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January 29, 1953     The Arlington Times
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January 29, 1953

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TWO TtIE ARLINGTON TIMES, ARLINGTON, WASttINGTON, THURSDAY, ,JAN. 29, 1953. : ~ _ 1~._. ~ ___.___- .. [ r------------------- ~ I. - .~,lones w h o have no property?I CARD OF THANKS I l|e Part ILumber Production It Cedarvale Ma be the s ent ever cent Our recent sad loss leaves us - AnFR~y FfiR[JM [Hthoy .... ey SP~en the~ werelwith grateful hearts toward our l i VZCTOR!A II,tRE.._... -- ....... ,,,~"'J ~":'" .- " _./neighbors and friends. Their F Forest Resources [Short In 19S2 /[ Grandview I![' 1/t[ Some latitude is allowed in II/Y?d2gorImray~n~h2;aha~ sg~a-/cmfrt:ng expressltnsnf~ SYw.mfll ,pervisor H. Phil' Brandner- re-[ Portland, Oregon, January. w21"l] Joseph P. Coffman |'t Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hansen/][ contributions published, in |if .hess'and trouble and never were[er v?U,~always ~'De ........ rememoereab:'~'"':'"~:~Anu- we : that during the past year __ (Special}--Douglas. f~r sa ,: interest Grows and family visited at Mr. Hart-l]I this column, as bemg ex-]][able to get a home togeth ,[ ........... " ....~.^ i bi ale hunters and 73,- mills missed by a "slim .plank In_Bethel Services . sen's parents home, the Albert pressive of the individual and do they get as much as the]ex~n~,..slncere1 ~l~=:u.~t T~n t> fishgefmaen visited the Mt. cutting as much lumber m 1._9521 rnere were twenty-nine mere: Hansensof Everett Saturday eve-Ill opinions of the author, if]one who owns his home? Of/Z=~.~*f~" *~Y'~" "t~ ..... E, ...... jfer National Forest. The big[as in the previous year .~[ne]bers present for Sunaay scnool[ning ] -'---- - ]course not they get more, be-]D" Eaas ann J~amuy. o latlon is estimated at 1952 out ut totaled 10 314 bilnon[and church servicesat reel . " .. . ~ , -- ' .... h.e p pu " " " [ P ..... ' ............ , ~vlarion ~alowin snent the/ ...... ol cause they nave to pay rent. [ Use Times Classifies ASs -- ear,5,100deerand 1,500[-board feet, just loz mltllon Ieetlcnurcn ~unaay. I ........ f." ...... / There has been quitea pit Oil ........... I..**,~,~~......... ~r,~! L ull timp high cut ofl ~r .ha Mr~ Milton Hanstad[weeKenu at her parellt~ llUllle/ | mere lS no allowance lllaUt~jvJ-z~;~,t~vv~ ~v*,v* ....... n goat. ]below the ~..- ........ o 1 .............. - ] " r Washin]talk lately about our state gov-i at taxes for the other nee-] : . o . . is a resource the same 10.416.billion ~eett~f l:eSclretary' promlSsedetha~t :n~eYt2VOUmtdnh~;e [etur~lo~g/: o?e~rnation Sug. ernment trying once more to put ~aybe you are going to)l deb~w~n?i~eoe2,t ~i2kW~tsIfamni~ ater, timber and for-Harris E. , ........ |._. P .................. oldayevening" a lean on the old folks property say well how about the children J .~..,~. ~,,~,~ ............. ,*h m,,oh it is administer-/west Least Lumoerme{~ ~u-ltnls commg ~unuay. .Q.~,a**~ "" / .................. /..a +ho .~a ~.~>= are worried II,,f these neonle whv wouldn'tla"~ *'."~ .... t) ~""_"~":." ...... m77d k~ ..~.,qn~,~ ,.H~i~tinn said that fir mills came/from Mount Vernon win oe pres-/ mr. ann mrs. ~om nalne~ ~pem[ .... t".~ .~'.':*".~ . "_.1%" ~ ~:UY _,% __Z ...... ,~.:lme please write ano tell your ~~, ~,~,o,~ v ......v.~o "l~':= .~ ' o .... ~-:- ~ -" ~ ~ ...... ~--* ^'-^~Sunda-' afternoon visitin~ Mr~say it lsn t ialr, oecause to most lmey Keep the om p~opJ~ t~ t,~yl ..... : ..... .._ ,-~..~. mana ement wltnln a Iew carloaus ol ~mp- ent. ~o near anu ~ee w,at *~1 . .] .... b "[~.4: 4h.~ .~l.q .f.~ll~e thai,, nvnnart~r[qva ca intaraet~aH in tho nronertv[state representauve ~o m u~ym- ~forest ,,~,~ ~,,ltlnl~tuinu as much lumber as was[Mr Hanstad has on the program/and Mrs. fete bnartemo. /u,A,= o:u /,Z,,o A,t,.-v..C%~L~,l%~Z o,, ,.-y2:o:~.C ='__L':_Z: ~ ,~21pia There is a lot more I could ~"~" ..........." .... " ' e , - is me only thing they nave flit:it ~nances arc tn ptup~t: ,~ t.c to ~ ]produced, and that orders were[he says youll have to be ther .] Mrs. Kuhnhausens sister-re.] ..... late in]'eas" " their worries[say about people who come " -Ithenly 217 million feet less than[Sunday school services start atJlaw, Mrs. Chas. Carter and thel,rney were,ale~ ac,~cumu,w,~,, I~hast ~O~,,M,Vt '~VO" have itYaslur state, stay five years and the principle .......... of sus- years' production." ]10.15" and church serv'lcse at] latter s, sister" Mrs. Turner, both[~,,,~"~" .... "~'~'~,~,,~,~ ................ n,~ .... ~nl .... ~'[~ ~,~t'"~ ........... T~tm ..... a lot to theJhop on our gravy train. But elatO WllUllle mean~ , in t--,s t,, t,.~.,.. -..~ ..... t--~ - s.-- ................ jem .... ~1 'The West Coast lumber -]11:15. ]of Yaklma, are house guests of[~ .... ,~ ,t,,~ ~o~,~ ~,~,~ th,~r n..~,~l~ no,~nl,~ ~nd ~1~0 it takes ~ustJmaybe I better not go into that. ~uce contmuous crops O~]dustrv,, Smith said, "again has[ ~ /the Bob Kuhnhausens On Sun-/~=~ ~." ......".~"-P .... "~ ~'~-'!":'~ ~Z-f:Z~'"LY27~ _- _~_ ~L-ISo write if you agree, please. me s ecies Kee ing -, . . " all u Keep, an~ mey also paylaoout every ~ent a metn can ~MIble ga _P ~ ,'..^~ P~.a~[done a great 3ob of supplymg]Ro~d Wo,k ..... /day they visited In Sumas where]~Mo P~ax And what about the make 4hese days to keep out of J ARDIS WESSON. , ~r. numbers a~ ~ ~availa~le]the nation's needs for high] County road crews, nelpect oY/Mrs Carter's mother and fatherl .... :_ ......... -~~---~-~ Le~. susminea y ;]quality structural rapdre~ninSh]~Jfcre~2%ae~ou~t?/oJa~nf~ll~the'Lehnarts live. [- lage'~ .... ]lumber. q" .~] " g " , ,. [ Friday afternoon, Mrs. Lynn] J, pplying the .principle o: mul-[have been met, and yet enough]road conditions in this locanty., Danielson and Doris attended a] 1~ e .use to wlldl.ffelne smeanSof mant lumber was available to build[ Noticeable were manv~ clean ......... olrmoay party in ~ast Stun-" " -~ " ~di~-~atet~he i~us s ~]a near-record number of homes[ditches culverts that were un-]wood for Linda Danielson'[ ~ "~ ~llidet~;ith~he/buj~nessI and ~aChOolS~rm~2Ys comg~a~l pl~gg;d, hlemSSilOf:adbemg aSnki~l daughtse:n of FMol~oend MarS~o~i~i[ ~ ~ns. It also bene- Jorders averaged 174,841,000 b.f.;J turned to spend the wee~enrd at[ ......... o....1 ..~.]alot~.'l --~~~~ ,~/"" ~6penig up the[shipments 162,162,000 b.f.; week-]their home in Grandview. For]~rs ~fre~i' HansG and~'d'augl~":i '" - ......~ ~ ., Li|ity O~ ~permitting sun-[ly averages for November were:[the past ten months Mr. Meyer[ter "and Hilda Borseth [ ~'~]~J~~w "the avatla~ _.~ld~ the forest floor.[Production 200,185,000 b.f.; 106.9%lhas been working for the Camp-[ :.' ..... ".. . . [ [ "W~2"~_y-~ - _ . , ~lli~l~ ~ ~r ano ~vtrs ,.ynn uanlelson I, ~-- ~the growth of of the 1947-1951 average; orders i bell Shake Co. of Morton as a~_~ ....... ............. n] ~'~~t ~I~'~|~|C|P~ ,, _ ~'-tial to food for' ........... nts190 ' " f re returnin- to,~nu u(,~ anu m,~. ~,,~v,, ~ I | ~" --~'~" ~,~r 190,092,000 O.L; smpme ,- sawyer. ~e o g ~,~ my sldual stand called at the Almer Larson home ~| ~e re ". _.. [777,000 b.f. Iwork, Sunday, they visited withl~,,.~o,' afternoon :! / ~ .~IF.R _--.~'LI~R~ ' a n a sneJter.I Twelve months of 1952 comu-lmany of their old acquaintances.[ ...... ~ l ~ % --- ~biUl,l ,r.~ ~qife requires food, ilative production 10,314,426,000[ ~ ] The Highland ,Homemakers] ~ ~ I~|L~ ~''_=. e~ii. /b f: twelve months of 1951, 10,-[ Mrs. Lillie Wilson of SeattlejClub met at the home of Mrs.I / | ~" ~- &'lr "If ~.1~ a limits a n d all 41"6,432,000 b.f.; twelve months] spent the week visiting with her] MacGregor Wednesday after-] ~ ~ ~#~'-- _. ~, |9~$ ~rtainin to ame of 1950 10 107751000 b f. ne hew Mr Wendell Peterson. noon with Mrs. Baldwin as co-[ ~ ~ Effective february . u~Mna P g g , ' P " oo ....... aeifie Northwest are the Orders for twelve monthsof She returned to Seattle via bus hostess. .Net having materials[ | | ~,- .-~ix very go lye ~,,'-u ns~bilit.y of the State Game 1952 breakdown as follows. Rail Saturday.. ..... to work w~th, the hand bag mak-I ~ ~ ~ We no.w o'o"$- end can g ~--"u o* s'on. The U S. Forest and truck 7,235,897 000 b f ; do- Hemophilia a d I s ea s e in lug was prepared for working at[ ~ ~ Shodt~om ^n this breed as 1 erv%~ -' life habitat on export 246,i~7,000 b.f.; local 487,-ulate has again struck Mr.W..Mrs. Almer Larson broughtI \ is char ed with mum- mestlc car o 2,128,306,000 b.f., which the blood fails to coag- the next meeting. .. 4o,ly $ ]~R~,~, . e national forests and works 385,000 b.f. IF. Francis He spent three.days[birthday greetings to Doris ~an-I |/ __--~m~l$~ closely with State Game Com-[ The industry's unfilled order]in an Everett hospital but little[!elson Tuesdayafternoon and[" ~/ missions to see that all wildlife file stood at 820,145,000 b.f. atIcould be done to help him. rte! nap coHee wire her parents anol ..~l/ ----,~TI~|I~ possible is produced on these/the end of December, gross]is now recuperating at his home grandma Erickson. ] , J~llt~ ~ ~O~/ national forests wLthout injury[stocks at 1,092,619,000 b.f. Ion the old Pie Henning place. The Birthday Club brought be-[ ~~ ~ ctnd to other resources or the carry- All 1952 fl'gures have. been ad-. Mrs. Tangen and Mrs.. Hansen]lated birthday, greetings to Mrs.] ~~ | _ __,~n~l~ ing capacity of the habitat ]justed to the latest information]of Stanwood were visitors Tues-lOscar Schel Monday of last! ~~-~-~-~- [ HI~R1P.I' The national forests except in[available. [day at the Udeen s. Iwee~. I ~ ----~--| | minor instances 11 a v e always l . o [ Mrs. P. C. Sheppard is spend-] Mrs. Paul Johnson of Everett] ~ ..... t the | ] ~ ~:)eerl ~')en :0 hun'tJng and ~ish-;V.ees Felled U-hill |ing the week with her daughter,[a~)dr,sdaudhter Mrs. Peterson! | . ,__~.,oo, lnsem'n ..... _ [ I~ ing un~,~r State laws. A major l V ]Mrs Gordon Thomsen of Park-] " ) d two month sonI | ~" ...... L.... beloW''' or |V " "v to " " land David Lee of Arlington visited Forest Service. object,. . e is A practical method of felhng~ . . [ . ...... .... t [ oddres$ sn.~"~_,,~ters~or~ut. [ ~: ~,~...:.~~2 ....... -rmaintain thmwildlife resource trees uphill to decrease break-] Heavy rains durmg the past]wire Mrs. r~gort Friday after-] | we~ o~ heo~ .... .~. | I~i ~::~:~:~i:~::~:~i~i~:i~:~i~ ~ in coo ration with t h e State a e of remium old- rowth tim- month have damaged the Trow-]noon. The Johnsons are remem-] | ~. thit new ...... _~ /~ :iilJ:~ii::ii~:!~i~ Game l~crmmission and to im- bgr is Pescribed in ga four-page]bridge road considerably. Con-lber~d as former Victoria rest-} | ~" ...... ~ ~ ~i~ :prove habitat conditions so game circular issued today by the]ditions are such that motor ve-] ts. ~ :~::~!~!~::~::.:ii and fish will be avail[able al- Washington Institute of Forestlhicles can be driven only about] ~ ~ ~ X~tys for the enjoyment and gen- Products. " halfway to their farm. . [ CARD OF THANKS ] ~ ~ eral welfare of the public to The report written by George F.M. Coffman is taking ad-[ We want to thank all our] ~ ~i~ "which these natural resources Stenzel Forest En ineer Con- vantage of the momentary break]friends relatives and especiallyI ~ ~:.~ helen~' sultant' for the Ins~gtute durin= during the rainy season. He is{the Sons and Daughters of Nor-] ~ ~ . be . ~ . . . J " ~, the past summer, is number 24 slashmg the land directly eastlway of the S]lvana Lodge for, ~ ~.~ of the "New Wood-Use Series." of his house. . . the lovely party they gave m! ~ ~ SISCO HEIGHTS I The leaflets are published to en- Shake thieves stole oetween[nonor ot our ~oioen weoalng on ~ ~ ~..,,~ ... v .. ...... Jan ~"'~~:d;-co~r,~ [ ~Oo~rag~ ~horetc~pletgro~inhZan ~Ward~nfdotmh~es hU;:r~ed dhank;{ Mr18:hd Mrs. Andrew Fjarlie. ~ ~ [~ ~x]'none z~ ~ I .... the week. If they need a recom-~ o ~ ~w~a,~-ww:~ wasmgton i ~ / [kw '~L.o The circular describes the mendation to move up into theI In Arlington - Phone 1344 ~'t~cj Club-''~ e-ui~-ment and procedure used big-time rackets I'll gladly write[ KILLOUGH CLEANERS ......... club met with MrS. by Weyerhaeuser Timber Corn- one for them to get them out of[ for Uall Arlington 21 1 on Wednesday. pany in felling old-growth trees our neck of the woods. | Hat Blockin~ and Cleaning :prove habitat conditions so game and fish will be avail[able al- of W a s held i, v being elected: nt, Mrs. Hershaw; vice- Julia Johnson; secre- rer, Katherine Treen; ~Y, i r 1 e y Helgeland. discussed on helping club give a din- near future. Work is on a quilt that will at the dinner. Orrin Underwood is con- bed with the flu. Ethel Jorgenson and Mrs. Jorgenson of Seattle on Mr. and Mrs. Under- Sunday. celebrated her on Saturday with Guests were Mr. and Patch and Mr. and Huson and daughter. Camilla Jorgenson of Se- Sunday afternon Slgrid Helgeland. Nobody? ! why heat it? P~alate t h e 3ur living after all, attic. EIGHBOR has an He will home his fuel .e Sdn us discuss wool Bros. field ~09W2 uphill. "Felling costs," states Professor Stenzel, "are approxi- mately $2.12 per thousand board feet. It is estimated a saving of eight thousand board feet more per acre is realized when logging high-grade old-growth Douglas fir by this method This would amount to nearly $300.00 per acre." Copies of the circular and all )ther Institute publications may i be obtained free of charge from the Institute of Forest Products 303 Anderson Hall, University of Washigton, Seattle A m~dling list is maintained open to those desiring future publications. O ARLINGTON HTS. Norita Tveit, Phone 256J4 The Rug Club meets the firsl Phursday of each month The next meeting will be February ]5th at the home of Mrs. Ivan I Meyer from one o'clock to four. ] Mr. and Mrs. Garner Wilson and family were visitors at the Carl Mattson home on Sunday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Julius Norman entertained Mr. and Mrs. Art Norman and family with dinner last week in celebration of Art Norman's birthday Visiting Mr. and Mrs. Harley Alexander and son Stevie on Sunday 'were Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Riker of Marysville. Dinner guests at the Arthur Tveit home on Sunday were Mr. and Mrs. Arnie Molstad and family of Arlington. Our sincere sympathy to Mr. and Mrs. Mel Bloom in the death of Mrs. Bloom's mother, Mrs. Perich, who had made her home with the Bloom family. Among those helping Ruth celebrate her seventh birthday were the Mattson children and Betsy and Ann Rogers. Mr. and Mrs. Leon Myers of Everett wdre dinner guests at the James Taylor home on Sun- day. We are sorry to hear that "Grandma" Wold is in the hos- pital but we want to wish her a speedy recovery. I'm sure she would appreciate a few visits from her friends too! Mr. and Mrs James Taylor visited relatives in Machias last week. Some new sights in the com- munity are Julius Norman's ma, chine shed, Mr. Curler's barn with a coat of paint, and the little house moved from beside the Art Tveit's to Queen's field. Your column is what you--the residents of Arlington Heights-- make it, so how about calling your correspodent with news for a change? Thank you!! The Choraliers will meet again Monday evening, Febru-, ary 2, at 7:30 at the home of Mrs. Lloyd Harley. o In Arlington - Phone 1344 KILLOUGH CLEANERS for WATERPROOFING The beautiful . i \ I@ ne car % @ You'd never think it, but it's true... ... you can own this stunning new Chrysler Windsor for little more than a low-priced car with all its extras! Yet see what it gives you... Big car safety and steadiness.., and a wonderful sense of complete car controll The breathtaking performance of the Chrysler Spitfire engine.., plus the security of Full-time Powe~ Steering, if you wish it! New-type shock absorbers that make even the roughest road feel like a boulevard! The satisfaction of driving a car that means the best there is to millions of motorists! Yes, you can own and enjoy all this at surprisingly modest cost .. Stop in today and see! -one of America first family of fine cars[ rq: / f ? 2;