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February 1, 1951     The Arlington Times
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February 1, 1951

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! PAGE FOUR THE ARLINGTON TIMES, ARLINGTON, WASHINGTON, THURSDAY, FEB. 1, 1951. .l r:!' , .... ' .....' ....... i ~ ~ lier in the h w ,[Strawberry Growers [Conservat, ,n Dlsto is VANA b rv "" ;d , M s Irene V gmld nine, 1 Fr, To Discuss Labor To Elect 0 hcers correspon, ..rot ' l'l j yhapPYanmannefng['~ A county.wide . strawberry Snohomish C, anty farmers re- .,' he Salem Luthe! Leagu, h, [d ,x was followed by a .... growers meeting nas been scneu- sidi /tm r annuat meet] g last ~( 1- he nob . . . ng within t e boundaries of . . ~. e st lu ...... ! Th{ Cq *] ttv ~ [lluled for.i~.rlday evening, Febru-lthe Snohomish Soil Conserva-lda evemng. Elect1 nolo lc rs:e Mrs. J H. Myrwa | ----- ~ ][[ary z, at t~ OCIOCK, m the ~ver-[tion District s ould remember Io! me.presem ye! tOOK )l~ :~ ( Wednesday and Thi [~ . ~ .lllett office of the wasningtonlthat they are t( eo to the voting[wl a tne zoiiow] tg re u] s: r ..~ .... ;~ ~......~ .... 1 ~ - ~ -[State Employment Service, 3021[nlaces on Feb ~arv 10 Satur--[Pr' ;[dent, Janice I ~rsen; vi _~- i~ er~wa~'~'i~'~] Reminders ,14,,w Mllg*~ .~l|$totl~ [Colby Ave. . ~.. .. . ]day, from 1 unt L4 oclock In thelPr' ', Donald Wah , seci ta y,~: her dau~,hters the~ Ek .. .e.ruar ........... , rne purpose m tins meeung ]s afternoon, and ast their ballots ~' ~nor lny. semer; t !asure~ L S- r also attended n h n _ /~__ ]'1 ...... I~..-.. ~..L~[to discuss prospectxve farm la-[for the elect[or of three super- tei Chnstmnsen ne L a~ te ~ lO roulIry l al$er$ , [L,a[1 u~|ry ik, uw [VaiL. [her shortages, particularly sea-[visors for the ( strict The poll- wi meet this Sur lay ev ni g r There will be S~ "It won't be long before youll] How much silage can. a dairy]sonal labor and to .conmder[ing places ha~ , been selected in :he Sa!em auth ran C] ar a. , m the Zion LuthI have your baby chicks, so it's|cow eat and stay nealthy-: Anon|memo,s oz solving, what now|throughout the county as fol- rn ~en Wi~m ve g, ;pei s! ,g :s ~ ~X~r~Urna~YcemOr~l~ time to prepare for their arriv-[keep producing. These are|appears to oe a sermus proDmm.[lows Monroe ty Hall, Snoho- P 'e t fr Cana a to nt c. e P al," County Extension Agent Ar-[questions in the minds el.many| ill! growers .o[ straw Derries[mish City Hall, qorth Creek Val-[tat the audience. , ll are n~ t- l Wednesday evenin nold Z. Smith advises poultry-|dairymen Earl B Hope co.unty[w~thm bnonomlsh ~ounty are[ley Grange Ha] Kellogg Marsh[ed Mesuames M rtle L nl ;- ,r .. me bons of No men. He suggests these jobs for|Extension Agent, says uairy[invited to attend i nis meeting Grange Hall, 'Arlington CityiJel ~e ~ggchMyrtle ' tensaa ~ ll ~1 ~aughte?rS f: No? Februar : [scientists at Wasnington State|and to assist in solving proo- Hall, East Sta~ vend City Hall, s ' . [v -- g ~r:Yder houses and brooder|College have been conducting[lems which may arise in regard Granville Gran 'e Hall ' ~e Salem Luth ran L di s' r .ruesaay evening, ~" - - ........ ~an exneriment to find out They!to securing seasonal farm labor I --,, : ~ ....."~ ...... [Ai~ will meet on W dnesd~ f- , m me vmmg equipmen~ need to oe morouga- v . . ,, " ~n persons ] rm~ anu torpor- ter non Feb 7 h " -" ,.t,~ ]report tMs experiment started m[Snohom~sh County will bar-to,, ...... ~ ~.'; 1,~-~ -'- e"uit [ ' . t , n the M m ~-] ": promptly, l~e~re. ly cleaned and dmmfe~y. [October, 1954 and will finish in|vest around 1920 to 2000 acres _~A~-~,..i~'_'".2"v_" _."~_"_'.~'='_'...~.,...::lial Hall with Mes( ~mes , gr :s~ ~ served and a 2. ! use any coal tar or|March 1951. ]of strawberries this coming sea-[~il~eed~s~r~.ctWbnYdar~e~.~ar~'t~!iSa de, Alma Ha tseth ~] d Z members ~s reqt oil, dis~meC~av%~u~nbY%~er~O~er] One of the big Holstein cows[Sn,.accrdmg_t the best.reports[gible to vote in the election of[Myrtle,St_ens_a.a,as the hostesses.[ " .,,,.o ...... a . . -*. - ~._ +~ ...... ~., h~= olread,,lavanaDle at tne present ume.t~..~o,,,io,,.~ -~|i~ihla x~tave .,~ [A most corulal welcome is ex-, ment, be sure to use it ten aaySleaten"as=mVu%l~*a~-s'~5~ounds jflWhis is an increase over the pastl~'d~n'~ .... i~la" ~:'ge"'distr~\"'sha'lil tended to "all members and[ ~,\ before the chicks arrive. | .......... ~rdin-" to[ year by some two or three hun- [ sm ~ g. w m ~ _u ct ... [ friends. %,% s sltage m one uay, accu g cast their DalIOtS at me pOlling The Zion a " ' " 3. Every type of brooder ha [Dr W H Blosser who is heading]dred acres. Labor for picking was[., .... ~... +~..~,v,~, ..... ~,~,~,..[ utheran Ladles A~d ~ its fire hazards. Check those[un'th'is work He says she seem~[a problem last year, and growers[t~t~e,~,=re~te"'an~" e~,i'~levo~ers[held the first meeting of the new ~. \\ around your brooder eqmpment[o~e~ ,~h,,sicallv b{~t he's mak [are anticipating more trouble[.,~Jm,~,~,,,,~o~,~,~ ,~A :~,~.., o~oHIYear at thte Zion Social Hall \\ and houses. ....... ling no definite statement on[thmyear m getting enoMgh.plck-[cast their ballots at the polling[lastd:hUrS~waY afternoon_The at- ,,,. 4. Mites, rice ann |leas win|milk nroduction until the test is[ers to narvest tne crop. ~t nasl~laces for the division whichl| ce as good w~tn many ~ ~.. attack chickens and turkeys.[ completed [been suggested that growers be-',~ncludes their lands~ welcome visitors. The new off[- ~._ /~/,.J~'~J Consult Poultry Pointers No. 34,[ ,v~.;~ ~v'~.;~., .... ,~,o ,,~[gin to think about this and to do ...... " . cers for 1951 were formally in- ~------~"~,~6~'~s ~- ,,WCa~n~l o~r,uit,~s nf Chickens~ .,,,~ =,,~,=,,, ...... ,.,, ......... mever,,thin, the,, can to attemntl Tile work oI the supervmors is l~~ ------..~.f# ~. a "\"'~'",_-T:~ ..... Itwo groups of five cows each.Ito ~ave ~icke~ enou-h to ha'~ [very important, and they are re-lA~ehno'~an ~i|amam "---'~. J ~ anha. krU:yoYu" planning to brood[One group is fed silage as thelvest thei~ crop ~" "[quired to spend much time in[''*.****~"van auaa~,ua~am ~~k~ .... : ........ hlr~l~ ~t least 300[sole roughage and the other[ .......... , [carrying on the program of the[Wllm A~~ ~ : ~'~" ,.~'~2,.~r,~J"~nd"~o,~t ~wavlgroup allowed five pounds ofl ..... , [district. Every farmer within thel " ~*~ ,~--v,.--~.a ........ Irl hirda nn vourlhay wRh mlage. At the end of W ~ I.nmnJaw dmtnct has an opportumty to The Arhngton sharpshooters }arm9'''' ........... ~ |six weeks these groups arel__"** "%* ~u.~,--,j lexpress his wish as to the super- , extended their string of victor- "~ r~,,n,,t,~a lima wnrkod into[ switched. Accurate records are llh,~e In Fvar.if I visor elected, so he should take[ies by defeating tTYe Everett ,~,~(~ .... ~ ................... nt f a~.~.o ~.. ~v,.,~,~,.,* 13uniors b +h~ llt*a. ~n *h. hvnndor hn,L~e/bemg kept on the amou o [ ............ ]the Ume on Saturday, February y a score of 930 to 881 . ~--I~] ."~, "~,~.~" ~'.." ~=,,~,~'a~,'--- [feed consumed by each cow andl wHnam A. l~ampiey, ~, .o~[10th, to ~o to his pollin~ place This win put Arlington in first I ~ ~* ~.~ ~_~'.~v~'~.~'~.2.:~,~ Be|the production records made. [1230 Popmr Street,.~verett, dleaIand cast-his ballot. ~ - place m the county league as L .~ v!!t ii!iil I i and ~~i! I ~~--~~ may be a good time to move maintain high p odu " . - " . Y M " " Y t e ' " "~"~i~i ,~, ......~h,~lt~r~ nut tn range oorts show that the average cow|prior to moving to Everett five|daughter Pat and httle grand- h Jumors with 181 each. ........ ~, .................. o ..... Th a "f, taan *ha e, nllin~ honk will eat 90 pounds of uood silage|years ago. Surmvmg are his|daughter of Seattle spent most. . e scores were as follows: i ...... ~ ............ "a- - " - " t i~:edmDtal t i :W' cY:i i Ari~ane~ttt~:deG~}t !~5 Chicks and Pullets," gives help- From. a nutritional standpoint|dest, Calif.; five grandchildren|brought on our cold spell and B~rney Brenne .................... 182 ' l [" l! ................... ~ .... S ~l~Sh;an~aogl~i~ndB}:{~e:!~}]e~g F~N~ ] ~M{~imea~:;avS:a~ :ihUr~yprr~{:m~a:edn[ ~:/~se~K{:ta~aA ~at~:;~re ~ ~[!{lyffe ................. : .... !!~ ryy I message far and v 1( . - " . "s ............................. 30 Per Word stone grit available. ~ A large turnout was present| o------------ |of stock and machinery. He left~ 13. In cold weather gather for the Skating Party sponsored CKRD OF TH~NKS ' [ these a day before the cold ~'~'~ I,*,'--" - -,. ton is located in Pullman at an Whidbey is the second largest Carl Lang and family, Mr. and|Cross will meet with the ladies Klement, assured her of the fact. and Shopper elevation of 2500 feet. island in the U.S. Mrs. Charles Chew and family,|of the White Horse Community Mr. and Mrs. Holt Taylor and There were only four thousand The Library of the State Col- Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Putnam and|Club at their next meeting Feb. daughter Susanne of Portland, Pholle 493 whites in Washington when the lege contains over 600,000 bound family, Misses Eda and Etta[7th. A letter recently received were last week-end visitors at territory was formed, cataloged volumes. Lang. by our president, Mrs. Thee. the Denny Pierson home. I . At various states in the i I with the brotherhoods of! I operating employees I . the railroads agreed to The union leaders refused. . . the railroads accepted tl a~ mendatmns of Premdent . ~ Emergency Board The unic refused. III. I1 I[li 1111 i . . . the railroads accepted t b House proposal of August 19, 11 union leaders refused. t] I I FinaUy an Agreement was ' the White House on Decembe:,: I Now the union leaders seek to I i I the Agreement. I , , The railroads stand ready t o , I terms of this Agreement into [i m mediately, with back pay at , , i m and date indicated. I.I I I | i I The Agreement is given in ]a the Parties are unable to a or not further gree at s ask the Presin^wage ad.Justments ar ~ch .co.nfe.rencos w]tt w~o shall sit~:~.'~~ne United St~t~=s~_~flea they sh~J MEMORANDUM OF AGEEEMENT marion ~,~ .~^"_.-?~- ~nem and consia=.~ ~o appoint a r t . Washington, D.C. are ~us+~'~_~~ae PrOmptly w~^,["~" all Pertinen~ ~..~,^ December 21. 1950 and the~e~a.and,_i.f so, what'~s~er .further wage in;~a shall h ~u~ive aa~e thereo h increases she ]H hai hour week for yardmen with in-' h v* ^ave say vq~e, the ....f. Th~ carrier r .... u_~__:~ I. Establish 40 . . 1950, and addi- a ~ -,v vote and +~^ - ~P~oyee rent .......?w-vsentaz~ , 2Z cents eflectmve October I_ 1] ,^ . ~',~ referee Shall h=~:~~-'~az~ves shall crease of i, 1951. tional 2 cents effect~.:e January ment until January or rules . zr the parties can .... ~-u one Vote. ** . . -,u~ agree on de " e 4u hour week agree . declsion, u.ey Shall be Submitted to John R. o~eel antailSmfforflagree' 2. Set.' ~sld rk week for yaramen. i. 195 , and es,a nsh ? ll eri0d after days . " the usaal proteot - Effective .w.tth the ilrs~ PnaYof-[he ?ormal agr.eomon.%.,.yar~- rates, special a~.___ ons for arbitr--,-- . from the cia~e of.execu%_io . ,,, work on the 7~n ~ay .~ -" ~ovo ezsting s~;n~an~e~: and existing ;on;, mi,sc~llaneous .~. ~emuired by %he carr~.~ ~-:-^~rs who shall receive ~ -~a~ agreement aAiy rates wil~ ~- #. ~A~=.erential$ "~" " ~ es excep~ en~xa~.= not creaze paid overtime rat - r the 7th may This does ** ~ - ~v ~nc~uaed in the straight time ra~es fo .... t now exist On and after The forsgoin w' guarantees where.~sY mo;t~s' notice to be given of desire ~an indlvidual~es railradgs -rom~ll not debar management -- , rules and mutually a .... and commit| October l, "~v', ~*_'~,~. ~rovide for consideration of _ agreement working conditions ~e ~elng upon changes to go on 40 hour w~i " d 4 cents per hour if an~ wne~ " ~" ~'"pioyees COVered by , ilability oi" manp.ow~,_.~* s effective. 3. Settle rules for 40 hour wee~ ~u 4 Grant ~ard conductors and brakemen other rules such as daily earnings minimum, car retarder operators and s footboard yardmasters as recommended by Emergency Board ~'~~ He. 81. 5. Settle following rules: Delay (Conductors and Train- a~d ma~laeaT~eZ ~rT:~n >~z~ Terminal . ~nitial ,To~I Comm~M~e 6. Road men to receive 5 cents per hour increase ctive October l, 1950 and additional 5 cents per hour ~ffceease effective Januar~.l, 1951, wa-es on basis of cost II 7 GuarterlY adjus%men~ ox e We are publishing this and other advertisements to talk to you at first hand about matters which are important to everybody. -