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February 1, 1951     The Arlington Times
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February 1, 1951

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/ PAGE TWO THE ARLINGTON TIMES, ARLINGTON, WASHINGTON, THURSDAY, FDB. 1, 1951. [ .. - home last Wednesday• Besides CUB SCOUTS STUDY the members, there were several RIVERS AND STREAMS Armv s Versatile Eager Beaver •. Silvana 4-H d c~ • VlSltOrs. The Cub Scouts will hold their Prepares Yt II~*.~lr.[ro l~¢xl[ f'~ff Acc~m~'~hr lln~ Mr. William Enyeart is prop- regular pack meeting on Friday J.~,.L~.A~O .L*.V~. ~*.~L~ ~XOO~UJJLy J----*~. erty assessor for this district, evening at the Washington The regular 4-H l ~ ....... ~ ~ turMnreL~W~nC~ro(Bri~hke) Wh:Stl~e] School at8pm The theme for the Silvana Boys' 4 Mrs. Horace Enyeart, [ ~~!£:~B i: :~i: p' January has been "Rivers and held at the Selvin ......... J ~~~~ ~i~!]in Everett Friday. He is getting Streams," and Mr Carpenter will January 17th. An all-around Civilian ve-lcity riall, Weanesaay night, i ~~~~ ~ 1 ~ rv ~ tall th,~ h...... :t thai...... te lense program is being organ-[Chairmen for eight divisionsI ~~~ 1 a Mrg. :~d Me/:. Vance Rod-ers s~ometh~ing'Jabou't" t~l~e- d~ve]op~- The meeting was ized in Darrington. This program[have been named as follows:[ ~~~!~~ 1 ~t..~;~a ~..~ ~, .;~.f "~ ment and history of the Stilla- der by the vice-pres is not to be used only in case of[Utilities {water, electricity, tele- ~~~~~ [ram .~,:/,~,-fi~:~.~-~,s;,~ ~.][~ ..... ~ v.u~, - Brekhus, with all r~ ~nr hut in an,, emeraencv Thelnh,me ,~tol• O.nv Le,~',.---- w--~--,! ~~~i "~::::!!J ....1 ~ ~*'V ~" ,~=u-s--*. ----=~ **=-= ~, .............. ~" ent giving the 4-H t ........ ., ~, ,. ~,~ ..........~ .,v., ~'~'~1 ~~ ~/ 1 guests at the home of Mr and o The boysare star organizing and preparation forIFriese, Mr. Wilburn. Police: A.~ ~ ~m m Mrs Charle White and d" h ......... civilian defense is nothing tolB. Wheeler. Engineering: Roy ~~~~~ ~ ,ers. e~,urn~. "-v~--~-~ aug-,TAWANKA CAMFFIRE projects for the y get alarmed over, but to be pre-]Loughnan, Bob Jones, Harry ~~:~i~~~i~ ~ ~'Mr~an~l'*~I~Ir~. ='*';:]'l~" ~" Wawanka Campfire Group met for blue ribbons at pared in case of any emergency, / Randall Fire• Chief Walter ~:~:~i~~~~ ~ - . . - . vvni;am ~ay.- at the home of our guardian fall. • • " • • • . :~ .................... ~=: ........................ :~ ton recelveo worn ~rom tHeir Mrs Rice and discussed our " Bobby Madsen g~ such as floods, ep~demics, etc. ~Bates, assmtant f~re chmf Henry ~~~~~[~~ ~ "~au"ht"r Mr ............... " ' Orville Pearson has been[Tiland " Medical• Mrs Floyd[ ~~~::~~ i ~, ~_. k~,. ~. ,~a,~,u na~=~,- memory books• Mrs. Rice and a lot of competition named district co-ordinator,[Wrigh~, Mrs. Pearl Wilson Mrs. l ~~~~~ ~ ~i:t~:°21US~kreC~at~Ytb°Ve~e~° Judy Bristol brought the treat winning $35 in prize with Lewie Noble and Ed Hun [Maude Karger Dr Riddle Mr ~[J~~~~~ ~[~ :_7. .':_ ( ' • ~ ~. y ~ because they had birthdays, the various fairs on • " "lli ' " ' ", ~~~~~ :~ ~ l au getting amng Just ilne. ine o ter, Jr., as assistant, eo-ordina-[V:;t~ F[uWittg~ia~olSrBenWne~ar~] ~~~ ~[ ~ boys have started to school and ............ bred Holstein cattle. ~ors. Mr. ~ooie ana ~r. rmnter! ,~ , , ~ ~~~~i~~ 1 are -uite satisfied ~xee,~t that wasnmgmn Is me smartest Denny Eriekson w~ t~ked with Geor~,e Tozer the[Howard Kenny Bennett. Red] ~~~.~~~~ 1 ..... E ...... ~. ,.v state west of Iowa the 4-H Club as a ne~ ..... . e~ , ~ . ' .... it s terribly COt(l aug w*ll~. county co-ordinator, and related,[cCar~SS. BLa~OYrdolPhi]xps. R adi~o.g~][ ~~W~~ l Week-end guests at the _home t-~~ there are now 30 r what must De aerie to oe tUlly! , atv ~, vs,,~,~, ,~,=,.~[ ~~i~~~.¢~ l of Mr and Mrs wmi.,-~ cq.,, ~,...n • .... ~.. ~-~. .......... our ~-H club• Warfare. John Ireland, Cedric prepared, at a meeting at the/ . . I l ton two weeks ago were Mr and oontl,maUv ~ ......... d ~,~hn The next meeting' ~-- Lewis, Vern Twilligear, Jr. [ :.~ • ~- • ~:.~ ...... ~ -~-~,~. ............ the Jarl Sesby home, [ ...... ~~ 1 iMrs. Alvin Clayton of Tacoma Hlnderman was high point man Mrs. Stensen served /~loc~ waraens ~~~ 1 and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Clayton with 12 points licious lunch to all : .............. [ Ed Hunter, Jr., and Lewie ~~ 1 and daughter of Seattle. The High School played the Larry Larson, reporte~ l ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ V ~ ~ |Noble contacted women for Block| ~~~ ~ Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Wright High School team from the Duke * were su er uests at the home ~~m [fill | L. Ill Ill llll q~ [Wardens, in the surrounding ~llll 1 PP g of Connaught School of West- • [areas ranging from Halterman ~~~ ~ of Mrs. Agnes Townsend and minster, B. C., Monday night • [Spur up (outside the city limits[ .... i grin De [ two daughters Monday evening, losing by the score of 40 to 41. ' ~ ~ /of Darrington). They have thir-I Colonel W. A. Call, Chief of Deve]opmen~ ann ~g nee .g . ~., Mrs. Ronald McDonald will The Darrington High School ]J • ~ ~ A,, B . -- ~.~. /ty-five women who will be blockl Detroit Arsenal, '_*cats the tape" linking• Eager 2el~v;;iden[U]~s::l~ get her baby from the hospital will play LaConner there Fri- • r_l n •! ill-K" [wardens and their individual[ 4,900 to No. 1 of the secona Army ¢omract, as ~eo s e , P this week, where it has been in day night. 1 liftl lll~li~ll !areas are as follows: Prairie:[ S. Sherer, Jr, assmts, -- ..... an incubator. They will play Langley here Flail • • I~,~ Mrs. F. H. Barker, Mrs. AlvinI LANSINg, MICtt.--~ompletion of the Army's nr~ major a_u~o- Mr. Te~ Moore flew up from! February 6th. !Adams, Mrs. Carey Crawford,[ motive contract since World War II was marked by ceremony hero California last week-end but Mr Carey Crawford, Mrs. Hen- r~ ~f~l ~ kll~llT~ Mrs. Mable Bryson. Bennettville:[ when "Eager Beaver" No. 4,900 rolled off the assembly lines at Rye left immediately after seeing ry Bagley, Mrs. Grace TuckerTHURS.-FRI.-SAT, ri|]~ |dill| [~||lMl.~ Mrs. Miller, Mrs. John Jones•[ Motors, Inc. At tim same time Rye announced receipt o_f letter con- the kind of weather we are hav- and Mr Harry Edwards attend- °~'" 1"1"===" ""~"=v North Mountain Power Linesl tracts for more of the versatile new, 2½-ton, 6x6 trucks, nringing ing. Mr. and Mrs. Moore both ed a "legislative meeting in DOUBLE FEAT ~ road: Mrs. Harry Giles.. Mrs.[ the total,, value~.of four., contracts ......... to date to over the $100-miuion marKri t" plan to return Februa"~,.z 10th if lviount ............. vernon, monoay nigHt. Cleo Riddle• Three Rivers Mill:[ The Eager~seaver lsDu!lttoopera~enormm.~yunaer~wmeva e y the weather conditions permit Mr Harry Edwards will at- In Technicol~ • Mrs Maurice Swanson Mrs of terrain and climatic conditions Equippea witH snorzet ann snorter the starting, u,~ of the work - = " ........ ~.~m~~w~- • , • [ . . . . . - . . . .7 - ~ - " "v hil ~, .w • ten~ a meetlng oI s~a[e superln- • • ..... ~ Rodger Boyd, Mrs. C. E. Mer-] air mr~K~ ann exnau~ redes, ~ne new ~ruc~ can ~o an en W e . Saturday mght guests at the tendents in Seattle Tuesday. l~ -~*~ _A~r~#r~ quorts. Spar or Pumpkin Town:/ ,ompier~y suDmergea in wa~er, home of Mr. and Mrs. Dick Dan- Mr. and Mrs. Frank Cole and "~anuere~ 4"1"-.]11 ~ ~ A Mrs. Irene Riddle, Mrs. Darrellout Each of the men under 'Reeee, Janice Reece, Junta Mor- ielson were Mr, and Mrs. Charles two sons of Getehel visited at Szeckle of Seattle ~ ~/~i~ Crawford, Mrs. Clinton Howard.|stands his individual job, andlris, Pauline Townsend, Mr andl .. Y .... : . the homes of Mr. and Mrs. John Wait Disney F# ~ ~.~l~r~- ~'~ ~ Klr~s l~aKe: Mrs. ~loyd RanKin, l~u ~ nr .... ed B~b Reo~ ~- ~IM,~ Harr,, ~a ..... a~ M," ~.a aars. riazei wnson nas re- Cole and Mr and Mrs Horace ~~" ~[ ~ Mrs. George Bowman. Sam[ohi,f observer, with ~-ward[Mrs Jim Gilday and two chil-It ned from the Waldo Hospital Enyeart and family last Friday. "Rim of The ¢- ~~l: ~ ~qt~Ser°~rdeeMrSroG~ldi~IE2ye~[:i/~;¢il's°n as assistant; other ob-[dren, Mr. Simmons, and Mr. and ~nn S:pttrla~'io~h~reds2; underwent MMrS~N.istCineRiddul~he.nt~Itain~d V ! :~' : • servers are: Hugh Peavey, Har- Mrs Cecil Mathis of Marysville. Mr " " ' " " l~:~ ~ Deeter, Mrs. Gerald Ashy. Whitel,,~, ar,*h,,ra .Ta~U Pa~i~ n,~nala[ :M'~ lvu-- X ...... a M~ _llm . and Mrs. Howard Wilson Davis and two daughters Char- 1R~~/~ ~ H°r~n Mr~IrsB.ru4emSe~n,r MrS.[FaJul'l~ne'r,'~¢iar~i~n" To]Jenaar,"Jr, lReece'went" ~o"Seat~t'le "Tuesda'y ~:ei,vedh~ l~tat~r.~:tmlettheff s:n lotte and Joan, ancl Mrs. Joan Gene Autrey . N~ ~ ~~ ...~ ~. ~ng, ._ .. :- ._ ~.less,[Ralph Collins, Tom Ashy, Harold|to visit Mrs. Reece s brother, Mr. "~h ........ l P • Campbell, at her home Sunday i e snl ne was on was to oe mrs J~er~els ~ortson Mrs THee P ve in • • • : • " Engles, Harry Butler, Clinton Gene Lane and on returning sed e n' g. l~ dory Clement. Swede Heaven: ]'~,~nonas~ M,*~,, m, oh,,o~ Palb ....... * ~,~, q,~.,h,~,~i~ *.. ,,,o,~ U for evacuation purposes. Mr and Mrs Lawrence West SUN.-MON, FFA • " " • ......... Mrs. Arhe Smith, Mrs. Art Glads-|m,,~t,~r -Tr rq,~, Vs, At.sin [Mri .lnno'c hrnthor . and Mrs. Floyd Harbin, Sr., received a call from their son ~-1. . • ._ZL_..~ jo, Mrs. John Cloer, Mrs. Tait.l~'~"k)',~=',.':=:.'.~a o~:::..~","~,'":l"'="---'::_~'-~.~::-:: .... spent Thursday, Friday and Sat-Marvin Saturdav savin~ he "Mother Di .................... ,.~, ,,. -,~o~ ,,=, o,,,,,=u u,~,,, Mr anu Mrs walter ~s ann ........... ~ .... ~ rtazel: Mrs. wleKens. Haltermanh.m~,~,.o~ ,., ..,o ~h~;. h,~..I : _ : _. 'p-¢ . . umay a~ me Home oi ~vtr. and would be eoin~ to Dental School . . . ,,....,,~,,~o~ w s,.~ ~,,=,. ,,=,v son JaCK spen~ me weeK.gnu In .... ...... ~ Spur. Mrs. Farrls Bates. Ski Hlll[~ .... toot~,~-,h,~ ..... ~, ..... h,. [ .............. Mrs. Vern Hmderman of Granite in San Diego for the next four Tell Mei • -. r,,,n. ~,.~ D,,n o ........ ,~_.. ,~ ,_l'- v .... ~'"s ~"~ ~""- ~'~ -"-~""l~eatue at tHe Home or mrs. ~:llZ- Walls - ° yaM. iv~.lo. D~M DdW~'t~[, 1¥1[~. DOU reefing." C • - • meatus. • Reece Mrs Ca~ ~t~,,,~ M~ [ ..... [abeth ampbell, who had lust Mr. and Mrs. ~^" L-u-hna"~ I ......... .......... J ..........[~raen t;tuD [ d .... ~ " ~ ", its t;ota uut~sae • • returne from a few days m the • WHITE SHEET . [ The Darrmgton Garden Club[ ital t . . We hay had a rea chang Dorothy Me~J~ Bruce E d d y StHlaguamlsh • spent the week-end attending a v 1 e Countr u • " hosp . They also a tended the weddm in " • • . . y C1 b. Mms May Phil- met at the Club Rooms Thurs. ~oo~o ~,~ ..... ~,,, ~,,~,~,,o~ ur:o~ . g . Olympia on Satur- m the weather. Up until Thurs- " Wm. Lundigi lps ~.~..~.~ .~.,,.~,~.~-,~.~.,~, ,, ,o.- hay mormng and the Installa" " " • i~ I I Ill l~ Itm ~[~ ~[~ 7 ........ . [day, January 25th Due to tacti ..... ba .......... a ........... " day it was qmte warm, around Also Cartoon - phi lift.It ~ II~l::~t U i:lt I 1 lllt~DilLU 1" M • I1 II i lira 1 ~ all mOCK waraens must take/illness of our president, Mrs I .... ~ " tion o~ ~yiene Loughnan as 40 and 50 deg. Friday it started II I I~l I~ Ell l / ml a course in home nursing which[laou ~'nrho~ n,,v m,~,~t~ ...... :[any nlgm. . worthy adviser of the Order of snowinc, hut soon turnin~ to and Fox Movieton~ $ I • • • • • • ~ / V ............. ' ........... *~ ..~o Fr r " " " • ~' " ° ~vH1 be given to them free. There[enna,,~toa hv our I Mrs. auk Faulkne. went to Rainbow Girls In Shelton on freezing Early Saturday morn- ..~ ,.,~ will also be First Aid classesl~¢~r's-~'al'~e;~Bate's-;r'~,f:~.~,~,'~'lEverett last Wednesday' to have Sunday evening. Miss Loughnan in~ the" tem~-e'rature ha'd dr-on- ~ "~ given by Lewm Noble and Mel[o~n,,a w~th ~,~,,h ,~,,-~ .... [the lax cast removed from her is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. ned to 15 de~, by evenin~ it was TUES.-WED, F£] La Hammer• These classes are[swoH,~, w~th th,~ ~ .... ¢ t~,,[rlght eg which was broken Lloyd Loughnan. 10 de~, midni~,ht 5 de~ at 3'30 ....................... 2 ......... "' " "Whirlp-" ~ ,~,.., #~ ..... ,., ,,,~,.~ free and open to anyone whO[club flower which ~ u.,~,~o. IAugust nd. She is using a sup. Sunday visitors at the home of Sundav morning it was down to ~. ~..~, ..... ~ .... wmhes to take them. The Flrst[Th ........ ~,,~t ...... ho~]port, a crutches but s ery Mr. and Mrs. Orville Pearson and 1 deg below zero Sundav night **,,,. Aid classes may be ~tarted lm-[nr .... t o, a ....... ......... [happy o be so nearly a k to son Dlckle were Mr: and Mrs. was not uiteso cold onl ...... • .................. - ................... ~ ...... od Bob il "1 ' Y mediately and may be glven]ioined This week *h .......... ]two go legs. Mrs. H ton, Henry Nelson of Stanwood. down to 4 deg above by the Gene Tiemey . Ric during the afternoons until the[,~Winter Path" read t)v~rs~'Ivan[Sr'' who accompanied Mrs. An all day council meeting thermometer at"the Ranger Sta- And Comedy men have to return to work. [Jones Clea,,in .... ~¢ ,~:: n~ [Fautkner, went shopping, later was held by the Indians Satur- tion The kids are having a lot Three nurses, all eonneeted[~ .... ~: ,~,~t,~',~o~'~'~t,,"~o~'~,~[they both visited at the home of day at the Grange Hall. Between of fun ice skatinu The n~en are with Civilian Defense work,[an'~'~an~:.~i'=~,v ,,~ ;'~k~'~'~"~':~sa~'~"[Mr'- andwheMrS. Laton Cabeere su°f EV-r twenty and twenty-five persons busv .... thawing out"frozen ~ioes. THUR..FRI..SA;r., called at the home of Mr. and|c,¢~d ~,, th,, ~,~a,-~o~u ~,~, [erett, re they w ppe attended Lunch was served. Due to the extreme cold nMrS" Lewie Noble Monday after. , ed'a~ ........... 'Cl"~ar ~C'ree~-'"~'Ri'~"* ~,~=]guests. ndIrvingth nOlsen has .... a telephone Saturday night there wasn't a DOUBLE FE o°°n" They want three women lHenson spoke on how to make[ Mr. and Mrs. Frank Faulkner a ..- el umber }s 653= . very big crowd at the March of ~rom ~arrington to take lessons l~ ~nmnn~t r,U~ M~ M~t~n "V,~ |and two sons Were Sunday din- THe ~raae ~cnooi basketball Dimes dance Those who were In Techni onJ!2me nursing in Arlington] enaa'r" Sr ., a h i'"t"w'as'~*i'me~to!ner guests at the home of Mr. ~am played at Granite Fa!ls there had a very good time. The ann oecomelnstruc.tors Ior clasS-|start Tuberous Begonias and and Mrs. William Howe of Kirk- ~rlaay atternoon, winning ~Y Fire Department will donate'Tarzan es to oe n~lQ Here in ~arrmgton.]spoke on the care and starting of land, and visited at the home of tHe score o~. 6~ to 15. riaro.~a $100 to the March of Dimes fund• Air Observation them. There were about twelve Mr. and Mrs. Herb Faulkner in ~aga was mgn point man wKn Arne Wangsmo's band will play "The; ,! , ,-,-..._a r~. ...... ~.._ t~ .... flower disnlav~ of-uss-willows Seattle, Sunday afternoon• ~ points. .... . for a dance at Oso, Saturday, has been formed and a post has ~pple tree branches and a Mr. and Mrs. Bob Hilton, Sr., Mar ev~lea~ bcnool, will play February 3. • Lex Barker - ys ~ ere ~rmay aiter c been set up, under the super- Christmas rose. Each entrant and Mr. and Mrs. Bob Hilton, Jr., noon• " CARD OF THANKS vision of Director of Civilian De- explained her exhibit• These dis- and daughter Elaine visited at' , PART WOOL 5.90 Double size 72x84. cozy. blankets of fleecy cotton and wool~in plaids, to add a cheery look to your bedrooml JACQUARD 4.59 A special blend of wool, rayon and c o t t o n for warmth. A new selection of colors that defy descrip- fionl 100% Virgin Wool 5.year guarantee against moth damag~ • 41/4 pounds of pure virgin wool. • Woven basket design in center. • $ color combinations --Rever~able. • Size 72x84. fense, Hamilton Air Force Base, Hamilton, Calif., locally super- vised by Bob Hilton, Jr. barring- ton, being one of the many places where radar can't reach because of the mountains and valleys, has been selected by the Military Air Force to set up an observation post. Such post is lo- cated on the roof of the High School building. Reports will be made by direct wire to the Filter Center, who in turn will report to the military interceptor com- mand. Eleven western states are going through test exercises and the dates February 3rd and 4th are set for the test exercise for i !the ground observation posts lo- cated in the Snohomish county area. At the first and last meetings the ground observers learne:" the reasons for ground observa- tion and how it must be carried Darrington, Wash. "Always a Good Program" FRI.-SAT. FEB. 2-3 { Technicolor) "Wyoming Mail" Stephen McNalty Alexis Smith Howard Da Silva -Also- Disney ~olor Cartoon - Novelty Jack Kirkwood Comedy SUN.-MON. FEB. 4-5 "Mr. 880" Dorothy MeGuire - Burt Lancas- ter - Edmund Gwenn -Also- Universal News Color Co~toon TUE.-WED.-TIIUR., FEB. 6-7-8 DOUBLE FEATURE! - {Technicolor) "Petty Girl" Joan Ca~alfield - Robt. Cummings "Holiday Affair" Robt. Mitehum - Janet Leigh plays are especially lovely for this time of year, since materials are sp difficult to get. Mrs. Bob Jones showed slide pictures taken of our displays at Novem- ber and December meetings, which were very good and en- joyed very much. The hostesses were Mrs. Mel Gartner, Mrs. J. H. Boehmer, Mrs. Walter Bates and Mrs. Burke Henson. The next meeting will be February 23 aL the Club Rooms.. Anyone may come who wishes. Caucus The Town Caucus will be held Feruary 13, at 8 p.m., in the council chambers of the Town Hall. Only qualified voters of the Town of Darrington may at- tend and participate• The pur- pose of said Caucus is te nom- inate persons to be voted upon at the General Election to oe held March 13, 1951. The offices for which such nominees shall be ehosen are as follows: Three Councilmen---for two-year terms. We.hope you will show interest in the town by coming out. Darrington has really been in the "limelight" (so to speak) this week on Alice E. Lambert's program "The Woman's Page," on station KRKO, Everett, at 9:45 a.m. Alice E. Lambert was a week-end guest at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Nels Bruseth. While here, she gathered to- gether several interesting stor- ies about Darrington which she will broadcast on her program• Work on Park A lot of work is being done on the' Parkl area this past week- end. A crew of about 30 to 40 men, with Roy Loughnan's bull- ~dozer and Jones and Anderson's power shovel, has been clearing and working on a space of about 1% acres of ground and hauling the stumps and brush away in a gravel truck. There will be a Parent-Teach- er Association meeting Wednes- day, February 7th. Mrs. Maude Karger's room will provide the entertainment of the evening with an "Operetta•" The Mississippians, an all ne- gro quartet, put on a very good show at the High School Wed. nesday evening• There was a large attendance, with the pro- ceeds going into the March of Dimes Fund. Mrs. Jim Reece was hoste~s~ at a party given at her home after the basketball game Friday night• A lunch served in a smorgasbord style was enjoyed i .by all. Guests at the party were John Hinderman, Bob Thomason Donald Knowles, Jack Tiland Duan'e Clark, Ronald Westeren -Also- Max Parris, Mary Lou Paul Disney Color Cartoon I Doug Wicken, Rosie Hasenya. !'zer, Frances Bertels, Mildred ; ~ = = = = = _= = = ; = = ; = ; ; = ; -_ ; = = ; i :ones, Walt ttoglund, Jimmie the home of Mr. and Mrs. Vern Chase of Seattle, Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Laton Cabe and fam- ily of Everett, and Mr. Frank Felthouse, Miss Shirley Magaba, and Mr. Bill Humphrey, all of Seattle, were there also. Mrs. Ferman Henson gave a party in honor of Mr. Ferman Henson's birthday Sunday after- no~n at the Club Rooms• There were about fourteen couples who enjoyed the party. They played Canasta and Pinocle. Cake and Coffee were served• Mr. Dexter Mathis of Toledo came up Thursday night, and on Saturday he took his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Elige Mathis, and his sister, Miss Irene Mathis, to Anacortes, where they were all overnight guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Mac{nard Brown and family. Mr. and Mrs. Lewie Noble spent 'Sunday at the homes of Mr. and Mrs. Dave Walt of Ev- erett and Mr. and Mrs. Walter Kenny at Sunrise Beach on Whidby Island• Mrs. Rodger Boyd will enter- tain the Knitting Class at her home February 8th. Sunday dinner guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Dan Jac- quet and daughter Heather Ma- rie, were Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Studley and daughter Jolene and Miss Gracie Sanding, all of Seattle. They spent the after- noon visiting and playing cards• Mr. and M:'s. Charles Barn. har~ and two children, Janice and Gary, went to Beaver Lake near Snoqualmie to attend the ski jump, put on by the Seattle Ski Club, Sunday. They spent Saturday night in the Kechelus Inn. Charles Barn.hart is building roads in Anacortes. Bobby Pearson received a • medical discharge due to a heart condition and is working as a clerk in the silver depart- ment of a large store in New York City• Rev. Byers from Lake Stevens conducted services at the Bap- tist Church Sunday• He will be back .next Sunday to conduct hlOrlling an(l evening services. The Baptist Young People are working on their Easter program. Mr. IvIerle Boehmer spent the past week in Portland on a bus- iness trip. Mrs. Tom Stoney returned home Tuesday from a ten-day visit at the home of her daugh- ter, Mrs: Dick White• Mr. and Mrs. White are the parents of a new baby boy who has been named Michael Leroy. Mcs. White is the former Betty Nor- man. Mrs. A1 Davis entertained the Methodis~ Ladies' Aid at her Th~ High School team played Twin Cities here Friday night, winning by the score of 40 to 39. This was a very exciting game. Darrington was 9 points behind with only 3 minutes left We wish to express our sin- cere thanks to those who sent the lovely flowers, plants, cards Errol Flynn . and letters of sympathy during Mr. West's stay in the hospital. --Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence West. '/,~~: This 145-~.p, new driver comforl •. o modlrn~ moss]re Here's how Ford engineering stays a step ahead in the There's wonderful ECONOMY news for you in new Ford Trucks for '51! Ford step-ahead engineering has gone all-out to make new Ford Trucks work harder for you, work better for you.., to cut the cost of your truck operation! Important things have happened to Ford Truck engines, transmissions, axles, bodies. You get new assurance of lower gas, oil, and repair bills. Only Ford gives you a choice of V-8 or Six. Over 180 models[ See us today-- u.~ k,~a ,~#,~. tion data o.~ 6,592,000 trvcks, life /n~urance F~rd expert~ prove Ford Tracks lint io.~ed Costs Less F.D.~ F. Ford's a step uhead with ideas The Power Pilot better under The Power Pilot m a proven way the most from the least gas. systems, it ~ses only one control stead of two, yet is chronize firing twice as can use regular gas.., you get performance. Only Ford in price field has it! TELEPHONE 1771 "Arlington's Friendly Ford Dealer Since 1931"