grandsons the eng~ement of their daughter Bonnie Yvonne to Raymond I~)~av~YSR~dian~r~ r~anr~S~' ~rs" | me morning session they Arnie Nermo, Jr., of Seattle, and A. Drake, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond F. Drake, Concrete,I/Delores Ro'bb; a~nd Junior Di' /! T:'~\ W - ~ ) ]1 eatul ~4 g ......................... "_' ................ . [rectors, Mrs. Irene Vognlld, Mrs. | :.a report on the evangelism Gerald Cloudy and Frank Brown Wash No date has been set for the wedding " .~ee recentlYto the held22 ministersin Eau son,f Alaska.Lorna andSUndaYLloyd,dinner gueStSof Marys- I I Helen Duskin, Mrs. Martha Naas | , it ~*~ ~,':wis. Th e Ladies Aid were Mr. and Mrs. George Peter- .~ ~lUneh RETURNS FROM GUAM I~~,, ~-~',.I,, [and Mrs. Olive Rod. The escort! ~-#~ V Charles W. Haddenham AD 1[a~uH~ow ~Jill} istaff includes Mrs Goldsberrv ~,~t~g4/e mr families at the church ville, Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Hay-; (U.S.N.) is back at Whidbey 11 ~ . !! .. " I Johnson, Mrs. Lorraine Carlson", :. afternoon, two men gave den called Sunday evening. I island Naval Air base after seven rlOl(! Installation /Mrs. Lola Forsman, and Mrs $~ s on the New Revised * * * I months detached service on ....... }Stella Aber~,e -~-- --- ~ Guam He returned *,- W~ohin- Arlington Assembly 1~o. bz,! ~' ]rmlr ~d Version of the Bible." INFANT BAPTISED t~n ]~'~t ~ .... ~,, T,~i,~,~ hi~,~ Order of Rainbow for Girls held~ The new president accepted the ,I ,t~,~ . had. coffee at the rectoryi Mr. and Mrs. Claude Smithl ............ ~ ......... s .......... n a n d his family at dinner in installation of officers Saturday gavel m a very charming ma - going home. i (Nellie Ronning) of Kirkland had] ..... ~ - ~- evening Jan 31 at the A O U W Iner She assumed her duties and __ .... h~)err ClaUodl'a er Mrs. ....... Elizabeth Haddenham" Hall. The hall had been deco- announced her committee . mzsses.. ~o~rAnn, ~.s ~ a~i~anya~ ~r.~,on~u~oa~woron~mo~o ......... " s ~ast - _~INE HERE . e Dean of Lutheran church Sunday,anJ '-" : "' rated for the occasion with lovelylState Pres Mrs. Myrtle Lamp. ' groupE" B:at_thethe"Lutheran] M Parent.] Br.yantg andof SeattlMr" and. Mrs. Bert" hiS cromer an~ ~amny ~v~r. anu .... ~ o. ~membershi~ chairman an ~rr~ r,~,,~ ~4~aa~'~,~ o,~a oouquets o~ spring ilowers as at p , - Iheran~eV B]bleIStmnstitute in 25. The godparents were Mr. ............................... daut, hter Sharon of Seattle" and present to Carol Hammerly, thelnounced a campaign with ob'ect] first meet- andMrs. Norman Smith of addressed .~ehool hiS" w]~e's'" arents~' mr'" ana-'"~virs, new worthy advisor, from herlto, secure the.annual quota. Na- he Sunday me ar e Robt PickP'ql also of ~'~*"~ grandparents, Mr. a n d Mrs.]tlonal Committee Woman a n d ........... Harry Hammerly of Marvsville.IPast state President Mrs. Leska rest Thursday evening.I * * * . * * * . .~ Myers of Pinehurst added corn- of the parents, led by] FROM ANCHORAGE I Gathering at the Harry Yost . Miss I-Lammerl.y was installed plimentary remarks. She also Lrry Yost, responded with] ~, ,~,~ ..e "e,,T.,. ~.~a Mrs C W Ihome Sunday for an early cele- oy virs.. ~raee ~In~,~lrs. iviary]presented 25 year Dins to Mrs. W?rds,Dr Sam Nebel ~-,.,.~ ....................... ~,i,~ ,,~,,~,~ l~,w~r'~ bration of Carol Ann's fourth Monty installed CaL!~ne WalK-~ellie Berton-and" Mr. Hose If of the teachers, si~['err an~l"a~ro~l~er:'i' birthday were her .grandparents, er as wormy asso~ate aamsor. Waterman .n ~eha ,ru~ ,ay scnooi servea re- and Mrs. Walter I. Hick, el, who Mr a n d Mrs Paul Wan~smo, uonna ~unuerson/Charity, was _. , ~ ..... Paul Wangsmo, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. nstalled y Novl~.,.~Tve~t, L ......... a,~. R~h~,~ R,~,~ Mr~ '" I were on the return trip to their " " ~" i b '" " eslie T n e muowlng appointments f * * * l home in Anchorage, Alaska. after Harold Carlson of Seattle, Mr. Larson'as trope, lot: ~her granu- ;'.~-.'-,,--~',~'..~- ^r:~'~un~a~'ne-,La~ and Mrs. Don Honeyeutt and mother, Mrs. R o y Marxen; ~ru~J,~tm~"~c"" C'~nt~i~ , T~rilS{ 'get the Hospital Guild] attending the Presidential Inaug- Cathv of Lynnwood, Mr. and Mrs. Worthy Matron of Fidelity Chap- "_'- .... ~'~" "~.W".'~'%~).;'"" "%-'.:'3 Le sale Friday. uration. " ter " ae "ream Mrs. t~nallce ~xlHougn anu Lowell Beath and children, Mr. , O.E.S., a n d ~Mlra M ............... Mur ulrec[or ol ~lee I~IUD Mrs UllVe and Mrs Laverne Tea-ue and phy as Faith 'by Mrs Hal . children,'Sonja Wangs~o, Shir- Fritz... Carolyn Thompson was Ro~.q ...... ~it ....... o~nt~cl t~ ~ ~ lnstalle(l as treasurer O n e r ................ v ...... ley Jacobs, and Carol Ann's Y " " .... b .7 -'~ wi" brothers Merlin and Marvin. cousin Betty Amun~lsen of Stan..tne new presloen[~y me. n e _'~y ' wood. The rema~hing officers lns~allea OiIlcers niter wnlcn SIle were in was presented a cake an(~ a gift Sunday dinner guests of the .. " stalled by Norita Tveit, ,.,,,~ ,h ..... Gilbert Russells were Mrs. Jean. past wor~ny Ene junior a(lVlSOr. ,L ette Thoreson and her son Rob- They were Jeanne Knutson, Betty' The presentation of the past ert, of Seattle Groendyke, Patty Jae0bsen, Shir- president's pin to Mrs, Delores Installs Officers Movie Review ,.. ,, ~'~ Phone 493. Officers for the year 1953 were Feb. 5, 6, 7. Movie: Lone Star. installed by Charity Lodge No. Cast: Clark Gable, Ava Gardner, 31 Degree of Honor, Protective and Broderick Crawford. Association, Thursday evening, Plot: A cattleman, pledged to Jan. 29. The hall was attractive- aid Sam Houston and the An- ly decorated w i t h deer moss, nexationists, foils a plot to make hand-made poinsettia's a n d Texas an autonomous empire.