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January 5, 2000     The Arlington Times
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January 5, 2000

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B2 oto The Arlington Times/The Marysville Globe OPINION Wednesday, January MARYSVILLTHr E LxLOBE °:° g. THE ARLINGTON TIMES To INFORM, EDUCATE, EmFY ILLUMINATE & ENLIGHTEN OPINIONS EXPRESSED ARE THOSE OF THE AUTHOR AND DO NOT NECESSARI- LY REFLECT THE POSITION OF THE GLOBE OR TIMES EDITOR AND PUBLISHER ~d~ISTOPHER R. PASSE₯ MANAma6 NEVONNE MCDANIELS SARAH ARNEY CoPY Eoffon CATHERINE PASSEY REPom'a Aus N RAMzY Scow MORro JAMES HART KAY BROOKS CHRIS TRUJILLO Eononuu. AmsTA rr PAUL ERSKINE ~ALES SUE STEVENSON GEORGINE SHULER RENARD MILLER CONNIE MCKINSEY DIANE LUNDBERG CLASSIFIED MANAGER BAReARA BLAIR CLA FB SALES SHERRY WEST TELEPHONF./FAxJEMAIL MMWSV.J.E GLOeE 1(360)659-1300 1 (360)658-0350F mgtobe@premierl .net THE ARLINGTON TIMEe 1(360)435-5757 t (360)435-0999FAX adtimes@premlerl .net VotceMail is available through the main telephone numbers HOURS: Mon..Fri., 8 a,m. to 5 Tighter Focus Kris Passey Editor and Publisher "What you believe determines how you go about things, whether you seek out one type of situation or another, and what you are or are not willing to try." NOELLE NELSON Beliefs About the Future (2000) • Personal wear- able health moni- tor. • Widespread use of virtual realiw for education and recreation. • Growth of scien- tific environmen- talism. • Full voice inter- action with machines. • Crime and ter- rorism mainly computer based. • Global electronic currency in use. ~i Never let the future disturb you," said Marcus Aurelius. "You will meet it, if you have to, with the same weapons of reason 2006 which today arm you against the pre-• First artificial electronic life. sent." • First organism brought back from extinction. The Futurist magazine has published a • Fire-fighting robots. thought-provoking shortlist of predictions of what's ahead for the next 20 years in its 2007 January/February 2000 issues, information • Domestic appliances with personaliW and about subscriptions to the Futurist can be talking-head interface. obtained at their website: • People take payment in information prod- ucts and entertainment to reduce tax liabiliW. 2002 • Completely automated factories. • DNA sequence completed for five human • First Net war between cybercriminals. individuals. • Electronic notebook with display contrast as 2008 good as paper. • Muhilayer solar cells with efficiency over 50 • Automated highway prototype, percent. • Digital bathroom mirror. 2003 • Increased automation of work leads to anti- = Computer agent personal shoppers, technology subculture. • First synthetic (but organic) life-form. • Autonomous anthropomorphic robots. • Net-based home medical guides. • Housework robots. • Computer chips on food tell when it is fresh. 2010 2004 • Artificial nervous system for autonomous • Real-time language translation, robots. • Instant electronic diagnosis of illness. • Highest paid movie star is synthetic. • Telemedicine extensively used in rural clin- • Designer babies. ics. • Self-powered nanodevices roam within blood • Japan's robot population passes 1 million, vessels to monitor health. • Cars powered by hydrogen fuel cells. • Genetic screening widely used. • Superstar teachers use telepresence to 1ec- 2005 ture to faraway classrooms. • Machine use of common sense inference. • Virtual companies predominate. • Computers that write most of their own soft- • Ninety-five percent of people in advanced ware. nations computer literate. • Intelligent robotic pets. • Solar reflector satellites direct sunlight to • Sequencing of entire human genome, where it's needed. • Farming cooperatives outsource individuals' vegetable plots. • Electronic wallpaper responds to moods. • Neighborhood video surveillance units. • Video surveillance of neighbors becomes a social problem. • "Smelly telly" using chips with small reser- voirs of chemicals to produce aromas. • Insectlike robots used in warfare. • Tourism in some areas limited to Net access only. 2011 • Computers surpass human learning and logic abilities. • Most software written by machine. 2012 • Intelligent robots run unmanned factories. • Computers use humanlike memorizing, rec- ognizing, and learning. • Artificial sensation through nerve stimula- tion is possible. • Commercial geothermal power stations. • Global barter economy. 2013 • Computers are thought of as colleagues rather than tools. • "Kitchen rage" caused by electronic gadgets. 2014 • Fleets of garden robots available for lawn care. 2015 • Computers use humanlike creativity. • Individuals' genome part of their genetic record. • Telework centers double as community resources. • Virtual windows. • Virtual reality escapism becomes major social problem. • Robots for guiding blind people. • Automated cars that drive on smart high- ways. 2017 • Human knowledge exceeded by machine knowledge. • Artificial brain cells. • Self-diagnostic, self-repairing robots. • Number of air travelers passes 5 billion. 2020 • Electronic pets outnumber organic pets. • Electronic life-forms given basic rights. • Ubiquitous embedded intelligence. • Electronic memory enhancement. • Genetic engineering creates new plants and animals. • Deep underground cities in Japan. • Robotic exercise companions. • World travelers rack up 50 million ters. One of the Futurist caveats is thati on the list are things that could that they necessarily will social mores has historically not kept with our technology. What wil next 20 years? Here are some out the benefit of an exact year: The total individual populations Arlington, Darrington, Stanwood Falls will each individually exceed that~ Marysville. New collaborative forms of: sion will supplement existing forms to make education, economic development environmental issues. Traditional forms of education supplemented by as much as 50 tronic teaching, especially in grades mentary level. North Snohomish County will enviable, working mass transit system l health, shopping, educational and ters. Individual vehicles will ] more energy efficient. The Arlington Airport will ter of avionic and The Tulalip Tribes will economic and financial presence become leaders nationally in Native efforts at self-determination and eignty. On a bleaker note, the efforts will largely fail after an initial s optimistic improvement. "Wild" lations will never return to their and aquaculture of all fish pc become the established method of fish for food. (I sincerely hope I am this one.) There are my predictions for the twenty years. Anyone out there want shot? be t~ited for $1~tI~, punctuation, gram- mar and questions of good taste or libel. An WA Subscriptions Please indicate which paper (the T' es or Globe) you prefer to receive. Both are published weekly on Wednesday Snohomish County. " 52 weeks - $32 26 weeks-.$18 Outside Snohomlsh County, . 52 weeks - $68 26 weeks - $38 6 weeks - $18 Avenue, MBn]eMtle SPORTS Coaches and.correspoodents arrangements may Globe- (360) 435-5757 659-1300 COMMUNITY VOICE e by Bob Grad what to them is chump-change. In the presidential arena, contender Jack every political debate moderator ........... ~,, ....... ~ R .pays to listen to those who are so low Kemp's supply-side economics was picked up works to replicate zoday tal~ good fl~;eoFs, ia~':t)i~~ :;:Bx-ttae:potls tl-mt tho/have little to lose. : "~" ' by Reag'~*s team tO'become his administra- Lincoln and Douglas would never sour taste of name~ealling or Esl~dally those who go into it knowing they tion's guiding policy for domestic economics such fine edges to their arguments, back-biting. Not juicy tidbits won't win, but are willing to pay the price in through two terms. A prime example of the public would never have been so well leaked to the press. That vein order to bring their arguments to the arena, fact that among the litter left after a party informed. So we can't write has been worked and re-worked ever since We find a few nut-cases among these political convention, one can always find gems of his failed campaign as historical the Federalist press called Jefferson's sup- martyrs, but not nearly enough to invalidate political imperative that will percolate back to Douglas, an also-ran, had a profound porters "vile sucking toads" while a gaggle of the value to the nation of these good, self-sac- the surface, on Lincoln's rise to power and clergymen dubbed him an atheist, an infidel, rificing, idealistic also-rans. How long did it take the nation to catch spice for his political stew. a fanatic, and guilty of robbery and fraud. After the polls dose, after the cham- up with George McGovern who advocated Some people just don't get this.' Hard to top that, even after 200 years of prac- pagne and tears have flowed, winners get to peace talks with Vietnam in 19727 How long think all that matters is that some tice. So we'll try to keep it dean. glean through the wreckage of losers' lost did it take for action on Henry Cabot Lodge's with a platform gets elected. A local If Gore, Bradley, Bush, and McCain are causes for ideas of substance. Then, if they're 1960 pledge to appoint a black to a cabinet was Marysville Council the meat and potatoes in our presidential wise, they file them away for a few years. Paul position? Or how long did it take for a course- sighted quote after the election political stew, then the rest of the presidential Tsongas' call for a pro-business Democratic correction after Adiai Stevenson called for a Mayor Weiser to office. He said that hopefuls provide the spice. While front run- plank was a good example. His party wasn't nuclear test-ban way back in 19527 None of tion proved that the public was ners jockey for position by telling us what ready for it until Bill Clinton dusted it off and these proposals surfaced again for years. But with the way things had been going. we'd like to hear, candidates at the back of it used it to leverage difficult issues through a their seeds had been planted. Course-correc- Contented? It wasn't content that the pack, the long-shots, are stuck with the hostile House and Senate. Even then his party tion takes time, as measured from when some a hotly-contested, political version of third-down and 29. So didn't like it. also-ran starts the clock. His bland response discounted they go for the chancy Haft Mary long-bomb, These gleanings from failed past plat- Then there is the point that no one's sition's issues. Like any spirited The Truth. forms always need time to ripen and season, argument can be fully developed without that brings diverse viewpoints to We heard it from George McGovern when The visionaries who hit us with them never opposition. Political platforms can't mature election ought to have shaken up the he dared to define the Vietnam conflict as a seem to realize that bending the nation's until they butt up against some opposing if even a little bit. Otherwise, the war for independence rather than the key to a mind is akin to turning a supertanker. There's argument. In politics, like physics, there can't cheated out of The Rest of the Story, commumst domino chain of nations. We got a considerable time-lapse between an order be a force without resistance. Prove this by Harvey would say. In fact, it from Ross Perot and his 'voodoo stick' from the bridge and any noticeable change of trying to push against nothing. So it is with counts the value and validity when he pointed out what would happen to course. It's the same in politics where savvy political arguments where solid points are platforms isn't representing their manufacturing jobs under NAFTA. We just candidates know they must wait for a course- made more convincing if argued against cy very well. got it from Donald Trump when he visualized change to begin before announcing their opposition. Pride is good to a point, but for us the amount of money stashed by the heart-felt support for it.But we shouldn't for- Our lasting prototype was the series of would stoop to pick up a quarter richest one percent, and how they have the get that quite often, those initial orders from Lincoln-Douglas debates in which both candi- Safeway parking lot surely ought to I~ power to eradicate our national debt with the bridge are seeds of change planted by dates came at the same issue (slavery) from humility to pick up sound ideas also-rans in failed campaigns, two different angles. It provided a model that opponents. We deserve that much. Capital Adele in Olympia My clipping file of "ripoffs and rot- ters" for 1999 was so large I had to split it this year, so here's half: Jan. 21, Political WENATcHEE - Columnist Chelan County Fire District No. 1 was able to outfit a dozen fire trucks by using stolen federal equip- ment, court documents filed Jan. 20 allege. An affidavit includes statements from for- mer and current firefighters who said they had been ordered by their superiors to steal U.S. Forest Service firefighting equipment and grind off identifying marks. Feb. 6, SEATTLE - Five recruits and eight players were ruled ineligible after they received improper contact in University of Washington football coach Rick Neuheisel's first recruiting effort. UW sent recruiters for in-home visits on Sunday, a day when such activity is not allowed, and telephoned play- ers at Colorado University without notifying the school's officials. Feb. 23, WASHINGTON - Saying he was fed up with lies and delays, a federal judge held two Clinton cabinet members in con- tempt of court in a dispute over $500 mil- lion in Indian trust funds. The judge said he had "never seen such egregious misconduct as the mismanagement of 300,000 Indian accounts by Interior Secretary Bruce Babbit and Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin. March 18, WASHINGTON - The Smithsonian Institution is coming under attack for accepting for its Kenneth E. Behring Family Hall of Mammals the remains of four bighorn sheep the former Seattle Seahawks owner shot in Central Asian republics Of the former Soviet Union. The sheep are on the list of threatened species that cannot be imported into the U.S. Behring is also under investigation for the possibly illegal killing of three bull ele- Six calls to 911 didn't bring help phants in Mozambique after he pledged ther did several to the Lakewood $20,000 to a local hospital. Finally, someone flagged April 25, WASHINGTON - Thirty-six duty motorcycle deputy and the departing members of the House of tried to snatch bills from the cash Representatives, including defeated was arrested. Republican Rick White of Bainbridge Island June 26, WASHINGTON - and Linda Smith of Vancouver, gave bonus- auditors found that the five es to their staffs that cost taxpayers $1.5 of the federally-run Legal Services million. Smith gave her staff about $26,000 which provides free legal help more than they would have made, and income Americans, reported White gave nearly $25,000. In most cases, or twice as many as they lawmakers used their leftover office alloca- in applications for funds tions to bump up salaries rather than much work they do. return the money to the Treasury July 1, TACOMA - The Department. Tribe has agreed to pay the May 27, NASHVILLE - Allegations that ment more than $4.5 million executives of the worldwide charity Feed Leschi School's inflating school the Children took home boxes of donated records to qualify for food, clothing and household goods are Some buses were put on blocks being investigated by state authorities, engines running and the After a four-month investigation, WTVF-TV increase odometer readIngs, broadcast videos of charity execs, their yen long distances to do the assistants and relatives using dollies to false set of bus route books wheel boxes from a warehouse to their cars. school for the auditors to read. Warehousemen tipped off the TV station. July 2, CONNELL - The June 17, LAKEWOOD - Customers and National Forest" has sprung employees at a gasoline station here literal- maple was planted on the ly sat on a robbery suspects while they Chinese elm was cut down by waited 90 minutes for Pierce County sher- week. An empty hawk's nest iff's deputies to respond to their 911 calls, a fence post near the site. • Adele Ferguson can be reached at P.O. Box 69, Hansville, WA 98340