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February 1, 1951     The Arlington Times
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February 1, 1951

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t * * C ! PAGE EIGHT THE ARLINGTON TIMES, ARLINGTON, \ASttINGT )N, THURSDAY, FEB. 1,1951. ,:L ..-"; ,,chedule homerlrStoIAldtnelr Classes leaaer, veaa tsos ] ~~/'~ 2~ [li ~ ] t [1 ., e,~.. " -" I toRtEn N. P. ...,,rary : C.L....! ,r nrno! rnn,,t DIES IN SEATTLE ., . . ,.. .... . H,-,,...uuu lilIMI::AUI:Nb rufium wo oo d.y r, ast at Arnngton At LaKewooa [m~~~~ 1~ ] |1" /. ] [] 24, Mr and Mrs. J O. TPe S~obomich County I'- Mr Wm Hudgins of Everett -- [ lll-LlgfltS [J]l Some_let[to. de is aN.owed !n tended the funeral of . ........ , ~ ~ ........ contrioutmns pumlsneo m Cameron at the Arthur A, .~ s ht han~es l~ Id a claso m First Aid lnstruc-] ~~~I~.&.4P i B Beverl Barn" i{i I brary announce." :lig c ._. . " - :.:~ .......... y Ier " ' " ex in the bookmobile schedules be. lion at the Lakewood SchoolI ~7" ] I'1 this column,.as being. : i& Son chapel m Se~ ttll ginning Feb I " ' Wednesday evening Jan. 24th. "~ ~~. ~" [ These last weeks have carried ] presslve at tne lnalvmuai [Cameron died suddenly! Beginnin~" ~ondav, February lTwenty:four" persons were en-[ ~~ ~ many interesting basketball ' oplmons of the author, previous Sunday of a Mh~ 5.. St0DS_ will be rr~ade in the wasrUea'worKlWr'ea riuoginSout Also worKS~pians wereWltnl ~- P~~~'~' -- " ':::~ ] ~"~"'~ ........ ~hi'~*'~" .~av,~ be~-~ -~,, ...... u, u,l:~~~,,,,,~ !tacK. rne tiusoys, met w arpa east of Arlinglon bv one l the Amemcan Red Cross. The ~:~.~-.~t~'~.~../.'~:~,~_ [ [ ......... [eron on the evening of ! b~i~mobile - a-nd-ln several'organization hopes to have at $~~j[l~~'~!i~?~,~, [lost by one point. Some of these ........ o-el,. ,~v, xuo. [ber 4th, last as all thr~ ....... :uh-w~st ^~ ~r~i-~.t..,-I ~east one "First Aider" in every l ~~,.~ are the Snohomish game which[ ~mtor, Arnngton nines guests of Mr. Seth Ekst~ by the other bookmobile, as 'fol-lfamily. .... [ ~:~i~~ ;~ [was won by Snohomish 39.31.[. The~fa~that thecc~Y.,Cunc:21the Sourdough,banqoue~ lows: I The course consists o~ six 6- . ~ - - The Anacortes game was a ~"~' ~'?c ~'='~ '~* ~y,,~u= ,,~.,= u,e ~ct~c ,~uo m pe~t~, ~'i~'ro - ~'eter~on's 'hour lessons, one class eachl ~~~\i([~'~'~~ -''~>.~ I ......... ]seen fit to lobby against the bllllCameron was a ret,red r ~" .~ro ~ ~0'.~0 io'~o[week, The next class will be] " ~| ]t[~]~-~'J~" ) ~ heart-oreaKer wltn a score or 6z-Ipresented in the legislature to man and had been empl0 Martin Mayer's Place10'5011"05 held at the school on Friday] ..... ~_ ~l~.:~)/,t,~l~-~-v~=.**~ ~w~ ~ 31. Saturday our luck changed[forbid all local daylight say-]the N. P. Ry. Co. for fi ...... "~"--'~-'evening Feb 2 at 7"45 pm ~ ~~~.~'~. ~3 ~[~ ~ l~ ~ ( }for we won with a score of 42-41]ing plans, leads to the question, years tyso ~cnoo} .................... ~:xa-~:aa ..... -- " " t il a d "" "" Oso Post Office 12"00-12"20 (sharp,. There is still time toI ~____~~~ ~ ]from Mt. Vernon. ] Can th~s a ~,v g the og. During the early years Halterman-N. E. ...... enroll in the first class. More [ -------7 ~/.,l~"~'~' ~)] ~..-.'~.~ .,). [ We have many smart students[ In their grandiose evaluation [ present century he was. Nordstrom's Place 1"10- l'30tclasses can be organized if i ",~'~l'~'A" ,^. ~'" ~.,m ~~- ]in the high school this last se-[of daylight savings for thdm-lauctor on trains operati! Hazel ............................ :: 1140- 2100 enough people in the Lakewood,[ ~ ~lO'-17~n nnn e~fl~ ~*'~ ]mester and for proof these are]selves, those people seem to for- twee'n Seattle and Sum~ For[son Mill - Store .... 2:15- 2:35 Lake Goodwin, and Warm[ /the students who made the[get that our post offices, rail- had many acquaintances Swede Heaven Road- Beach areas are interested. [ ..... 2--^^^0 "~ub ~ivic Da will iv "h o Honor Roll. Honorable mention]roads, ferries, and other trans- hngton. Harvey Hyde's Place 2:50- 3:10! The Home Nursing classes[ Tne nations ,Tao,u~ . ~ [t~ ;Y g e t .ese y ung goes to Eleanor Nysether, Au-[portation as well as rural[ Whiteho'rse - will be started as soon as in.[Scouts, .Boy Scouts, ~xp.mrers[men.a cnanee_~o expermnee nrst drey Ramsey, Mary York, and]schools, and many other public]RETURN FROM SAN DI| Home Grocery ........ 3:20- 4:00!structors are available. [and their adult leaders willo~-Inan~ some ot the details m- Mary Ann Robertson for making[services---to function properly--[ Mrs. George Dalton and~ o----------- serve ~oy ~eout wee~, reo b ~o vo~vea m county and e~y gov must have a Edgeeomb,- Post Off...12:40-12:55 ........ [_2__ r-" th -- " "" er [ " n ....... " the ttigh ,Honor Roll, which] uniform time[ter Carol Lynn and Mrs. L. L. Luee s Place - [ CE_i~rPgn~./~'~K [~ m, marking m ast annl~ -[ernmenr, a_a .help .tnem reany means all As with the exception]schedule. [McGladrey returned las Airport Road ............ 1:00- 1:20~ ~rj.~ J.~J.~ [sary oz ~ne rounding ~oy[apprecta~e. ~ae~r eiu~ensmp in~ of a B. The students on the hon-] It is to be hoped that in spite]from San Diego, Calif., , ~couts o~ .~meriea "rnls anm the om~ea ~tates r 11 for the S nl r class ' Robbs Tire Service - [ Mrs. Doris Hilde, [ " ~s :; .... "l .. or o e "o , :[of Seattles powerful lobby, our]they enjoyed a visit wiI West of Arlington.. 1:25- 1:401correspondent. [versary ls. oo~erveu lnal[ par~sI During me week, Cub Scouts,I Elaine Best, Betty Boursaw,[legislators won't forget the con-[sons, George Willett an0 On Thursday, February 8, and t~, / ~1 ~l I1 ~ [o~ me nanon oy over "~,~ uUO[Boy Scouts and Explorers will be Richard Chap[n, Robert Daily,[fusion that was created in many[MeGladrey. Both boy-' each alternate Thursday there-l~e[~nel] ~J[-rl lO l'laW ]racKs:_~cout Troops and r~xpior-[asked to wear their Scout Uni, Lola Datsun, Jack Erickson, Bet-[parts of the state by a piecemeal]completed their boot traJ after, the bookmobile will make ,, . ~ __ [er unls. !forms each day, and especially ty Espe, Joann Gray, Mary Goer-[daylight saving plan last year.[the Naval Center there the following stops: Valen|nl . vart [ In the Evergreen Area Council, Ion Thursday, February 8, which lich, Anita Joergenson, Donna] Perhans it is time for ,~,,v ~,~,. i ready to be assigned to I.a~ewood School ........ 9:30.12:00' "-~"--'-~'-'~i~ls'4 :'~met ~'on [serving Island and Snghomish[is the actual Birthday of Scout- Kronfus, Sally Lien, Jeanyce~islature~o remind the lol~l~v'i~s[duty While in Californl Tne Junior tJlrl tl J.vx 1 1 r "~ Imkewood Store .......... 12:05-12:20 _ . . " ...... "[County most of the 95 Cub Packs, I'ng "n Ame [ca. Long, Sera Jane Miller, Violet from Seattlo that whenever it[ visits were made with ] , any evening, jan zz, at tne Tr E e rsda " , J. N. Torrey s Place ....... ':" .. _ .. ]Scout oops and xplor r UnitsI On Thu y, there will be a Ostrom, Zoe Ann Russell, Bob becomes necessary to re~,ul-to[ton s sons at Martinez Blacken Road .: ...... 12:25-12:35 .... "]will be observingBoy Scout[Boy Scout week broadcast over Schroedl, Alice Sneve, Fred the rising, of the sun all the]brother, Floyd Dalton, a~ worth Threenew memoers ~, , Four Corners, . ..... [week with Parents Nights, OpenlKRKOfrom 7:45 p.m. to 8:00p.m. Spiering, Art Trowbridge, Vir- n,~,n~o i, th,~ ~t~t,~ ~h,,,~a h,~]ilv at Lon~ Beach. loined The new year s program , ~ ~ ~ - - 5 mi. E. of Bryant.. 4:00- 4:20 _ ......... [Houses, Blue and Gold Ban- I All Scouts are urged to- listen to ginia Wisdom, Pat Wood, and consu'lted~ It'co,-~"~,~'~",~'~,~: ] c - ------------o .... ....... [quets, window displays, scout- the broadcast and at the end of Claudia Larson. The Juniors: ed nut that wh'~n~" ~'"~o~tI::[WCYPI~WAY CAMPFIRE ~ ~ ~,, ,.~ ~ !! ma~e mr .a [.arty tOlcraft demonstrations, etc. Ithe program join in, in repeat-Noreen Atkins, Mary Ann Bjorn, ci..."..~_L'k=.,...~'_'"-L'"2__7__U:~"~_~I"_--'" _ ". _ "-" _. . be neld Feo ~4 danlce Hllae and I ty ~,~u,,=,,,au, ~ mvmuer at we smr~ea our meetl l~* W. ~,~0 U11~ i~u~i$ . . . . _ [ Through the cooperation of the [ing the Scout Oath, thereby re- I~rlene Clapp, Roger Funk, Me- the Juni"r ~'-~'*" ....... [ ....... r Janet Melton were appointed on ...... . . . ,, ,~,,,,,,,~ ~ ,~um- uary za oy singing The ................. ]city officials in Everett and the ldedicatmg themselves to Scout-rle Gustavson, Rmhard Hevly, merce, or any other erson in" ' ...... e |. ~|u--RI~ |'|~aa the entertainment commit~ee.lsnohomish County officials, ling. glene Hiett, Jack Jenkins, Ar- that cit~, wishes to sPve d-" ].Witchcraft, and Th ag~ a.~au~ ~wa~ ~.,lUOO The Iris momers were guesm ~, cry lng g ..... [Scout Civic Day will be observed[ The Evergreen Area Council lene Lallemand, Johnny Marken, li~,ht the,, ma~, do so I"'" ~-:[ -" ..... . S?ven of the eig`ht Holstein of the evening, delicious unen]on Wednesday, February 7, from[ has increased in membership Ruth Myrwang, Marvin Nelson, si . ule of out%f be [. at er w e %seusse%p Duns m use at r~ormwes~ u o-op was..servea a~ tne ciose o~ me]10 a.m. to 12 noon. At this time, [ during the past y~ar until aree- Norman Nelson, Judy, Norman, an hour earlie~ in t~e mornin~ [~.~.~^*~-,~'~'-,~* m~eeaers zarm are descendants meeung. [selected Scouts and Explorers[ord high of 2417 Cub Scouts, Boy Marilyn Obercotter, Barbara B ....... ~,. |q~t.--o,~,,= o,~,~,~=,, y doing ma~ mey can wa c of. ~overnor of Carnation, ,the Mr. and Mrs. Frank Cole mo-[from Snohomish County and the]Scouts and Explorers, and over Shields, Pat Snyder, Ann May th ........ g] ....... ! eir own tans ~ree~y an sum ~n Arnngton mum sin? of Carnation riomesteaa tared to Darrington Friday to]city of Everett will take over 800-Adult Scouters, are enrolled Voreis, Margaret Wheeler, Marl- mer w ............. "[ ..... " .... imout lnrerzerlng wire the ~to~nes ~xper~ty t~t~ uaisy Madcap, the wonaerml visit Mr. and Mrs. John Cole. [ County and city offices Scout actively in Scouting lyn Schmidt. For the Sophomore cam ........... 1 .... w t r t tor~ at ~nose wno nKe mmr and rresseo a~ Carnation co the ecen ly Sunday antlers at the Ralph] .... , " class: Barbara Arnot, Violet beaut- slee" " ] KILLOUGH C] EAI~ made the new United States all- Bosworth home on Sunday were ...... Blacken, Joyce Brose, Barbara ~ :~.. ............ [ Urn. butteriat production rec- Mr. and Mrs. Rudy ~ydow of Ev- I~ty o V,r~ ~i~ L-l,r~~ ,r~ carter Doris Davis, Jack Degrose, ~w lvlal~'l'll~, | .... .0, _ ore. ~ne prouuced 1413.6 pounasr erett. J.{/ O J. ~.2bf.~/ ~.~VIgf, U John 'Dickerson, Bill Goerlich, ~z~e~t?K~va~Vl~in ton [suTism?h:niaS~ea aas oz vutterfat during the yea Air Raid Drill Marvin Halverson, Marilyn Hart, - g which is more than the produc- tion of five average Washing- ton COWS. The eighth bull, owned by the Association, was purchased ~'e-! eently as a calf from J. Graueri and Sons of Vancouver, B. C.! He was sired by Colony Nether-! land Perfection 36th, whose first fifteen daughters averaged 13,- 570 pounds of milk and 525i pounds of butterfat and was Mr. and Mrs. Frank Cote and Grand Champion bull at the ~ons were Sunday dinner guests Vancouver Exposition in 1949 of Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Haack and and 1950. family. The calf's dam, Frasea Bar- Carlton Clapp, son of Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Clapp, has finished bard Vrouka, produced '488 his training in San Antonio, pounds of fat as a two-year-old i~ex., and ~as been transferred and 876 pounds as a seven-year-to Greenville, S. C. old on two-time milking in 305 days. She has 1.09304 pounds of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Weaver of milk and 4,123 pounds of fat in -~verett, were visitors at the six lactations. She is ~out of a ~ome of Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Clapp great cow and cow family. Her m Friday. Mrs. Weaver is a sire, Colony Vrouka Hello Ro-:i~:ter of Mr. Clapp. meo, had 45 daughters that] Mrs. Charles Graver and averaged 16,256 pounds of milk] laughter Add, of Tacoma, vis- ';:'d w'Ah her sister and family, and 589 pounds _of fat. [Mr. and Mrs. A. C.--Westlund, on / ]unday. ]~CK ANDERSON Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Krause ~T W. W. COLLEGE ~nd baby left on Jan. 22 for Wis- January 30.--Jack Anderson, 'onsin to visit with his parents. .~on of Mr. and Mrs. Martin An- ?hev expect to be back in two deison, Route 3, Arlington, is a vecl~=~. Mrs. Krause is the for- member of the basketball squad ~ ~er Charlotte Hunter of this at Western Washington College ~ommunity. " ~f Education in Bellingham. Mr. ,and Mrs. Mel Hughes and Jack is a junior. "amil3 visited in Seattle Sun- 0 COllECTION In last week's Times an error occurred in the report of the officers, of Arlington Lodge F. & A. M, for 1951. The corrected list is as fol- lows: W. M., Lloyd Hay[k; S. W., Lloyd Hartley; J. W.. Howard Palmer; Treas., Norman Saylor; ~-c., E. M. Floyd; S. D.. Ernest Bleeck; J. D., Paul Jackson: S. S., Harley Robb; J. S.. Win. McFar- land; Chap., Ralph Collins Marshal, Nails Rasmussen; Tiler Lawrence Hopkins. O LAKEWOOD LUTHERANS INSTALL OFFICERS The first meeting of the Zion Lntheran L. A. Society in the new year was held in the Church hail Thursday afternoon. The at- tendance was good, with many welcome visitors. The new offi- cer~ for 1951 were formally in- stalled. An offering was brought for the Charity work of the gen- eral church. The February meet- ing will be held at the Jose- phine Sunset Home in Stanwood February 28. O. ]~EIGHTS IMPROVEMENT {~LUB MEETS SATURDAY Saturday night. Feb. 3, the Arlington Heights Improvement Club will meet at the Commun- ity hall. The business meeting will start promptly at 8 o'clock, and following the business ses- A civilian defense meeting Prepared by the staff of the was held Friday evening, Jan. 26, at the schoolhouse. Fred Lind- School of Home Economics borg is chairman of the pro- ,, University of Washington gram. An observation post is be- ing built at the school and the observers were appointed at this Am I spending too much on strenuous activity,- eats and time. There will be an air-raid v,~,,~ ,~ my fern[Ivv I want them needs less than a carpenter, a drill held next Saturday, also af ~o~e'wel'fe~:"b-~t" there are so farmer, or a housewife with the school. many other things we need, too." small children to run after. Many women in the past few A rough guide to proportion- years of high prices have asked ate costs for the same food such a question of home econo- habits based on age and activity mists who work with food and would be to consider the ordin- prices ary adult as one person, the At any time or price level, very active adult, the adolescent,' how much a famliy will need to or the pregnant mother as a-bout spend on food to be sure of be- one and one-quarter persons, tar with relatives. Jake Pearson, son of Mr. and ',lrs. ,J. G. Pearson. i,~ now sta- :one] with the Air Force in Utah. Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Benthin of \~arysville were callers at the '~ome of Mr. and Mrs. Russ Hun- er on Sunday. G * "IERLAND FINISHES ~ECRUIT TRAINING Jack A. Nerland. seaman re- cruit, of Route 3, Arlington, Wash., recently completed re- :ruit training at the Naval rraining Center, San Diego, Cal., xnd is now available for assign- merit to a Fleet unit or to one of the Navy's schools for spe- cialized training. During this period of train- ing, he underwent intensive lrill in such subjects as signal- ing, navigation, basic ordnance and seamanship. He also was in- octrinated into the ways of the Navy and learned the customs of the service. O LUTHERAN LADIES' AID sion there will be a White Ele. phant sale. The Lgtheran Ladies' Aid will hold tl~eir regular monthly raeeting Thursday, Feb. 8, at 2 p.m. Hostesses are Mrs. P a u 1 Wangsmo, Mrs. Golf Hovik, Mrs. LaVerne Teague. Mrs. Marinus Jakobsen will give the program on winter flower arrangements. Jeanette Klein, Lila Kinney, , near Yaldma. Designed llke a lafew valve, tl~ ~mettwe w mld ck rata the Yaklma Rivet- if tl re should a break ia the canal this poina (Ceurt ,l State Advertld $ Commb ion ing well-fed nutritionally--not lust filled up---will depend on four things. These are the size o] the family, the age and ac- tivity of the family members, the family eating habits, and /ho~ much of the food is pur- ~chased in the retail market. Family size is important -- two cannot live as cheaply as one if they eat the same as when alone, but it may not cost them twice as much. In the same way a family of six may not cost quite three times as much to feed as a couple--there are some say. ings in buying and cooking for larger numbers. Age and activity of the fam- ily, aside from special diets, af- fect the costs, too. A child of five eats and needs considerab- ly less titan a sixteen.year.old. Likewise a man or woman doing office work all day, with no the grade school child as three- quarters of a person, and the pre-schooler as about one-half person. Thus a family of four with two average adults and two teen- agers would represent four and one-half persons, while another family with two average adults and two pre-schoolers would represent three persons when computing costs. At current Seattle prices, with all food purchased at retail and cooked at home, good nutrition can be readily obtaineff for a family with moderate eating habits for about $5 per person per week, while another family could run to $12 or more per person per week. If the family grows some of its fruits and vegetables or meat, buys them cheaply and cans or freezes extensively, or has the Clarice Larson, Donita Liddle Charles McQuesten, Jim Mock TOO Marilyn Nelson, Sandra Parsons Clarice Pearson, Ronald Pure phrey, Nancy Rognie, and Norita Can Have the Services of Bulls that Tveit. The Freshmen: James Bre- on, Janet Grewe, Carlene Hartl, Ordinary Breeder Cannot Afford Kay Johnston, Darrell Kinney, Joanne Knutson, Wayne Lin- Our bulls are selected by our Bull Committees with dahl, Violet Marken, Betty Ol- expert advise of the Dairy Dep~rtmen.t of the State Col son, Richard Russell, Howard of Washington and the Breed Fieldmen. Stuller, Pat Cyra, Verna Bour. By operating C~-operatively we axe able to use saw. The Eighth Grade: Mar- whose ancestry puts them in a price range far beyond garet Arnot, Doric Bergevin, means of the crvetage dairyman, They ate selected from Jerry Carter, Wanda Dahlgren, good western cow families and proven si~. Dan Dickinson, Jim Dunning, Gary Dusk]n, Gary Erickson, FOR SERVICE OR INFORMATION CALL: Tom Erickson, Eddie Giersch, Arlington 2141 Ramona Gusset, Marlene Holm, Gale Knudson, Betty Lind, Jac- queline Logan, Betty Mock, Mi- ramae Murphy, Larry Olson, Katherine Rhienbold, Donna goal, Yolanda Rosenbach, Ron- ald Thompson, and Donald Wick. This completes the list of honor students in the High School for this last quarter. Mount Vernon, Washington time and skill to cook things at home instead of patronizing World Famous S o.nola & Rival] the bakery and delicatessen, it may bring the weekly costs a~ u~c-0rJl0ns quoted above down considerab- . ly. Prices in other sections of the For the best in tone, action and workmanship. Low state may also change the costs, payment to responsible parties---24 months on balance. The skill of the homemaker in -- EXCLUSIVE SNOHOMISH COUNTY DEALER -- bu);ing and cooking the food may be as important as the food MODERN MUSIC STUDIOS habits in determining how much the family has to spend on food 1904 BROADWAY EVERETT, to be well and happily fed. YOUR "ROCKET 98!"... The most e~ching Oldsmobile--the most magnificent Oldsmobile ever built goes on ~display today in our sb0wroom! Look over the sparkling new lines of the new Holiday Sedan above. More beauty outside--more luxury inside! The rugged new chassis and suspension system provide a softer, smoother. THIS IS "BOCKE LAUNCHIN6 WEEK A ! NEW 1051 OLDSMOBILE '18" HOLIDAY SEDAN YOUR NEAREST OLDSMOBILE 9 OLDSMOB LE I Equipmeat, acces*ori~s, and trim illustrated are subject to dmntte wit~. out nottce. *Oldsmobile Hydra.Marie Drive optioad at extra o~t. than-ever "Rocket Ride." New Oldsmobile Hydra. Matic Drive* is even easier to operate! Bat best of all, the brilliant new gas.saving "Rocket" Engine gives flashing performance, at minimum gasoline costs. You are cordially invited to come in and see the great new "Rocket 98" Oldsmobile for 1951! DEALER A GENERAL MOTORS VALUE (!