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February 1, 1951     The Arlington Times
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February 1, 1951

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TIlE ARLINGTON TIMES, ARLINGTON, WASHINGTON, THURSDAY, FEB. 1, 1951. PAGE SEVEN JackPeterson-ErmaDany WeddingJEaglesBest 41 [1 o sere "Rand onr "" [14RLING'TO' (HTS" Solemneed In Seattle Sat., Jan. 27 Mt. Vernon 42- [ n l oteso { rvirS.correspondenttaroia t;uter. On January 27th, Miss Ermalfaille with corsage of talisman[ Playing at Arlington last Sat-lwere included in the agenda J drove to Seattle with Mr. and Dany daughter of Mr. and. Mrs. roses.. A reception, was held im- urday night the Arlington this" ast week along with' the Mrs. Art Tveit two weeks ago. J. M. Clapper of Ft. Madison, In., mediately fotlowmg .the cere-lEagles finall,, had Dame For.] .P ............. ISunday to meet Mr. Jacob Tvel- became the bride of Jack C. Pe-!mony in the cnurcn pariors.[ tune s--il- J ..... [usual program o~ uramage, B.ars~Iberg of Namsoss, Norway. Mr. terson,.son of Nels P. Peterson of Pouring were Mrs.~Einar Bottenicame ~om on mem. wnen trey1 and clover seedings, fertillzer~'|Tveiberg is a nephew of Mr. Lud- , and Mrs. Alvin Schmidt~ Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Fowler. Arlington, Wash. I and Mrs. J. A. Newton, Sr., and] ~,.~ ~, xr .... ayDoemna" [.o edgeI and the many others with whichjvigson s and is serving in the tll~ lVit* ~IIIUII DU.IIUU~ Ucy d ~-J[,~ . " * " ~elle Plaine, Minn., wereJ Week-end guests at the Frank The afternoon ceremony was the Mesdames C. Duane Mont- . ........... [,~ c^-~ p ..... v-tion Service are[ Norwegian Merchant Marine. ~riof Mr. and Mrs. Mel SassJ Arnot home were Mr. and Mrs. held at the Prospect Congreg.a-[g~m:rY, or2~e~dcuM~:'ng, dd~.ndI ~u~hm~daggne l~vWaSa~raltngtnasI g~:ing'as~s'::nce to farm owner~] ptM~ada:k wTehdnreS:~.a, le~tiv.fmr u~_y. . .... /Fred Arnot and children, Suzie . and Mrs E J Sass o~ ~eue ~, Minn "left }'or their home and Steven, of Edmonds, Wash. ~n:/en~n~r~n ~n. i~ea~tJ:n w]~n cake. David: Manningw:nd tCe]~Oany dplf::etsiandhPU~othteh~:s~] aned" ~Pneorwat:r~onO:eC:a~Se, ast~jover with Peter Thorse~: She ~- ciatin~, i t)uane~aomgo e y ]Lea ....~t~..,~,.~o"rh,~ u,~,[ ell . 0 , .... [gins her studies there on Mon- Ly evening I Mrs. Eugenia Veilleux of Ev- .. " .. ..... ushers ~,~ ..... ~.,,;s~.. "."~ \"-I Keynote oI ~nis assistance an Idav s. Mac Pautzke spent the1 erett and her brother, Phil Auth- . lvliss l)any was attender oylAiter'" " a weaamg ......... trtp to uat]-I came. at a crucmi time, Arlington!. ~,,,~t~t'~o w'h'~-'~,~.,. ,,h"n v'~oles- fit inl- " her sister Mrs. J. A. Newton ....... [havmg lost three league tilts by[,~o,~h, Tt'~ . ~tur.1 ~n 1~[ Mr. and Mrs. John Crawley of ,end in Seattle visiting ier, of Seattle, spent last week Jr., and her royce" Chrmtma" " New iornla ........ and Mexmo, the couple]two pomts ....................... or less, and could be[ .... 1, ,, ....... h .... 1,~s' can~ be] Ftano,- 2ex.," vmlted" " Mr. and Mm. ..her sister, Mrs. l~Iargaret visiting at the home of Mr. and ton, was ringbearer. The best will resme in Arimgron. ]a big boost to the morale of the/ re ove asa hi'n i operation [John. Lindquist recently.. Mrs. a " Mrs. Clarence Hansen. man was Warren R. Bowman of Those from Arlington attend-] squad. It was the Eagles second[ ;gi:_ stand remains ~ntact witJl!~rawiey ano ivirs. Lmaqumt are . na.Mrs Joe Boivir~ en-~ ....... Ar " en Everett, Wash. [ing the ceremony were: Dr. and one point decision over the Bull-/ ~o"o~,~r.t,~n ,,~-wth and a n~od [sifters. Mr. Crawley is stationed ined their Birthday Club lvn'. ann lvirs. ~ranK not " Yellow jonquils, white gladio- Mrs. E. E. Mose, Mr. and Mrs. dogs, and, as before, Arlington/~'~.~ ~ti[iz~l"which if ]e~t t("]at Anacortes. ly evening in their home, tertained the Snohomish-Island ]us and stock decorated the altarISam Kraetz and Mrs. Joe Kraetz, lhad to come from behind to do] battl'e it" out a=ainst forest eom-/ Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Wagner Joe Shank being the hon:i County Rural carriers Assoeia- for the double ring ceremony. Mr. and Mrs. Warren Perrigo, ~1, both times while Mt. Vernon] ~,~,iti,~,~ ,ft,~.~tlm,~ i dnnm,~,t[and family were in Seattle a guest. Bridge was enjoyedi tion Saturday evening at 6:30, The bride wore a brocade satin Mr. and Mrs. Howard Palmer, iwas trying to freeze the ball. [ t'o~ext'i'nct'ion~-A"h"op~ pole"to'da~]]week ago "Sunday to attenci-the mvely gift was presenterI ,.,ith . n,,,h,ou ain,~er There frock of anti ue ivor with~Mr and Mrs. J. C Carpenter, Mr. t.oach ~rnie Ludwick started~,m~v ho~ onmnloto le)~ .~ or l~/golden weddin~ anniversary of trs. Shank. Those presentl ....... ~" ....... ":.-7 " 2 "ed matching orchqd corsagy. Mrs. and Mrs. Dick Allen, and Mr.lhis second, five in the mainlve-a"rs~ence-'~,~i~'}h'eseiac):r [nJher uncle and-aunt, Mr.'and Mr. and Mrs Joe Shank,'were 32 guests wnicn inciua. Newton wore a dress of ivoryland Mrs. Robert Leach. /event of tne evening, and forlmin~ Olen ~Fosnau=h made it alMrs. Levi Goodenough. and Mrs. Frank Arnot andI carriers from Snohomish, Ar- ----" ...... " five minutes the reserves did - ~" - ~ ........................ IRTHDAY*PARTY [ ............ [pomt to look mto the market] Mrs. Marmn Chmsman went I Mrs. Ralph Alexander. lington, Lake Stevens. Edmonds, .~.***~.*~..~**~'.~.~,,*v~ i,J ... ....... |all right, lay .~agies ciam pe.a aI situation. He has learned that]to Seattle on Thursday of last g here in Arlington . ,~ o~r, rn~o~ (;neryl Ann t~anKnorn, aaugn-lzone on me visitors and trailed "-ome 700 acres of new hop fields|week and returned on Sunday. tlba ...... :Chnton, Everett. Maryswlle and ~ b ~ - ny, t;anz, ]s lvirs Mr. and Mrs: Charles W. Hill ter of Mr_andMrs. J: L: Rank-] ~y 5 to2 when the regulars en-I are to be established this comin~] Barbara Kemp of Bellevue and Mum~ th,~ f~ .... n,~H(;I guests from Belhngham and An- announce the ~orthcoming mar- norn, ceieorateo net slxm mrtn-lterea me contest. Tne score wasI snrin~ mostly in the Yakima/Marv Jo Woody nf Nvorott ~t~nl" Do]lT"' "~"~ : ....... " ~n" I acortes ly has 'been vm~t g " o ridge of their daughter Virginia day, Friday, January 19. Friendst knotted at six all at the end of[ valle~ and "surrounding" area.Ithe "week-end'~vfth--JLady -A'n'n 'ents, Mr. and Mrs. Chris -- ~ -~- to Mr. William F. Cox of Santa at her party had fun playinglthe first period, with the EagleslThis will require several thou-lNorman and her sister, Mrs. ['lrv~l'~l] .~h~u?~lr Rosa, Calif. Virginia is a gradu-1 games. Everyone enjoyed dec-l forging ahead to grab an 18 tOlsand poles, some to be 20 feet/ Joan Ta lor and Sall Wood iather iv.j.....,~i ~,~,v.,-,. ate of Arlington High School and orated cup cakes,ice cream,ll5 intermission advantage Inloth-rs 22 feet with 45 a d 5~l Y Y Y~ B" * " Whitman C~llege and took grad- punch and o s. ~ . anza the Eagles fell[in,.h tan~ ~,~n r~ .... ~o ~. ~] ............ fllSarchett and chfl- ~'*~,, ~,~.,[^ ~|m~,~ ' fav r " the third st ~ . n .~ of Everett spent the week-end ~rryand Kathleen of E [aU! l~li~;"~,,~L uate work at San Francmco Col- Those attending were Bobby,[ , , "[that Its onl., a matter of .~eople[ .... apart ann with Westover Lind ....... -" .........s ......~,'- w]m ~ars (; J woJa ~d,were guests at the] Among the many happy gath- lege. Billy and Janis Thomas, Pamel-lberg, and Lee hitting from far lwitl~" holes ~ttin~, to=ethe~" with| Mrs. Anton Ludvigson and :~ appel home, Thursday erings honoring Miss Mary JoMr. Cox is a graduate of Santa I la~ ,. Timmy and Verna Teague, atUt' the Bulldogs took. the. lead[ the fo~'lks wh~" o wSant ~them andlMrs" John Danielson attended, a t nday of last week. For Batdorf, a recent bride-elect,' Rosa High School and SantalRlckey., Lanette Bernathey, Jack-[3n theendoof the third period, almaking a deal. If interested, calllbaby shower on yrs~,yim Hot; , dinner, the Kappels~ was a crystal shower given on Rosa College. le ann ~;aroi ban~ezora o~ bno-I ~.~" "?. ..... s,-- ..... Ion Olen at 513 Olympic Ave.,I~'~". ............... s ........ , very the Sarchetts andl the evening of Jan. 28th at the ~- -, ........ /homish, Carol and Marvin Yost,I. ~or tnree ann a naJz mmuteslArlin=tSn, and he will be moreIweeg" tvia Wagner of Everett. Pete Roal home by the Misses . lne weaning wm take pia~e Wa-ne Sharon and Bobb-[ lmO the final period the Eagles]~o., ~.n t, ,~,,~ ...... u th,~l Guests of Mr. and Mrs. John in tne cnapei of the first PresDy ~ -' " contmued - s s ~ l~Stallation for the Rain- Delores Roal and Fredda Lamp. ~ ..... " Bea'th "Johnny and Jimmy Olsen ] " to miss long shots and[~'~:~';~o" ................. [Lindquist on Sunday were Mr. ['.~ls will be held at the A color scheme of green and tyrian u;nurcn in ban francisco t.-..~:,' o,,n -'- ..... %--. '_'1 lay-ins At this ~ .... ~ *,-^lu=~'~ .... - ...... land Mrs Robert Morgan and r...~. ~+,. ' .~,,,=,, .... auuy ,.amm, ~orlnnel - _; . -o~.*s= .,- tin:l It's getting around to tnat/ ...."_. ., ,, ' a ~-- 1, hall Saturday eve-[ gold predominated in the at- ~%.': ~-~-, I Orton Janie and ~,,n. Pulli~m I gamy the ~]sitors nan a seemin~-i.~,~.~ ., ........ ~ .... ~, .... ~,..,~ Izour cnlmren an,. ~,~r. an,. ~.~o. eb. 3, at 8 p.m. The East-i tractive hand-made decorations ~ rneywill make their home in and Tommy and l~av~Perri~oue'[ ly safe 39 to 30 lead. In the ne~t[;:';~:.~'~"~..s2"5:~:'h'~'~,~,:,~'[Steven Phillips and Mrs. Steven r the Masons and friends! supplemented by arrangements ~anta t~osa. [Sendin= gifts were "ConnieSue] few minutes the Eagles, with[~"~::'~'n ~.~'~'~..~"~'~-.~'o,."~:~.~'|Phillips, Sr., all of Marysville. ~. : Recor and Barbar and rv] agamst the wall be-[~,~,t~,, ,~ o,,~ ,2 .... t ~ .... ~,,,~ .~t[and Mr. and Mrs. John Crawley ,~Omed. [of ~iaffodils and candles. As soon Mr. and Mrs till] will go to ~" ~ their backs ........... s ................... - Victor Wrobliski left as the guests arrived they joined ~an ~rancisco mr the wedding. ]Wan~smo a Ga "lgan hitting their shots Johnson!~"~':" ~ .... ~ ~y.~:. ~,;:.~.~,,at| and son John of Texas morning for Bellingham, in making a scrapbook of Mary ~ ] ,~ [ connected with a lon~ set shot [ ..................... : ....... | Mr. Ralph Holmstad of Seattle - , FIRST BI v~---~-~--- ~ .~" ' anu ul~cu~eu tentative p*all~ te Will svend a few days Jo s Past and Future from maga- RTHDAY . ],,, , ,., .... ,, ] Cabe hit from the s~de, Bergam[ e.,, ~,, ....... ~ .... ~o,,,~,,~, a~,,[ and Mr. James Furland of bat* : sister-in-law, Mrs. Joe zinc pictures and the program berMd 3ndnMcrSrtesRlCha~drtL~ndd!l~eed Ulfl I=lothes I~ump.~ . n_a rebound, Spencerlw/t~'~he'~'/g~'scdoo[s"en]or~ analr~ngton v s ed Mrs. ~.L. Woka r. Mrs Meyer is in the of appropriate games was off to o ... r. ~,,,,.,. ,, I pU~pvu uiroUgn a couple oI gitH...*.~.h ..,~n .~...~.-*.~....r-..~....n *,*o~ ,~=*:,-. ,..,u,,,,, a,= ,,=~,,,=,,,o ,,, :!or their little son Ricky on his ll~0r (.food Wl|| |nd. [ ~hots, Cabe netted another from] ~'2'~.~ ,~r[* *' .... |Mrs. Wo~ds. seriously ill. ~ a good start. Several prizes were zirst birthday Sunday, JanuaryI ........... [ the side and with 45 seconds to[ ~/....~ ~o r,.. ~..o ..* ~ilva,~] Mrs. Frances Oleson, assistant Ernest Ludwick enter- awarded. .,, m t.~ ~u ~ pa~t u~. ~p~., ler bridge club Tuesday Following the gorgeous paper 28 Those present to help Rickybooowm maustries neeos oral zo it was Mt xr ..... n~ A.,,__ i ........................... ~ c"unt" a-ent w-~ i'- th"~ n~i"~" - . ~ dro ed m Wednesda and re celebrate were his ~randoarents clothmg and household articles, to- ao A~ th~ .... ~..~ .' ~**. ~. [ PP Y "[~....~.....n .... ~....n... ,. ...... n in their lovely new rainbow which extended across Mr and Mrs Dave~Llnd*ber. o~limmediately, Mrs Frank R Hol-lVe'rn~'=." "~..~'_'C G~_"_~'_ **.'*/ ~*~t.[quested tile use of our slides.l~o~'~*:~'.~u~ ~."~'r~..:.o o,~, ,~,~ 1 Stillaguamish After the living room, the honored ~. . , .. u~,ug uesperate~y [o Thursda night,"L H Guild" . ........ s ....... s ............. " ,us dessert, the club at-: guest found her shower gifts in Mount Vernon, Mr. and Mrs.[hs, loea!, representat,ve of the[ freeze the ball, Erickson stote],~,,,,~,~a Y~,,,~ ~. ~,,win= col [side finishes for their house to the b, siness of the a huge pot of gold guarded by Clarence Hansen of Arlin~tonlorgamzatmn announces l~icK" the ball m: ......... ' .... s .......... ~'~ .... ~" "~Mrs "l s wi - " -" ...... - ... ~ ' .... _ . ~ , ~u a rough sam/ored slides man., of which were~ ~ e on snes names oi any ano great granflmomer lvlrs i~u- ups Will De maoe on ~rlflay, ~'eo. but on a rebound ...... ,...~ ,..:h ". -' " 'who "laD to remodel or build so ~lrs.:enjyedc wan Fowlerafternnwonf sedbrmlikeanda bridetin'panandfigureSgroom.dres" genia Vei!leux of Everett, Mr.[9. lille win. In the o~ the Soil Con ]she ~'an advise them of two 1 Mrs "Con Hjort second Refreshments were served by ano)virs:~owardKos~e!a of Ar-[ She further emphasized that]Mt. Vernon had their chance to]~ervation~" Service staff weni[meetings to be held in Everett ing last week-end wit~i the hostesses, assisted by their lmgton, ~vir. ann lvirs, l~lclon r~an-[umess mere is a continuo~us[win but three ,shots missed and|~ome Friday afternoon corn [on Feb 15 and 16 Mr. Wickers ~d~arent~ Mr nnd Mrs mothers Mrs Roal and Mrs At- sen and son Mike of Mt. Vernon, lf~ow of material into the plant,[the Eagles hung on to win. ]~-laining of a'very sore knee and]and Mrs. Noyes of'Pullman will urray, wa s young bert Lamp, also Miss Donna and Mr. and Mrs. Bill Turner ofI jobs cannot be maintained] Arlington s shooting was def-|~ . basis of t~ r~redicted snow lbe the speakers. Natale of Seattle.- Roat. Others participating in ~nacortes. . . I~nrough the wmter months for[initely off, the Eagles connect- " and~ cold He"mR,~ have missed[ Floyd Wagner has purchased at the Wrobliski home this lovely party were: Mrs. L.. A tasty lunch was serveo oy]the hanoicapped people em-[ing for 17 for 64 The play of .......'7 ...... k~,. ........ ,_~..[a Chester White boar his mother at 3 p m Followin8 ~lo-ed there ~r..,,, o__t___ " .... Lily ~IIUW *:~ llttll:~ UUL ~UIL~.IIIIy[ " days last week were S. Batdorf, Miss Crete Gray, Miss . _ " " . I~" -, /,,,~-,- ~aue was ou~stanmng "~"~ t~e ---ld w"-*h~r / o .Mrs. Clarence Kempka Jonephine Gray, Miss Dorothy lunch, everyone enjoyed watch-i Calls for uickui~ ~uld reach]Cabe connectingfor i2 noints ............. ]LUTHER LEAGUE MEETING arch, Michael and Susie, Gray Mrs. Jack Sturgeon Mrs. ing Ricky open his many nice Mrs. nollis "before ]~gbruary 9. [and keeping th~ Eagles i'n the ~ [ The Luther League of Our Sav- ete, Wash J.R. Gray, Mrs. Charles Frick-gluts. [ o- ~ [contest. George Spencer led both Arlington (42) |ior's Lutheran Church will meet nda evenin dinner son Mrs T E Greathouse Mrs o------------ ] C~nlv ~n. m,.,~ m.t.,~t.]teams in scoring with 13. The Nelson (1) . Westover (ll)[Sunday evening, Feb. 4, at 7:30 a Y g ...... s given at the home Ward Sharp Mrs. Harley Robb,:STORK SHOWER ]~,'~'*~i~af~o'm~'~'~:,'~'~"~,~[defensive work of :lohnson was Evans (1) ............. Lindberg (8) lo'clock in the church parlor~. ~d Mrs Dan Lund Those Mrs. C. J. Jacobson, Mrs. Arthur] I ................................ . . ............... - .... Mrs. Ph]lhp B]orn was the~ than Washin~to,~ ]also outstandmg, holdmg West. Inman ................................ Lee (11)[The topm. On Channel No. 1, and having a most en- Tbom~)son, Mrs. Dewey Dunning,] guest of honor at a stork showerl ............... ~" ....... [over to four field goals, and only Joergenson Morris (2) ]will be discussed by John" Lar- Lime were Mr and Mrs Miss [)awn Weber, Miss oannel given at the home of Mrs Chet[Jensen Mrs Art Thomoson, Mrs /one point in the first half West- Hutton .................... Abbott (2) Jsen, Richard Frisinger and Gary:, Batt of Wilcie~ Idaho" Farrell, Mrs. L. C. Palmer Mrs.! Jensen, Thursday evenmg, Jan-I Chet Thomnson ~:Mrs Tonv/over and Lee paced the loser's Subs" Arl Erickson 4 Spen- Mose. Son]a Wangsmo has Mrs. Erve Natale of Se: Charles Gaffney, Mrs. Harold uary 25th. [B~orn Mrs. Bill ~hter, Misslattack with 11 apiece, cer 13, Bergam 8, Johnson 3,]charge of the program, Phyllla and Mrs. George Sar- Murphy, Mrs. Douglas Pearson, A very tasty luncheon was Margie Thompsor~Mrs. Keith[ In the preliminary the Eagles Cabe 12. M. V., Peck 6, Loverman~Lien the refreshments and Mel- .nd Mrs. Art Sipprell, Mrs. V. B. Crowe, Mrs. Rose Jor- served following the opening of Williams Mrs. ]lllirley Robb llost the third contest in 14 starts 1 |va Fuhr the games. All young rs "~5}~ff :el F7 Rebel, gensbn, Mrs. V. lVT.~Lee, "Mrs. C. many lovely gifts by Mrs. Bjorn. Mrs. Wallace Wh~l~er, IQIrs. Vern~ by a convincing 42 to 34 margin. 6" all, 18-15 Arl., 30-24 M.V. I people of the church are invited 's. Hugh Sessoms and N. Knudson and Mrs. J. A. Gray. Those present were Mrs. Jens Jensefi and Mrs ;~l~ Stuller The Eaglets played raggedly in Second team MV. 42 to 34. to come. ARLINGTON'S FIRST DRIVE-IN SERVICE STATION I A New Lubrication Service Room has been added, facilitating the servicing of two cars at one time. An Extra Large Weaver Hoist is equipped to handle trucks as well as any aake car. New Lighting & Heating The entire building now has the latest lightlng aXtures and a new heating plant. Rest Rooms are Warm and comfortable, as well as clean. Paved ntire grounds paved. Let A1 and his help- r ghtL:: u;ydurAc tr and protect its fin- ish with Owner and Operator o] the First Drive-In Service Station in Arlington, and in the Same Place for es J LATE VIEW OF MODERN, .~r,W ,bEl~ViLE ~TATiON HEATING 01L DEALER FOR 10 YEARS GASOLINE .AND KEROSENE LUBRICATIOIt. TANK DELIVERY Olympic and Division .STOVE OIL FURNACE OIL and Welcomes, New Patronage At His BETTER .EQUIPPED ATLAS TIRES and Tire Repairs ATLAS BATTERIES and Battery Recharge I I I I