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February 1, 1951     The Arlington Times
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February 1, 1951

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PAGE TEN TftE ARLINGTON TIMES, ARLINGTON, ASttINGTON, THURSDAY, FEB. t, 1951. Club-Kears About Roads fContinued from Page 1) Highway Department with lhe town street department in work- ing out a belier south entrance road on highway I-E. lie sug- gested acquiring of land to per- mit the widening of tile road either by a fill or trestle, and that sidewalk be built, as there are many people living south of town who must walk this narrow road. lie also suggested that an effort be made to widen the north entrance approach to the Hailer bridge, through purchase of land, and straightening of this road. With the exception of Burke avenue, improved by the city several years ago, he said, the town of Arlington had not a de- cent entrance roadway. The club voted instruction to the secretary to write the coun- cil suggesting lhat action be taken toward the improvement of the entrance roads. Committees Presidenl Murphy announced the following committees: Agriculture -- C. L. Marsh, John SVrage, Lloyd Langdon, Dr. G. Unrau. Legislative- J. C. Carpenter, J. P. Mathews, Vic Johnson. Roads---V. M. Lee, O. G. Kes- ling, W. H. Verd, A. G. Veilleux Earl Weber. Membership---A. G. Veilleux, l~rv: Brandt, Alton Funk, C. D. Shaw, Fred Thunberg, Earl Web- er, V. M. Lee. Publicity--W. H. Verd, C. L. Marsh, J. C. Carpenter. Schools --- Clarence Henning, Mrs. Earl Weber, J. C. Carpen- ter. Resolutions---C. L. Marsh, W. H. Verd, G. W. Hinman, C. W. HilL Finance and Audit---Norman Saylor, Howard Palmer, G.W. llinman. Civilian Defense---Mrs. J. P. Mathews, Chief Wm. Bagley. Industries--V. X. Johnson, W. H. Verd, Alton Funk. Letter on ~Iighways At the December meeting the club directed Secretary Shaw to write the State, Highway Director~ lor an explanation on the! change of plans that resulted in suspension of the plan to improve the Arlington-Silvana road. Director Bugge's answer to that letter is as follows: Januar 4, 1951 Mr. C. D. Shaw, Sec. Arlington Commercial Club Arlington, Washington Dear Mr. Shaw: The 1949-51 construction bud- get, as submitted to the tegisla- lure, embraced projects through- out the state totaling approxi- mately $68,000,000. Since the be- ginning of the biennium, April ], 1949, we have experienced two severe winters which in- volved the expenditure of ap- proximately $1,000,000 over and above the expenditures that we anticipated for maintenance, ex- traordinary maintenance and reconstruction. In September of 1949 the Snake River Bridge was burned which necessitated an emergency expenditure of ap- proximately $],500,000 to replace the burned structure. The funds available for con. struction this biennium are ap- proximately $50,000,000. I know it is quite evident to you that with a budgeted Pr9gram far in e.~cess of the fun~:~Vailable, it. was necessary for this depart- ment to revamp the construction program and include only those projects which were in the orig- inal budget which demanded immediate attention to satisfy the traffic needs of the highway system. It was therefore neees- sai-y for us to postpone many projects and the Arlington-Is. band School project has been in- eluded in this category for this biennium. As I previously advised your Ibis particular project involved considerable right-of-way acqui- ~ition which, if it had been car- Lied to conclusion, would have been far in excess of the ~unds originally appropriated for the project. By legislative action, author- ity was given the Washington Toll Bridge Authority to pur- chase bonds for the construction of the Agate Pass Bridge from the motor vehicle fund. At the conclusion of the legislative ses- sion, this authority was exer- vised by the State Finance Com- mittee and $1,600,000 Agate Pass Bridge bonds were purchased irom the motor vehicle fund. AS the purchase of these bonds rep- resents a disbursement from the motor vehicle fund, its effect up- on the highway construction program for this biennium is reflected in the total issue of bonds. Very truly yours, W. A. BUDGE, Director of Highways Hospital Notes Medical patients: Geo. Kaye, of Route 4; Mrs. Sam Mahood, Route 4; Mrs. Birdie Gordan, Lars Lund, of Route 5; Lar$ Clausen; Thomas Tomlin; Mel- eel Tate of Lakewood; Thomp- son Haller of Route 3, fractured leg while logging; and Gus Mayo. Births: Mr. and Mrs. Duane Miller of Route 4, girl by Caesarean see- lion Jan. 26, wt. 4-1. l) Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Lamie of Route 3, boy born Jan. 26, wt. 7. Mr. and Mrs. Emer Mathiesen of Route 3, girl born Jan. 27, wt. 7-15. 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